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Scrimmage highlights

CORAL GABLES -- Just watched the pregame ceremony to honor the four seniors on Frank Haith's basketball team. Too bad I was only one of about 2,000 on hand to catch it.

Enough about hoops for now. I'll be on hand to watch today's regular season finale against N.C. State. But I'm sure what most of U care about was how this morning's scrimmage went. I got to watch the first 12 drives before I had to leave for today's game. Here are some of the highlights (We aren't allowed to provide play by play)...

Jacory Harris started Saturday's scrimmage 17 of 17 before throwing an interception to Vaughn Telemaque > Quarterback Jacory Harris looked outstanding. He completed each of his first 17 pass attempts and led the first team offense to two scores on seven drives. The first scoring drive was highlighted by a 35-yard completion to Aldarius Johnson on the first play of the day. The drive ended five plays later when Graig Cooper scored on a 1-yard run. Harris was 4 of 4 on the drive with completions to Cooper, tight end Richard Gordon and fullback Pat Hill.

> The offense scored it's second touchdown on a drive orchestrated by Taylor Cook. But the drive was really led by running back Lee Chambers who made a series of great plays against members of the second and third team units. Chambers started the drive with runs of eight and 20 yards before catching a nice swing pass on 3rd and 13 and stiff arming his way to a first and goal at the 2. Three plays later, Chambers fought his way into the end zone on a 1-yard run.

> UM's third score came on a trick play two possessions later by the first team. Jacory Harris tossed a nice swing pass out to Graig Cooper who then pulled up and found a wide open Laron Byrd downfield for a 45-yard catch and run for a touchdown. It was a perfectly designed play. UM had been running similar screens and swing passes all day and the defense bit it hard.

Randy Phillips had the hit of the day Saturday, laying out redshirt freshman receiver Tommy Streeter across the middle. > The defense had a few highlights of its own. The two biggest hits of the day belonged to linebacker Arthur Brown and safety Randy Phillips. Right before Chambers scored his touchdown, Brown broke free at the goalline and crushed him back at the five yard line. Officials called the play back because of an offsides penalty (which wasn't believed to be called on Brown). 

> Randy Phillips' big hit came against Tommy Streeter on a crossing pattern at the defense's 26-yard line on third down. Phillips laid Streeter out, who took several moments to get up after the hit. That drive ended with DeMarcus Van Dyke blocking a 41-yard field goal attempt by Jake Wieclaw. Wieclaw I'm told had another field goal -- one from 37 yards -- blocked by Adewale Ojomo.

> The defense produced two interceptions. Freshman Brandon McGee hauled in a terrible looking floater from quarterback Cannon Smith, then made a great return, racing down the sideline and diving into the end zone on  a 35-yard return. Safety Vaughn Telemaque then ended Jacory's completion streak with a beautiful one-handed interception in the end zone. On the play, it looked like tight end Daniel Adderley ran the wrong route. It was still a nice play by Telemaque, who returned it out to the 25.

> There were a few players who picked up sacks. Adewale Ojomo and Steven Wesley, though, looked like they had the best day getting to the quarterbacks. Sean Spence had a number of tackles and did a really good job wrapping up. 

> There were a number of recruits and high school coaches on hand watching the scrimmage. Most were local kids. I saw the five stars from Booker T. Washington on hand, Miami Northwestern's Todd Chandler (a UM commitment), a few kids from Monsignor Pace and Broward's No. 1 recruit, Lamarcus Joyner. 


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Jacory is the truth

this offense is going to be exciting to watch

Bring on FSWho

Thanks Manny.

Check out who Miami is considering.


Nice work Manny! Thanks for the update.

Without manny UM football would be lost..

cant wait till labor day

if we can come out on fire theres no reason we cant stomp fsu and let everyone in the acc know whats up

whose goin to the spring game?

Got to keep it going forward, with both the D and O, keep improving from this point.

Nice, Manny. Thanks.

According to Scout.com these sre the football prospects Miami is considering


what is the spring schedule going forward? practices, game, etc?

btw, thanks Andymiles.

the more I heat about the Whip, the more I like it.

I'll be at the scrimmage and the spring game. The scrimmage is this week thursday at traz powell at 6:30 in the afternoon and the spring game is March 28 at 9:00 in the morning.

I like the sound of 35 and 45 yard plays on balls thrown DOWN THE FIELD rather than bubble screens. It's like a breath of fresh air. A Brown de-cleating people sounds pretty good too, and so does 1-handed interceptions by Telemaque. I know it's just Spring and it doesn't really mean anything, but you still get a sense of how things are being run, and these coordinators are at least running things the way they ought to be. Won't know how successful they'll be until the Fall, but hey, it sounds like a very good start.

HOw long was the first scrimmage, about a half? Longer or shorter?

anyone hear that tim walton got a job with the detroit lions

This feels like 2000 all over again. Jacory is playing the role of a young Ken Dorsey, the young stud receivers we have will produce just like Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, and Andre Johnson did, and our running backs will explode just like Clinton Portis and Willis McGahee did. The defense is getting stronger and stronger every practice, and the swagger will only continue to get stronger, too. The U is on the way back up to reclaim our throne as the king of college football.

the scrimmage is one half. Oh yeah and the spring game is at lockhart stadium not traz powell like the scrimmage.

thanks miamiboisince85, can't wait!

man what happened to Reed jr i want to get details from rivals lol. that guy is awesome. hopefully he posts something here soon

per rivals,

The Hurricanes held their first scrimmage of the spring today, and both sides of the ball had their moments.

On offense, Jacory Harris was 17-for-18 - he hit on 17 straight but was intercepted on his final pass of the scrimmage.

"The athletes around me just helped me out, the O-line gave me a great pocket and it was just fun," Harris said.

Receiver LaRon Byrd added, "He reads defenses like the back of his hand."

Harris' final pass was intercepted on a one-handed grab in the end zone by Vaughn Telemaque.

The run game had several 10-yard plus attempts, and Mike James was a standout. he had two runs of 10 yards, a 15-yard carry and took a screen pass for a gain of 12 that brought Miami inside the red zone.

"It's great coming in (early for) the spring - I get adapted to the scheme, take the hits," James said. "I just want to be able to make a difference, be there to make a difference of the team. I think I have a good chance of getting on the field (this year)."

James certainly caught the eye of defenders.

"He's like a bigger version of Emmitt Smith," safety Randy Phillips said. "He looks just like Emmitt the way he cuts, his vision. He runs really tough."

There were 17 offensive drives, and four ended in negative yards. Three ended in touchdowns – one-yard TD runs by Graig Cooper and Lee Chambers and a 47-yard halfback option pass from Cooper to LaRon Byrd.

"I was wide open – I just hope that happens in game time," Byrd said. "Ryan Hill is very aggressive, thought Cooper was going to run around the end and I just happened to get open in the backfield. I think we executed it to perfection."

One drive ended with a fumbled snap, and two drives ended in interceptions. The first came when Cannon Smith was picked off by Brandon McGee, who returned it 35 yards for a touchdown. He leaped over Smith at the goal line.

McGee was reported after practice saying he expects to miss six weeks due to a broken finger that requires surgery.

Of his big play in the scrimmage, McGee said, "I just went out and played assignment football. Before the play Jared (Campbell) gave me a head's up to pay attention to the down and distance. I did that. It's just a matter of getting confidence.

"I was just hungry to get in the end zone. After making an interception you want to make a play."

Telemaque had the second interception, taking the ball out of the end zone and back to the 25-yard line.

"Vaughn jumped the (tight end's) route, caught it one-handed," cornerback Demarcus Van Dyke said.

Two drives ended in blocked field goal attempts by Jake Wieclaw (the first was blocked by Van Dyke, the second by Adewale Ojomo). There were no made field goals in the scrimmage.

The attempts were from 43 and 37 yards out.

Van Dyke said of his block that "I just used my speed to get off the edge. Block a kick, that's just what I do now. I use my speed."

The big hits?

The first came from linebacker Arthur Brown, who leveled Lee Chambers as he got the ball on a handoff from the one yard line. The defense was called for offsides on the play, though.

Brown said of the hit that "It was a gap scheme for me, where I had to get on the line and become a defensive lineman. It just opened up for me."

The second big hit was from safety Randy Phillips, who laid out Tommy Streeter after a two-yard grab across the middle. Streeter somehow held onto the ball, but he remained on the ground for 30 seconds holding his head before getting up and returning to action.

"I was just trying to be physical for the team," Phillips said.

* Other highlights: On the first play of the scrimmage Harris found Aldarius Johnson on the left side for a gain of 35 yards. Daniel Adderley later had a leaping 12-yard grab. Thearon Collier converted a third-and-long with a 10-yard catch. Leonard Hankerson had one catch for 17 yards.

"The offense did well," Byrd said. "We scored, executed. I just don't like three-and-outs. For our first scrimmage I think we did real well. Hopefully we improve between now and the Spring Game."

Some of the big plays by running backs:

Chambers had a 19-yard carry early-on, showing some nice moves, and he had a 10-yard run toward the end of the scrimmage. He also caught a screen pass on a third-and-13 play and ran for a gain of 10 - a penalty at the end of the play gave the offense a first down at the three-yard line. Graig Cooper had an 18-yard run, going through two tackles. Damien Berry shed two tacklers and ran for a gain of 15, and on the very next play he ran for 16 more yards.

"He runs very tough," Phillips said of Berry.

On defense sacks came from Sean Spence (he had two), Micanor Regis (he had two on back-to-back plays), Olivier Vernon (his sack was the third straight for the defense following the two from Regis), Allen Bailey, Marcus Robinson and Adewale Ojomo (he had two).

Regis also recovered a fumbled snap on the final play of the scrimmage.

"(The defense) did well," Van Dyke said. "We missed a couple of tackles, but that's the first scrimmage. I think next time at Traz Powell we'll do much better. Our defense is coming along well. We're getting the scheme down. We'll have a good defense this year.

"I think we're going to win the ACC Championship this year."

Phillips added, "We did well but missed a lot of tackles. That's natural for the first scrimmage. If it had been any better it would have scared me. The offense ran the ball real well, and Jacory threw the ball well also. It was a great day out here."

Asked what young players stood out to him, Phillips mentioned Mike James, Brandon McGee and Arthur Brown.

"Everyone's out there making plays," Phillips said.

* Taylor Cook hit on three of six passes, and Cannon Smith was two-for-six. Smith was lucky he didn't have a second interception – Joe Wylie had a pass in his hands but the receiver broke it up.

"Cannon and Taylor, they're very good," Byrd said. "We have to get the offensive line stronger for them to complete passes more. They get happy feet a lot. As long as they get composed they're great quarterbacks."

* Recruits watching on from the sidelines included Charles Fashaw, Jon Ragoo, Todd Chandler, Torrian Wilson, Eduardo Clements, Lynden Trail, Chris Dunkley, Delvin Jones, Turner Baty and Mike Palardy.

per rivals


Q: How do you think the first team offense did today?

Harris: The one offense did well overall. We came out the first drive and went down and scored. We kind of sputtered a little bit – the invisible man was sacking me (referees whistled plays dead when a defender touched the quarterback since they aren't tackled in the spring). I just back up and the whistle blows and I'm like `What's going on?' But they were just trying to protect me. I can't blame them for that. But at the same time I wanted to go out there and make some plays happen. We weren't given an opportunity to do that sometimes, but it was alright.

Q: How is the shoulder you hurt last year?

Harris: My shoulder only hurts when I go to sleep, when I sleep on it. It feels like it's going to be like this for a while, so I'm used to it.

Q: Were you pleased with the execution of the offense?

Harris: Yes. We didn't have a lot of mental errors. We executed our offense well, went through our script, didn't have that many mistakes if any.

Q: Mike James had some nice runs.

Harris: Mike is somebody that is a hard worker and is somebody that I think will get a lot of playing time this year because of his work ethic and how he just runs the ball. He's a downhill runner, tries to bulldoze you. He's going to make plays happen. He's got real good hands.

Q: The defense was mixing things up?

Harris: The defense mixed it up. They'd drop back eight defenders one play and the next play they'd be blitzing everybody. I love the defensive coordinator. He just threw in a lot of defenses to mess with our heads, mess us up.

Q: There were a couple of real big hits today.

Harris: Randy (Phillips) did kill Tommy Streeter. But Streeter got back up, made the catch. That's all that counts – positive yards.

Q: Where is this offense compared to where it was at this time last year?

Harris: The same time last year, I think this offense is season-ready. Last year we were beginning to be spring-ready, were just getting together for the spring. I think we're at the point we were at two-a-days last year.

Q: Why do you think you're so advanced this year?

Harris: because of the fact that coach (Mark) Whipple threw a lot at us. He'll put in like 40 plays in one day, we'll go over it, go through them and put them in our memory. I guess that's what helped us out. Everybody knows the offense. Nobody's messing up, forgetting anything. The only basic things like alignment are (the things) messing up.

jr reed you're the bomb man...kudos

good to hear the defense is making interceptions. we need some playmakers on defense and it sounds like telemaque is that dude

Seems like Mike James might be our featured back this season when it's all said and done. I'm just sad that Javaris James didn't breakout after his first season. Damien Berry seemed to be a great talent coming out of high school but I guess he will just be a scout team player being his final season and all. Lee Chambers still has time and I think he will get a good amount of minutes. Super Cooper will be the same old Coop which is very productive 800 yrd range a season, I think Lamar Miller will red shirt. The backs are looking good

+! Thanks Jr Reed!

Damn, according the Jacory, this offense is WAY past last years offense in terms of progress. That just shows you how horrible of a coach Nix was. I mean, if Jacory is telling the truth, that's crazy!

Thanks, Manny. We haven't heard of 17 straight completions in a UM practice or scrimmage in quite some time. Whipple is challenging the players, and they are responding. There is confidence all over the team about UM's improvement on both sides of the ball.

ITS GREAT FELLAS-------WHEN, do we remember a scrimmage producing #s like that. Excitement on O, so many weapons, an NFL coach and Playbook. I know its early, but, we have the talent, just a bit inexperienced. But, if we can be 3-0 going into the home game against OU, that could put the U back on the map. The Noles might have some suspensions after the scandal, and va tech in the beginning of the yr is the best time to get them. Theres payback against Ga Tech, and its at home. C-A-N-E-S, Canes Canes---- We are loaded at RB(even w/o bryce). JJ,COOP,CHAMBERS is a nice 3 some not counting Mike and Lamar, Qb is going to be great, we are loaded at WR, and yes the Oline is a weakness, but Brandon washington was the #2 overall prep player, J Johnson was the #1 OLine prep player in 08. Ben Jones was 4 star Onlineman, GUNN was an espn 150 onlineman, ----things are bright. The D is loaded, cant wait for ray ray. I am quite sure we are going to have a great yr in 2009

I'm with you, Dom!!! I can FEEL it!

I look forward to seeing at least 1 or more commitments this week. It was exciting to hear UM had a great scrimmage on Sat, it was just as exciting to hear several recruits on hand thought the same thing. This could translate into a few commitments before the end of the week.

Would very much like to see Charles Fashaw come on board. Miami needs another great TE to complete, what is looking to be a great offense for years to come.

Jacory is the truth

Posted by: SFCane | March 07, 2009 at 12:23 PM

17 for 17 huh?

maybe J-12 will go 26-27 someday, just like his head coach after 4 years .

6-7 in 09

But U will lose again in a Dec. Bowl Game ...

Where are U Tubby ?

+! Thanks Jr Reed!

Damn, according the Jacory, this offense is WAY past last years offense in terms of progress. That just shows you how horrible of a coach Nix was. I mean, if Jacory is telling the truth, that's crazy!

Posted by: Doncmleon | March 07, 2009 at 08:03 PM

Yo seriously, U make a Gator sound dumb, a 'nole sound retarded and U just being U ... Typical U

duhhhhh daats crawwzy ...

U have a nice September

17 for 17 is a great acomplishment at any level...Sounds like progress too me!!!

Of course it's progress. Don't mind steamer-boy. He just woke himself up after wetting the bed (see 6 AM posts), terrified that the U is on the right path toward regaining its rightful place at the top. The climb back to the top has only been accelerated by the Whipple hire.

A sharp OC mind like Whip + Jacory's ability to read defenses at the line and make quick check-downs (exactly meshing with Whip's style) + at least five receivers on the roster who will be playing Sundays = bowel incontinence for opposing teams.

17 for 17 doesn't happen by accident. JH-smooth will have ridiculous pass efficiency numbers with the Whip. Can't wait.

I'm also excited about Adderly making some grabs at TE. This kid was about to transfer, came back to give it one last go, and seems to be succeeding. He was a big WR in high school, and finally seems to be hitting his stride at TE. That's good news for us.

why is wieclaw kicking? Where's bosher?

wieclaw is kicking b/c bosher has been given a break. bosher had a bit of dead leg at the end of last year, due to his double duties. if i remember correctly, bosher is still doing the punting this spring and wieclaw is doing the kicking to see if weiclaw can step up. at the very least, wieclaw should take over kick off duties...ideally, he will compete with bosher on field goals.

We're throwing the ball to the fullback! Everytime we hear about the offnse it's something different...I like it.

Still worried about Jacory's shoulder....we need to get Cannon Smith ready as a precaution.

Arthur Brown has to get significant PT this year.

Interceptions returned for touchdowns!!!!

--Harris said the defense was not throwing simple looks at them. They would drop eight defenders and on the next play would blitz all 11. Harris said he "loves" new defensive coordinator John Lovett because he throws so many defenses at them.

---Shandel Richardson, Sun Sentinel


A little insight into how the defense is doing. Apparently the D-line looked great. I don't know if this is the reflection of a bad offensive line. We'll see.

Harris' shoulder is STILL injured.

The defense won't be much better regardless of what super homer Dom tells U. (we're loaded)

NEW OC (that will take TIME to get going correctly)

NEW DC ( melon head will wonder what he got himself into)

CLUELESS HC ( no words needed)

There STILL is no depth on this team. Lots of undersized slow weak kids out of high school. WAKE UP. STILL a LONG list of red flags.


we havent seen the bottom yet? two yrs ago we were 5-7, we have nly gone up now. ur dumb

Posted by: I'm paying atttention to the U...ITS BAD | March 08, 2009 at 08:55 PM

FIU student, please go away!!!!

As much as I hate to say it, I'm paying attention has some valid points.
Despite what Jacory is saying, his shoulder is a huge concern at this point.

Whipple could take some time to get things right when seeing real opposing defenses.

The DC point, he might be wonder what he got himself into if the Canes don't learn to wrap up this year.

Randy does need to demonstrate better in game management (which I think he will)

We do have depth, but let's face it. It is young and like he said small. Especially in the linebacker area.

So there are red flags at this point in the game. They will either all be gone come a few weeks into the season or they will be exposed. Just have to wait for the GT game...

canesin2010:i will never agree with a gayturd which is the guy that uses my jock strap for a face protector for his allergies.buddy the lil kid stay trashing UM because we are down i can see if the idiot would give us good critiscism(meaning taking the good with the bad). but he jumps on UM like UF has never had mediocre years. they never dominated a decade and if u say now they dominate most of the sports nation wouldn't even agree because U still have to thrwo USC in the mix. everybody in this blog knows what UM has to over come,what we are saying we have a chance to compete for an acc title so we need to be optimistic we know we are young and everything else but we will not(espically me) sit here and agree with a guy that comes on here just to bash us.

LMAO - my jock strap for hishh face protector for his allergies. That is too funny.

He is pointing out our weaknesses from last year going into this year from a completely biased perspective and the good news is that all of those things are very correctable with an offseason of work.

Despite the difficult early schedule, I think it will in the end work out favorably for us and we will emerge as the clear favorite for the acc title this year.

The OU game will let us know where we stand nationally.

Of course all of this hinges on the health of harris' shoulder. which is the one think i am nervous about.

As far as the UF fans coming on here and bashing us... it is annoying, but let's be honest, we will be doing the same thing to them when we are back on top (maybe not to the same degree, but we will let them know what we think of their programs)...


Every team in college football has holes or weakness they need to address. Even a dominant team like USC has issues going into this season.

The new OC is an upgrade, the new DC is probably even. Randy Shannon's game management, not sure there is an issue. You know they are running 2-minute drills...that's an improvement.

We usually have undersized LB's, e.g.Vilma and Ray Lewis were considered undersized. It doesn't matter if they can run to the ball and lay the wood. As if they didn't recruit Sean Spence like crazy.

Our issues are the on the offensive line, the secondary, and Jacory's shoulder. Worry about those and let the haters hate.

yea i feel you canes2010, we will see how this team is come the first 5 weeks. hopefully these 5 months will give jacory's shoulder time to heal but i think as well as U do we can catch teams with the new OC as long as Lovett can solidify the secondary and fill the gaps in against the run we should be fine.

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