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Tough love worked for Ojomo

Randy Shannon's tough love approach isn't for everybody. We learned that last season with quarterback Robert Marve. You remember: Marve's dad said Shannon didn't have a good relationship with his son, didn't coddle him enough and was apparently too hard (suspending him twice for going late to class).

Maybe, Robert Marve is the anomoly. Maybe, Randy Shannon's tough love approach works more than we think. Third-year sophomore defensive end Adewale Ojomo, who was suspended twice last year for the same reasons as Marve, might be the perfect example of why it works. Friday, we got a chance to catch up with Ojomo, who was surprisingly candid and mature about the mistakes he made last season. He sounded like someone who learned the hard way and got better from it.

“I had a lot of off the field distractions last year and I’m controlling them much better now,” said Ojomo, who said his suspenions were the product of being late for class and team meetings. “If you don’t get them right, you’ll be here five or six years. If you don’t get it right in the classroom, you won’t have a degree, you won't get an NFL contract. So, you got to get it right.”

Ojomo didn't get it right last year and was passed up on the depth chart. So far this spring, he's been practicing behind two younger players -- Marcus Robinson and Andrew Smith. While Ojomo said Shannon can be patient in teaching players lessons for their mistakes, the number of strikes are diminishing because of the level competition.

"When you make the mistake, they correct the issue at hand. You have a certain amount of chances when you mess up before they give the next guy a chance," Ojomo said. "It’s a motivating factor. Once you lose your spot, that’s it."

> UM will hold its first scrimmage of the spring Saturday at 10 a.m. It is only open to the media. I'll be there to watch the first hour before going to the final regular season basketball game.

Friday, I didn't get a chance to watch all of practice, but the defense certainly played pretty well toward the end, denying the offense touchdowns except twice during the two minute drill. Among the days' highlights: safety Vaughn Telemaque had an interception he returned for a score, Tommy Streeter caught two long TD passes and a nice tough run by Javarris James also produced a score. Kendal Thompkins had the best catch of the day, soaring in the back of the end zone to yank down a 30-yard TD pass from Jacory Harris during a two-minute drill.

> There were more than 100 high school coaches and several recruits in attendance for Friday's practice as UM held its annual coaching convention. I caught up with several of my old buddies from when I covered high schools. One told me it was a huge difference this year hearing what new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple had to talk about versus former coordinator Patrick Nix.

"You could just see this guy knows what he's talking about, he's a real expert," Braddock coach Frank Rojas told me. "He could run circles around most guys. Nix was way to conservative. Whipple knows his stuff and is aggressive. He has some real interesting formations. I liked [new defensive coordinator John] Lovett. He knows his stuff, too."

> Redshirt freshman Ben Jones has been seeing some playing time with the first team at right tackle while competing with senior Matt Pipho. Jones, the starting right tackle for Miami Northwestern’s 2007 national championship team, said he has been playing with the first team on goal-line situations.

Friday, he shed a little light on the injury that cost him freshman season. According to Jones, he had arthroscopic surgery last year to remove loose cartilage in his left knee from an injury he suffered in the 11th grade. Throughout his rehabilitation and training process, he’s lost 15 pounds and is now weighing around 305.

“My biggest challenge has been getting past my injury, bouncing back and showing people I can play,” said Jones whose roommate is fellow redshirt freshman defensive tackle Jeremy Lewis. “Coach tells me I can improve everywhere. All I’m trying to do is compete.”


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Good work Manny!

The Florida State football team will vacate an undetermined number of wins, serve four years' probation, and face a reduction in scholarships and other penalties due to what the NCAA described Friday as "major violations" from an academic cheating scandal.

Nine other programs were also penalized -- baseball, men's track and field, women's track and field, men's swimming, women's swimming, men's basketball, women's basketball, softball and men's golf -- and face the same sanctions. Overall, the scandal involved 61 athletes.

Maisel: Bowden suffers

The race between Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden for most victories in major college football came to an abrupt halt Friday. Bowden, a game behind Paterno when the 2008 season ended, has pulled up lame due to a case of academic fraud, writes Ivan Maisel. Story

• Dinich blog
Football coach Bobby Bowden would have entered the coming season with 382 career victories, trailing Penn State coach Joe Paterno by one win on the all-time list. The sanctions will force him to forfeit all wins during which ineligible students competed in 2006 and 2007.

It is not immediately clear how many wins Florida State will have to vacate. Dennis Thomas, the vice chair of the NCAA Committee on Infractions and acting chair for the FSU case, said only one ineligible player would have had to participate in a game for the entire team record to be vacated. Still, Thomas said the NCAA had no evidence the university knowingly played ineligible athletes.

Florida State is considering appealing the sanction that would force the Seminoles to vacate wins.

"We believe that the NCAA confirmed that our investigative efforts and our self-imposed penalties were appropriate," Florida State president T.K. Wetherell said in a statement Friday. "We already began implementing our self-imposed penalties. And we will begin implementing all but one of the NCAA's additional sanctions.

"We just don't understand the sanction to vacate all wins in athletics contests in which ineligible student-athletes competed because we did not allow anyone who we knew was ineligible to compete. Our position throughout the inquiry was that as soon as we knew of a problem, they didn't play."

In November 2007, Florida State and the NCAA agreed that athletes who had received "improper help" would be suspended for 30 percent of their seasons. According to the Orlando Sentinel, officials interviewed 75 individuals, and 39 admitted receiving improper assistance in an online music course. Roughly two dozen football players were suspended for the Music City Bowl, which FSU lost 35-28 to Kentucky. The Seminoles also suspended about 10 players for the first three games of the 2008 season.

FSU officials and players were under the impression those athletes had already served their punishment, but Thomas said on Friday that the instant a player cheated in class -- regardless of whether school officials knew about it -- he became ineligible, and if that athlete played in a game, it must be vacated. That could cost FSU games from 2006, when the academic fraud began.

"They are ineligible at the time of that violation until they are reinstated," Thomas said. "If they participated while ineligible, obviously the games they participated in will have to be vacated. The trigger is if those 61 individuals obviously as identified by the institution committed academic fraud. At that point, they rendered themselves ineligible."

The football team will be limited to 83 total scholarships in 2008-09; 82 in 2009-10; and 84 in 2010-11; the maximum usually allowed by the NCAA is 85. Florida State self-imposed the loss of the two scholarships for 2008-09, and will self-impose the loss of three scholarships for 2009-10. The NCAA added an additional loss of scholarship from the maximum in 2010-11.

The committee stated this case was "extremely serious" because of the large number of student-athletes involved and the fact that academic fraud is considered by the committee to be among the most egregious of NCAA rules violations.

Florida State's probation extends through March 5, 2013.

"I must say that Florida State did a great job in cooperating with the enforcement staff in accumulating all of the information that was required," Thomas said. "Yes, Florida State did self-report. They did an outstanding job. We have to give Florida State University credit for that."

The NCAA determined that a former learning specialist, academic adviser and tutor gave "improper assistance" to Florida State athletes who were taking online courses. According to the NCAA, the former learning specialist typed portions of papers for at least three athletes and also provided answers to an online psychology course quiz by instructing another athlete to complete the quiz on behalf of the athlete enrolled in the course.

The Bryce Brown circus has left town - now we need to let the Booker T RB Clements circus follow him north. Clements has Georgia as his No. 1 school and says that he has been an FSU fan all of his life and he was waiting anxiously for the Noles to make him an offer. He even went out of his way to send FSU more tapes of his games so that they could see how good he is and make him an offer. It seems that his efforts paid off because FSU made him an offer recently and now they moved ahead of Miami on his list along with Georgia. This, notwithstanding the fact that UM had offered him first. He is not coming to UM so lets move on and concentrate on those other top running backs that want to be Canes. We don't want another Bryce Brown fiasco next year too. Coach Shannon should not waste his time with this guy, he has talked to the media and he does not seem to have UM on his mind, he just wants to show that he has a UM offer to bolster his resume. Forget about this guy signing with UM.

This team just sounds different. So far, I like what I see. Miami will surprise a lot of people this year.

Always on point as usual Manny!


UM will be the surprise team this year because it just sounds different to Norm.

Great post NORM


UM will be the surprise team this year because it just sounds different to Norm.

Great post NORM

Posted by: We's building depths | March 06, 2009 at 09:48 PM

Kehoe, this is why no one takes u serious. You come here to flame when u get caught drooling all over your words you aint got nothing to say clown. Dare i say lamb is begging the U to offer him while urban is bending over backwards to sign him and make him his first reciurt out of dade. Kehoe your pathetic and you show it in so many ways.... O yeah and have you checked out or wr core, d line core linebacker core, running back core, yeah kehoe we are building depth and thats what hurts you the most, because you know it.

we's building depths: look at what miamiboisince85 response to ur post about corvin lamb and explain how much of an idiot U truly are U can find it where manny talks about aubrey hill it should be the last posts and then tell us to explain ur idiotic claims.

Hey, Mr. "We's building depths"

I need to bulk up and be a like 17 yr old freshmen backup QB a couple of years ago, whose coaches worried about all the weight he was putting on. Kind of weird isn't it? Putting on weight like crazy as 17 yr old freshman.

Anyway, I'm off to the Phillipines for the Jinotropin gravy train. My friend, eventually the truth shall set you free. See ya....

To Canes1,

I reference to Clements not signing with UM. Eduardo's ex coach Tim Harris is a coach at UM. Every Booker T. player at the has seen substantial amounts of playing time and early at UM i.e. Chavez Grant, Antonio Dixon, Brandon Harris, Therron Collier,and Davon Johnson. Not to mention no big time BTW recruit has signed with anyone else but UM. Um is expected to sign Two of there receivers and Jose Jose whom is clements favorite tackle to run behind. What Im saying is if hes smart he will sign with the U. He is from Miami so he might want to stay home and play with his former teammates. Major Wright and Javid Best grew up Um fans and they signed elsewhere so its possible. Personally I think he will sign with UM because he has a chance to play early with Cooper and James gone.

Eduardo clements will be a cane next year Mr, Canes1. He just whats to be shown love like evey other recruit out there. Rememer his e coach Tim Harris is at UM and he makes sure every BTW/Cane sees the field. Just ask Chavez Grant, Antonio Dixon, Brando Harris, Therron Collier, and Davon Johnson. Need I sa y thet no Big time BTW recruit has signed with anyone else but UM and UM just locked up Jose Jose and BTW big time receiver. He will be at the U because there will be no real experienced backs except Lee Chambers. And I know him personally and he is leaning towards us because of the familiarity and closeness even though his heart is with FSU they just got put on probation so he will think twice about that

Hey She's Smoking Meth, or SheHoe,or Longthroat Deep Pain, or whatever schizophrenic pseudonym you're addressing yourself as, why don't you go to that memberless gator blog and rant and rave about your that 300lb plus lineman BEATING, RAPING,AND STALKING HER (NOTICE I DIDN'T SAY HIS) girlfriend...UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU CLOWN!


UM will be the surprise team this year because it just sounds different to Norm.

Great post NORM

Posted by: We's building depths | March 06, 2009 at 09:48 PM

Apparently you don't follow the Canes because if you have then you would know what I'm talking about.

Manny just stated that practice will be open tomorrow to the public. Did I miss something I thought it was next Thursday? Can anyone clarify

fSU's penalty is a slap on the tush. This was a major violation and Bobby the hound dog polyester king Bowden got away w/ murder. Butthis will cost him big.

FSU and UF are cheating lying slimy schools. And still, together, 2+2=4.

That's right they aint got one for the thumb. That's because they are not DA U.

Apparently you don't follow the Canes because if you have then you would know what I'm talking about.

Posted by: norm | March 06, 2009 at 10:46 PM

On the contrary Norm, this loser follows our team closer than his own!


Go 'canes!

Cane Mutiny
How the Miami Hurricanes Overturned the Football Establishment
A book written by Bruce Feldman
You can buy it from amazon.com for 70 cents I read this book in 8 hours straight i recomend all Canes fans to read this book trust me i bleed green and orange all day everyday
FSU you are under a hurricane warning
Shannon's coming into 09 with a squad
GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UM will be the surprise team this year because it just sounds different to Norm.

Great post NORM

Posted by: We's building depths | March 06, 2009 at 09:48 PM

Apparently you don't follow the Canes because if you have then you would know what I'm talking about.

Posted by: norm | March 06, 2009 at 10:46 PM

I know this ... They'll look the same. 7-6

That's 26-25 over 4 years...

How does that sound to U?

I hope Clements dose'nt sign with da U. He sucks! Only one 100 yard game in 2008. We need to get after Brandon Gainer

Interception, long pass, two-minute drill? What are these things? I haven't seen UM do them in so long I forgot.

Manny...March 12th is the open scrimmage, no? Today is media only. How many people did you just mobilize to go to Greentree?

GB....Clements can ball, doesn't matter what his stats are. Look at Bryce, he's got stats and he s*cks.

Clements is a beast. As a sophomore he ran BTW to that state championship without there starting QB to utalize there down field weapons

mcnair...you seem to know a lot about Clements. I've only seen highlights. Love'em and hope we can close him and the BTW crew.


Does anyone have video on Clements?


The two exchanged words and as den Dekker got closer to the mound, both benches cleared and an on-field brawl ensued.

thanks manny, can't wait to read about the scrimmage!

anyone hear anything bout friday's practice and the depth chart? any info, would, as always, be much appreciated!

Eduardo clements i think is ok but im leaning towards GIO BRENNARD AND BRANDON GAINER

norm, thanks for the link, seems gators are a no talent but hot headed baseball team. The U about brawled with them up there also.

Shannon just needs to stick to his guns on discipline it works with some guys, some like Marve it does not work. But the jokers are not helping the team, when a player understands that some change, good for Ojomo.

Ya gotta LUV IT when idiots like "kehoe" (or whatever other name is in use today) are obsessing over The U. In their shallow, meaningless little lives, they can't bear to see the really great things that are starting to take shape with the 'Canes. It drives them absolutely nuts...and it shows in everything they say. 'Cane fans, take everything these trash-talking, most-likely-gators, say as clear proof that The U is well on the way to being the force to be reckoned with we've all enjoyed. GO 'CANES!!!!
Oh, and thanks Norm for the link about the gator BB "win". Spiking seems to be a big part of their game plan. Guess it shows pretty clearly where the "thug" mentality really lives.

Great article Manny. Its good to see that UM is disciplining players for missing classes while FSU has largescale, systemic organized ACADEMIC CHEATING. The contrast is stunning, yet the media (outside of Manny) don't want to talk about it. Perhaps Marve and the other slackers should attend FSU, who will print them a degree before they sign their LOI. Like Jaime said, if UM was caught in a scandale like that the NCAA would shut its sports programs down.

I also like what you (Manny) said about the HS coaches liking what they see this year. They see what we bloggers see, and that is UM (with the young players and new OC and DC) will be great team next year

Clements will be a Nole,only because of all the backs coming in to the U.Lamb is a lock and so is Bernard.And I cant see Gore going anywhere but the U

Don't forget about Giovanni Bernard out of Saint Thomas Aquinas. He going to be one of the better RB coming out of the South Florida area next year.

Also I forgot to mention Brandon Gainer out of Central. Another Great RB from the Miami area.

Regarding the "penalties imposed on FSU":
When UM was hit, they didn't bother with crap like retroactively forfeiting games, which affects NOTHING except Bowden.
They hit US where it hurt the most...scholarships.
We were treated unmercifully, and for a far less egregious offense, committed by far fewer people.
A pity that FSU's VOLLEYBALL team suffers a bit. UM's football program, so financially crucial to a private school was nearly destroyed, were it not for Butch Davis, and some of the most dedicated and selfless players The U has ever had. Not the stars of the Championship years, but those who gave their all for 5-7 teams, slowly rebuilding our tradition.
This talk of "self reporting" makes me SICK.
What was FSU's choice? They were caught with their private parts solidly in the cookie jar.
Geesh. I need to do a column here.
Why isn't USC and Ohio State getting hit?
Silly question.

The best back in dae county is Deandre Johnson out of Monsignor Pace. The U needs to look at football players and not 40 times. The kid Lamb out of Northwestern could not crack the starting lineup at Northwestern (he wasn't even the second string back) and he has an offer? WOW!!! this is the type of recruiting that will get us a Georgia Tech whooping, recruiting all speed and not proven football players. At least let him finish in the top 10 in rushing before rushing to offer...

We got 10 kids on the current roster to run back kick offs and Punts for that is all Lamb did so far at Northwestern. Let's see what he does this year.

Eduardo Clements is the "Real Deal" he would be a great addition but he is second behind D.J. from Pace. They will play in the spring jamboree. Pace Vs. BTW...You heard it here first.

Best Backs in 2009

1. Deandre Johnson - Complete back runs betweeen tackles, break away speed, blocks and soft hands out of backfield.

2. Eduardo Clements - Great size and speed, Played on a great team with superior talent where he had his best year(sophmore year), played in spread offense though.

3. Jakari Gore - not big in size but has a huge heart. Plays bigger than he actually is. Great vision, and balance.

4. Brandon Gainer - Great size, can't avoid the injury bug, and takes too many hits. Also had a bout with fumbles. ****4.0 GPA WOW!!!****



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