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Up next: Defensive coordinator

Since his football team ended its season, UM coach Randy Shannon has dealt with issues at a pretty fast pace. He fired offensive coordinator Patrick Nix, cut starting quarterback Robert Marve loose and then lost defensive coordinator Bill Young to Oklahoma State. 

Last week, Shannon responded by making possibly his best hire in offensive coordinator Mark Whipple. Shannon followed it up by landing another solid recruiting class Wednesday. Next on the to do list: replacing Young and finding a defensive coordinator. It appears that decision could be coming soon.

Wednesday, Shannon discussed the defensive coordinator search, telling reporters "he's already talked with a couple of guys here and there" and promising Miami won't go into spring football practice which begins Feb. 24 without a decision being made.

I've thought all along Shannon would just do the job himself. And he reiterated Wednesday (like he said when Young first left) that he was going to find the best guy that could get it done and if not he would coach the defense. 

Could Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez be coming to The U? But after what he told us yesterday at his signing day press conference, that idea appears to be his last resort. Shannon said he's had conversations with other head coaches including Georgia's Mark Richt about pulling double duty. In all honesty, it seems Shannon is turned off by the idea. "That's why he got an offensive coordinator," Shannon said of Richt. "It was difficult on him He said he couldn't see [the field] like wanted to. He felt a lot better the way he's doing it now."

If that is the case, then maybe some of the rumblings we're hearing about a coordinator being hired soon (possibly in the next 48 hours) could be true. Canesport.com threw out three names as potential candidates Wednesday, all are college defensive coordinators: Georgia's Willie Martinez, TCU's Dick Bumpas and Cincinnati's Joe Tresey. 

When I passed the three names through my source inside the building I was told only one of the three had merit (and that a decision could be coming soon). I'm not going to speculate which one it is, but I'm sure if Shannon said he made contact with Richt he had to have asked to have a conversation with Martinez, who was actually the first name we heard when Young left. 

> Of the three candidates, Martinez would be a natural fit considering he's from Hollywood Hills, a UM graduate and a mmber of UM's first national championship team in 1983. Martinez has never done any interviews since the rumors first began. Probably, with good reason considering his friendship with Richt and the fact it would have created trouble during the recruiting process.

His resume certainly looks good. During his seven years at UGA, Martinez has been a part of three SEC Eastern Division titles, five bowl victories, and five top ten finishes in the final national polls including No. 2 in 2007. His 2006 Georgia defense ranked 8th nationally in total defense, 5th in pass defense and 1st in the SEC in third down efficiency.

> As for Tresey, he is an Ohio guy who has more than a dozen years of experience on the collegiate level and another 10 on the high school level. When he joined Central Michigan's staff in 2006, he quickly implemented a style that forced 29 turnovers and 31 sacks in 14 games. Two seasons prior to joining the Central Michigan staff, Tresey was defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at Georgia Southern. The Eagles' defense ranked fourth nationally in total defense in 2004.

> Bumpas is an older gentleman who has been around the block a lot longer, coaching in the SEC (Tennessee, Arkansas), Notre Dame and he's been at TCU since 2004 as the defensive coordinator and defensive line coach. He's been a Broyles candidate multiple times.


> We asked Shannon several questions pertaining to what he was looking for when hiring coordinators and how he went about searching for them. 

His best response pertained to how he found Whipple. Basically, Shannon said he went through every NFL roster and started looking for people that he knew. "I knew coach Whipple when he was at UMass. But lost track of him. Then I saw he popped up with the Philadelphia Eagles when I started searching the website. I said 'Wow, there's coach Whipple.' Let me call him and see if he's interested."

I know by now all of us at one point or another have "googled" somebody. But I never would have thought Shannon would be doing the same to find his offensive coordinator. It's actually kind of funny.

> As for his thoughts on trying to find stable coordinators who will be around longer than 1 or 2 seasons, Shannon said: "I'm looking for guys we can have three or four years from now. I want guys who want to move up, be head coaches. You don't want a staff where guys are just satisfied being around you, you want those guys to develop, want more."

> Shannon talked a lot yesterday about how much previous relationships play roles in not only who he looks for as coaches, but even recruiting players. The fact UM signed the son of former Cane Alonzo Highsmith yesterday is no surprise. 

But how they got tight end Billy Sanders was a bit of an interesting story. Sanders' father Bill Sr. played football at Sacramento State with Geoff Torretta (you should know why that name is famous around The U). It was through Torretta Shannon found out about Sanders, who left Phoenix to go play his senior year  in Idaho. I'm pretty sure if not for the connection, Miami probably would have never known about Sanders. 

As for other interesting recruiting connections: Defensive tackle Curtis Porter has a family member that knows someone who works on campus; offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche played at the same high school as Orien Harris; and Prince Kent, a cornerback from Georgia, is originally from Fort Lauderdale. One Shannon didn't mention involved running back Lamar Miller. His grandfather Edgar drives a student shuttle bus at UM.

> According to Shannon, defensive end Eric Moncur has been granted a sixth year of eligibility. Shannon said he thinks safety Randy Phillips will be back too.

> Shannon said only three players will miss this spring because of injuries: Tight ends Tervaris Johnson and Dedrick Epps and linebacker Colin McCarthy. Moncur is considered 50/50.

I know I promised a recruiting blog today, but I figured getting some of these notes in from yesterday was more important. We'll have plenty of time the next few weeks to breakdown this class. I've got tons of interviews already done with some experts and kids I want to share with you. 


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Bryce is still "committed to the U".

But Oregon in the "leader".

Sorry, but I don't understand the New Math.




From all accounts, the Browns are good people and this is a very important decision for BB. We all worship in our own ways so we should be respectful. In addition, millions of dollars are at stake for them.

However, Butler is a problem. He will not let go easily. He is going to want his cuts and side deals (scholarship to less talented clients). The U can lose its reputation with future quality recruits and attract more slimes. At worse the NCAA come knocking.

If Brown comes here, will his adviser become an issue? Will he be Weiner/Marve or Uncle Luke? Will he start blabbing or contact other schools if Bryce is not happy? It comes down to cost vs benefits.

Someone here said BB has just signed with Drew Rosenhaus. That's a good one.

That's funny CaliCanesFan.

I don't understand how BB can pick Oregon over the U if he is thinking about his future. He is going to playing for an OC that runs an NFL-style offense. In addition, Whipple has the approval of B. Cowher and J.J. I haven't even mentioned his resume yet.

BB will also have his brother in town as an anchor until he makes new friends down here.

Such a no-brainer.

In regards to the DC. Shannon likes to hire guys with tremendous resumes. If for whatever reason he does not find someone he is happy with, I would still like for him to hire someone as a defensive assistant. That way this person can help him out. It is a well-known fact that coaches who pull double duty either hate it, or fail at it most of the time. The Whipple hire definitely helps him succeed at it since Whipple has HC experience. Eventhough I know Shannon was a tremendous DC for us, I don't know if he can be a HC/DC.

I do not know why we are getting impatient with him. The guy said he was going to fast and listen to God for 2 weeks. That was what 2 days ago. We got 12 more days. I am really not even worried about it. Fans are creating drama where there is not any. In reality the guy has until April 1st to sign a letter of intent with a school. This could go on for a long time.

Seems like Randay is taking his time like with the OC, and will get the right guy for the job. Not only an excellent coach but an educator as well. I think those two criteria are 1 and 2 on his list.

Got to ask yourself this though, if BB signs with the U and does not get playing time. Is he a disruptive factor on the team? Ok , he comes and gets playing time, unless he is god awful good, the other players could resent it, given all that has taken place. All I am saying is there are a lot of bad scenes that could happen if he comes. ONe good scene if he comes and is a star stud, I do not think so, but most of the services think that he is that good. Again from what I have seen he is the most over hyped player in recent history and it could have a sad ending.

Randy will know what to do with Bryce if he starts acting like a primmadonna. He's not gonna take any of that crap. That's not what the "U" is about. If he's not gonna join the family, then he can walk. If he has his head on straight, he'll dominate and move on proudly into the NFL as one of the Hurricane family.

dlu-that type of situation can happen in any recruiting class. We already got a RB this class. Is he going to be happy playing behind James and Cooper? He might be upset at that. If Brown or whoever does not like it then they can transfer at the end of next year. By the same token, Brown can also turn out to be a great team player. There's no point in thinking about those situations becuase they are out of the teams control. I do not understand your point. The fact is, he is a 5-star recruit. Which does not guarantee success. However, it is a good indication of the type of player he can be. He's a 200-something lb running back that can run the 40 in 4.40 or whatever. That's a good sign.

Oaktree , I get you right, but you got a kid from Kansas , played hs football in Kansas. Gets huge hype, now you get bad advice instead of coming in under the radar a little, it all goes ballistic. Bad advice , over hype, played no competition, gray areas of ncaa rules. You starte to get the recipe for bad things. Most kids come in give it their shot wait their turn if needed. Different situation with the BB thing.

Plus you are adding like 10,000 percent of pressure on a hs kid, horrible handler, butler bad man.

My point is this is not the ordinary situation of every recruiting class. You have a massive hyping by recruiting services, You have horrible advice by butler, the kid BB how has 10000% more pressure on him. The whole process isolated him, it is not normal at all. And it has the recipe for a bad ending, written all over it. Even possible ncaa gray area sanctions.









I'm thrilled we got Lamar Miller. Lamar Miller is a hell of a running back. He also will throw blocks in the backfield. Being able to block as a freshman is important. Go Canes!!

I'll I see with Bryce Brown are excellent runs. He never throws blocks. He is going to have to throw blocks if he wants to play as a freshman. Blocking in the backfield is vital!! If he can't throw blocks he won't play.

My thought is this:

With his size, speed and running back abilities - his overall stats were produced against what?

I can tell you from personal experience the defenses, he built these stats up against, don't come close to the defensive quality a typical SoFlo RB has to work against. Just look at his brother, Arthur, for instance.

DC Young said that Spence and the rest of the SoFlo defensive freshmen, were "light years" ahead of AB in technique and overall quality.

Young added, he's never seen so much defensive speed coming from one place like SoFlo, ever or anywhere.

So, I ask again - his overall stats were produced against what?

Maybe he'll be great - all he's built up to be, I'm just not drink'n the Kool - Aide yet.

I think everyone is forgetting the fact that Bryce wasnt the #1 recruit in the country untill AFTER he played in the AA game.

So he wasnt getting #1 hype for beasting on kansas kids,he got #1 hype after he beasted on some of the best kids in the country.

Bryce has always been the #1 recruit in the country, going back to last year at this time!

I read somewhere today that Ray Ray has been rated best overall player on some site(s). Anyone know which?

If that's true we would have the #1 and #2 best players overall in the country! Not to mention we recruited RR and Dye out of Gator Country, and Bryce from out of state! You have to be a hater to say anything negative about Randy's recruiting class!

Go 'canes!

New post at potentialplayers.


Giving "decision date" next week along with final two visits.

Opinion: BB may be really good.
Opinion: BB may be a great teammate and leader.
Opinion: BB may win the Heisman while carrying The U to a NC.

Facts: Only BB has an "adviser" who has probably already spoken to more newspaper than Marve/Weiner did all year.

If there is problems, the headline will read "the #1 recruit vs The U". Ready for Marve version 2? Do you think a second disgruntled hot recruit may influence future recruits?

Maybe not?

This time last year Matt Barkley was the #1 recruit on Rivals.Bryce was barely in the top 10.

1 Bryce Brown
Wichita (KS) Wichita East RB 6-0/215 Miami
New No. 1: Earned Co-MVP in U.S. Army All-American Bowl, rushing for 45 yards and catching two touchdown passes.


Notice how its says NEW #1

Best thing for the U to do is drop this kid and start lookin fwd to the new season. With all the negatives going against him, spoiled kid thats been showed favortism all his life coming to a program that is instilling team ball and a coach that believes in following rules and that everyone is equal, none above the other, basically a disciplinarian. This recipe doesnt sound good. We have J. James, Cooper, Chambers, M. James, and Miller. BB is just not worth the risk. U think he is going to listen to Shannon and respect his decisions even if he thinks Shannon is wrong. U dont think he's going to go and get guidance from some lousy "mentor". I always thought mentors were supposed to be honorable people who have led by example. Who have track records that are respectable. I beg the question, How can his parents allow this guy to intefere in they're sons life education and career? Im glad Arthur is being humble and a team player, but this BB stuff, along with erratic behavior stinks something badly. If not for the 5'6 300 lbs jelly drawers felon of a mentor, I might just think the kid was taking his time and making the right choice. But this "mentor" guy really causes this entire BB situation to be not worth the risk. havent we had enough bad PR with Marve?

For all of the Haters that keep doubting coach Shannon... Lets be honest, the guy keeps delivering every time his back is against the wall. Furthermore, (brace yourself), its a tribute to Shannon's personality of being very disciplined, and more of a thinker than a quick talker

Yes its uncomfortable, for fans and the media alike at times, trying to pull a straight answer out of Shannon. But being media friendly isn't what makes a Coach successful.

For instance every time i see a replay of Herm Edwards' press conference, I even get fired up at that moment, and get sooo ready to go bust somebody's butt LOL

Fast forwarding to get the point, shannon smiles and cheeses for the camera, but he has a stigma attached to him because he won't let the media stir him in any particular direction.

However, like it or not, sometimes its not good to release too much information through the media, in regards to game plan etc...

Shannon knows that the media looks for dirt and wants to exploit the worst in most cases. Example: I can remember Shannon saying that Nix was going a fine job near the end of last season... Call Shannon a liar, or consider him doing whats in the best interest of the program? I say its the latter.

Give Shannon a break - We knew at the beginning of the season last year, that Da U was going to have a bunch of freshman playing. When they exceeded expectation we all got excited... We forgot that these freshman were playing against 5th year seniors - experienced guys.

A team full of freshmen, yes they hit the wall a little bit, but what would you expect out for freshman??? Would we all think its reasonable for a high school team put together tomorrow with all incoming kids from Junior High to trounce on Northwestern, Booker T, St Thomas Aquinas....

"Would we all think its reasonable for a high school team put together tomorrow with all incoming kids from Junior High to trounce on Northwestern, Booker T, St Thomas Aquinas...."

^ Thats exactly why Northwestern lost to Sanford in the SC.

manny, where you at?

other papers are getting the scoop out alot quicker than you are.

Lovett is the pick for D Cord. you should have been on this. i hate reading other papers when you are my source. stop focusing on hoops bro. the canes are going nowhere but the NIT.

start getting us excited for spring ball. how are the players taking to the whiplash? is jacory healthy and ready to throw for 3500yds this year?

i predict we will have 2 1000yd backs and neither will be coop. he tripped over his own feet walking to class yesterday.

also, sam shields will have a monster year in the whiplash.

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