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Telemaque itching to be next playmaker in secondary

Jacory Harris' pass was off target and tight end Daniel Adderley was not in position to yank the ball down. Neither was safety Vaughn Telemaque, but that didn't matter.

Vaughn Telemaque had three interceptions in a sectional championship game his senior year at Long Beach Poly Still stumbling a bit from the bump he received from Adderley, Telemaque put his right hand out in an attempt to make a play on it. With the ball zipping away from him and toward the back of the end zone, the 6-1, 195-pound redshirt freshman  got just enough leather to bat it back towards his upper body. It turned out to be the only interception and blemish of Harris' near-perfect day Saturday during the first scrimmage of the spring. In the longrun, it was  a meaningless interception in a meaningless practice game. But it might have been just the first play, the first sign Telemaque is just as good as advertised.

You might not remember this, but after the Emerald Bowl Randy Shannon gave Telemaque possibly the highest praise he's given any player since taking over the team in 2007. Not only did Shannon say the loss of the 6-1, 195-pounder last fall hurt his team badly, he compared Telemaque to one of the best Hurricanes' safety ever -- Ed Reed. It wasn't what you expected to hear from Shannon who rarely makes comparisons of that magnitude, much less about a freshman who played in three games before a shoulder injury sidelined him for good. Saturday, though, we saw the first real reason why Shannon can't seem to hide his true feelings of excitment for the kid from Long Beach Poly.

"It's a pretty big compliment," said Telemaque, who said he hadn't heard that Shannon had compared to Reed. "It's nice to hear that. But I just want to keep on working, going as hard as I can. I want to play to the best of my abilities."

Despite seeing the majority of snaps with the first team already this spring, Telemaque still has a long way to go in his development. Defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff and veteran cornerback Chavez Grant both say Telemaque has big play potential, but needs to be a little more committed to his playbook. "He's not quite what Jojo Nicholas is right now. Jo is more of a bookworm than Vaughn," McGriff said. "But Vaughn is one of those guys whose smart without the film study. We're just always on him to come watch more film."

Said Grant: "If he gets his mind right, he'll be special. Sometimes we tell Vaughn 'Your lazy.' He's kind of got this little attitude about him. We got nothing against him, it's just to make him better. He's going to be great. He’s a ballhawk, he can come up and hit. Once he learns the defense, has it down, he can be special."

Miami's secondary was anything but special last season. The Canes tied a school low for interceptions with four. As a senior at Poly, Telemaque had nine interceptions of his own, including three in the state championship game. McGriff said Telemaque brings the kind of attitude he wants his corners and safeties to have -- a big play mindset.

"I think this year with the guys being older, getting Vaughn back in the mix and just having the opportunity to train them an additional spring and fall, we should be in position to get more turnovers," said McGriff, whose secondary produced only two of those picks -- one by freshman Brandon Harris and the other from the NFL-bound Bruce Johnson.

"Turnovers are like a disease. Once you get one, it's contagious. I think in order for us to get an abundant number of turnovers and interceptions we got to start early in the season so guys become risk takers. They need to take that step out on the edge and stop playing cautious and go get those tunrovers. I would say our guys were being too cautious last year. I think our guys tried to be too sure. There a lot of times I told them, stop trying to be exact, stop trying to be perfect and go play football. I think last year they just were trying to learn the scheme and be sure. In this game, just like life, you can't be too sure about anything. You just have to go out and play it, win those one-on-one battles."

ESPN senior writer Bruce Feldman believes Telemaque will make those big plays and soon. He named Telemaque as one of the Top 10 newcomers in college football this spring. Telemaque said being a gambler on the field is something that just has always come natural to him.

"I like to make big plays, that's the kind of safety I am," he said. "I need to get some interceptions and big turnovers. If I don't, I feel like I'm not helping the team. I know we only had four [interceptions] last year. But we’re going to change that real soon. We've got a lot of athletes ready to play and make big plays along with me."

The fact Telemaque is even at UM is a bit stunning considering where he's from. California and USC usually scoop up all the big talents at Poly, a perrenial power that has produced talents such as baseball stars Tony Gwynn and Chase Utley to football stars like Willie McGinest and Desean Jackson. Telemaque said while USC wanted him badly, it was always a life long dream to play for the Canes, a team he grew up admiring from a far and noticed for the first time when UM won the national title at the Rose Bowl back in 2001.

Little by little, he says, he began falling in love with Miami's style and swagger more and more. That could explain part of the reason why he showed up to his recruiting announcement on local cable television sporting a Sonny Crockett-like white blazer and sunglasses.

Vaughn Telemaque "Overall, I’m just enjoying the life in Miami," said Telemaque, who said he still keeps a part of Cali with him when he skates around UM's campus on his longboard. "I like the swagger out here because it's a lot like out there, just a little different. The ocean water is warmer. The beach here doesn't have basketball courts like out on Venice Beach. But I still love it out here."

Fans would love it if Telemaque can bring the big play back to Miami's secondary. At least through one spring scrimmage, he already has. "Fans can expect big plays and excitement," Telemaque said. "I want to bring that back to The U. I want to bring it back in a fashionable way, in a team way. I just want to make people proud that we’re The U by going to play hard, make plays and win everytime I'm out there."


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"That could explain part of the reason why he showed up to his recruiting announcement on local cable television sporting a Sonny Crockett-like white blazer and sunglasses."

I love this kid already.

This team is gonna turn heads this year (and not just for their dramatic fashion sense).

The guy sounds great, but you hate to hear words like "lazy" being tossed about by players and coaches. Let's hope he turns that around, because with his physical ability and Ray Ray coming in the fall, this could be one heck of a secondary.

CAli kid growing up loving he canes figure that!- For all U haters: THere are more canes fans out there than U know. Just wait and see and they will start coming out ofthe woodwork.

Kid is a freak!

Needs to put on a little muscle but that will come in time, hes only a RS fr

only thing i didnt like was the fact he didnt watch much film, Ed Reed is known around the universe for the amount of film he watches and that is why hes the best in the league

Kid sounds like he has a ton of talent. Ed Reed says film study is what seperates him from other DB's. Reed is not the biggest or fastest guy so that shows you what hard work can do for you because he is the best in the BIZ. Hopefully this kid will pick up on that. Hopefully Ray Ray is reading this and will also pick up on that. I think our Safety positions are set for the next 2-3 years.

Anyone catch this article, Manny what's your take ?


The Miami Herald, which has a daily circulation of about 220,000. It is owned by McClatchy, a publicly traded company that could be the next chain to file for Chapter 11. The Herald has been on the market since December, but no serious bidders have emerged. Newspaper advertising has been especially hard-hit in Florida because of the tremendous loss in real estate advertising. The online version of the paper is already well read in the Miami area, Latin America and the Caribbean. The Herald has strong competition north of it, in Fort Lauderdale. There is a very small chance it could merge with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, but it is more likely that the Herald will go online-only with two editions, one for English-language readers and one for Spanish

Anyone take a look at the list Marve has out? Hmm, thought he was looking to stay near home cause pops has cancer? USF is the only one that is close on that list, and now pops is saying that UM bad mouthed him to Oklahoma State. Hmm, think maybe Bill Young had some insight and told Oklahoma State this kid is bad news???

VT is already my new favorite 'Cane.

With some kids, they're just more talented, in the area of picking things up a little faster than the average.

I'm hoping Vaughn falls in that category, because of the way this interview comes across... But then again, the word playmaker is thrown in there as well.

I can tell you football isn't luck all of the time... Playmakers know how to be in position to make plays; which takes some knowledge of the game.

First of all film study is a must!! But shall i remind everyone that players get a lesson on the defense during position meetings, as well as in their meetings with the defensive coordinator, and they practice!! (lol-sarcasm).

I played college football, and its a early morning til late night kind of lifestyle, as your day starts at 5am... (including some saturdays)

When I had the chance, I cut corners by choosing to be in the comformt of my own quarters, rather than being in a hard chair in a cold room at school, while looking at film. That doesn't mean i didn't watch film...

The one thing this story doesnt point out, is that I guarantee you the film study Chavez is speaking of, was more than likely voluntary. Which is not big deal because: As a player, you have access to tapes on the other teams, of which is available to be taken home; because the technology is there to dub the tapes galore...

I know everyone wants to know that your starter is watching film, beucase if he's not in front of you you won't know if he is. But again, you bet he's watching film; has to to be a playmaker which he is...

I'm giving V.T. the benefit of the doubt on this one. Trust me with the tight ship Shannon is running, if this guy was out of bounds we would have heard about it by now.

Let the guy enjoy the beach; he works hard, isnt late to class, keeps his grades up, and if he's in the good graces of Shannon then nuf said.

He's doing what needs to be done obviously.

Well. that video was 13 months ago, and he redshirted, so I am sure he has put on some muscle. Gents, with Harris,Mcgee, Ray Ray, Vaughn.CJ Holton, and the others, we have athletes all over the field. VT-GO GET EM THIS YR-------WE ARE BACK

V.T. and Ray Ray has a sweet ring to it. i hope these two talents are really committed to success and put their minds to it 110% (not just their bodies). they could be the anchor of an absolutely exceptional secondary. lemme tell you, if these two guys shine suddenly our LBs and CBs will look a lot better (regardless of if they have improved or not).

For the FIRST time in a long time I really enjoyed reading all the comments. I found no negative words. Where are all those Gator fans that love to come on here and bad mouth us CANES. I guess our baseball team took care of them... I have been a Canes fan since 63 when Mira was on the field. and he was the only big name on both sides of the ball. Through all the coach changes and ups and downs this progeram is still #1 in my heart. This team does not have to win another Champonship for me. The ACC crown would be good enough. But I will buy another t-shirt with the #6 on it if it happens. I think the mojo is back and would not be surprised about 2009 outcome. The first 4 games are the ruffest I have ever seen any college team face except maybe Michigan or ND back in the 60's Lets go Canes and more than that lets go FAN'S we need to support these kids. FILL that stadium. LET's make some noise in 2009. We Can & will be #1 again.....

VT, I must admit I did like the Miami Vice look and that should have been enough. Miami is very similar to Cali especially the weather, beach and palm trees. Glad you are enjoying it and love the Canes. You should pursue your dreams and I for am glad that the playing for the Canes was one of your dreams. VT is an exceptional kid with good instincts and love for the game. Now, it's time to step it up and get ready for the NFL. This is your year VT. Get ready to compete b/c it's coming. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great article Manny. Folks, this is what we want at UM: guy's who WANT to or DREAMED of being Hurricanes. Ray Ray, like VT, dreamed of being a Hurricane. Not knocking him, because IF he comes here, I would be happy and I know that he is very talented, but what Bryce Brown is doing is just dreadful. Yeah, I know that it is going to be a 3-5 yr. decision, that is in fact the most important one (up to that point) in a young mans life, but to drag the process out so long is ludacris. I think that Coach Shannon is getting more guys like Arthur Brown, Mike James, Ray Ray, Lamar Miller, Dyron Dye, Tommy Streeter, V.T., etc. Guys who want to be 'Canes. That is going to bode well for the future. Even though we have a tough beggining to the '09 season, I think we will see a vast improvement with the team. Go Canes!!

"Hmm, think maybe Bill Young had some insight and told Oklahoma State Marve is bad news???"

Eric, I hadn't even thought of that - of course! The 411 flew from Miami to OSU in the form of the truth - someone who had seen it first hand. Jacory brings such an energy and like an ESP with his receivers - like he could find them blindfolded, it's a thrill to see him every time on the field.

We won't be perfect this year - but we're going to stomp a lot of people, and with kids like Telemaque showing up, making us know their names, we *will* be perfect soon.

(OK, maybe this year!)

Sonny, nice post. I would also like to give VT the benefit of the doubt and hope that he is indeed studying film at home. However, I'd hedge my bets on him only watching a little bit and spending more time playing video games with buddies. Honestly, I'm okay with that if he's staying out of trouble. There are just too many temptations out there nowadays, and Miami certainly does not have a shortage of bad news areas and people.

VT is being compared to Reed as far as plays on the field and big play ability, but anybody have any idea what sort of leadership VT has? Reed didn't have a shortage of pep talks, but my take on him was that he was more of an on the field leader (i.e. by example). It does make me a little nervous that McGriff calls him lazy, but he is only a RS freshman afterall.

News from the spring practices is getting me excited that the offense is ahead and the defense is showing some improvements. Although, who knows until they actually start playing teams? The optimist in me believes that this team can compete for the ACC title this coming fall.

Yikes, will someone please take away that long board before he breaks a hoof!

I'm impressed with the leadership and initiative of a lot of our players. We know what the NW crew brings in terms of leadership, but you add VT talking about bring the big play back, Chavez Grant trying to make him better, etc. These kids seem like great people; it really makes you want to cheer for them.

I friggin love this kid!!

I just don't know how much Chavez Grant can really make anybody better. Those who can't do, teach?

The new 2010 Rivals100 is out


Interesting, Andy miles. 2010 has to be a successful recruiting year. 19 of the "top 100" rivals prospects are from Florida, and several from local schools. Its also interesting the number of very good Florida prospects that are not on that list.

yea i see louis nix or todd chandler not there but im pretty sure they will be on there come their senior seasoon owell

Even better yet, 5 of the top running backs are from Miami and Broward - Brandon Gainer, Corvin Lamb, Eduardo Clements, Giovanni Bernard, and Jakhari Gore. You better belive Miami will end up with a least 2 of these backs. I think Miami "gets" Jakhari Gore and Brandon Gainer. Gotta love the 2010 recruiting class.


In regards to the Rivals 100 - Miami has the best shot at Alec Ogletree and Jeff Luc.

From ESPN's inside the U:

Top defender Alec Ogletree names a top five and a leader
ESPNU 150 Watch List safety / outside linebacker Alec Ogletree told affiliate Web site NoleInsider.com, "My top five right now is Miami, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Florida State, and Miami is my leader."

He added, "I'm going down to Miami on March 28th for their spring game. Miami was that team that I grew up watching, and I started when I was about six or so. I remember watching Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Frank Gore, and (Clinton) Portis. (What got me on Miami was) just how they played the game of football when I was younger, so when I got older and was playing contact football, that just stayed with me."

Despite the Hurricanes position as Ogletree's early leader, the 6-foot-3 prospect does not have a timetable for his decision.

Taken from CanesTalk.com:

Read what he has to say about Miami!

“Things changed for me like overnight,” said Jeff Luc. “I was getting a little attention at first and I had offers from schools like Florida International, Western Kentucky, and South Florida, and then I started getting offers like every day from top schools.”

“I am not sure how many I have now, but I have between 15-20. I did not expect anything like this, I am learning about the process now, and I just can’t believe this is happening to me to be honest.”

It is easy to see why this is happening to Luc because his film is about as impressiv as it gets. Schools started seeing that and the offers started to come in at a fast pace.

“My most recent offers are from schools like Michigan, Syracuse, North Carolina, and Southern Cal. Before those offers, Georgia, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida, Florida State, and some others offered me. It has been very exciting.”

The 6-foot-1, 240 pound explosive linebacker talks about some of his new offers. He offered thoughts on the nine schools he just mentioned.

Michigan: “I don’t know a lot about them, but I have always loved their colors and their helmets.”

Syracuse: “I don’t know much about them yet either. I know of them, but not much about them. I know Donavan McNabb went there.”

North Carolina: “Butch Davis is there and I think he is going to do what he did at Miami and make UNC a big program. I think they are an up and coming team.”

USC: “They put a lot of linebackers in the league and I really liked the defensive coordinator when I talked to him. Pete Carroll knows what it takes put guys in the league and I like that.”

Georgia: “I have family in Georgia and I have watched a few games on T.V. I like their defense and they win a lot of games.”

Notre Dame: “They have a lot of tradition and they are in national T.V. every week, so you can’t help but to like that.”

Miami: “I grew up around Miami and I have always been a Miami fan, so I like a lot of things about them. I like their defense and the players they have produced.”

Florida: “I went there for their Junior Day and I like the way they treated me. They had their arms open as soon as I got there. I built a good relationship with Charlie Strong.”

Florida State: “Some of my family are big FSU fans, so I have seen a lot of them. I would want to play for Bobby Bowden if I went there. I want to get to know him.”

Even though things are happening quickly and schools are trying to make a big impression, the Fort Pierce native is not getting caught up in the attention.

“I am just listening to my coach and taking everything in right now. I am taking it slow because this is very new to me. It is amazing how everything has happened so quick for me and I am waking up every day not knowing who is going to offer next. It is exciting, but I am just taking advice from my coach on how to handle all of this.”

Just about every school that has offered has invited the dominant backer to visit for Junior Day. He has three visits lined up as of now.

“I will be going to Miami this weekend and then to Georgia and Florida State in March. I would like to visit every school that has offered me, but I know that is not possible. I just want to see what different schools have and see what I like about them. I think the visits will help me when I need to make my mind up.”

When could that be? Luc says it will not be soon.

“Things are changing just about every day, so I want to take my time, see who all offers me, talk to my coach about everything, take some visits, and then look at things,” explained Luc. “I am going to take everything really slow.”

He may be prepared to take the recruiting process slow, but like the growth of his offer list over the past few weeks, he plays extremely fast. He was all over the field in 2008 when he finished with 125 tackles, 22 tackles for loss, 9 sacks, 4 blocked field goals, 3 forced fumbles, 2 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries, ad 2 blocked punts.

Luc is polite, easy to talk to, and a nice guy on the phone, but not on the field.

“I play like I always have something to prove when I am on the field. I never intend to hurt anyone, but when I hit someone, I want them to know I am there. I just play hard and I feel like nobody can stop me out there.”

That style of play combined with his speed, agility, and instincts have helped him rack up close to 20 scholarship offers. He has also been invited to play in both the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and UnderArmour All-American Bowl next January.

Miami also has a very good shot at Corey Lemonier out of Hialeah and Michaelee Harris out of Northwestern.

I live in Newnan and graduated from Newnan High class of 98. Newnan has had two good years in football. Last year they made it to the state semi finales only to lose to Camden co (who is a perennial GA high school football power house). The year before that we lost to North Gwinnett in the fist round (by only two points). This kid can flat out play.

Check out Jeff Luc's comment on the University of Miami.


AltCane - can you imagine Ray Ray, VT and Alec Ogletree on the Miami backfield. Miami would be set for the next few years!

Now I am convinced Andy Miles that rivals 100 is missing some extraordinary talent. For example, in the rivals article on top RBs you mentioned, 5 of the top running backs are from Miami and Broward - Brandon Gainer, Corvin Lamb, Eduardo Clements, Giovanni Bernard, and Jakhari Gore. Yet, none were on the Rivals 100.

"Pay Attention to the U" also mentioned ESPN top 150 Todd Chandler, Louis Nix are missing, and there a few other Florida prospects missing like Nix's good friend, DL Tavadis Glenn (6'5", 270 lbs), who according to ESPN likes UM. Florida is probably so loaded .

2010 will be a great class for UM

VT, Randy, and Ray Ray are gonna shut the passing down and Arthur, SS, Big Daddy Forston, and the rest of the crew are gonna plug the run. I think the D is gonna be better than expected.

Go Canes

I wouldn't worry about what Rivals says or Scouts or anyone else for that matter. These are a bunch of scouts from different regions all around the country putting together a bogus list for everyone to get excited about. Did you know that Arthur Brown, Jordan Futch, and Marcus Robinson were all Rivals 100 LB's. You won't see Sean Spence there because he wasn't IN the top 100, even in the FINAL Rivals top 100. Now, Sean is the defensive ACC rookie of the year. I think RS and the rest of the coaches and assistants know what they're doing.

What a ridiculous year for SoFla football! Tons of great recruits that are within spitting distance from the U...plus sprinkle in a few from a little further away like Ogletree that grew up loving the U. A lot of positions of need for the U are right here...
WR: Chris Dunkley, Josh Reese, Michaelee Harris, DeJoshua Johnson, McCartney plus Dunbar already commited

RB: Giovanni Bernard, Jahkari Gore, Gainer, Corvin Lamb, Clements

DL: Nix, Chandler, Calvin Smith and Lemonier from Hialeah, Delvin Jones, Lynden Trail

Get 4 receivers, 2 or 3 RBs, and abunch of them big uglies.
We'' probably have to reach out of the fence we've built in order to get a QB, TEs and LBs, DBs...but i think there's enough of them out there that are smart enough to see what we're doing here and will want to come here. Hopefully guys like Luc, ogletree, Blake Bell

Randy stopped bringing in guys that looked good in a uniform, and started bringing in football players. Now it's starting to show on the field. I just hope they can keep evaluating to the best of their ability and bring in the best football talent and not just some athletes than don't know how to play the game. Eat, breathe, sleep, crap nothing but football.


Only a couple of days till Bryce issues THE FINAL U SMACK DOWN.

He played U like fools


Great Point CaliCanesfan. The Miami /South Florida talent is far ahead of any accross the nation.

718, couldn't agree with you more about the Marve 'intelligence.'

i was def. expecting nix, chandler, at someone else from booker t (other than meline) on that list. either way, it looks like a great year for FL. if we can really close the fences this year and pluck a few players from elsewhere, we could have a legitimate top 5 class that meets our needs. can't wait!

Only a couple of days till Bryce issues THE FINAL U SMACK DOWN.

He played U like fools


Posted by: I'm paying attention to the U..ITS BAD

Go back to paying attention to Teablow's jock you loser.

Bryce would see all of his playing time on only the Greentree practice field anyway this season, and he's too big headed for that. He, unlike his brother, doesn't want to pay his dues......he just wants stats and and NFL contract.

It appears from the article that is was Grant that said the Dbacks were playing to cautious, afraid to make a mistake last yr. Totally agree if they loosen up and play football instead of worrying about mistakes the dbacks will do fine this season.

I'm paying attention to the U..ITS BAD | March 11, 2009 at 03:33 PM : is my jock strap helping your allergies?

R U READY for Ray Ray :


Anyone heading to the scrimmage tomorrow?

Rivals 2010 top 100 is incorrect. Its missing Todd Chandler and Louis Nix, it has not one runningback from south Florida, and there were 2 or 3 quarterbacks with less yards than Jeffrey Godfrey and he's not even on their. Its also missing Brandon Linder and Torrian Wilson

Yeah GB,

Just like they were wrong when they left out Sean Spense last year. Dude, those things don't mean diddly. Coaches know who they need and look at their work ethic, attitude, and football philosiphies as well as physical and mental preparedness.

My thoughts on the scrimmage.....


Scheme and playcalling
Lots of looks: I-formation, Pro, Double TE and Unbalanced Line within 10 yrd. line, 4 WR bunch, motion RB into the slot,
Single back, Shotgun w/ split backs (a lot).

The playcalling is very sound and aggressive e.g..will run out of the shotgun and pass out of any formation. No shotgun draw on 4thand 1 this year. There were deep and intermediate routes, lots of clear out and leave the middle of the field open.

Stretched the defense both vertically and horizontally. Pitch sweeps and runs to the weak side. Lots of moving linemen (traps, sweeps). QB designed rollouts and runs.

This offense is going to drive d-coordinators crazy. Miles ahead of the past 5 years. I'm surprised these kids have picked up on so many looks as quickly as they have. Looks like Whipple is a teacher.

Jacory looks great. Much more pocket presence footwork and throwing motion. Looks very comfortable under center. Better arm strength. Fumbled some snaps, to be expected for spring. As always, great deep ball.
Looks bigger, faster, and stronger. Lots of good progress.

Cannon Smith and Taylor Cook need lots of work, but they look better than last year.

Graig Cooper is going to have a monster year!!! He hits the hole hard and finishes runs. Cooper's acceleration is fantastic. Looks bigger, faster, and stronger.
No ankle tackles this year, he is going to break some big runs. Looked like AP at times....this guy is running down hill this year. Best part of the night.

Mike James is a very physical runner with great acceleration. The kid finishes his run and delivers a blow. I liked him better than JJ...his carries will depend on how the other back perform. This kid doesn't play like a freshmen.

Better route running....a couple of drops, but under tight coverage. Did create seperation from the DB's, not sure if it's a reflection on them or the D.
No Tommy Streeter tonite. Aldarius looked good, Hankerson is very physical.

Gordon needs work, he dropped a couple...we don't go his way much.

Look leaner and function well. Do a good job of pulling and trapping. Better pass blocking over last year, don't be fooled by the sacks....the D-line is great.
This unit is going to improve because of the comp with the D-line. Offensive scheme will help them a lot, by keeping d offbalance.


Scheme and playcalling - Agressive, will blitz on early downs, but play mostly base. Probably due to great push from D-line.
Everyone flys to the ball and gets in on the tackle.

D-line is great and deep. Great push on the line, excellent pass rush. This unit is the deepest and most talented on the team. They are going to raise hell all season.
Forston looks lean, Regis is going to be a player.

Spence...looks like Sean Spence...baller, nuff said. Sharpton looked very good, very physical and quick. He's ahead of Arthur Brown and will likely start. Brown looks quick, but undersized.
He's physical, but he's not a starter yet.

Futch and Buchanon look good, but are still young.

Very quick with good footwork. VT had a great play on a deep ball. The all look bigger, faster, and stronger. Need work stopping the run, don't seal corners and safties don't prevent big plays. Much better against the pass, play with lots of confidence.

Overall....much better than last year. Don't look like a high school team anymore....don't play like it either.

I bout jumped out of my 2nd story window, as I watched live VT announce that he would be attending "DA U". He is abosolutely the best safety that I have seen in 20 years of living in the L.B.C.(Florida Transplant). I immediately got on the phone and called my cousins in Fort Myers that we got a good one coming down. He plays with that OLD SCHOOL CANE SWAG and is again a PLAYMAKER who always excelled in the biggest games!!! He comes from the legendary LONG BEACH POLY program, that has produced the most NFL players ever. So the kid is more than prepared and is not afraid of competition. I believe that he is a blend of both R.I.P Sean & Ed. The kid is going to be SPECIAL. Again he is exactly what we need down at the U. Great job Coach Shannon and Staff!!!

Ha, what a chiller. Longboarding around campus!

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