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Report: Haith interested in Alabama job

ATLANTA -- CBSSports.com is reporting that University of Miami coach Frank Haith is apparently interested in filling the opening at Alabama.

According to an industry source that spoke with the website, Haith is willing to leave UM if the Crimson Tide come with a respectable offer. Haith received a raise and a new contract after leading the Hurricanes to the NCAA Tournament's second round last season.

Frank Haith The Hurricanes were eliminated in the first round of the ACC Tournament Thursday and will miss the NCAA Tournament after being picked to finish fourth in the preseason and ranked as high as 16th in the national polls. UM is expected to receive an invitation to the NIT Tournament Sunday night.

Despite a disappointing season, Haith is still considered one of the best young coaches in the business and an excellent recruiter. His name has come up as candidate at other schools -- including Georgia -- throughout the season. I haven't had a chance to have a personal conversation with Haith since these latest rumors have come up, but he's said on multiple occasions he's very happy at Miami and coaching in the ACC. 

Still, next season UM will be starting over without Jack McClinton. One has to wonder if this might not be the best opportunity for Haith to move onto a place that pays better and supports basketball better than UM does. After all, the Canes play to half-filled arenas on most nights and this coming week won't even be able to host games on their own floor in the NIT because the BankUnited Center has been rented out. Haith has one of country's Top 25 recruiting classes coming in. If he left, it would be a huge blow to the Canes who would likely lose recruits if he bolted.

I'm waiting to get on my flight back home to Miami. I'll try to reach Haith when I get back home.


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U are not a football school any longer

u are DEFINITELY not a basketball school.


Frank Haith is not a good coach, hes a recruiter, just like shannon. Was the loss of anthony king really that detrimental that we go from tournament team to nothing? Coaching people. Haith likes to think he's phil jackson and let these guys play through everything, never calls time outs when he needs to. So hopefully they bring in a guy who can go these "great" recruits like Dequan Jones. Same said for shannon, keep him around for another year to bring in these great athletes then get him out the door for someone who knows what to do with them

Well here we go again.... Don't for a minute tell me that you all are surprised when a coach wants to leave right in the middle of rebuilding... Ive seen this song and dance before... You can not demand the man to stay... all the $$$'s in So. Fla. will keep a coach here... Especially BB why do you think the UM back in the 70's stop playing BB. There is no real interest in this sport down in Miami. Never has and never will... Players will come and go coaches will come and go... Lets face it when your in the ACC in BB you will always finish no higher than 4th or 5th Duke, Carolina, NC State, Maryland, will always be there add in GA tech and every year the other teams just make a showing. When it comes to the ACC Championship in BB Duke and Carolina will win it 99% of the time. As for the big dance and the 64 well Miami might get an invite once in a while but they will never get past the first 2 rounds. They will never make the sweet 16, final 4 or play for the championship I dont care who coaches this team. AND FRANK knows this. He's gonna bolt even if he says he wont leave no matter what... Ive heard that song before.... Play it again sam...Once more for my baby....

Hamilton sucked and got lucky with Tim James, it took him 7 years, thats right 7 years to get FSU to the NCAA, took Haith 4 so please stop the Hamilton crap. Haith is a good coach, not a great one but I have hopes he will keep getting better. Miami will not pay for a top coach so deal with it folks, $$ is too tight right now.

The truth is UM athletics is 2nd tier. FACT


2nd tier coaches

withering fan base

Big East cake walk swapped for ACC slap in the face

Donna began the stripping down with the dismissal of Coker and she cares FAR MORE about the academics than athletics. There is only so much money to go around and she's not sticking it in the yesteryear football program.

uM overachieved in football for decades by playing in no conference or a terrible conference. Those days are over and success has been GONE


but Randy's recruiting....blah blah blah blah . So sad that the only thing to brag about is randys (overrated) recruiting. The team is small and weak. U know it's true.

Get over yourself cane fan. U are FAR from being an elite football school. College football has passed UM by.

The 09 team is WAY short on the depth chart regardless of what the clueless "Dom" says. Huge red flags everywhere except running back. Of course 08 was suppose to have great backs too. How'd that work out?

U are just a middle of the pack team struggling in the middle of the mediocre ACC. thems the facts fools. This isn't going to magically change because of "randy's recruiting."

New OC ( will take TIME to get anything cohesive going)

New DC (melon head aint fixing that mess in one season)

Apathetic fan base

Struggling to even get ON tv

smacked around BAD in late 08 (GT, NCS, Cal)

The HEAD COACH doesn't even know how to manage timeouts for christs sake.

This thing is a huge disaster


Haith is a candidate in his own mind for the Alabama job, so don't go press your panic buttons just yet. Reminds me of Leach at Texas Tech. We don't want him at Alabama. When Mal Moore says he wants an elite level coach, he means someone like Coach Saban, and Haith isn't a Coach Saban in his coaching abilities. Calipari, Pitino, Mike Anderson- those are elite level coaches. We may not get them, but few "experts" thought we would get Coach Saban, either. If someone down your way had been paying attention, Coach Saban spoke about what he missed about coaching on the college level in TV interviews his last year in Miami. Being familiar with Coach, I knew he was missing college ball and saw that he was wrong to think the grass was greener, but sometimes you gotta go and make that mistake. Money is not going to be an object for us, and Haith hasn't proven that he has earned that kind of a job from what I have seen come out of Miami. We miss the days of Coach Sanderson when we were in the Sweet Sixteen every year, so don't kid yourself into thinking we only care about football. But from what I have read - renting out the arena ??, etc. about your athletics program and his star leaving- I can understand why he would want to job shop. If y'all are still grumbling over the Dolphins exit by Saban, you all really need to get a life and move on since you seem to be moving back in the right direction just as we are now.

For anyone interested watching Bryce Brown's announcement live:


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