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Tuberville says Lovett will fit in perfectly

I have to admit when I first heard rumblings this past weekend the University of Miami was seriously considering hiring John Lovett as its defensive coordinator, my first thought was someone was joking about former SNL comedian John Lovitz.

Turns out, there really is a John Lovett. So who is he? As soon I received word this was becoming official, I started making a few phone calls this afternoon to find out. So, what is beyond Lovett's resume and the more than 25 years he's spent coaching college football? What is the most interesting thing I learned about Miami's next defensive coordinator?

Tommy Tuberville He knows how to get out of tough situations. For starters, before he even began coaching, Lovett, 58, used to drive 18-wheeler trucks in New York City, delivering furniture. Can you find a tighter place to get out of than that? Former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, who hired Lovett at Mississippi and then took him with him to Auburn, shared his insight into the Lovett's hiring with me. Lovett's wife Carol and Tuberville's wife have been best friends for years. 

Tuberville said a similarly good relationship is what UM coach Randy Shannon said he was looking to build with his next coordinator when he called and inquired about him a few weeks ago.

"We hardly talked football to be honest," said Tuberville, who after being fired at Auburn told me he plans on taking a year off from coaching and will likely do some work with ESPN. "Randy just told me he was looking for somebody who would fit in -- fit into the community and understand the ACC. Being a defensive head coach, which I am, you got to be on the same page with your coordinator. There has to be a good relationship there. I think Randy and John are going to be a perfect fit."

Why? Because according to Tuberville, Lovett runs the same system Shannon learned under Jimmy Johnson, a 4-3 defense which lets speed take over. "John is going to run the same old 4-3 we used to," Tuberville said. "He'll mix in a few eight man fronts a little bit, be diverse in everything. Some odd man front. He knows the zone blitz game. He's been around it all."

Lovett, who moved up the ranks from walk-on to co-captain, is a stickler on technique according to Tuberville. "Everything he's going to do is going to be sound," Tuberville said. "He's very aggressive, likes to blitz. The greatest thing about that move is that he understands that league, been around it a long time now."

Another plus according to Tuberville, Lovett is also a very good recruiter, who is personable. Tuberville said Lovett is a specialist in the northeast and knows how to pull kids out of New Jersey, New York and the Washington, D.C. area. 

"I know he's very excited about it," Tuberville said. "I didn't have to convince him at all. Miami is a unique school with unique players. I think its a great situation. I think they've got it going in the right direction. They've upscaled recruiting and brought in a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball. John is coming in with high expectations, high goals."


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GoMiamiGo....I don't have a problem with holding judgement until you've been able to see the fruits of a person's labor, but your reasoning is pretty flawed.

"...but to judge another person's experience without having any yourself in that persons line of work is out of pocket. Simple as that."

Uh, yea...I've never been president of anything, and I know our past president didn't do a great job...I've never been a CEO, and I know that what some CEOs were doing was downright despicable...I've never been an NFL coach or GM, but I know that everyone that's held those positions in recent years for the Detroit Lions has sucked.

"...this person must be doing something right if he is still in Division 1 college football after his many stops."

Patrick Nix..coached D1 football before he got to the U and will coach D1 football again after his firing. Ty Willingham is out there somewhere. There are a plethora of other coaches who have had less than stellar coaching careers and they just keep on popping up in a new town, on a new sideline, calling the same crappy plays.

Too many people out there, like yourself, hold these coaches in such high esteem and treat them with such reverance just because of the importance of their positions...oh, they MUST know what they're doing. BARF...get over it, at the end of the day they are all human and they make SUCKY decisions just like you or I...and you don't need to be a D1 coach to see that!


Listen... we already went through the Tim Walton experiment with a coordinator who had ZERO experience. Unfortunately, we had a good Cord. in Bill Young, but he left. This is a good hire for no other reason that this guy seems to be a stickler for fundamentals, which is something that has been sorely lacking recently. With all the youth on D, some good fundamentals will go a long way to making this a top-flight defense. If you put the guys in the right positions, good things will happen.

The BB thing just gets worse and worse, I agree with what some guy posted on another blog. Which is basicly once reporters get on the scent of a story , ie butler , brown. They keep digging until something illegal is found and then the NCAA steps in with penalties. Been saying for wks BB is not worth the trouble, still believe that.

FSU cheating scandal

"This is a good hire for no other reason that this guy seems to be a stickler for fundamentals" -- SG

Good point, SG. It all starts with fundamentals. You can only be as good as your fundamentals are. No matter what wrinkles and adjustments you put in, if the fundamentals aren't there, your defense (or offense/special teams for that matter) will not be good. I want to see gaps filled, coverage tight, YAC kept to a minimum, and tackles made at a minimum. THEN, we can worry about blowing guys up, stripping the rock, jumping routes, etc.

Manw. tend to agree with you, you go watch a movie and the acting is bad or good. No need to be an actor to know bad acting when you see it. I know that I watched some bad defense, at times, last yr by the Canes. I hope it was the result of differences in philosophy by Young and Shannon, along with youthful players. No doubt the give a little turned into, gave alot on defense.,

Now Tejada indicted , Clemens dogged, pt.is BB and some of these college prima donna's want attention when they would be better served coming to college under the radar. Because this recruiting thing could blow up with the BB thing. Now you got 1000 reports digging for recruiting violations, out of sight out of mind is the better course of action. I fault the NCAA for not taking action sooner. They could have had an earlier signing date and a sign on or before that date or do not play in college. I say this because what about the rights of all the kids who do things right. Why let a few, me, me, me guys run the show.

dlu, I agree with you, about the coaching differences with Young and Shannon and the inexperience of the team...but Randy's gotta do a better job in the personnel department. I believe that stems from his lack of HC experience. If you look at it from top to bottom our team is lacking a lot of experience...from RS, to his position coaches, to recruiting, to the players. But it's obvious to see through the lack of experience and see that we have good coaches, good recruiters and good players on our team...they all just need to get on the same page and grow together.
There will be growing pains, and hopefully by now we've gotten some of them out of the way, but I fully expect this team to do great things in the near future. I just hope the decision makers (AD, admin, boosters) see it the same way I do...
I'd hate for them to get rid of RS too early and then the next coach to come along looks like a genius because of all the talent RS stockpiled...

I'm not excited about BB anymore. If we get him that would be great, but if we don't, it doesn't matter anymore. He hasn't played one single down in college and who's to say he's not made of glass and would be hurt all the time. He just needs to get rid of Brian Butler (a.k.a. Suge Knight), get his butt on the field and prove to all of us that he was worth the wait.

Much of what happens with BB will be base on is Butler his agent or not. If he is determined to be BB's agent, then good bye college career.

I hope,Randy gets 2 more yrs. Cane football should be fine by then, if not change then.

I agree not exceited at all about BB, I just do not want the U getting hit by the NCAA for penalties.

I agree with having about 2 years with Randy and the new coordinators working together. This season may look alot like last season or slightly better, but the following season and on will determine where the program is really headed.

In a cost-cutting move the FB team is travelling by BUS to two away games this Fall.

Apparently, I was RIGHT. UM does not have the $$$ to be competitive with elite FB programs anymore. Let's hope, at least, we can be competitive in the ACC. But I'm beginning to have my doubts.

MIAMI - Lamar Miller isn't paying attention to that other running back expected to be part of the Miami Hurricanes' 2009 recruiting class.

As the nation's top recruit Bryce Brown continues to weigh his options, Miller has been sort of an afterthought. He's fine with the lack of attention and pretty confident folks will learn all about him as his career unfolds -- regardless if Brown enrolls at UM or not.

"I feel that I'm overlooked but it really doesn't matter," said Miller, who was a Parade All-American at Miami Killian High. "Because if [Brown] goes to Miami and I go to Miami, I'm still going to fight for a starting position the same way he is."

Now that's a true Cane!! He know's what it's all about and I can't wait to see him on the field next season.



I never said that.....

Lamar Miller played against NW Bull Defenses and other 305 Ds. BB played where? I know he did well in the All star game, but week in week out, he'd be eaten up down here!

People, give Lovett a chance. he runs the 4-3 which is pro style, and fits our speed well.

On the U taking the gua gua to USF and UCF- Hey that's not a problem. It's smart thinking. Notice what Kirby said- it was RS's idea. The dude thinks. It saved the AD 140k. That is huge nowadays! it's only a 2-3 hour ride. Figure they go to MIA, get through baggage checks, geton the plane, fly to Tampa or Orl, get off, go to the stadiums or hotels, is about the same travel time.

Kirby- Free up some that $$ and pay the coaches mo money!

Or, like Uncle Luke did in years gone by.... pay theboyz $100 per int, $100 per sack, $500 per TD etc.

Only kidding!

I Lovett a storm is coming.....Cmon CANE FANS....shut up and fill the seats up...

Dyrty Dawg-Its good to read before posting.

We dont have any SUBSTANCE to judge on yet, so all we CAN adjudicate is the QUALITY of the hire, and the quality, at face value sucks.

You are too cute kid. Try actually comprehending the post before you type, it helps. I never said we couldnt judge, rather that we had no tangible substance to judge on, only the face value of the hire. lol. Thank You, come again.(Thats what she said)

Posted by: MR MIA | February 10, 2009 at 10:08 AM

The funny thing is... You yourself do not comprehend YOUR OWN POST! By saying the hire SUCKS... you just JUDGED based on ZERO SUBSTANCE!!!

How can a hire "SUCK" unless you've judged that the person himself who was hired sucked?

You can LOL all you want... and then your smile went & quickly turned in to a "Doh!" Homer style...

Can't wait to see the product this season!!


Live from the Hecht:

Pagano was never a candidate.

He was a member of Shannon's search team, with Johnson and Tuberville.

Any mention of him (Pagano)as a candidate was wrong.

Pagano's next move is to NFL DC.


Read the article before to stick your butt on the line The U has the 3rd highest AD budget in the ACC. And they most likely have the 3rd highest nationally among "Private" schools.

Read before you continue to make an a-- out of youself.


Hey, we need an expert judge of coaching talent, maybe it's you.

But, I'm afraid your to young to remember;

"Jimmy Who".

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