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Eye On The U Bracket Pool

PROVIDENCE -- Still haven't filled out a bracket? Interested in becoming the expert bracket person here at Eye On The U? The clock is ticking. You've got 18 hours before the tournament gets started.

Join our bracket pool over at Yahoo. It's free. No grand prize -- just bragging rights and the opportunity to write a guest blog after next weekend's spring game. I filled out my bracket. Take a few seconds to fill out yours. Our group name is Eye On The U Bracket Pool. Password: faithinhaith

I'm buying into the hype. I think the Big East ends up sending all three of its No. 1 seeds to the dance. UM coach Frank Haith picked Louisville when we asked him for a favorite in this year's tournament. I like Pittsburgh and Dejuan Blair.

I'm supposed to meet up with UM athletic director Kirby Hocutt before tonight's tip-off. If I can get him to fill out a bracket, I'll enter it into our pool. 

> Couple quick notes to pass along before the Canes take on their old Big East Rivals here in the first round of the NIT. Haith said the Friars will present problems for his team because UM has yet to see the type of defense Providence plays.

"They play very similar with to a matchup zone, which we haven't faced all year," Haith said. "They do a three quarter press, a 1-2-2, 1-2-1-1 press to slow you down, slow your flow. It will be to their advantage because we don't play against that all year.

> Providence's best player is 6-5 guard Weyinmi Efejuku. Haith talked about him and several other of the Friar's top players: "He's a really good player, comes from Rice High School, the same high school as [UM recruit] Durand Scott. He's a good player and he's developed over his time there," Haith said. "He's really improved his jump shooting. When he went to sign with Providence, he wasn't really a good shooter. That has emerged over his time at Providence. [Guard Jeff] Xavier can shoot the ball. [Geoff] McDermott reminds me a lot of [McCauley from N.C. State] in our league, he can pass and is a very good post player. [Sharaud] Curry, the point guard, he was hurt last year and we didn't see him. He's their best 3-point shooter. All those guys are seniors and good players and have played together for a long period of time."

> I'll check in with you at halftime and once its over.


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BTW Manny - You should really put the gloves on with the Sun Sentinel Clown Shandell. You're like his idol but I'd love to see you kick his arse!!!!

manny need a group Id, couldnt find it with the name

yo manny you gotta give us the group id # so we can join the pool

Sorry guys... here it is.
Group ID #183734

No blog for the game? Weak.

Only a true fan or a compulsive gambler will watch the NIT.

UM looks good though except for handling the press.

Manny...thanks for stopping by. See U 'round the Space. GO CANES!

Awesome job canes. Punking the Friars in front of a half empty Dunkin Donuts Center. U were supposed to be a sweet 16 team.

U have a coaching carousel

U don't develop anything

U watched a WRECKING BALL demolish your home

U have no depth

U(r) fan base doesn't extend beyond this blog

U can't even with the MEDIOCRE ACC

U are completely irrelevant

U think U are marching back...NOT

U have a FRAIL QB who is now juicing ( Kehoe is proud)

U have NOWHER NEAR 8 wins on your schedule

U will get completely dismantled by OU

U will watch as (see what LSU did to GT) GT wins your conference

U think something is brewing at your badly eroded program

U don't have a clue

SECOND TIER FOOTBALL PROGRAM...welcome to big boy football, that independent/big east crap is OVA

Posted by: We's building depths | March 18, 2009 at 08:00 PM

Did someone not hug you enough as a child?

dang, we's building depth's life is either to hate on the canes or have nothing to live for at all, hahaha i just laugh when this dude is here, in the beginning he was annoying, now he's just plain ol' funny lol

Speaking of juicing...take a good look at your man love Teblows dome..its twice the size of a normal melon...

Get Hurdle out of there.

Hey, "We's building depths"

Wow. Juicing? Did you catch the comment about Tebow's melon head. You know what causes that, don't you? What you can get easily in the Far East during missionary work. I mean seriously you've got to be kidding me. A kid whose coaches worried because he kept packing on the pounds as a 17yr old freshman in Gainesville...and you have the nerve to accuse?

Really glad you brought it up because that's the Elephant in the room in Gainesville. Now go back to your TeBLOW-HGH MAN-LOVE videos.

how do i get to the eye on the u bracket pool? can't find it on yahoo.

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