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Haith: Alabama interest "just a rumor"

(We now interrupt the Bryce Brown announcement watch party for a basketball update from the University of Miami. We hope this does not ruin your afternoon).

UM men's basketball coach Frank Haith met with reporters Monday for the first time since his team was blown out in the first round of the ACC Tournament, denied an invite to the NCAA Tournament and rumors of his possible interest in leaving the program for Alabama surfaced late last week. Before getting to any questions from the media, Haith put an end to the questions about the latter first.

Frank Haith denied the rumors he's interested in the Alabama opening. "Obviously I've heard the rumors about me looking at other jobs, or people being interested in me and that's just what they are -- rumors," Haith said. "I'm not going to give that any time, each time my name is mentioned with a job. I want to get that out there first so we can move on to something important which is us being in the post-season four out of five years."

Interested or not interested, false rumor or simply the first sign UM's head coach is testing the waters, Haith will still have another game to coach Wednesday night in the NIT. And he made it perfectly clear he's not happy the fourth-seeded Hurricanes (18-12) will have to do so on the road while the BankUnited Center gets rented out to host other events. 

According to Haith, UM made a last ditch effort to find another venue in South Florida to host Wednesday's game against fifth-seeded Providence (19-13). But just like earning a trip to the Big Dance two years in a row, UM couldn't find a way to get it done. Oddly enough, Kentucky, whom UM beat earlier this season, was in the same dilemma with Rupp Arena being rented out. But the Wildcats will still be hosting UNLV because another venue, Memorial Coliseum (where the men played until 1976), is available. 

Haith said he thought his team, which finished tied for seventh in the ACC standings with a 7-9 record, would have likely been a 2 or a 3 seed with an opportunity to host two games in the tournament had BankUnited Center been available." 

"I don't know what to say. It's disappointing," Haith said when asked how he felt about having to play on the road. "We don't have a venue. It is what it is. I think our seeding was hurt because we don't have a venue to play in. It is what it is."

Among other topics discussed...

MCCLINTON'S KNEE: Haith said the team made sure to get Jack McClinton's sprained left knee checked out before he returned to practice last week. According to Haith, it's a grade one sprain with "stretched ligaments." Haith said it's up to McClinton to shake himself out of the nagging injury. The 6-1 point guard returned to full practices shortly before the ACC Tournament kicked off in Atlanta last week. He struggled with only nine points in the loss to Virginia Tech.

"It's a fine line there. I don't think he can play well unless he practices, in terms of getting a feel for it," Haith said. "He did practice the day before the ACC Tournament game. He did well. But I think he needs that practice to go out and play. We practiced yesterday and he went. I think Jack needs practice to play well."

Dwayne Collins has averaged just six points in his final nine games this season. DISAPPEARING DWAYNE: There have been a lot of disappointments this season on this team, but none has been bigger than Dwayne Collins, who never lived up to his role as the team's No. 2 scorer behind McClinton. Haith sounded like a coach who has tried everything with Collins and simply has no idea what else to do with him.

Collins broke double figures in scoring only once after scoring 18 points at N.C. State on Jan. 27. He had 10 points at Georgia Tech in the second to last game of the regular season, the only time he scored more than 9 in UM's final 10 games.

"Dwayne has made some improvement in his game," Haith said. "He's a better player. It's just been the consistency thing. I don't know how to... we've tried everything to make him more consistent. 

"He was 3 for 11 at the Georgia Tech game. He had a lot of touches. He was active. He played hard. He just didn't make shots. I just want him to play hard. That's the key thing, just play hard. He'll get his touches if he plays hard and is running the floor. He'll get his touches. There's moments when feeding the post and the posting up isn't working. We've emphasized getting the ball to Dwayne. But when you add in the fact he's shooting the ball sub 60 percent from the free throw line, sometimes those attempts don't show up. He's getting touches, he just has to produce.

It wasn't just Collins' lack of scoring that hurt, but his overall aggressiveness. He has a total of eight blocks this season, 24 less than his sophomore season and five fewer than freshman Julian Gamble, who played 550 less minutes than Collins.

"It goes back to his assertiveness, aggressiveness," Haith said. "There's no reason Dwayne Collins should only have eight blocks. We just want Dwayne to be more active. He's capable. It's just, I don't know. We need more of that. Yesterday at practice, he was swatting everything. I can't figure it out. But hopefully he can here at the end of the year.

> If the Canes are able to beat the Friars Wednesday, Haith said UM would likely end up playing either at 11 a.m. Saturday or Monday night at 7 in primetime TV game against top-seeded Florida, which should cruise past Jacksonville Wednesday.

> In case you missed it, the UM football team will be off for spring break until next Monday, March 23rd. The spring game is at Fort Lauderdale's Lockhart Stadium on March 28th. 


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And f Bryce!!! We got Lamar and Mike!!! GO CANES!!!

LOL at BB. I guess he saw something in those scrimmages that makes him believe he will start.

lol..good call Casual Observer....lol....But I am glad its over...I had hoped he'd be interested in competition, but he wasn't.....speaking of that, did you guys read about the issues going back and fourth with The Oakland Raiders and Kiffin...this dude seems shady.....perfect fit, I am pretty sure BB's adviser will be on campus...lol

Wasn't part of the scholarship from UT a part-time assistant coach position for Brian Butler? That's what I heard.

BTW Manny, that "pardon the interruption" gag was funny. Thanks for all your updates!

Wasn't part of the scholarship from UT a part-time assistant coach position for Brian Butler? That's what I heard.

Posted by: CanesFanStuckInNYC | March 16, 2009 at 02:30 PM

LOL. They also agreed to put Butler, BB and the rest of his family in a mansion for a "reasonable" amount.

Wasn't part of the scholarship from UT a part-time assistant coach position for Brian Butler? That's what I heard.

Posted by: CanesFanStuckInNYC | March 16, 2009 at 02:30 PM

LOL. They are also putting Butler, BB, and the rest of his family up in a mansion for a "reasonable" price.

(Sorry if this is a re-post)

Lane Kiffin aka Urban Cryer 2.0
I can't imagine what Kiffin did to get him there...they'll be great for each other.

One of TOS reported that Randy had told BB that they were no longer recruiting him. Anyone know if there's truth to that?

BTW you guys are liars,Tennessee offered no such part-time assistant coach position to Brian Butler...they offered him the recruiting coordinator position

OK, we "lost" BB. So, what is the final "ranking" of our much heralded 2009 recruiting class? Somewhere between 15 and 20, I suppose . . . well below ACC rivals NC and FSU.

Sorry homers, wake up and smell what's brewing. Losing BB is NOT a good sign. We're nowhere close yet to a BCS bowl game, let alone a national championship. And yet, some of you guys think we didn't need/want the top-rated recruit in the country. Stop living in the past! Arrogance is a poor excuse for mediocrity.

PS. Good luck Bryce Brown at UT. I hope you help the Volunteers beat down UF.

I heard Brian Butler is going to be the strength and conditioning coach. Those boys at UT are gonna be lifting burgers all summer.


Actually, our recruit ranking (which doesn't mean squat anyways) was already not taking into account for BB. Had BB signed with us, we would have gone up, though really not by much.

And LOL at you if you think one primadonna player was going to make or break this team. From what I'm hearing and what ESPN has confirmed, the only reason BB didn't sign with us was because Randy Shannon refused to give him a schollie offer again. So in essence, maybe you think we needed him, but neither your or my opinion really means jack. RS didn't think we needed him. Moving on.

So, what is the final "ranking" of our much heralded 2009 recruiting class?

Posted by: nemo2002 | March 16, 2009 at 02:52 PM



It's like Jimmy Johnson used to say 'join us our watch us'.

...or watch us.

Our squad looks alot better to ,Mike Lamb,Jakhari Gore and Gio Bernard

Yes having a higher rated class would've been nice...but are you seriously going to cry over what grade rivals and scouts (which btw, check out the disparity in their grading systems)gives us?

Worry about what we have and not what we coulda had...coulda woulda shoulda.

Don't get me wrong, I would've loved to have BBs skills here, but not necessarily his heart.

If it's any consolation Nemo, thats 1 more scholly for next year's class, which is better...and BTW, we wouldn't be anywhere near a BCS bowl game or NC with or without Bryce Brown.

Nemo's right; our recruiting ranking WILL go down. Sites just started to pull Bryce from our commitment lists, but they haven't updated the rankings. I'm guessing Rivals and Scout will update in the next day or two, and ESPN in the next couple of weeks. I'm putting it behind me, though, since there's nothing we can do. Next year's class should be better, and don't undersetimate the class of '07. Florida had the #1 rated class three years ago and that class just won a championship. We'll be better this year and with continued improvement, the recruits will start pouring in. GO CANES!!!

I'm not sure Bryce would have even got on the field this year. How, when you have to factor in the great play thus far by Mike James, Coop, and who knows how well Lamar Miller plays when he shows up? We're loaded at RB--and it's going to be even better next year with Gore and hopefully Eduardo Clements.

* I meant the class of '08. We had the #1 class in '08.

Clements is going to be a Nole,good thing he isnt the best back comming out of SoFla

Canes were really smart in going after Mike James as soon as BB showed signes he was a flaker.

"Sorry homers, wake up and smell what's brewing. Losing BB is NOT a good sign. We're nowhere close yet to a BCS bowl game, let alone a national championship. And yet, some of you guys think we didn't need/want the top-rated recruit in the country. Arrogance is a poor excuse for mediocrity."

A beacon of sanity in a world of madness

It's still getting WORSE - the D is atrocious, the O-line is atrocious, the coaching staff is either brand new or clueless. Is everyone forgetting the beatdowns we saw at the end of last season?

You coming to Prov to cover the game? If so, I'm buying... Trinity Brewhouse across from "The Dunk", great homebrew, no dress code!

I for 1 am glad bryce went elsewhere, for he has no idea what the word commitment means and that will to be sure show up in his "commitment" to his "team" . Team also being a word he seems to be unfamiliar with. The Canes dont need any plans who need such pampering and besides all of that , we actually have the "brown" who will make an impact this year. A quality kid who knows what it means to commit to something, canes will be special before this is over and Bryce will be helping the Vols lock down the cellar of their confrence. As all who has watched the SEC lately know that Tenn. was not pushing any of the top programs out of position. Go Canes and hang in there Arthur, some of us have faith that the real "Brown" was already here!

Loosing bryce brown is not something we need to worry about for several reasons.
1. The U got some good backs in miller and James

2. South florida is Loaded next year with great backs

3. BB was alreayd a distraction without setting foot on campus

NEW YORK (cbssports.com) -- Virginia fired coach Dave Leitao on Monday, opening the door for the school to possibly make a run at Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel ...

Recruiting rankings don't mean much, we had the #14 ranked class (our Seniors that year) when we won a national title, meanwhile Texas had the #1 ranking and it didn't mean anything for those seniors. A sure fire five star recruit in high school is like a $4 winning lottery ticket (hitting 3 out of 6 numbers). If he puts extra in maybe the other 3 numbers come in, but nothing is for sure!

Too much circus to end in UT. What a clown!!!

Unbelievable how much press BB generated.

Randy "dissed" Bryce about a month ago when he yanked his LOI. He seems like a perfect fit for the SEC!

Go 'canes!

Dwayne's biggest problem = no PG

Mad props to Manny (as usual!): http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writers/andy_staples/03/16/brown-tennessee/index.html

Well folks here's my 2 cents worth. After reading all the others before me I had to write in. 2 star, 3 star 4 or 5 makes no difference to me and that "TOM" guy is laughing all the way to the bank. Picking kids at HS level and guessing how good or great they will be is like bobbing for apples. or going to a bar late at night to pick up a date. You win some & you loose some. I think the coaches have a better feel for talent. Do you really think Shannon thought for a minute that BB was really worth all the agrivation? Bring in talent and let the coaches do their thing. Frank Gore was not a 5 star and if he had stayed healthy he would have won the "H" trophy. Vinny T and Bernie were not high rated QB's neither was Jim Kelly Good coaches can mold a player into something great. Don't fret on the ones that get away... If you do your not that good of a fisherman. Stay true and HONEST to your school. Through good times and bad. The University of Miami sports programs have always been #1 with me.

Amen brother!

Wayne ritchie right on holmes.

Join us or wathc us and clean our kitchen. baby.

Bryce Brown, it ain't about U, son, Its about what it's always been.. Its about DA U, and no 109,000 fans will ever see a national championship again in Rocky Top. They are in worse shape there than Miami. You blew your chance to showcase what you really had, or, if my suspicions are right,


What fools you are? Keep talking about recruiting and how great of a recruiter Shannon is. He just lost the top player in the country two years in a row. Also, stop with the Jimmy Johnson stuff. He is the one that only says that there are different rules for different players. So keep saying how Brown stinks and would not see the field even though he was clearly the best player at all the all star games. But hope you will then tell us how great the LB's are going to be because Miami recruited 7 top ones the year before.

Miami will be fine without him just like they were fine with out Patrick Peterson. Brandon Harris did a great job replacing him and the secondary was amazing.

Here ye here ye Canes fan. Here is my theory on the disappearance of Collins and how his practice doesnt translate to the game. In practice the enphasis is to get the ball to Collins but in the game guys start jacking up 3's and forget about the big man down low. We all know when U have a dominant big man. He needs to be established early and often and must be rewarded when running the court. If not the get disinterested and go through the motions. I have always said that Jack is a good college player but Collins can be a dominate college player if feed the ball early and often. a succesful offense is ranned inside out.

well it wouldn't be a UM blog if it wasn't for the haters. i won't even reply to some of the ignorant blogs that are beeing posted on how UM has lost the ONE PLAYER THAT WILL CHANGE UM FOREVER (YEA RIGHT).my whole outlook on the situation is, yes bb is talented but it did turn in to a circus .at first i thought he should take his time,after all it is his future so we should give him his time but when the flip flop started to happen thats when i changed and thought we should just leave bryce alone.i won't bash the kid he may be a star but this kid will not and i repeat NOT make or break UM.AND FOR THE UM haters(nemo2002) REAILTY CHECK no one has said UM will win NC in 2009 but what has been said is we will COMPETE FOR AN ACC championship so please stop acting like we have said such things.

That's not the real SOUP

Manny, I told you earlier that your report on Haith was premature. In the future let's wait to get more facts before writting a storm based purely on rumors.

UM @ Fla late March NIT

oui both suck

Thank god all of this Bryce stuff is over.

Tom Luginbill gives RS kudos for his handling of the BB situation. Watch the video link.

Craig Cooper, Javaris James, Mike James, Lamar Miller, Lee Chambers, Damien Berry....yeah I think we'll be ok at running back


According to the article I read, Bryce Brown grabbed a UM hat and handed it to his brother and then put on a T hat. I hope that does not mean that Arthur is contemplating joining him.

UT's coach is out in less than 3 years!

Then what are you going to do Mr. Brown????

I'm SO GLAD you chose someone other than the U!!

Good luck with your Guru Ms. Butler!! He'll sure help you in life!!

Good props to Manny in the sports illustrated article posted by Caniac. Thanks Manny for not writing about this old, tired Bryce Brown signing with UT, because UM did not extend his scholarship offer and BB is like David Oku, Orson Charles, or any other post-LOI-day signing that is going elsewhere. Its a non-story at this point.

Bringing Bryce Brown here would have been a mistake, and UT will be a better fit for him.

BB may be talented, but his recruitment became a circus and was creating problems for him locally. Many former Canes who played in the NFL have openly said RS should pull his scholly, and the current players couldn't be happy with this circus and BB's attitude.

RS was praised on the ESPN blog for his "best recruiting move" this year when he decided not to renew BB's scholly. As Support-the-Canes mentioned, Lugginbill also gave RS kudos on how it handled the BB situation

Noone is greater than the team, and RS is trying to fill his locker room up with high character guys who will create good chemistry, a culure of winning championships and developing and pushing each other's skills.

RS is steering away from recruits that are nationally ranked, but he does not know, are outside of Fla. and UM has little chance of getting anyway (see Manny's earlier blog about Clint Hurt and the recruiting strategy).

As C. Hurt said in Manny's blog, UM cannot afford to bring in recruits that hurt team chemistry and do not work hard to develop.

With few exceptions, UM seems to have recruited guys recently that can really play, and from what I have seen, these guys are really developing and have good chemistry.

Please Frank...Take that Alabama job!!!!!

I'm tired of the bs excuses that we are trying to build a program crap. I have heard that line for 15 years.

What UM needs is a real coach with a resume and a national championship under his belt.

A coach that teaches kids the game of basketball and knows how to coach not just recruit middle of the road recruits.

Dequan Jones...all hyped up before the season averaged what 1 point per game...

His only good get was Jack who was a transfer becasue his coach left and nobody wanted him. Frank just lucked into that one



I'm not so sure we don't have a chance with any recruit anywhere. However, I think you touch on one of the reasons we only recruit South Florida, team chemistry. The kids in this region tend to know each other from youth football and it helps team gel quicker.

Let's not forget it easier to build relationships when you're always around and it lowers recruiting cost. And oh yeah....there's more talent here than anywhere else.

After all of the controversy over his handling of Marve, RS has handled the Bryce Brown situation perfectly. Dude is on fire this offseason.

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