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Spring game thoughts

FORT LAUDERDALE -- It's hard to really measure this spring game since I came away feeling like we only saw about 25 percent of UM's playbook, and about half of the expected starters were kept out with injuries. That being said, Eye On The U will still provide you with what we learned from Saturday's spring game, who impressed, who didn't and what was said after it was over.

GAME BALL: Running back Damien Berry. He didn't do go up against the first team defense, but Berry Damien Berry was still by far the most impressive individual performer of Saturday's game. His 54-yard touchdown run and backflip into the end zone was the most impressive play of the day. For a guy who made the move from safety to running back last season and spent all of last year on the scout team (where he earned Scout Team MVP), Berry impressed me with his breakaway speed on several runs, including his toughness to not only take on safeties head on, but barrel over them. With a healthy Javarris James, Graig Cooper, Lee Chambers and Mike James, Berry is probably fifth on the depth chart at running back. But injuries happen -- like they did this spring. And it's good know when given the chance Berry is going to run hard.

IMPRESSED ME AWARD: OK, so Taylor Cook isn't going to exactly win a Heisman anytime soon. But Saturday, he looked like the clear-cut backup to Jacory Harris. Granted, it was against the second team defense. But at one point, the 6-7, 232-pound redshirt freshman completed nine passes in a row, showing us he can get into a rhythm and handle the short-to-mid range passing game if needed. He completed 11 of his 14 attempts for 103 yards and led UM on a 15-play, 71-yard scoring drive before giving way to Cannon Smith at the 11, who capped the drive with a 1-yard TD pass to John Calhoun. Coach Randy Shannon said afterward none of the backups separated themselves and that he'd have to watch the film. But the film won't lie. Cook has improved and is definitely the front runner to be Jacory's backup. 

SHANNON SAID: "Very happy [with how the spring went]. We went through the spring adding in a new offense, new defense, and you watched the players come out today and they executed a lot of great things. You see a guy like Damien Berry run the ball pretty well. Mike James did a lot of good things. Taylor Cook, the guy came in and worked well with the twos but also came in late in the game and got another touchdown with the ones. You're starting to see the team gel a lot and do the things we want to get done... We're a whole lot better. We've got more players. We feel we've done a great job in recruiting – our numbers are up. My first year and second year we played a lot of freshmen. Now these freshmen are sophomores, and you can see the difference from last year to now. And guys coming in like Mike James, Brandon Washington, Olivier Vernon – those guys coming in are going to make a difference in next year's season because of what they've learned."

EYE OPENING STAT: Jacory Harris and the first team offense didn't score. It was by far their worst day of the spring. But the first team defense had a lot to do with it. Harris was only 9 of 16 for 141 yards and an INT. Graig Cooper, who took all the first team carries, had just four yards on seven carries. The secondary did a nice job winning several one-on-one battles despite giving up a few long pass plays. There were four pass breakups in all, including ones by Chavez Grant, Brandon Harris and Sam Shields. Randy Phillips had an interception on a deflected pass batted away by Harris.


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Anyone have the official attendance? The stadium was pretty full, except for the west side endzone.

Posted by: Cane4Life | March 28, 2009 at 07:55 PM


I thougt I saw Art Kehoe on the sidelines. I thought he was at odds with the program? Maybe bad information on my part.

Posted by: Cane4Life | March 28, 2009 at 07:45 PM


canesport honored Art …

Canes 4 Life Lifetime Dedication Award

You know that CSS caters to the SEC schools (especially Georgia)and they will show all the SEC schools

Posted by: Cane4Life | March 28, 2009 at 08:23 PM


alabama, auburn, georgia, ole miss, mississippi state


certain ACC schools scrimmages (Georgia Tech and Clemson) 20 times to one replay of the UM scrimmage.

Posted by: Cane4Life | March 28, 2009 at 08:23 PM

comcast cable will replay ours throughout the spring & summer …


thanks for taking the time to answer me canes4life it is greatly appreciated

Posted by: jkasse2 | March 28, 2009 at 08:56 PM

No problem. That is what we are here for INTELLIGENT give and take between fans who bleed orange and green. Thanks for the link Norm.

Posted by: Cane4Life | March 28, 2009 at 09:06 PM

Posted by: Cane4Life | March 28, 2009 at 09:11 PM

U got a link for the Gator game last Sept. ?

I like to see Orange n Green covered in Blood .

Soup isn't the first team not scoring a good sign for the defense? i mean especially since yesterday they were completely demolishing? or does that just make too much sense? and tiredofhype...were we not much better in 2008 than we were in 2007? 2007 was soooo much more painful than 2008. kirby freeman was the worst quarterback ever to play at the U. and remember virginia this year? remember virginia tech? this season was only bad at the end. there were some great moments. and you gotta admit that the offense looks a lot better than when pat nix was in. that is if you watched the game.

Anyone have the official attendance? The stadium was pretty full, except for the west side endzone.

Posted by: Cane4Life | March 28, 2009 at 07:55 PM


Posted by: green | March 28, 2009 at 10:17 PM

If U have FREE admission to Ur games at Dolphin Stadium next year, U just might even fill the lower bowl...

yesterday the offense was dominating the defense*

If U have FREE admission to Ur games at Dolphin Stadium next year, U just might even fill the lower bowl...

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | March 28, 2009 at 10:27 PM

what's to do in 1-horse hogtown besides attend a football game ...



U like to see orange and green covered in blood, its a shame U do not get to c it too often, was it 25 yrs u had to wait? that sucks.

yeah U sUck


Its scary when the 1st team can not score. OU is going to abuse Brandon Harris and DVD. Its scary to think Shields could be the best CB. Watching the Spring Game, a 1-3 start would be great. I could be ugly in a few of the games.

Miami is still scary thin at DT, LB, CB, TE and Oline. IF injuries hit, I could get real ugly. I dont know why some JC's weren't recruited to give immediate help. You cant have all 200 lbs and 240 ends.

Thanks for all the info. Green.

If U have FREE admission to Ur games at Dolphin Stadium next year, U just might even fill the lower bowl...

Posted by: Seats Disguised As U Fans | March 28, 2009 at 10:27 PM

Yeah, the few people who weren't at the UF spring game last year were at the hog/wife (they are synonymous in that neck of the woods) calling contest or was it the cow tipping extravaganza or they may have been attending the 115th annual "How to seduce your sister in 12 easy steps seminar". With all of those GREAT and intriguing events being held in Gainsville, it's amazing that you guys have the attendance that you do. The choices are so hard to make up there in Yahooville.

Tons of pics from today's Spring Game. Part 1 of 3 in total.


Cooper isn't a bust, the guy is getting better every season. Cooper is learning to run downhill and finish his runs. The guy shoulder most of the carries last year and never complained. He's still the best backon the team.

You want to single players out...Javarris James and Colin McCarthy. They can't stay on the field, what good are they on the bench? Ian Symonette is a wasted scholorship.

Taylor Cook is a good looking QB....still won't beat Jacory out. Jacory looks bigger, but his arm might be bothering him. He threw harder at Traz Powell.

Arthur Brown is not ready for primetime. Sharpton has looked impressive, lets hope he can stay healthy. We need to move someone to MLB, Brown is a project who might not contribute this year. They might even want to try McCarthy here, before he gets hurt again.

Our corners tackle like Deion Sanders....seriously, these kids don't like to hit people. Georgia Tech will pound us if we don't get the corners to play the run tougher.

Don't pat the offense on the back so much. Instead you should wonder how our defense can allow Cooper and Mike James to run wild at Traz Powell and Damien Berry (a converted db) to look like a superstar today. Teams with physical running backs are going to give us problems.

i think the defense was better to an extent. there are still some cracks, but i think lovetts a good coordinator and summer plus the rest of the 09 class will fill those in. canesjunkie McCarthy is injured a lot? i remember he played all the way through 2007. but he got injured pretty bad at the UNC game this year. maybe chambers can come in as that every-down back if JJ continues to re-injure himself (that's assuming chambers can get back healthy and stay that way)


McCarthy had a concussion after UNC 2007, no? I think he actually got knocked out. I thought he was held out for a couple of games after that. UNC is 2008, you got it.

IMHO, McCarthy to MLB would be a good move. Spence, Futch, and Buchanon can handle OLB. We've got huge problems if Sharpton goes down.

More pics from the spring game


2009 will be better than 2008. The only tough part is the schedule... BRUTAL!

The D needs to gel. Needs to stay healthy. Needs to get tougher. The Whip is putting it all together. Our depth at rb and wr is amazing. Now the D needs to really step up!!!! Even in the NOT-NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP YRS, EVEN When the U was top 10, top 5, the D kept us there. That has to happen.

Right now. At this time. Judging with what I see, we have the following almost sure losses in 2009:


Plus or minus (could go either way)

80% chance of a win
at Wake

100% chance of a win

Best case scenario: 10-2
Worse case scenario: 5-7
Most likely scenario: 8-4 plus a bowl (+/-)

what do you all think? I mean, there is the distinct possibility thatwe can beat FSU, NC and VT. I have a bad feeling about USF, only because they run that goofy spread, and they have a 5th yr senior QB, and George Selvie coming back. Clemson is wishy washy.

It all depends on who the h-@@ shows up. I believe GT is beatable, look what LSU did to them. Youjust have to control the clock and score on them!

Here is my take on the spring game:

1.) It's just a spring game! (It's not the start of the season. Holy $hit people, calm down now.)

That means they (UM) have had 15 days of practice with a new OC and DC.

I watched last years spring game and this year was much better by far. After seeing only 10% of the playbook being implemented, I have to say UMASS95 was right. Whip's offense is going to be very fun to watch!

If the offense can come out and put points on the board from anywhere on the field. Then the defense will be able to pin its ear's back. I just hope everyone is 100% health and ready for summer practice.



Lou Saban died : (


Things sound better for us, we may win a couple more or 1 more this year, but this is no top 20 team either, just an also ran from yesteryear. I hope to have a good year, but their is no expectation higher than another emarald bowl. I played this game long enough to know we are not top contenders, not top 20. We are way too weak on the OL and DB to be competitive. OK game will be a diaster, hope it is not a on prime time.

DVD still sucks............!

Since the Canes landed Taylor Cook, I've been curiously following him. He's an imposing physical presence and YouTube videos of his high school highlights demonstrate his mobility and ability to throw on the run. With Mark Whipple in charge of the offense, Cook could become the U's version of Ben Roethlisberger. From what little I've seen he has the tools. From what I read he's a decent kid who may avoid the off-field distractions. By this fall, I think Jacory will be looking over his shoulder.

It would be great to see J. Harris succeed. He has to get physically stronger and more authoritative with the football ... and that will come with time. But competition from Cook will help even more. We'll soon know who's the better QB. I just hope Cook doesn't get impatient and transfer in the meantime.

Strengths or positions that I am not worried about:

Weaknesses or positions that I am worried about and could go either way:

The good news is, that I think that this team will be better than last year's in ever facet of the game. The bad news is, that we OL, LB, and DBs really need to step it up.


was at practice had a grate time.....go canes...KEHOE WAS THERE ALSO and said he now has a job with the new football league...good to see you at the U ART....

Best case scenario: 10-2
Worse case scenario: 5-7
Most likely scenario: 8-4 plus a bowl (+/-)

what do you all think?

pray for 6 n 6 ... then sell Ur soul for a mid-December Bowl game.

"It all depends on who the h-@@ shows up. I believe GT is beatable, look what LSU did to them. Youjust have to control the clock and score on them!" -Jaime

That you would even MENTION UM's sad defense in the same breath with LSU's defense proves that you are completely delusional. GT will toy with U again. Control the clock and score on them Jaime? OHHHH ! That's all U have to do huh? Just wave your magic swagger wand Jaime. LSU clearly demonstrates the difference between ACC D's and SEC D's.
So U cut GT's rushing IN HALF...they still gain 236 yards on the ground.

Spring Game Final Thoughts:

Someone needs to teach Donna how to "throw up" a U.

Estimating the crowd at 13,500 is FRAUD. The place didn't sniff 7,000. Who in the athletic department contrived that number and what did they hope to gain by it? Millions of people in the Tri-county area and U couldn't even pack in 7k for a FREE football game? The fan base is a joke.

The secondary is just plain slow. Sam Bradford will have his way with U.

Jacory Harris' arm will not take U to the ACC Championship game. Not a chance. His arm strength might get it done against FAMU and Duke. Not a chance that his arm strength gets it done against the likes of OU and GT. His arm strength is average at best. (quack...quack)

"His 54-yard touchdown run (Berry) and backflip into the end zone was the most impressive play of the day." -Manny
Demonstrating once again that you're english skills leave much to be desired. You make your living with words for christ's sake. Quit butchering them.

Randy seems to be softening his dislike for all things media. He's allowed much more access to practice and is doing more interviews. Perhaps he's realized that operating the team from within a top secret compound only serves to alienate the program from the media and fans. U still have to chuckle at injury descriptions like " upper body injury." Oh yeah Randy, your ACC foes are hard at work right now trying to decide if they should prepare for Javarris Porcelain James.

I find it pretty telling that they never blitzed Cook during the entire Spring Game, yet they blitzed both Jacory and Cannon a lot. Something tells me that Cook still has a long way to go.

Any rumblings from any recruits? Usually one or two guys 'commit' after the spring game...would be nice to keep the momentum rolling!

I will commit today!

I was told I could start as a FR, my best position is "Hold your towel in the shower".

Can't wait to get started, or U could say, I can't wait to start peaking.

Estimating the crowd at 13,500 is FRAUD. The place didn't sniff 7,000. Who in the athletic department contrived that number and what did they hope to gain by it?

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | March 30, 2009 at 08:55 AM


did you witness CanesFest ; )
ft lauderdale’s lockhart stadium seats 20,000+ …
canesport’s gary ferman estimated 14,000: “¾ full”
Cane4Life: “the stadium was pretty full, except for the west side endzone.”
Shaun E in PC: “good turnout, by da U fans.”
Drtycane: “good to see a good crowd out there today”
perhaps, UM undercounted the size for an out-of-the-way morning scrimmage …


…..UM officials estimated a crowd of 13,500 attended Saturday’s scrimmage. I haven’t seen numbers doctored like that since I got my last monthly statement from Bernie Madoff. - Jorge Milian PB Post

...pretty full


....good turnout????

...a good crowd????

The stadium had people loosely sitting between 30 yard lines. sparce outside of that.. End zones were EMPTY, keep dreaming fool


U can't afford to play your spring game at Dolphin Stadium ....HomelessU

Nice of FAU to let you use their digs.

Good thing U didn't charge admission.

Does ANYONE really care about U football? It's pretty obvious that south florida doesn't

Were the buses from campus air conditioned?

Lockhart is scheduled for WRECKING ball. Where will U spring ball then? FIU? THEY HAVE A STADIUM. FAU IS BUILDING A STADIUM


jorge milian = fu alum


Does ANYONE really care about U football?

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | March 30, 2009 at 12:19 PM

judging by your presence here ...


Looks like a pretty good turn out to me.


Here is an interesting article about the Nike Combine at Greentree field on Sunday


Yeah Jeff Luc looked pretty good against most every RB he faced at the Nike Combine. The one RB that gave him problems was Jakhari Gore.

Good to see that a lot of the local guys did well at the Nike Combine. Now Hurtt and the other coaches need to get after these kids to commit. This is ridiculously loaded class, even for SoFla standards

What was Wieclaws final numbers? Manny says missing 41, but i saw a miss up close like a 20 yarder.???

There was a jazz festival in Dolphins Stadium. I liked Lockhart because it gave us a chance to see the action up close.

Why do you care about attendence to the spring game anyway?

. I agree the numbers were doctored. The South Stands were 95 per cent filled, the north stands about 70 per cent filled, and the east and west stands about 50 to 60 per cent filled. I would put the numbers at about 15,500 given the capacity of the Stadium, but the U may have underestimated a tad. The real story is that the offensive lines, first and second units, are scary good, -canesrule

Scary good? the oline is HORRIBLE. If there were more than 10,000 people there, monkeys just flew out of canesrules a s s .

Nobody cares about U. Even when U coming "roaring back." (just like last year and the year before you delsuional clowns)
Is there a more delusional UM clown in existence?

Hey, the Gayturds are here now!! Now it's an official Miami blog. It's not a Miami blog without the Gayturds showing.

Who cares about how may fans were at the spring game!

All that matters is how many recruits were, and there were many!

We's build depth through recruiting not's fans.

Da U!

Attendence at the spring game....I think we have officially run out of things to talk about. Wake me when it's fall camp.

It's not often that I post, but Manny I want to say that your hard work is truly appreciated by fans like me and I hope the Herald takes notice.

It's nice to no longer read about a vanilla offense. Suffice it to say that Offensively the Hurricanes will be fun to watch as long as they execute. It seems like the new OC has added quite a few wrinkles to the offense which will make it very unpredictable.

Now, the rumor going around is that Calipari may leave Memphis for greener pastures in Kentucky. If that indeed happens, does that make the Miami Hurricanes Men's Basketball team the biggest winner in the offseason by having John Wall committed to us? If John Wall is committed to the Hurricanes, how much impact will he have as a freshman and will his presence (along with Durand Scott, DeQuan Jones, Malcolm Grant & Co.)make the Hurricanes NCAA bound next year?

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