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Canes face Virginia Tech in ACC opener

Frank Haith's basketball team now knows who it will open the ACC Tournament against on Thursday in Atlanta -- the Virginia Tech Hokies. 

Jack McClinton and Malcolm Delaney had a classic battle at the BUC earlier this season. They'll face each other again Thursday.Virginia Tech (17-13, 7-9 ACC) lost at Florida State Sunday afternoon 63-53 and fell to the eighth seed based on a three-team tiebreaker system used by the ACC. Maryland (18-12, 7-9) has a better cumulative record between themselves the Canes and Hokies (having gone a combined 2-1 against the teams) and will go in as the seventh seed. The Terps will play N.C. State at 7 p.m. Thursday.

UM (18-12, 7-9) earned the ninth seed Saturday when it beat N.C. State 72-64 to close out the regular season. 

UM still has slim hopes of reaching the NCAA Tournament. The good news for the Canes is they are now even with the Terrapins and Hokies when it comes to conference record. Stacked head-to-head by their resumes, UM boasts a stronger RPI and strength of schedule ranking. Right now there are six teams from the ACC considered locks to reach the tournament. Most experts believe UM needs to win at least two games to earn an invite. But ESPN analyst Andy Katz thinks it might only take winning the opener for UM to stay in contention for at-large invite. If UM wins Thursday, they'll meet a well rested Duke or North Carolina team in the second round. The Blue Devils and Tar Heels met Sunday night to decide the regular season conference title.

Thursday's tip-off against the Hokies is scheduled for noon at the Georgia Dome. The Hurricanes lost to Virginia Tech at home in overtime 88-83 back on Jan. 25 and were beaten by the Hokies in the second round of last year's ACC tournament. Guard Malcolm Delaney beat the Canes with a rainbow three-point shot last time and figures to once again have a classic battle with fellow Baltimore native Jack McClinton.

BASEBALL SWEEPS N.C. STATE: Just wanted to send out more props to Jim Morris' baseball team for pulling off a three-game sweep this weekend of the Wolfpack. Sunday, UM came back from a 7-0 deficit early to beat N.C. State 9-7. The Canes are now 10-2 on the season with slight hiccups against two bad teams.

The story so far this season for the baseball team has been junior right-hander David Gutierrez. He tossed a 4-0 shutout Saturday and has helped fill a huge void as the team's No. 2 starter with Eric Erickson out this season... freshman center fielder Nathan Melendres has also been a huge steal. He's had a hit in all 12 games this season and had three more on Sunday. He came in hitting .341. 


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You have to be Randy Shannon to not notice that Taylor Cook was considerably better than Cannon Smith......

How come I see a three-way rotation of these two plus Harris during our entire 2009 season?

Manny, any word on what seed we’ll fall under in the NITs?

Yeah baseball! Go Canes! Nice comeback after being down 7-0. That 7-run inning was nice.

Got to beat the Hokies. That will place us at 19-10. The ACC tiebreaker is dumb. UM is 1-1 against Maryland and has a better SOS and better RPI. Yeah MAryland is 2-1 against both UM and VT and that one loss came against the canes. How do you figure?

People that run these athletic conferences are the dumbest people in the universe. No wonder the world makes fun of americans when you have things like this and the BCS going on!@

"People that run these athletic conferences are the dumbest people in the universe." -

Please don't confuse the ACC with the SEC and other conferences whom clearly know what they are doing ever again.

gotta hate the hokies

Rhode Island isn't a bad team

the hurricanes are playing nc state manny, not maryland. thats according to acc.com and espn.com

Bada Bing! Go kick some a.s.s. Canes! Can't wait to see McClinton go off in the tournament and end his career on a winning note... fuggeddaboutit, Canes all the way baby!

Manny, between VT and Miami who has the better talent? The last two game Miami lost against VT who do you think will take the blame the coaches or players? One more thing, what will Miami has to do to come out with a win?

Who is Jack McClinton?

Will Melon Head fix The U's defense?

Will Harris' shoulder ever be right? NO WAY he makes it through 12-13 games without some seat time.

Will the defense ever learn to tackle? Spring sounds like replay of same old canes. A big hit here, a big hit there and lots of guys getting burned by an O that isn't even at full speed.

Will this be the breakout year where Randy masters use of the timeout??
When the clock runs down under 2:00 what tortured thoughts churn behind the man of stones eyes? He truly wasn't thinking about clock management, he was thinking about how pisssed he was at Nix. Who runs that show anyway? WHIPPLE TO THE RESCUE ( one and done)

Will U man up for GT ????????????????????? U should walk lightly and keep your mouth shut until U redeem yourself against the Ramblin Wreck. That was an historically bad loss in terms of the program being embarrassed. Somehow that fiasco kind of got swept under the rug. Probably because everyone knows U are what U are.

Posted by: canesrule 9 'ships | March 08, 2009 at 06:39 PM

hey Jay or Daniel, Go back to the Palm Beach Post. Nothing worse than a 40+ year old Gayturd Loser troll who has nothing better to do than come on another teams blog and post under someone elses name.

Didn't your team just win a NC? Yet here you are, trying to make yourself relevant to a group a fans who couldn't care less about your opinion.

"How come I see a three-way rotation of these two plus Harris during our entire 2009 season?"

Because you're a moron

How can they rotate Harris when he's sitting on the bench injured?



I was at the scrimmage and Cook looked like the worse of the two backup QBs to me, at least when he threw the ball. He seemed to overthrow his receivers badly both in the scrimmage and in warm-ups.

Cannon struggled and his INT looked bad, but his left tackle was killing him and he also had to contend with a couple of snaps that rolled back to him along the ground. Watching him throw the ball, though, he definitely seems to have more accuracy than Cook.

I think Cook will end up a TE when Highsmith gets here.


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