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Canes won't be home for NIT

ATLANTA -- The Miami Hurricanes are heading home from the ACC Tournament. But they won't be there long.

When the NIT begins next week and the Hurricanes (18-12) receive their invite, they'll be going on the road. According to UM Director of Basketball Operations Daren Cohen, the Canes will not be able to play home games because the BankUnited Center has been rented out for a series of latin concerts.

Talk about a bummer. You go 18-12 and likely will be one of the top seeds of the tournament, but you'll have to win three games on the road to get to New York for the semifinals. 


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You are getting kick out of your own home. It's all about the money. Oh, well, it shows you where their priorities are with this team. Not to be able to play in your own court because somebody made the wrong decision to rent it. I wonder if this ever happen to another team.

Maybe they thought this team would be in the NCAA tournament not the NIT and decided to rent the BUC out for other events. lol

Boo the U for this one!






Rivals 250:


Just to clarify from my last post,

I definitely don't think that Haith should be fired. I can understand people's emotional need to create a scapegoat, but I think he has done a good job building a program and at least giving the fan base some expectations.

I just think this season's plan wasn't very good. We feel in the same trap when we had Diaz. The gameplan was give the star the ball and everyone walked around and hoped that by allowing that person to beat their defender. We didn't even move it when someone was double covered and no one else wanted to take a shot. It simply wasn't effective.

I am not blaming McClinton for what happened down the stretch, but I think he could have truly cemented himself in Miami lore if he had brought it down the stretch. Injury aside, its always tough to play double covered, but you have to remember that he has been doubled all season. His shooting down the stretch had less to do with the defense than him just being off. I think he has been amazing for this program and I hope he has great success on the next level.

I am really, really excited about Durand Scott and Malcolm Grant. I am obsessive about High school hoops and Scott is simply a baller. The kid can play. Hes got a shot, is athletic, a solid leader, and will be a presence on the court. Grant may actually be the most important pickup because he is a true point guard. We have needed a point guard for years to lead the team and I think Grant can provide that.

I still love my 'Canes and I hope they do well in the NIT.

Looking forward to the Scrimmage today.

all i can say is thank the good Lord for UM baseball. a power through many years. allways in the hunt for titles. i think haith will have a tough year next season and wasted jacks last. shannon is a bum waaaay over his head. baseball has 50plus winning seasons. thanks for the baseball team-- 1 Timothy 6:10--for the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. like our gov't, this program is headed down the wrong path go canes anyway

Then just decline the Nobody's Interested Tourney bid. Playing the likes of Manhattan, Creighton or mediocre former powers like Georgetown or wannabe powers like Providence isn't going to help at all and will cost too much money.

I'm tired of others calling miami "Brokeback U." the U isnt that poor is it?

Sam I agree to a certain extent. Its up to the other players to get things done. Hurdle is supposed to direct things on the court, dribble, drive to the basket, create space and then dish the rock. He couldn't. Collins should be able to dominate down low and make the defense collapse, thus giving more open outside shots. Collins, however, disappeared about a month ago. If the other players showed up consistently and did their jobs it would give Jack the space he needs. He gets worn out having to run through screens the entire game trying to get a look. Ph well. Hopefully they put on a good show in the NIT, get Jones some meaningful minutes and look to improve next year.

Manny you could make it back for the football scrimmage.

I can say this when coach Leonard Hamilton was hear he had less talent then coach haith and leonard did more of what he had look at coach haith teams better talent well lease hamilton got the canes to the sweet 16

There is not a single major college sports program that gets kicked around venues like UM.

It's pathetic.

What is HAPPPENING to our program ?

Why in the world would anyone want Haith fired. Um hasn't had this much success since Hamilton was here, and even he only got to one sweet 16 in his time. The program went 18-12 this year and came up just short of a NCAA bid in the toughest conference in the country, and lost at least 5 games to great teams by very small margins or in overtime. If this team has a few better minutes in a few second halves and we could be looking at a high seed in the tournament. Recruiting has NEVER been this good. No way you fire Haith. He's great, and coming up short in your first seasone after seeing some success is not a setback. It's learning how to play when teams are taking you seriously, and that's the next step in growing up.

That said, I'm philisophically opposed to the NIT (i.e. the battle for #66). The extra games are about growing up I guess, but man it is hard to care what happens.

as far as i'm concerned a latin concert is more relevant than the NIT (AKA Not In the Tournament)

whatever. this season has been a disaster. the coaching staff should be ashamed. the team underachieved. haith should be on the hot seat next year after this season's sub par performance.

if haith cant win with seniors just think what freshmans are going to do with his under coaching.

hey manny,

even tho your at the game, is anyone gonna cover the scrimmage tonight?

Say it like it is. Be real. don't p-$-$y foot around: This team does not have a coach. they played like they could care less out there, jogging back in transition, like they did not even want to be there. They showed NO HEART! I mean, this team has been like this all season long. they play well one, two games, then they shut it down. hey, they arent the only team with 30+ games on the schedule. If they can't hack the emotioanl strain, quit.

These players needed a leader. a coach. This guy failed the players and the fans. This was a season of expectations. He did not meet these expectations. It is like Coker going 8-4 in 2002 after having won a national championhip. But even Coker brought us back to the promised land. Haith HAD to. HAD to improve upon last year. He did not. He failed miserably. If his heart isn't in it, then drop him. Drop him like a used penny. Because with this sloth, this sap, this zombie, this pseudocoach, we are going N-O-W-H-E-R-E!

NO RIOS = NO DANCE..RIOS helped beat the hokies last year!!!!!!!MEMORY LANE...... Eddie Rios became the latest ACC point guard to have a surprisingly good game against the Hokies. Rios, a freshman reserve who had been averaging three points a game, had 11 of his career-high 14 points in the second half with 6 assist.

Rios and McClinton each made three 3-pointers - all of McClinton's came in the second half.

half hearted effort when a lot was riding on the line. They did it against Ga Tech, and they did it again!

GOD I hope the football team does better. They have to because the so-called energy and spirit that the basketball canes displayed this season was pathetic and embarasses me to say I love the canes. and believe me I love the canes.

Rivals 250:


Posted by: Caneiac | March 12, 2009 at 03:34 PM

CANEIAC------Thats pre rankings. Expect both Nix and Chandler to be 5 stars or High 4's and move way up. Nice to see our 1st 3 grades are all 4 stars on Rivals. Scout has nix and chandler I believe has 5, BUT, we all know that means squat.

Money is not the issue for coaches guys, Salary for young who just left was almost the same at OKST , and they are a state school. Its just Randy was never a head coach, so he wasnt getting 2m per like the big boys. When we win the title in 2010, hell get his raise.


My thoughts on the scrimmage.....


Scheme and playcalling
Lots of looks: I-formation, Pro, Double TE and Unbalanced Line within 10 yrd. line, 4 WR bunch, motion RB into the slot,
Single back, Shotgun w/ split backs (a lot).

The playcalling is very sound and aggressive e.g..will run out of the shotgun and pass out of any formation. No shotgun draw on 4thand 1 this year. There were deep and intermediate routes, lots of clear out and leave the middle of the field open.

Stretched the defense both vertically and horizontally. Pitch sweeps and runs to the weak side. Lots of moving linemen (traps, sweeps). QB designed rollouts and runs.

This offense is going to drive d-coordinators crazy. Miles ahead of the past 5 years. I'm surprised these kids have picked up on so many looks as quickly as they have. Looks like Whipple is a teacher.

Jacory looks great. Much more pocket presence footwork and throwing motion. Looks very comfortable under center. Better arm strength. Fumbled some snaps, to be expected for spring. As always, great deep ball.
Looks bigger, faster, and stronger. Lots of good progress.

Cannon Smith and Taylor Cook need lots of work, but they look better than last year.

Graig Cooper is going to have a monster year!!! He hits the hole hard and finishes runs. Cooper's acceleration is fantastic. Looks bigger, faster, and stronger.
No ankle tackles this year, he is going to break some big runs. Looked like AP at times....this guy is running down hill this year. Best part of the night.

Mike James is a very physical runner with great acceleration. The kid finishes his run and delivers a blow. I liked him better than JJ...his carries will depend on how the other back perform. This kid doesn't play like a freshmen.

Better route running....a couple of drops, but under tight coverage. Did create seperation from the DB's, not sure if it's a reflection on them or the D.
No Tommy Streeter tonite. Aldarius looked good, Hankerson is very physical.

Gordon needs work, he dropped a couple...we don't go his way much.

Look leaner and function well. Do a good job of pulling and trapping. Better pass blocking over last year, don't be fooled by the sacks....the D-line is great.
This unit is going to improve because of the comp with the D-line. Offensive scheme will help them a lot, by keeping d offbalance.


Scheme and playcalling - Agressive, will blitz on early downs, but play mostly base. Probably due to great push from D-line.
Everyone flys to the ball and gets in on the tackle.

D-line is great and deep. Great push on the line, excellent pass rush. This unit is the deepest and most talented on the team. They are going to raise hell all season.
Forston looks lean, Regis is going to be a player.

Spence...looks like Sean Spence...baller, nuff said. Sharpton looked very good, very physical and quick. He's ahead of Arthur Brown and will likely start. Brown looks quick, but undersized.
He's physical, but he's not a starter yet.

Futch and Buchanon look good, but are still young.

Very quick with good footwork. VT had a great play on a deep ball. The all look bigger, faster, and stronger. Need work stopping the run, don't seal corners and safties don't prevent big plays. Much better against the pass, play with lots of confidence.

Overall....much better than last year. Don't look like a high school team anymore....don't play like it either.

dannyboycane is a fuckin loser

sorry canesjunkie, but isnt this exactly the stuff we have read for years. better here, better there, some drops but better. its more hype. proof will sell seats. wins against more than duke, or some div-2 team. miami hasnt beaten a truly quality team in years. that says a lot. MIAMI hasnt beaten anyone decent in years. how sad this program has become. hype wont change the truth, wins will. get to work randy, the fans deserve better.

exactly right tired. its time for randy to show or go

People...I hear you, but it's still a young team. They are not national championship material, but they are better. They can win the ACC....would that make you happy? IMO it's very achievable.

"miami hasnt beaten a truly quality team in years. that says a lot. MIAMI hasnt beaten anyone decent in years"

We beat Va Tech,the ACC Champ and Orange Bowl Champ last year...

I went to the scrimmage and I agree with everything Canesjunkie said. Its clear that the offense will be much better and I agree with UMASS Cane that under Whipple they will put up a lot of PPG and YPG this year. Whipple came here from day one with a solid plan to improve the offensive performance, and its clear that he is implementing it. I haven't seen many offenses this in the ACC (and its only spring)

Like Canesjunkie, I was impressed with how quickly the young players picked up the offense, and Jacory seems to grasp it better than anyone. Jacory should be one of the top QBs in the ACC, and UM's receivers are the best group in the ACC. The RBs also ran the ball well, and you can really see the difference Whipple makes. I was surprised at how weak the TE position was, but it doesn't seem to slow the offense down in the overall scheme.

Coop was the star of the offense, but MJ and Berry ran well too. Baby J was ok, capable of the 3-5 yard gains but no big runs.

The WRs are awesome, but Hankerson, who I was down on, really surprised me with his ability to get open consistently today. The offense is definitely not like it has been the last 5 years, and the Offense is CLEARLY ahead of last year. Its reasonable to expect more wins this year and I don't think the tougher schedule matters.

The defense looks good and it also has some potential playmakers. Although the defense will be good, I don't think they will have as much pressure on them this year if the offense clicks the way it should.

When the other freshmen like Ray Ray and Lamar arrive, they will also add something in fall camp. I saw a few recruits there checking things out. The program is on the rise

THIS is TOTALLY F'D UP!!!!!!!!! Why do ALL other colleges get to play at HOME, if they CAN DO SO, yet UM can't play at THEIR home? THIS is poor planning. What a fricking DISGRACE! Whomever made THIS decision should be FIRED. I am EMBARRASSED TO BE A UM ALUMNUS! DAMN!

Typical UM - instead of "all about the U" they are always "all about the $"

This displays a horrible example of poor judgement and planning. The new AD should make a public apology to the coaches, team, students, and alumni. What was the point of building the Bank United Center if it is not available for what should be its top priority, basketball? If Donna would do the right thing she would find another venue for the latin concerts, take the financial hit for canceling the contract, and allow the NIT games to be played at the U.

Flood Hocutt's with emails and DEMAND the cancellation of the concerts...see letter and use.

Mr. Hocutt:

I am outraged that the University of Miami Men's team will not be able to host an NIT game - because THEIR home court is being used for other purposes. Can you please explain to me (an alumnus, hurricane club member and season ticket holder in football and basketball for 35 years) how this has happened?

This sort of thing doesn't happen at other schools - Can you imagine if Duke or Michigan State had booked Cameron Arena or Breslin Center for a concert during tournament season?

This can be resolved. You cancel the concerts and let them play at home. Do the right thing.

This arena was built for the team, students and alumni...this was built using my DONATIONS to see my team play...these kids deserve this post season play at home.

The decision of the University over the years have baffled me and I am seriously considering throwing in the towel on UM sports. The University continues to put money above the best interest of their athletes, fans and alumni.

I appreciate an response from you or your office at your earliest convenience.

I checked the BUC's website and the Latin Concert that you're referring to has been moved back to April 25th.


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