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FSU series has evolved into real dislike

Florida State and Miami are rivals when it comes to every sport. But there may not be more real hate involved in any of them moreso than in baseball. At least that's what it seems like.

Ryan Jackson Thursday, with UM set to host the Seminoles in a three-game series at The Light, I caught up with several players and coaches to see exactly where the rivalry is at. After last year's heated battle in Tallahassee, which saw the Seminoles refuse to shake hands (and fans get ugly) after the Canes escaped with a series-clinching Sunday win, consider the rivalry on orange alert.

"It was definitely more of a fun rivalry for me when I played," said pitching coach J.D. Arteaga, who pitched for the Canes from 1994 to 1997. "I had players I knew on their side. Mickey Lopez and Doug Mientkewicz were my high school teammates. We went to dinner after it was over. I don't know if we have that anymore because we usually don't recruit the same kids. It's a little more different rivalry now after a few things that have happened over the past six, seven years. It's a little hotter to say the least."

Hot for even the two guys are supposed to be setting the example, Jim Morris and Mike Martin. Morris got his first coaching job under Martin. But each year their relationship has higher levels of stress, especially after Morris beat Martin to win the 1999 national championship.

"That's part of the reason why I don't like to schedule friends," Morris said. " People think it's a game - it's a game to people in the stands. But to me it's my life. To Mike Martin, it's his life. I think about it all the time. It's my life. It's not just a game."

Players agree, especially when it comes to this series. Shortstop Ryan Jackson said he got sprayed with Sunkist and middle fingers by FSU fans last year at the end of Sunday's wild finish. He says while players from both sides don't like each other, playing in atmosphere where you don't like your opponent jacks up players and makes the games even more excting.

"I'm not going to beat around the bush. We don't like them. They don't like us," Jackson said. "I'm sure they're saying the same thing up there. We're looking forward to playing good, clean baseball and hopefully come out on top."

David Gutierrez SOME HELP FROM BIG BRO: Earlier this week, David Gutierrez found out he would be making the move from No. 2 starter to Friday night ace. The redshirt junior right-hander didn't have to think twice about who would be the first person he'd call to share the news with -- his big brother, former Hurricanes closer Carlos Gutierrez.

Why big bro and not mom and dad? Because it was big bro that taught him that new pitch this summer past summer -- a hard sinker -- that has helped David put together a 2-2 record and the lowest ERA (1.51) in the ACC the first half of the season.

"We worked on it a lot this offseason while he was training down here," the younger Gutierrez said Thursday. "That's what's helped me take the next step. Last year, I didn't throw it all. Now, I use it on every batter at least once. It's an effective pitch because it looks like a fastball and dies. They'll roll over it and I get groundouts."

As for the elder Gutierrez, drafted in the first round by the Twins last June, David says his older brother expects to begin High-A ball in the coming days.

WHAT'S SLOWING DOWN CHRIS HERNANDEZ?: While Gutierrez has thrived for UM this season, last year's ACC Freshman of the Year and ace, left-hander Chris Hernandez has hit a hard sophomore slump. In six starts and 33 2/3 innings, Hernandez has given up 22 earned runs and walked 12 batters. He gave up 18 walks and 34 earned runs all of last year.

Arteaga said the difference is while Hernandez is throwing harder, he has less command. Morris said Hernandez is trying to be "too fine," and is losing two strike battles he won with opposing hitters last year.

"The first thing we talked to him about was not worrying about duplicating what he did last year. And that's exactly what he's trying to do. He's trying to be perfect," Arteaga said. "This game is to hard to be perfect. As soon as one bad thing happens, it kind of multiplies because you're waiting for the next [bad thing to happen]. Like I said, he's throwing the ball better. But it's nowhere near where he was last year. I didn't expect what he did last year to happen again. He's 2-2 right now. If he ends the year 11-3 with a 3, 4 ERA, it's still a great year."

OUT OF THE SLUMP?: Jackson began the season hitting third in Morris' lineup. But a first half slump ultimately has had him moving all over the place, from 1, 2, 3 to 7, 8, 9. Thursday, Morris said Jackson put too much pressure on himself to start the year and was hitting too many flyballs. But both Morris and Jackson see signs the .283 hitter could be on the verge of turning the corner.

"In my last 10 at bats, I think I've hit seven balls hard," Jackson said. "I feel like I'm getting back on track, staying positive.

"I came out of the shoot trying to do too much. I had a good spring and fall and sometimes when you do that you come out trying to do more than you can. My stride was a little too big. Sunday's game versus Georgia Tech was kind of the turning point for me in terms of how I felt my season was going to go. I hit some balls hard in every bat. I carried it over against Barry. I'm optimistic about the rest of the year. I know what I can do. That's why I got the second half."


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go Jack! win that 3pt competition!

congrats Jack McClinton 3 point champion...Mike Martin is a clown. He is the reason things have gotten' nasty. No class. You gotta respect Leonard Hamilton, even bowden, way more that Mike Martin. Loser.

Hope nothing crazy happens this weekend, and the fans can act with class. Remember this are 18-19 yr old kids, and it's not their foult they (FSU) have a morron as a coach.


Tell me there's not a Bobby Lowder at every SEC school today! If you did, you'd be lying! At least our "Thugs" were on the field, and not in the board room!

If Boss Hog was a college football booster, he would be Bobby Lowder! What a scumbag!

If you think guy's like this hate UM, you can only imagine what they say and do to the other schools in their conference! When I finished reading this article, I could not figure out why Auburn has not been on probation since 1983!

I would like to see a movie about this guy!

Ohhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
C-A-N-E-S 'Canes!

f.s.u.baseball..just a bunch of jealous,envy's pukes...canes baseball; 4 national championships...seminoles....well we know..



The bad blood started when Martin accused Morris of stealing signs. Morris handled the accusations with class, but Martin continues to act like a petulant child.

Miami and FSU have been to more College World Series than any other programs in the past 30 years by far. Miami has one 4 times, twice with different coaches. Martin has not only failed to win even once, but lost twice in the final game including once to UM in '89, and has the record for the most visits to Omaha without a win. (aka 0 for 2 and a barbeque)

This is an angry, jealous man, who instead of feeling good about a solid resume, allows his envy to tarnish his reputation. Its a shame, really, but it certainly adds a little spice to the series.

BTW, since the sign stealing episode, FSU's program has taken a noticeable downturn. Who knows if the two circumstances are connected, but there is a direct correlation.

UM-Beisbol, where the fans don't fling objects on the diamond when our team loses a game.
GO CANES!!!!!!!

I have been playing nice because I had invited the UM athletic department and ticket office to snoop around here. I even offered FREE advertising, but they will not even return my emails.

Posted by: 86Cane | April 13, 2008 at 02:52 PM

The University of Miami wants nothing to do with tom thumb popadak aka 86Cane/SOUP & his ill-gotten blog …
documented liar, thief, plagiarist, parasite, megalomaniac, libeler, creep ...


It's baseball....that hate means very little. Unless they want to clear the benches and get it on, I'm not that interested.

Green, I stand corrected!

P.S. Enough of the 86/Manny feud already!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | April 02, 2009 at 08:47 PM

no can do …
it’s not personal …
it’s business …


Green, I stand corrected!

P.S.S. Your post's are funny, and informative!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | April 02, 2009 at 08:47 PM

thank you for the kind words …


Sean Taylor was one of the greatest Miami Hurricanes ever...that kid will never be forgotten.

Got to love Ray Ray Armstrong talking about taking #26.

For those who haven't heard already Quinton Dunbar, Booker T WR, has decommitted from the Hurricanes today. He had committed early to the Hurricanes for the 2010 season a couple of motnhs ago but decommitted because he wanted take all his trips with an open mind and not pull a Bryce Brown, stringing the Canes along. He will make his final decision on NSD 2010.

He says the Canes are still on top, though.

thanks for the info. ricky!

A simple request.

Would everyone stay off of Gibby's Gator Clause Blog, and the Palm Beach Post Gator Blog. I realize that the problem goes both ways, but let's give it a rest.

It seems to me that their fans have stopped posting here, so why would you want to antagonize them? It sucks to come on here and have to read that crap, and I'm sure they do not want to read ours.

I know I'm not the best candidate to make this request, given the exchange I had this week with "You Know Who", but it seems that they have made an effort to stay off of this blog, and I think we shold do the same.

P.S. Manny, thanks for all your "help" with this issue, if doing nothing is the solution, then you have gone above and beyond. Gibby scrubbed his negative posts, tracked the ip addresses of his posters, and is more than willing to solve the issue from his side.

Why not compare the ip addresses from the negative posters with Gibby's ip addresses? I guarantee you can identify, and then block the worst of the worst. Doing nothing in hopes that it will go away is not working! 86cane was able to identify and remove the psycho from his blog, why can't you (or your IT guy) do it with yours? I love your blog, but if you are going to allow 1 or 2 people to ruin it, then no one will want to post here.

Green...nice to see U are still around ruining this blog as U have always done.

Posted by: SOUP | April 03, 2009 at 02:22 PM


Is there any truth to the rumors about you kicking Green off your "blog"? If so, then that sucks! Green was one of the only reasons I checked the blog while waiting on your new posts.


Posted by: Eyegoesunderwithoutgreen | January 28, 2009 at 09:54 PM


I am sure that Manny continues to appreciate your efforts here.

Posted by: SOUP | April 03, 2009 at 02:22 PM

hey manny navarro, how'd your blog do in august?

Posted by: green | September 18, 2007 at 08:09 PM

A: Thanks to you Green … pretty high up on the food chain at The Herald. I think we actually finished second only to Dave Barry's blog and Dolphins in Depth. A credit to you Canes fans. Thanks.

Posted by: Manny | September 18, 2007 at 08:30 PM

straight from the horse’s mouth …


A lot has changed since those comments of a year ago in April 2008.

Posted by: SOUP | April 03, 2009 at 02:22 PM

(UM) has no idea how to sell or market their product and has the WORST customer service of any business I have ever dealt with. They seem to treat us as though we don't deserve any consideration or respect. If they didn't have die hard "customers" they would be out of business. Sad, VERY SAD!

Posted by: 86Cane | April 13, 2008 at 03:34 PM

a leopard never changes its spots …


Here check it out for yourself, Manny does

Posted by: SOUP | April 03, 2009 at 02:22 PM

Once the season starts and we have "ASK MANNY" with Manny Navarro on Tuesday Nights … doing the LIVE chats we invented here on The Space it will be OFF THE CHARTS.
That's all I need right there...

Posted by: 86Cane | July 29, 2008 at 09:41 PM

I think Manny may be on restriction from the Herald as to what he can do here?
Manny, can U clarify???

Posted by: SOUP | July 17, 2008 at 10:17 PM

how go those weekly chats ; )
like the edsel …


Citing NFL sources, the site says Florida’s Percy Harvin tested positive for marijuana during tests administered in Indianapolis two months ago.

You know how Irving Myer and those gator like to do it.

3, 4, 5 them those Gator ain't takeN no jive!

ESPN is reporting that Dunbar (WR from Booker T)decommitted today. Anyone know the story behind that?

ESPN is reporting that Dunbar (WR from Booker T)decommitted today. Anyone know the story behind that?

Posted by: DallasCane | April 03, 2009 at 05:14 PM

A. He wants to take his trips.
B. He see's the SICK talent ahead of him at his position.
C. He got's paid!!!!!

Go 'canes!

What happened to Guitierrez? I turn on the game and they are down 4-0 in the 1st and he is already out of the game.

Great talking to you to 86. Sam is a character! Talk to you later!

Go 'canes!

I cant stand that Canespace crap either. Stay on your own blog and quit advertising on here. If we wanted to read that trash, we'd be on your crappy blog.

If you want to talk politics, go to Canespace.

Green, keep up the good work!

FSU is becoming a threat quick ... cancel the series like you did to FIU.

FIU is a non-entity and should not be mentioned even in the same breath as UM. I mean, you FIU students, pleeeaaase. Enough! I realize you couldnt get into UM, and could have wanted to but it was too expensive, or whatever, but quit b---thcing. FIU cannot compare to UM. In NOTHING. Period. End of story. You are starting to sound like disgruntled, jealous, wannabe Gator fans. You don't here FAU, USF or UCF people come on here talking smack do you?

All of the Booker T kids see that their 2 best players from last year will not even touch the field at UM this year (their 2nd year) so they are afraid to come and challenge for a position. Let them go - if they don't have UM in their blood then they can go sit the bench at some other school, we don't need them here. So much for hiring their former coach Harris, he can't get any of them to come here.

UMSLUT: UM 2-1 against FSU. A threat? LOL!

In fact, UM is 5-1 against UF and FSU this year.


Why do U suck ?

U count the ways ...

07 , 10 , 11

stop the bleeding, grab Tuberville while U still have the chance

I LOVE THE HURRICANESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was posting some things that were against UM on rivals.com message board. Its ok to disagree with each other, thats what argument are made of. But i was responded to by UM fans, one especially by the name of LHSNaughts, who made racial attacks towards latin people (which i dont know why bc i never said that i was/wasnt latin)... Here is what was written:

"I'm not ashamed of that in the least. I would be surprised if you could find Excel on a computer, much less create a function to add up the number of your friends named Carlos or Manny. I have degrees from UM and can re-create college baseball ratings systems. You graduated from Hialeah High with a 2.6 and still use the word "bro" a thousand times a day when hanging out with all your JUCO buddies. And you're laughing at me? Classic."

"It's not racist; it's what you FIU folks do. You catch the Hialeah game then head down to Sunset Place and stand around outside the movie theatre."

"You have no ambition of your own except to crash Hialeah High football games on Friday nights."

""Ur"? "Should of"? "Your cool"? Buddy, when trying to come across as being smarter than everyone, you can't keep writing like a Hialeah High sophomore who's up way too late."

So i try to tell Kendall Rogers, to head man on the site, about these racial attacks towards latin people and am greeted with

"NCAAtruth, you get one more chance to post something rational. You clearly were the one to ignite that battle. You want someone banned, well you're going to get your wish pretty soon if you don't change the tenor of your posting." posted by Heels2Omaha (one of the site Admins)

this sounds like an article to me. Whether im praising UM, or bashing it, there should be no room for this type of bs..... UM fans, and i know there are a lot of latin ones bc there are plenty of latin players on the team, should be upset by this trashy/classless post.

Franky- You lost me. What's your point?

anyone else hear the rumors about davon johnson moving to cb?

Posted by: green | April 06, 2009 at 01:31 AM

assumed identity …


Green, keep up the good work!

Posted by: force | April 04, 2009 at 10:40 AM

you will know the good from the bad when you are calm, at peace.
a jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.
-- yoda

FSU is becoming a threat quick ... cancel the series like you did to FIU.
Posted by: UMSLUT | April 04, 2009 at 10:23 PM

the redheaded stepchild lost 79% (91-24) of the games …



There was a time when FAU appeared to be closing the chasm between it and Miami. But last night (3/25) Miami showed just how big a difference there is between the programs. As far as baseball goes, they would get rolled nine out of 10 times.
FAU has had trouble finding three decent starters, much less who to throw on Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s.
Miami had a guy who was 3-0 to trot out there, and after a blip in the first, he shut down the Owls, as did the four other guys that followed.
Meanwhile, once Brent Adheen had hit the wall, Miami kept on hitting FAU’s bullpen. Expect the same outcome when FAU goes to Miami two times later this season, unless some pitcher has the outing of his life, which happened in FAU’s win last year, I don’t see a mid-week starter handling the Canes.
-- sunsentinel’s ted hutton



It looks like franky is saying that the UM fans on there are making racial comments towards the Latin community. You know, the whole Hialeah stereotype thing...



Frankly Manny, I am worried that you are going all Shandel on us with these extended breaks in between posts.

Please say it ain't so... Sayyyy it Ain't soooooooooooo!!!

the thing about Jackson is not that he's having a down year at the plate, but instead, he had an amazing year at the plate last year. This kid is great defensively but cannot hit and never will be able to hit. He was batting in a lineup last year that was soo deep, they had to pitch to Jackson. This year he doesnt have that protection... This is what he usually and on average will be hitting like, mid- to maybe- upper 200s


(Ryan) Jackson, a first-team All-ACC selection last season and a likely first-round pick in June’s Major League draft, is hitting .283 with 16 strikeouts in 28 games after batting .360 last season with only 25 strikeouts in 63 games.
-- pbpost's jorge milian

I don't understand why we would have hate for FIU. UM's tuition is crazy so I don't blame people for going to FIU. I personally went to UM and I'm still paying off student loans.

Same for UCF, FAU, and USF. It's fun to play these schoolsl; we shouldn't do it in the same season, but it's a good neighborhood brawl type of thing.

UF and FSU are a completly different story. Your schools s*ck!!! If FSU was on fire, I'd happily toss a gasoline soaked rag in to make sure it doesn't go out.


memphis targets Hamilton ...


FIU is a non-entity and should not be mentioned even in the same breath as UM. I mean, you FIU students, pleeeaaase. Enough! I realize you couldnt get into UM, and could have wanted to but it was too expensive, or whatever, but quit b---thcing. FIU cannot compare to UM. In NOTHING. Period. End of story. You are starting to sound like disgruntled, jealous, wannabe Gator fans. You don't here FAU, USF or UCF people come on here talking smack do you?

Hey, I'm as diehard a cane fan as there is but like someone above said, I get money back for going to FIU and at UM I'd have paid 30k a year. I'm not stupid. [And hey FIU IS getting better at football, not that that's saying a whole lot, but as Miamians you should be proud that we have this much talent in the city.]

You know what is stupid? This 86 Cane/Soup/green crap.

I come on here to read about the 'Canes, to see what ya'll think about sports. If I wanted name calling, machismo bravado from people typing away at home I'm sure I could find another site to visit.

Guys, irregardless of who's right and wrong, some of us just don't give a s--- about your arguments and dislike. Keep it on the individual sites and on emails if you have to. All I want is to discuss UM's baseball/football and basketball teams and see them succeed and beat the snot outta UF and FSU.

Anyone else agree with that?

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