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Spring Game highlights, stats

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Greetings from Lockhart Stadium where the Canes are set to kickoff the spring game at 10:30 a.m. If you don't have CSS or don't have a radio (WQAM will broadcasting it), I'll be here to provide you with highlights throughout.

In case you hadn't heard or haven't paid attention this spring there are a few guys out for today's game: RB Javarris James (wrist), RB Lee Chambers (shoulder), OL Joel Figueroa (shoulder), LB Colin McCarthy (shoulder), TE Dedrick Epps (knee), DT Allen Bailey (undisclosed), DE Adewale Ojomo (wrist), DE Eric Moncur (groin), WR Travis Benjamin (knee), CB Brandon McGee (hand) and K Matt Bosher (shoulder). 

> Looks like you can add linebacker Ramon Buchanon to the injured list. He's out, too.

> The format for the game today (the scoring system): Offense (TD - 6 pts, FG - 3 pts, PAT - 1 pt, Cross 50-yard line 1 pt, 1st down 1 pt) and Defense (TD -  6 pts, Fumble recovery 2 pts, INT 2 pts, 3-and-out 1 pt).

> First team offense: QB Jacory Harris, RB Graig Cooper, FB Patrick Hill, WR LaRon Byrd, WR Kendal Thompkins, TE Richard Gordon, LT Jason Fox, LG Orlando Franklin, C A.J. Trump, RG Harland Gunn, RT Matt Pipho. 

> First team defense: DE Olivier Vernon, DE Marcus Robinson, DT Josh Holmes, DT Joe Joseph, LB Jordan Futch, LB Daryl Sharpton, LB Sean Spence, CB Brandon Harris, CB Demarcus Van Dyke, S Randy Phillips, S Vaughn Telemaque.


> Backup running back Damien Berry scored the only touchdown of the first half when he broke free on a 54-yard run versus the second team defense. Berry did a backflip as he crossed the goalline. Berry has nine carries for 88 yards thus far. He also had a pair of impressive runs on third and fourth downs. He picked up a first down on third and six when he barreled over safety Joe Wylie on 3rd and 6. Then, on fourth and 1, he broke free for a 17 yard run to the 50-yard line.

> Kicker Jake Wieclaw converted a 41-yard field goal, but missed a 22-yarder right before the half. 


> Backup quarterback Taylor Cook leads the offense on a 15-play, 71-yard scoring drive. He hands the ball over to Cannon Smith with the offense on the 11-yard line and Smith finds John Calhoun for a 1-yard touchdown pass on fourth and goal.

> Freshman Mike James scores the scrimmages final touchdown on a 3-yard run late in the game.


> First downs: 17 (6 rushing, 11 pssing, 2 penalties). Rushing: (33 attempts, 158 gained, 27 lost, 131 total). Passing: (38 attempts, 26 completions, 275 yards, 1 INT). Offensive plays: 71. Net yards: 406 (5.7 avg). Return yards: 25. Fumbles-lost: 1-0. Interceptions: 1-25.


> RUSHING: Berry 14-114, 1 TD, 54 long; M. James 6-14, 1 TD, 7 long; P. Hill 4-4, 3 long; Cooper 7-4, 6 long; A. Johnson 1-0; J. Harris 1-(-5).

> PASSING: J. Harris 9-16, 141 yards, 1 INT, Long 33; Cook 11-14, 103, 34 long; C. Smith 6-8-, 31, 1 TD, 8 long.

> RECEIVING: Collier 5-65, long 26; A. Johnson 4-23, long 8; Calhoun 3-13, 1 TD, long 5; Thompkins 2-45, long 34; Byrd 2-43, long 29; M. James 2-13, long 15; Adderley 2-11, long 7; Berry 2-11, long 7; Hankerson 1-33; Byrne 1-7; D. Johnson 1-7; Gordon 1-4.

> FIELD GOALS: Wieclaw 1-2 (made 41, miss 22)

> INTERCEPTIONS: R. Phillips 1-25

> FUMBLES/LOST: Cooper 1-0

> DEFENSIVE STATISTICS: Grant 3-2-5, 1 PBU; Nicholas 0-4-4; K. Robinson 1-3-4; Futch 1-2-3, 1 TFL, 1 PBU; Spence 2-1-3, 1 TFL; Vernon 2-2-4, 1 sack (-5); B. Harris 3-1-4, 1 TFL, 1 PBU; R. Hill 1-4-5; Regis 1-0-1; Wylie 4-1-5; Smith 0-5-5; Wesley 1-2-3; Telemaque 1-0-1; Van Dyke 4-1-5; Campbell 1-1-2; Shields 1-1-2, 1 PBU; Forston 1-3-4, 1 TFL; A. Brown 1-1-2; Lewis 1-0-1; Holton 2-0-2, 1 TFL; Phillips 1 INT; ; Sharpton 3-1-4; M. Robinson 0-1-1.


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Can't wait!

great manny, thanks! i am sure you are working on it, but let us know what those second teams look like too. really appreciate your hard work.

Manny you need to provide some updates. How had everyone looked?

I was expecting more from the first team in the first half. Hows Coop doin? And what about Jacory.... Nervous about this season.

My opinions on the spring game.

Taylor Cook looks really good at QB, he'll probably take over the number 2 spot. Good arm strength and better pocket presence.

I think we've got problems stopping the run outside of the tackles. The defense consistently gets beaten around the corner on off-tackles, sweeps, and counters. Not once did we turn the rusher back into pursuit. We give up way too much yardage on these types of plays. It seems like the D will either stop them for no gain or give up a big run. The safeties need to step up and prevent big plays.

If we played Georgia Tech today...they would still beat us.

The offensive line looked decent today. They are definatly in better shape and they come off of the ball pretty quick. Ian Symonette needs a lot of work. Now I can see why he doesn't play. Someone teach this kid how to hit something.

Jake Wieclaw is still a high school kicker. I wouldn't expect too much from him this year. He misses short field goals and the ball doesn't fly off of his foot.

Jacory, receivers, running backs....all good.

Allen Bailey is a beast. I took a picture with this dude, his hands are enormous. I don't know how you would approach blocking someone like that.

Overall we are much better on offense. Playcalls are really mixed up and you can't tell what's coming. The receivers are playmakers...I don't see where Benjamin will fit into this group. The offensive line is making progress.

The defense is about the same, but they do a better job in pass defense. Sharpton is looking pretty good. I think if we played last season over we'd score 10-14 points more per game. I don't know what that makes our record, but I hope it clarifies my overall thoughts.

This injury riddled Sprin Game stinks. The amount of people out, really diminished my interest. I mean, it seemed that it was the 3rd team vs 4th team with a few exceptions.

Damien Berry can thank Arthur Brown for his yardage today ...

Brown was VAPOR ....... Not only did he miss the gaps, and the A gap reads... where Berry ran right through and past him on his 54 yard run .. but he got totally manhandled in the process.

Poor reads all day, out of position all day ... 1 TACKLE ... He was behind the play on every occasion. Not something you want from your Mike backer .... never stuck his nose in.

So much for Kansas HS Football ........ It's still all about South Florida.

Sharpton looked ... Sharp!

Brown is probably putting too much pressure on himself to show why he was rated number 1. My guess is he needs to have more fun and realize it's just a game he loves. He needs to do approximately what is right instead of precisely what is wrong.

Same old Cooper (dancing). Berry looked good vs 2nd team D. Mike James didn't play enough to know anything. Jacory's arm looked weak. He throw at least 3 passes that were directly to the defense that didn't get picked. The o-line is average. The corners can't be as bad as they perform the position coach should get fired no improvement. Brown was horrible. The only bright spots was both backup qbs played well but Taylor will be pushing Jacory in the fall and our wide outs are great.



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