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Report: Haith interested in Alabama job

ATLANTA -- CBSSports.com is reporting that University of Miami coach Frank Haith is apparently interested in filling the opening at Alabama.

According to an industry source that spoke with the website, Haith is willing to leave UM if the Crimson Tide come with a respectable offer. Haith received a raise and a new contract after leading the Hurricanes to the NCAA Tournament's second round last season.

Frank Haith The Hurricanes were eliminated in the first round of the ACC Tournament Thursday and will miss the NCAA Tournament after being picked to finish fourth in the preseason and ranked as high as 16th in the national polls. UM is expected to receive an invitation to the NIT Tournament Sunday night.

Despite a disappointing season, Haith is still considered one of the best young coaches in the business and an excellent recruiter. His name has come up as candidate at other schools -- including Georgia -- throughout the season. I haven't had a chance to have a personal conversation with Haith since these latest rumors have come up, but he's said on multiple occasions he's very happy at Miami and coaching in the ACC. 

Still, next season UM will be starting over without Jack McClinton. One has to wonder if this might not be the best opportunity for Haith to move onto a place that pays better and supports basketball better than UM does. After all, the Canes play to half-filled arenas on most nights and this coming week won't even be able to host games on their own floor in the NIT because the BankUnited Center has been rented out. Haith has one of country's Top 25 recruiting classes coming in. If he left, it would be a huge blow to the Canes who would likely lose recruits if he bolted.

I'm waiting to get on my flight back home to Miami. I'll try to reach Haith when I get back home.


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wow!!!! didnt see this coming...

You have to be kidding me. I have been supportive of Haith despite the underperformance of the program, including this season's disaster. However, if he is going to start looking at other college programs then I have to agree with a lot of other UM fans and say it is time to make an investment in another coach. You are either committed to the program or not and seeking out other college offers does not demonstrate commitment. I could understand a move to the NBA but not to Alabama or any other college program.

oh please, please, please make it so!

Yes please pack your bags and get out. It would be tough to lose recruits but it would be worth it to have a guy who can actually coach. What good is bringing in Daquan Jones if he's just going to sit and rot?

Hey guys, knew about this 3 days ago. I live in Carolina and heard that one of the young Duke guys will fill the spot once Haith leaves and HE WILL. Collins is most likely.

I have been disappointed by the team this year. The fact remains he has done a great job making this program relevant. The fact fans even have expectations for the basketball team is an accomplishment by itself. I want him back.

I have been disappointed by the team this year. The fact remains he has done a great job making this program relevant. The fact fans even have expectations for the basketball team is an accomplishment by itself. I want him back.

Posted by: oaktree | March 13, 2009 at 01:37 PM

What this guy said. He is exactly right. It used to be "we have a basketball program?"

For some reason, after I read Manny's blog yesterday about the BUC not being available to host an NIT game, I knew I would eventually read a story like this.

I think Haith is leaving, so I hope UM can keep its recruits and keep this thing going.


Frank Martin to the U please.................

I guess Haith has to say it:

"I will not be the coach at Alabama."

Frank Martin to the U please...........

If you want to be on probation in three years, sure.

I'm upset about this but after learning the BUC is unavailable for the NIT, if I were in Haith's position I would be looking for a way out also. Obviously our Athletic Department needs to get its priorities straight.

I know we need the money but couldn't we have waited until the end of available dates for the NIT or CBI to rent out the place?

Really, the whole matter is embarrassing. With the OB gone, the BUC is the closest thing we Cane fans have as a "home away from home."

But clearly it's not really our home.

This is an unfortunate situation. Yes, Canes fans are disappointed that the season didn't go the way they wanted it to. But NO ONE seems to be looking at the bigger picture: Coach Haith is a good coach, with his bottom line more than about winning games. He also really, honestly cares about the kids coming in, and not just because they win games for him. In some of these areas where these young men grow up in, they need someone like Coach Haith and Coach Shannon, who's been there. If Coach Haith(God forbid!) were to leave UM, it will really be a sad day for the fans and the university....they would most likely get someone who would treat these young men like machines, and NOT like human beings, as is the case at so many of these 'hot' universities. (by the way, both Coach Haith and Coach Shannon at least care about academic priorities as well as on the field...think about that one people!)

I can't say I blame him, UM is a football school first, then baseball. Good luck in Alabama....

Alabama is also a football school. I can't ever remember seeing their basketball team.

Why post this story if Haith has not expressed an interest in this job. This is the type of reporting the fuels false rumors. Whay not wait until you speak with Haith and at least get work that Alabama has actually asked for permission to speak with him about the job. These sort of rumors have a negative affect on recruits who read this site.

To u bloggers out there, why did the basketball team so underachieve this year?

No reliable inside game and lackadaisical play at pg and ft shooting.

Don't care anymore. The bBall season is over... forget the NIT...

back to football please

I love when people get disappointed that he is leaving and say that he should get out of here.....ridiculous. No one shows up to the games. He is trying to build tradition in a program that has none and he gets no support. Can you blame the guy???? People act like he should have won the ACC this year. Its probably the same people who go to one game a year and call themselves fans of the team. I hope he stays a long time, but I doubt it.

HM, for what do u want to talk about football? Don't u get it? UM football will continue to lose year after year, due to the OB curse...

He should stay. He invested so much time in this. As fans we should want him to stay. He's not that bad at coaching, and he is a good recruiter. But if he really wants to bolt Miami that easily, let him. We need someone who wants to really build it HERE and keep it HERE. THE MOST IMPORTTANT THING IS THAT WE DON'T LOSE THIS RECRUITING CLASS...It's even hard to blame the athletic department on this one because they have been smooching up to Haith for 5 years. With that said, this BUnitedCenter thing is ridiculous. Donna Shalala won't be happy until all 3 major programs ssukk. Watchout Coach Morris. Your program is next.

If Haith leaves, don't be suprised to see names from the Perry Clark firing resurface like Mike Jarvis, who I think is at FAU now, and Bobby Gonzalez, who is somewhere in the Big East (Seton Hall).

with any luck, shannon will go with him.

buh bye- Just what I've been saying all along.

I have no qualms about this. These players did not fulfill their potential under this guy.

This team was more veteran compard to last yr and totally totally underachieved. if that isnt coaching.... What is?


Miami is building a basketball program FOREVER.

Basketball is irrevelant in Miami. He's been good coach but nobody is going to change the atmosphere at UM. Football rules campus.

Talking about football, if Shannon stinks it up this year...say goodbye to him. With Coker and Shannon running the program, football will be irrevelant soon.

I hate to bring up anything Bryce Brown related but does anyone know what the switch in head coaches at Oregon means for BB.

This information seems to come at a strategic time for oregon. If this old OC/new headcoach is the liason between oregon and the browns it could be the final piece.

But then again, is UM even still interested...


Just another reason that the U is going down...I think we will drop football within 5 years.........No OB, no support for sports.....thanks Donna.......

I've been bitching about Haith all year long, saying that he's got a crummy attitude, etc...etc...MAYBE THIS IS WHY - maybe he just could care less about UM if he's been thinking about leaving...that's one thing I HATE about coaches....they come to "THE U" and USE US to get a job down the line...it sucks....I'm PRAYING THAT HAITH LEAVES...he cant' coach anyway...let's see how being "content to going to the NIT Tournament" flys in Alabama...hey, Frank, maybe you can become friends with that OTHER JERK - Nick Saban (Satan)!
I'll pay for Haith's ticket outta town...I've been bitching about his lack of coaching ability all year long, and many of you UM fans were riding me about it....I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT THIS GUY'S ATTITUDE THIS YEAR THAT JUST WASN'T RIGHT!
GO CANES...(and Frank, you go too...straight to hell!)


No one shows up to the games. (Frank Haith) is trying to build tradition in a program that has none and he gets no support.

Posted by: JayEl | March 13, 2009 at 06:06 PM


ACC slate packs the BUC ...
check your eyesight ...


To u bloggers out there, why did the basketball team so underachieve this year?

Posted by: cane60 | March 13, 2009 at 04:45 PM

Jack & Dwayne limped to the finish line with bum wheels …


these schools are interested in haith..I don't know if the feeling is mutual. however, he could probably come close to doubling his salary.

WOW!! I would hate to see coach leave but in this economy he's got a chance to double his salary. That's a good move. Like ths previous blogger said i'm tired of coaches using the U for future jobs down the road. Therefore, if coach leave we need to find a coach in the U family who want to coach at the U for life. Like Shannon.

From potentialplayers:


After visiting TCU to support friend, Blaize Foltz at his practice on Thursday. Bryce Brown headed to Tennessee to watch the Vols in their 1st scrimmage. Bryce wanted to see UT's new brand of football up close and personal. Brown was excited about having this opportunity to watch the practice. "It gave me a better feel on what the players looked like on the field and how the coaches communicated with the players. This was a benefit to see them scrimmage, because I wanted to see the new Tennessee brand of football," Brown stated.

Bryce said that the trip was no indication of him signing with Tennessee on Monday, but a way to see their style of football in person. Brown said, "I am not leaning to any school at this time. I will go back home and spend time with my family, and continue to pray for God's clarity when it comes to my decision."

Brown will be announcing at 1pm on Monday, March 16, at the Kansas Hall of Fame.


"Tennessee brand of football" LOL!
That's just flat out hilarious. Hey Bryce, make sure not to miss out on the opportunity to play for Kiffin. He seems like a real quality guy. Don't mind that wake of destruction he's left behind him with the Raiders. And don't mind the fact that he's already had numerous SEC and NCAA infractions since being on the job for all of about 3 months. Sounds like a great fit!

Oh, yeah... and by the way...


Can you blame him? At Miami he cannot even play his teams NIT games on their home court because some idiot booked the Bank United Center for a latin concert. What self respecting coach would want to work in this environment? Even if he remains at Miami the booking of the Bank United Center will have a detrimental effect on recruiting.

Have any other alumni out there called the athletic department to voice their displeasure about the BUC being rented out?

I'm calling on Monday. I need to hear the story from them. Do they have the authority to black out dates for the NIT? If not, who do we need to talk to? In other words, what moron created this situation?

UMike: I totally agree with you. I got lambasted by one dum-b-a$-$ named Frankied D when the boys came out real flat against I think it was VT and blew that 18 pt lead against Duke and I criticized Haith. Not that I wished to be right, I hope I was made wrong, but i wasn't. Haith proved me right-he can't coach, he cannot motivate his players (at least not this year), he literally has "lost" hisplayers, and he cannpt and has not learned to make in-game adjustments (which would have won at least 4 more games this year).

As far as Shannon haters are concerned- give it up guys. two good recruiting seasons in a row and you are still at it... I say, give the man 2 more years to prove himself: 2010 should be around 10-3 or 9-4 overall including a bowl win. 2011 he should be top 5. If not i say, the man seriously needs to go because by then there will be NO EXCUSES- like the 2008 motto was.

At Miami he cannot even play his teams NIT games on their home court because some idiot booked the Bank United Center for a latin concert.

Posted by: umalum73 | March 14, 2009 at 10:03 AM

bookings pay the freight …


Even if he remains at Miami the booking of the Bank United Center will have a detrimental effect on recruiting.

Posted by: umalum73 | March 14, 2009 at 10:03 AM


What self respecting coach would want to work in this environment?

Posted by: umalum73 | March 14, 2009 at 10:03 AM

blue sky …
hot temp …
ocean breeze …


More & more people know that blog are good for every one where we get lots of information any topics !!!

I love everyone who blames Donna Shalala for ruining our athletics... Its not her fault the recruiting has been terrible along with the coaching. She is also responsible for elevating our university academically bringing us national respect for something other than football. How many of you actually graduated from UM??? And if you did, did you play football? No i don't think so. Shalala is responsible for boosting your personal reputation and getting you that nice job you have.


Who cares if Haith leaves. If we want to win he needs to leave. Yes the guy has recruited some nice players but what good is it if U can't coach them and develop them. Hamilton was the best coach we have ever had at this school and just look what he has done. Bottom line is if we were to get Collins or Wojo from Duke it would have to be better than what we have in this guy.

Whatever...can't blame the guy for trying to get himself a payday.

the truth is that UM is a baseball school.

Dont let the door hit you on the way to the Tide. Loyalty flows TWO ways at the U

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