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Haith: Alabama interest "just a rumor"

(We now interrupt the Bryce Brown announcement watch party for a basketball update from the University of Miami. We hope this does not ruin your afternoon).

UM men's basketball coach Frank Haith met with reporters Monday for the first time since his team was blown out in the first round of the ACC Tournament, denied an invite to the NCAA Tournament and rumors of his possible interest in leaving the program for Alabama surfaced late last week. Before getting to any questions from the media, Haith put an end to the questions about the latter first.

Frank Haith denied the rumors he's interested in the Alabama opening. "Obviously I've heard the rumors about me looking at other jobs, or people being interested in me and that's just what they are -- rumors," Haith said. "I'm not going to give that any time, each time my name is mentioned with a job. I want to get that out there first so we can move on to something important which is us being in the post-season four out of five years."

Interested or not interested, false rumor or simply the first sign UM's head coach is testing the waters, Haith will still have another game to coach Wednesday night in the NIT. And he made it perfectly clear he's not happy the fourth-seeded Hurricanes (18-12) will have to do so on the road while the BankUnited Center gets rented out to host other events. 

According to Haith, UM made a last ditch effort to find another venue in South Florida to host Wednesday's game against fifth-seeded Providence (19-13). But just like earning a trip to the Big Dance two years in a row, UM couldn't find a way to get it done. Oddly enough, Kentucky, whom UM beat earlier this season, was in the same dilemma with Rupp Arena being rented out. But the Wildcats will still be hosting UNLV because another venue, Memorial Coliseum (where the men played until 1976), is available. 

Haith said he thought his team, which finished tied for seventh in the ACC standings with a 7-9 record, would have likely been a 2 or a 3 seed with an opportunity to host two games in the tournament had BankUnited Center been available." 

"I don't know what to say. It's disappointing," Haith said when asked how he felt about having to play on the road. "We don't have a venue. It is what it is. I think our seeding was hurt because we don't have a venue to play in. It is what it is."

Among other topics discussed...

MCCLINTON'S KNEE: Haith said the team made sure to get Jack McClinton's sprained left knee checked out before he returned to practice last week. According to Haith, it's a grade one sprain with "stretched ligaments." Haith said it's up to McClinton to shake himself out of the nagging injury. The 6-1 point guard returned to full practices shortly before the ACC Tournament kicked off in Atlanta last week. He struggled with only nine points in the loss to Virginia Tech.

"It's a fine line there. I don't think he can play well unless he practices, in terms of getting a feel for it," Haith said. "He did practice the day before the ACC Tournament game. He did well. But I think he needs that practice to go out and play. We practiced yesterday and he went. I think Jack needs practice to play well."

Dwayne Collins has averaged just six points in his final nine games this season. DISAPPEARING DWAYNE: There have been a lot of disappointments this season on this team, but none has been bigger than Dwayne Collins, who never lived up to his role as the team's No. 2 scorer behind McClinton. Haith sounded like a coach who has tried everything with Collins and simply has no idea what else to do with him.

Collins broke double figures in scoring only once after scoring 18 points at N.C. State on Jan. 27. He had 10 points at Georgia Tech in the second to last game of the regular season, the only time he scored more than 9 in UM's final 10 games.

"Dwayne has made some improvement in his game," Haith said. "He's a better player. It's just been the consistency thing. I don't know how to... we've tried everything to make him more consistent. 

"He was 3 for 11 at the Georgia Tech game. He had a lot of touches. He was active. He played hard. He just didn't make shots. I just want him to play hard. That's the key thing, just play hard. He'll get his touches if he plays hard and is running the floor. He'll get his touches. There's moments when feeding the post and the posting up isn't working. We've emphasized getting the ball to Dwayne. But when you add in the fact he's shooting the ball sub 60 percent from the free throw line, sometimes those attempts don't show up. He's getting touches, he just has to produce.

It wasn't just Collins' lack of scoring that hurt, but his overall aggressiveness. He has a total of eight blocks this season, 24 less than his sophomore season and five fewer than freshman Julian Gamble, who played 550 less minutes than Collins.

"It goes back to his assertiveness, aggressiveness," Haith said. "There's no reason Dwayne Collins should only have eight blocks. We just want Dwayne to be more active. He's capable. It's just, I don't know. We need more of that. Yesterday at practice, he was swatting everything. I can't figure it out. But hopefully he can here at the end of the year.

> If the Canes are able to beat the Friars Wednesday, Haith said UM would likely end up playing either at 11 a.m. Saturday or Monday night at 7 in primetime TV game against top-seeded Florida, which should cruise past Jacksonville Wednesday.

> In case you missed it, the UM football team will be off for spring break until next Monday, March 23rd. The spring game is at Fort Lauderdale's Lockhart Stadium on March 28th. 


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If memory serves me USC pulled bb's offer and the U pulled bb's offer. Notice the similar recruiting grounds as far as talent. It seems to me usc and Miami did not want to send signals to other recruits that the bb farce was ok. Pulling the offer was a good move, showed respect for the players on the team that did not put ego before team. And sent a message to future recruits get on or move over.

Being the best back in Kansas HS football is a lot different than being the best back Florida HS football, or California, or Texas for that matter.

Great interview with Todd Chandler..Thats the 1st time ive heard it and he gets what its all about..I look forward to seeing him in a Uniform for a few years

CaliCanesFan, I agree that a Kansas HS RB has something to prove to most people who follow HS football in Fla., Calif. and Tex. Even La., Miss., Ga., SC and Ala. has much better HS talent.

Canesjunkie, I went a little too far on my point of Manny's earlier blog. Under Coker, the Canes took many national recruits they did not know nationally because they had 5 stars, and the Canes ignored the local kids and local coaches.

A point of RS and Hurt's strategy is to focus on recruits the coaches KNOW and can study and more closely - most of those recruits happen to be from Fla. or near UM's campus, the country's most fertile recruiting ground. For example, Miami-Dade HS football has produced most NFL players of any county, and Broward and Palm Beach are not that far behind. According to ESPN, the state of Fla. produced the most FBS signees in the country.

Manny also reported that RS and Hurt also want to mix the regional Fla. recruits in with a some recruits from other parts of the country (that the coaches have studied and also know), like the Reeds, Shockies and the Talmaques, because these players too can add to the locker room chemistry if they have the right attitude and want to develop.

I don't think BB was right for what RS is trying to build, and as dlu pointed out, USC pulled his scholarhip too. I am guessing that at this point, many elite programs had decided not to extend their offers, and that UT, K-State and a few others were all that was left for BB.

Signing BB might build some short-term excitement for Kiffen leading up to his first season, but the Canes are trying to build something more substantial than just excitement. The Canes are trying to build the foundation of winning program that produces championships and first-round NFL players.

Go Canes!

Has anyone heard anything about Arthur transferring to UT ?

Arthur is not transferring to UT at all. He's very happy at the U and he's up for the starting middle linebacker spot. He (unlike little bro) wants to develop into a top player instead of just getting on the field and trying to put up numbers and get an NFL contract after 3 years. AB has said before that he and his bro have very different personalities and think very diffenently. I'm glad that we got the good Brown rather than the Brown that can stain our program. LOL



To all of you people who are talking about how UM LOST THE #1 recruit in the country - let me remind you of something before you make TOTAL FOOLS OF YOURSELFS!
First of all - Bryce Brown has not taken a snap in college football yet, so, realistically, no one knows FOR SURE how he's going to do on the college level...many, many highly touted recruits turn out to be BUSTS...
Second of all, I think the vast majority of UM fans are TOTALLY CORRECT when they say that they are glad that he went to UT, especially given his "circus atmosphere", egotistical way of finally deciding where he was going to go...
Third, and most important...to me (and most UM fans), it doesn't show much character when you COMMIT to one school who offers you a full scholarship, and then you do a complete turn-around and leave that school waiting, wondering...
I'M GLAD THAT COACH SHANNON FINALLY SAID "enough is enough" and that UM did not renew his scholarship offer...who does this kid think he is? Has he ever won anything on the college level? Is he a proven great back yet? NO and NO!
So, in closing, UM fans are totally in the right when they say "good, let him take his circus act somewhere else" !
I found this whole "wait and see GAME" that he was playing as totally immature, and shows that he's not very good at making decisions.
I'm GLAD he decided to go to UT...I wish him the best of luck...I'm also glad that his brother is still here, HOWEVER, don't be surprised if he decides to transfer, given all of the bad print and raps that his "wierd" brother is getting.
To me, Bryce seems like a Maurice Clarett waiting to happen!
Go Canes!
Vuck the Fols!!

bryce = ricky

Shannon is the best -- he is taking the longer road -- but is building a strong foundation. This is a quality coach that wants to stay here -- stay HOME! Go Coach Shannon! Go Canes!

I knew it was just a matter of time before Notre Dame came calling. That rivalry was hot back then, think of how much hotter it is going to be with ESPN, internet, blogs, etc....

Windy...I understood your point. I agree we should concentrate on local kids. For example; I feel much better about having Mike James and Lamar Miller than I would if we had Bryce Brown in their place.

bryce = ricky

Posted by: Drtycane | March 18, 2009 at 07:25 AM

Why, does Bryce like the Ganja??? Does Bryce have a Heisman Trophy?? That would be the only thing these two have in common. Ricky's only issue is his love of weed. His teamates say he is one of the hardest working, most humble players on the team!
I'm glad the Dolphin's have ricky back! There is no comparison between the two.

Go 'canes!
Go Dolphin's!

In all this, I wonder if BB realized that UM holding a schollie for him caused someone else to miss out on the oppurtunity to play at UM. To me that's the worst thing about the situation. Once a kid tells a school he's committed (a year ago), the school holds that schollie.....now if there is another kid who is good and wants to go to that school, but the school is out of schollie's (since they are holding one), then that kid must go else where.....its a lose lose situation!

haith suks

Bryce is just like the pretty girl in the bar and U are just like the average guy in the bar that she flirted with and think U have a shot. U bought her drinks. U wined her. U dined her. U thought U would eventually 69 her. All along, she was just using you for free drinks. Your friends told you “man U don’t have a shot.” U, much like the guy at the bar with the raging stiffy just couldn’t see the truth. The hangover is intense. U thought U had a chance with her right up until she left the bar with someone else. She punk’d U.

“Brown first pulled out a Canes hat during his announcement Monday, but handed it to his brother, a sophomore linebacker with UM and said “Thanks but no thanks, I’d rather compete in a real conference.” Bryce Brown then pulled out a Vols hat and stated “I’m all about winning National Championships and that’s just not happenin at Miami or any other school in the ACC.”

which part of this REALITY eludes you ignorant cane fan??????? Or are U going to tell us that you will win an NC sometime “real soon.” NO TEAM In the average ACC has a shot. Never did, never will. You are a baseball school playing in a basketball conference. Amidst that U can’t even SNIFF an ACC football title. The days of playing in a joke (Big Yeast) conference are over. Now that you play in a conference with competition, U are an also ran. U are a mirror image of Maryland or Clemson or VT. Take your pick. They all start with big aspirations and fade down the back stretch. EVERY SINGLE YEAR. That’s what U are cane fan. You are NO LONGER an elite school


Is Ian Symonete (???) going to play at all? Talk about a 5-star bust and a waste of size if he doesn't.

Hey, bitter pill

In FB 5>3
In BaseB 4>0
In basketball, ok you got us there but not insurmountable

Now, go back to watching girls softball. Oh, BTW, Te-blow just called your number, 3rd stall down

Ian Symonette was a 3-star:

bryce punk'd U , at least the kid was telling the truth.

“Brown first pulled out a Canes hat during his announcement Monday, but handed it to his brother, a sophomore linebacker with UM and said “Thanks but no thanks, I’d rather compete in a real conference.” Bryce Brown then pulled out a Vols hat and stated “I’m all about winning National Championships and that’s just not happenin at Miami or any other school in the ACC.”

the cold hard FACTS

u know what had been really funny, if b.b. had put that canes hat on...and then the U told him again to go elsewhere b/c the scholarship had been pulled.

bitter pill, what you don't understand is that the U dropped b.b. well before he committed to UT. sounds more like b.b. got painted into a corner due to his stupid decisions and this was his best way out. good decision on the Canes part.

bitter pill, seems like you got that story down pretty good "U are just like the average guy in the bar that she flirted with and think U have a shot. U bought her drinks. U wined her. U dined her. U thought U would eventually 69 her. All along, she was just using you for free drinks."

That's how they do it where your from, but down in south, you spit game, if she ain't on it, trust you move on and get the one next to her......as for you, try going to a bar where the women are over 21 and you might have a better shot!....(No need to thank me for the advice, this one is on the house)

bitter pill: NEWS FLASH FOOL we didn't renew his scholly.since U paid so much attention to what bryce did listen to what he said he basically was saying he really wanted the U to massage his ego but we didn't listen to what he said and interpret the two didn't renew his scholly and he wanted us to that menas we got over him u idiot do your homework buddy.

DA U N Houston: classic thats all i need to say

MANNY : nice interview with Todd Chandler, what type of feel did you get from him about his verbal to UM? Do U think he is a UM lock with all his previous MNW teammates being in Coral Gables??

Also,Are you or anybody else from the Herlad going to be doing any Q&A's with any of the baseball players or Coach Morris?? 'Canes are off to a much better start than anticipated and looks like there not going to miss a beat!

keep your head in the sand FOOL. After MONTHS of getting played like fools Randy FINALLY pulled the plug. Had Marble Mouth given him"one more chance" U would have been creaming all over yourself. Just like you did for A YEAR. All the talk about UM's backs is a joke. U fools made the exact same slobbering statements LAST YEAR about overrated coop and pocelain J. U don't develop backs anymore. Even your own fan base says it. Doesn't really matter at the end of the day because your O line is ATROCIOUs, just like your D.

U are a 2nd tier school. RAndy aint fixin that. Whipple aint fixin that. Melon Head aint fixin that. U are Maryland or GT or VT in different clothing. Just another ACC also ran. How many NC's has the ACC won? That isnt changing but U keep dreamin.

Bitter Pill:

You are on angry, bitter and scared person. Really scared. You know this is the only chance you'll get to rag on us 'cause the canes are stormin' back, baby, yeah!

Only a worried and scared-to-death imbecile like you would keep coming back to a cane board to get more abuse. Why don't you go back to getting your abuse from Teblow, the way you like it.

Its sad U have nothing better to do then to go to more then just this blog and type the same crap on everyone of them..Wow do U need a life..A bunch of different names but the same damn posts..Go chat with your fans..DAU!!!

Bryce didn't say "Thanks, but no thanks", you moron! Just another example of your mis-information!

TEN has one foot on probation, the other on a banana peel! If they don't get nabbed for an infraction, you better watch out! Monty Kiffin is going to take his "Tampa 2", pro-style defense and stick it right up the Gaytors a s s!

His momma was crying at his announcement because she realized what a mistake her son had just made.

Your descent from the top will be slow and painful! Swept in baseball, headed into a disaster in the NIT, and the football team will now beging their slow, painful drop from their title. Harvin's gone, the guy protecting Tebow's blindside is a sexual predator who will most likely be kicked off the team, and the rest of the team will have to work around their own probation/parole requirements in order to practice/play.



P.S. Do I need to remind you that it's also going to cost your wretched school about $100,000,000.00 a year to slip back into your rightful pecking order in this great state?

I love Bitter Pill, so much anger....so much time on his hands.



Impressive vocabulary Kehoe/bitter/etc.

"I will not eat green egg's and ham, I will not eat them, Sam I am!"

Your professor wanted me to tell your Mom to have the entire book read by Friday!


Go 'canes!

haithhater, isnt it amazing that haith comes here and makes miami at least competitive, and shannon comes in and finishes making a bad program worse, but thats ok. get real man. if haith should go, then shannon should be shot. the football team is WORSE than cokers. shannon is WORSE than coker.. FIRE SHANNON,

Knowing the kind of trash that exists in the SEC (Southeastern Cracker Conference!), it would NOT surprise me if UT "got" Bryce by some ill-conceived means. No loss for UM. buh-bye Brice. UT can babysit and burp the little brat.

Frank Haith has done a super job as UM Head Basketball Coach. I am the first to state this. However, if it IS time for Haith to move on, that's his perrogotive (sp?). It WOULD be nice to see our Canes advance FURTHER in the ACC Tourney; and even get to the NCAA again. In spite of the fact that UM had one of THE toughest basketball schedules in the country this year; it's been a tough year overall. It was sad to see the season end in Gainesville (Crackerville!).

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