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Courtside blog: GT 78, UM 68 (F)

ATLANTA -- I'll be here providing updates tonight from UM's next must-win game, against Georgia Tech.

It's supposed to be Senior Night here, but it might as well really be empty seat night. Alexander Memorial Coliseum is pretty empty. Hard to blame Yellow Jackets fans. Georgia Tech is 1-12 in conference play this year and there really hasn't been a whole to get excited about.

I stopped the Fifth Street Ribs & Blues restaurants nearby about three hours before tip-off. The cook chatted me about tonight's game and asked me why I was bothering to show up. Yikes. The ribs at least were very good. 

If you want to follow the game live you can listen to Joe Zagacki with my friend Josh Darrow on WQAM, spend the $5.99 on ACCSelect (it didn't work for me before) or follow it on the ACC Gametracker.

> By the way, in case you missed it, former Canes safety Ed Reed gave the team a pep talk before they left for Atlanta. Coach Frank Haith has used ministers, priests, and former Canes James Jones for a pre-game pep talk in the past. But Reed is probably the best in the business.


> Horrible start for UM. They've fallen behind 10-2 with a lack of any sort of execution on offense and they've been lazy on defense. Haith just let his team have it, slamming his clipboard and dropping a few "adult words" during the timeout. Looks like GT is going to try and let Lewis Clinch set the tone with his outside shot. He's nailed two three pointers early and has six points. 

> UM started the game 2 of 15 from the field before Jimmy Graham hit a jump hook with 11:32 to play in the first half. Clinch has another three-pointer and now has nine points. Miami looks totally out of sync and offense. Jack McClinton got pulled at about the 14 minute mark and has not returned yet. He took one shot and missed. Haith told me McClinton practiced for the first time since spraining his knee against Boston College on Tuesday. But it was a light practice.

> The Canes used some defense to key a 6-0 run to cut into Georgia Tech's lead at 16-12 with 9:21 to go. But the Yellow Jackets just went on a 7-0 run to negate it and go back up by double-digits. 

> Jack McClinton is supposed to be the best three-point shooter in the league. But tonight, it looks like Lewis Clinch is that guy. He's hit five three-pointers, each has negated UM rallies.

> Clinch now has 17 points. McClinton finally broke through with his first field goal with 4:35 left. UM simply hasn't been able to cut into Georgia Tech's double digit lead. The slow start has put them in a huge hole. 

> Canes are down 16 points at the break. Lewis Clench has 20 points. UM shot 36 percent in the first half. Those NCAA Tournament hopes are officially dangling by a thread. 

> FYI, the 16-point halftime deficit is the largest UM has faced this season. The largest comeback for UM this season was from 17 down to Maryland with 12:30 to go in the game. Miami won 62-60.


> The first 52 seconds of the half were exactly what you wanted to see if you were a Canes fan. James Dews hits an open jumper, Miami traps on defense, Dwayne Collins gets a steal and Jack McClinton makes a three-pointer before Paul Hewett calls timeout. GT leads 41-30 with 19:08 left.

> So much for that great start. Lewis Clinch and the Yellow Jackets came right back with a 5-0 run and their lead is back up to 47-33 with 15:55 left. Miami has completely dominated the boards today. The Canes simply haven't been able to put the ball through the hoop. 

> GT extended its lead to 19 points on an Iman Shumpert steal and dunk with 14:34 to play. Then, Miami went on a quick 9-0 run to pull within 52-42 with 13:19 left. Miami had a chance to trim it closer, but James Dews missed a long three-pointer.

> It's just been another frustrating night for McClinton. He picked up his third foul trying to create a jump shot and foul when he got his defender in the air. Instead, he got called for charging. 

> The Canes are not going quietly. After falling behind by 14 again, UM used a 7-0 run and a few gutsy baskets from Brian Asbury to trim Georgia Tech's lead to 58-51 with 8:37 to play. They need one more big run to really get back into the game. 

> You can never say a team with Jack McClinton is done. But with 5:14 left and UM down 12, the Canes looked overcooked. 


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These slow starts are this team's Achilles heel. Why can't this team get motivated for games?

Would someone guard this Clinch punk! The 'Canes do not want to flirt with this disaster. They look horrible.

uuuuugh cannot wait for football season.

hey Haith, put someone on this Clinch dude, pleaSE!

this looks like it's really ugly so far.

Hurdle sucks so bad.

after watching the game against Virginia I didn't think we could play any worse. I have to correct myself after watching this 1st half. A different team has to come out in the second half if we expect to make this a game. Our offense is terrible tonight

I stopped the Fifth Street Ribs & Blues restaurants nearby about three hours before tip-off. The cook chatted me about tonight's game and asked me why I was bothering to show up. Yikes. The ribs at least were very good.

ASK FRANK HAITH and the Bball team why bother to show up?

WTF?? I guess we can kiss googbye to our DANCING hopes!! We always find a way to blow it when ever we have a chance to do something!! The worst part about it is that it always happen against Georgia F-ing Tech!!
Nov 05, Nov 08 and know March 09!!!!!!

manny is there a reason u onlt do first half updates???

2nd i mean

maybe collins will grow a pair and play this half

Without McClinton hitting, this team is garbage. God help us next year.


Any team that can look this bad versus a 9-14 GTech team, is probably in line for embarrasment if they were to make the Tourney.

61-50 these kids didn't come to play tonight. I mean Gtech only has 1 other acc win this year. C'mon man

National Invitation Tournament.

clearly ed reed's pep talks are meant for football.

Sad to watch our NCAA hopes all but fade away, but I am still proud of some of the guys out there like Jimmy Graham and Asbury. They both have played really hard tonight and most of the season despite inconsistent play from Dews, Collins, and Hurdle all season long. Collins has a lot of room for improvement next season as well as Dews.

Maybe next year John Salmons will rile up the Football team before the FSU game.


maybe next year, this team will play defense for the whole season and make more free throws.

despite mcclinton's shooting ability, i feel like he's been some of the problem down the stretch. when he doesn't shoot well, miami usually does not win. as much as i like having a guy who can shoot like that, i would prefer to have several guys who don't shoot quite as well, but are consistent on a game-to-game basis. haith seems to be recruiting some good guys.

Bottom line: this team was not as good as last year, nor as good as everyone was hoping or pretending. Dews, Collins, and Hurdle all got worse. McGowen after December was never a factor. DeQuan Jones did not develope this year. And our back up point guard left the program. In all, this was a team that regressed tremendously.

why do you always stop posting in the last few minutes of every canes game?


Numbskulls - In-The House
Not- Interested-Today
No-Incentive-To win
Numbingly Idiotic Teamwork

What was GTech's record prior to playing UM?
That's right.

This is a poorly coached team. There I said it again. Uninspired ball. They took Ed Reed's words and stepped on them. Thay all oughtto be ashamed at this effort that was pathetic. They should all be benched and the program start anew. Including the so-called "coach".

Caught the game live; Tech had a guy go for 30; that was ridiculous. The zone D left him open all night and he did.

Collins worked really, really hard. Fought for rebounds and had some nice post moves. Quality effort from him.

Did like seeing DeQuan put that guy to the floor, and not to get up.

UM is 0 for Atlanta; shouldn't bother playing GA Tech any more; just concede and go practice.

Well I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for the worse. If this team could play a full 40 minute game the opposition would be in trouble. As we've seen with how they played against Duke & UNC the last time around, this team is capable of winning the ACC tournament, they just have to play 4 STRAIGHT DAYS of 40 minute basketball. Considering they've struggled to put together a solid 40 minutes at any point this season I'm slightly pessimistic, but hopeful to say the least. All we can do is root for them and hope for the best, it'd be a shame for the seniors to not go dancing this year. Let's put together a nice 5 game winning streak and get to the tournament. Go Canes!!

I'd take a 3-game win streak. I think that would put Miami at .500 in the ACC and probably in the NCAA tourney even with the key loss to GT.

Haith blew it this year.

dream on fools. U didn't sneak up on anybody this year. You had your run, BRIEF albeit.

U are NOT a basketball school

U are NOT a football school

U are a BASEBALL school

And thems the facts

NOBODY cares about baseball and those ridiculous aluminum bats.

No more faith in Haith!

Seems like when we aren't expected to do anything in basketball we do something, and this year we had higher expectations and didn't.

We's: Go (rhymes with stuck) thy self

Cant win without a PG or when your big man scores only 10 points and your key shooter is gimpy.

Actually the Canes had won 5 straight against GT prior to this game, so Basketball isn't 0 for Atlanta at all. This was Miami's first loss to GT up there since the very first ACC game we played back in Jan 2005.

B.C., Va Tech., and Md. all lose ,and what does Miami do? They lay an egg,it was right there for them,just not as good as predicted before the season.

Haith's mysery is on the front page of CBSsportsline.com in an article called March Badness, an article about teams that blew bubble chances.

No, we're a women's diving school.

they shoot horses, don't they ; )


dream on fools. U didn't sneak up on anybody this year. You had your run, BRIEF albeit.

U are NOT a basketball school

U are NOT a football school

U are a BASEBALL school

And thems the facts

NOBODY cares about baseball and those ridiculous aluminum bats.

Posted by: We's building depths | March 05, 2009 at 03:32 AM

It's Mr."T"!! Funny guy.

Let's get pizza

How ironic; Just read that Maurice Clarett is blogging about his life in prison. Larry Coker gets a job. My, how the world spins. To this day, NOBODY. I mean NOBODY felt it was important enough to investigate Ohio State after MC's allegations of academic cheating. Had they found it was true, UM's robbed crystal trophy would have been retruned to where it really belongs: Coral Gables. And you know, Larry Coker would still be at the U.

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