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Spring game thoughts

FORT LAUDERDALE -- It's hard to really measure this spring game since I came away feeling like we only saw about 25 percent of UM's playbook, and about half of the expected starters were kept out with injuries. That being said, Eye On The U will still provide you with what we learned from Saturday's spring game, who impressed, who didn't and what was said after it was over.

GAME BALL: Running back Damien Berry. He didn't do go up against the first team defense, but Berry Damien Berry was still by far the most impressive individual performer of Saturday's game. His 54-yard touchdown run and backflip into the end zone was the most impressive play of the day. For a guy who made the move from safety to running back last season and spent all of last year on the scout team (where he earned Scout Team MVP), Berry impressed me with his breakaway speed on several runs, including his toughness to not only take on safeties head on, but barrel over them. With a healthy Javarris James, Graig Cooper, Lee Chambers and Mike James, Berry is probably fifth on the depth chart at running back. But injuries happen -- like they did this spring. And it's good know when given the chance Berry is going to run hard.

IMPRESSED ME AWARD: OK, so Taylor Cook isn't going to exactly win a Heisman anytime soon. But Saturday, he looked like the clear-cut backup to Jacory Harris. Granted, it was against the second team defense. But at one point, the 6-7, 232-pound redshirt freshman completed nine passes in a row, showing us he can get into a rhythm and handle the short-to-mid range passing game if needed. He completed 11 of his 14 attempts for 103 yards and led UM on a 15-play, 71-yard scoring drive before giving way to Cannon Smith at the 11, who capped the drive with a 1-yard TD pass to John Calhoun. Coach Randy Shannon said afterward none of the backups separated themselves and that he'd have to watch the film. But the film won't lie. Cook has improved and is definitely the front runner to be Jacory's backup. 

SHANNON SAID: "Very happy [with how the spring went]. We went through the spring adding in a new offense, new defense, and you watched the players come out today and they executed a lot of great things. You see a guy like Damien Berry run the ball pretty well. Mike James did a lot of good things. Taylor Cook, the guy came in and worked well with the twos but also came in late in the game and got another touchdown with the ones. You're starting to see the team gel a lot and do the things we want to get done... We're a whole lot better. We've got more players. We feel we've done a great job in recruiting – our numbers are up. My first year and second year we played a lot of freshmen. Now these freshmen are sophomores, and you can see the difference from last year to now. And guys coming in like Mike James, Brandon Washington, Olivier Vernon – those guys coming in are going to make a difference in next year's season because of what they've learned."

EYE OPENING STAT: Jacory Harris and the first team offense didn't score. It was by far their worst day of the spring. But the first team defense had a lot to do with it. Harris was only 9 of 16 for 141 yards and an INT. Graig Cooper, who took all the first team carries, had just four yards on seven carries. The secondary did a nice job winning several one-on-one battles despite giving up a few long pass plays. There were four pass breakups in all, including ones by Chavez Grant, Brandon Harris and Sam Shields. Randy Phillips had an interception on a deflected pass batted away by Harris.


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good to see a good crowd out there today....why the f does b.harris keep dropping gifts??? good to see phillips back in action, dvd and sticky shields looking better every practice.....can't wait till labor day...

Great effort by all. Looking forward to the season and the baby Canes growing up. Good turnout, by da U fans.

My bad on forgetting FSU"s ship from '93 and '99. They feasted on recruiting when UF and UM were on probation and have since shriveled. OKAY, FSU's ten year old championship makes the ACC a bonifide contender...NOT . I was wrong, whatever, hang your sorry ACC hat on that fool.

Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | March 27, 2009 at 10:17 AM

You not only proved that you know nothing about College Football...but you also proved that you are a f*Cking loser that continues to post under different names to make it seem that people agree with your nonsense. You are a pathetic, sorry, piece of crap, that comes on a Hurricane site all day, every day.

Show up on Saturday and talk all of your crap at the scrimmage. I guarantee you won't say a word, you coward.

Posted by: 3 | March 27, 2009 at 10:26 AM

Georgia Tech won the National Title in 1990, Clemson won in 1981, and Maryland won in 1953

This guy knows absolutely nothing about College Football. Typical Gator @sshole. You can shut them up in a matter of seconds.

God, I want to shoot down everything that he says and expose his lack of knowledge and after I do that, I would love to just beat him to death.

Help me out. Which spots on the line will these folk play? Rutledge,Symonette, Barney, and Horn?

I do not think Cook is that far behind JH. In college game experience, Cook is behind , but that raw talent is starting to take form under whipple. Whipple developing Cook , is quite a bonus for the team and Cook. Teams will be out to JH on the bench, good back up qt. is a must.

anyone know who typically wins the spring game? past scores would be even better? i ask b/c this year's score seems unprecedented. the offense steamrolled the defense!

defense has won for a bunch of years. what was the final "score" today?

nice to see the defense actually show up and prevent most of the big plays. hearing about all those big plays from practice makes me nervous. hopefully these guys get out on their own and keep in good shape over the summer so when they get back in the fall, they'll be ready for the gauntlet to start the year.

go canes!

OlSchool Cane...you were firsticles? It seems you speak Jibonese.

About time the defense stepped up, that is good, because supposedly they were getting wooped all spring

I'm not worried, these guys are looking good already and we still have a bunch of players like Jared Wheeler, Ray Ray, Prince Kent, Brandon McGee and Lamar Miller coming this summer.

i've said it before,cooper's a bust..did not impress last year or so far this year..chambers,m.james and others will need to step up..look out for taylor cook.could be the sleeper next year..and how did the linebacking crew do??.

Jordan Futch looked pretty good.

Good to see tht the D stepped up but I'm still concerned about the long runs 2 the outside. How many days till summer camp opens.

For those who care and I'm sure it's not many Mr. need the restrictions softened so I can be close to my sick dad has narrowed his final six down to the following according to the Tampa Trib; UCLA, USF, Michigan, Neb, Purdue, Texas Tech. What a loser I hop ehe goes to Nebraska so we can see him again and beat the crap out of him like the other trash they've had at QB.

Sorry for the negative on such a positive day but aside from reading all the crap by Art's @sshole on this blog that's the only other thing that really pissed me off all off season.

does anybody think we will get john wall because that would be amazing? what about nyryl natyazhko?

what chance do you give the u to get wall?

rich, I agree on Cooper, last yr. Cooper was an average acc. back, at best. Cooper while a good kid with some talent is not tough enough or fast enough to be a Best or Harvin, hands not great. To put the best team on the field, my opinion you move on past Cooper, I feel, Berry passed Cooper tougher, hard fast Rb, M.James, JJ and Miller not much room for Cooper, Chambers also looked better in bowl game.

Scary thought that the starting tackles are Joseph and Holmes. Why cant Forsten beat either them out? Brandon Harris still looks lost out there. Team looks alot like a 7-5 team with a possible 1-3 start.

cook is nowhere near as good as harris

stop reacting after one spring game uve seen him play against a bunch of 2nd and 3rd teamers

cook will sit until jacory either leaves for the draft or graduates

I wouldn't call Coop a bust, but he certainly was the lesser back between him and McCoy (probably a first or second round draft pick). He's still one of the best open field runners maybe in college football. He just doesn't get there enough. A better passing game may open things up for him, but I still think he should be put in the slot more often or used as a return man.

As far as John Wall, I would love to see him sign with Miami, but I think he's more likely to go to Memphis right now (if Evans doesn't go pro, Wall and Evans could end up being the best 1-2 combo in college next year). I definitely am hopeful that he falls in love with Miami and picks a good weather day to visit.

I still don't know the final score for the spring game today, but did somebody say the offense beat the defense? When's the last time that happened?!

Who cares who won the scrimmage? The 1st team offense didnt score. Your killing Cooper when the Oline continues to struggle.

AZ, offense kicked the defenses' ass 52 to 3

but in all fairness they actually did look pretty good

just remember the better our offense is the better our defense will become cus there gonna be going against that everyday in practice, thats y the 01 defense was so good, they were goiing against the best offense in the nation, and vice versa

The 1st team defense played against the 2nd team offense most of the time though, right? We'll see how that all works out.

ne one know where to get a replay of the scrimmage?

From what I saw both the 1st and 2nd team OL did a pretty good job of pass blocking and run blocking. The ball was spread around a lot. Hell even the long snapper caught a pass as a TE.

Only fifteen day's of practicing a new offense and defense this team didn't look bad. Can't wait for summer practice to start.

What I came away with todays spring game is same old Cooper. I wouldn't call Cooper a bust. Cooper is not our best running back. He is a dancer. Cooper is average.

ne one know where to get a replay of the scrimmage?

To all. Thanks for the spring game and recruiting input. For those of us out state, this is the only place for some feedback. A tip of the hat to ya!

shannon said we were alot better at last years spring thing also. i just wish players and coaches and sports writers would stop dishing out crap. shannon needs to prove he can make miami a contender before any respect should be given to what he says. these 2 years have been pathetic at best. so far this coach hasnt got ONE phase of the team consistent. prove it randy or get out. hang out with JJ, maybe be a gayturd coach, win or get out

Just got back from the "after scrimmage" alumnus deal in North Miami Beach. Lots of great alumnus there and all pleasant and happy about the direction of the program. The former player who impressed me the most though was Ted "the Mad Stork" Hendricks. I met he and his wife at the scrimmage. It brought real joy to me to see a guy who played for UM and retired from hin NFL Hall of Fame career before we even won our first national championship still supporting the "U". Real humble guy too, sat in the stands with his wife. Thing that disappointed me though was that most fans did not even know who he was. I am in my mid 30's and started following UM in 1982 as a child and never saw him play for UM or his glory years with the Colts or Raiders. I caught the tale end of his great career with the Raiders. I know enough about UM and football in general though to know that this guys was influential in UM history. He was one of the first two guys to go into the NFL Hall of Fame from UM (I think Jim Otto beat him to the punch). Remember guys and gals, UM has a PROUD tradition PRIOR to 1983 and those guys need to be shown love too. With that off my chest, I thougt I saw Art Kehoe on the sidelines. I thought he was at odds with the program? Maybe bad information on my part. DOes he get along with Coach Shannon, Kirby Holcutt and Coach Stoutland? It brought back great memories seeing him there though, but I beleive Coach Stoutland is doing an excellent job and I beleive the team has moved on from the fiasco of Coker firing him. If anyone has info. on the relation between Kehoe and the team I would like to read it.

ne one know where to get a replay of the scrimmage?

Posted by: jkasse2 | March 28, 2009 at 06:25 PM

If you get Comcast Cable, 7PM Sunday on CSS. It will also soon be available in the "on demand" section of Comcast.

canes4life: Do u know how long it will be on there bc i have verizon at my school in ny, but at home i have comcast and i wont be home until for another 8 days

Anyone have the official attendance? The stadium was pretty full, except for the west side endzone. I felt bad for the folks who got stuck in the sand at the south side of the parking in the field after the scrimmage was over.A tow company would have made a pretty penny out there today. Couldn't wait calmly in the line to leave the stadium in an orderly manner. It proves that patience is a virtue.

Kehos was fired . He was a fall guy for the athletic department, not as widely believed for Coker. He then sued UM. Just because he was on the sidelines doesn't mean that he an UM have kissed and made up. It simply means he was on the sidelines. He has no future at UM.

Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | March 28, 2009 at 08:00 PM

Tell us more Oracle Kehoe! Your wisdom is hypnotic!


Go 'canes!

Like I original post KEHOE ( I don't even know why I am taking the time to reply to you, maybe too many brews this evening). I am ok (not ecstatic) with the job that Stoutland is doing. I know that Coach Kehow will not be back, that ship has sailed, but it would be good if he and the program were civil. He was instrumental on many of the teams that made The University of Miami the "U".

Good information Manny. Good to see other RB, including Berry, step up. I noticed at the scrimmage that he seemed to have a lot more speed than Baby J, and he runs between the tackles and outside.

Cooper has never been steady, solid and reliable between the tackles. Running between the tackles takes a certain kind of mindset, and Coop seems more suited to screens and sweeps that put him in space. I hope Coop proves me wrong.

I look to Berry, MJ or Lamar, who all seem to like running betweent he tackles as well as outside. I think UM will definitely use 2-3 RBs backs this year, the question is which 2-3.

I think its also obvious that UM will use many WRs because they are very, very deep and very, very good. Cook will get some reps in mop-up duty (and I believe there will be mop-up duty in certain games this year), and he will be ready if called upon.

Aa Jimmy Johnson said, this team is talented. Even though they are young, I expect a lot of success this year.

jkassee2: As far as being in CSS's regular line up, I think you should be okay as seeing come up at least 2-4 times more after you are back in town. You know that CSS caters to the SEC schools (especially Georgia)and they will show all the SEC schools and certain ACC schools scrimmages (Georgia Tech and Clemson) 20 times to one replay of the UM scrimmage. I don't know my friend how long it will take to get to "on demand". It may be a couple of days or it may be longer. Since CSS in Florida focuses on the SEC and ACC, I hope that they don't wait for all the teams in both conferences to play there games and then make a compilation in the "on demand" set up. Since UM has played their game so early I know that some teams in both conferences won't be playing thier games for another month. If you have any relatives who have Comcast, have them DVR and save it for you, just in case.

If anybody wants to watch the spring game, just click on this link below.


anyone think the canes will get john wall?

thanks for taking the time to answer me canes4life it is greatly appreciated


the link didnt work, is there a way to search it

I still think Shields is about to be the best dback on the Canes. Shields showed special closing speed, he can catch a ball for interceptions and is not afraid to hit. Shields can do things Harris and Dvd cannot seem to do.

ne one know where to get a replay of the scrimmage?

Posted by: jkasse2 | March 28, 2009 at 06:25 PM

No problem. That is what we are here for INTELLIGENT give and take between fans who bleed orange and green. Thanks for the link Norm.

bleeeeeed orange and green.. go canes

jkasse2, You have to click on the recent broadcast to today's date. They'll play 10mins of comercials, and then, you'll be able to watch the game. Don't get the juicer!! If that doesn't work, I'm sorry.

thanks for taking the time to answer me canes4life it is greatly appreciated

Posted by: jkasse2 | March 28, 2009 at 08:56 PM

No problem. That is what we are here for INTELLIGENT give and take between fans who bleed orange and green. Thanks for the link Norm.

Posted by: Cane4Life | March 28, 2009 at 09:06 PM

You're welcome, Cane4Life.

haha ok thanks norm i got confused with that commerical. i was like wtf this aint da U

starts in the second quarter??? boo :(

here are my highlight of the spring game.


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