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Graham giving football a shot

Jimmy Graham hasn't played football since the ninth grade. But he's not letting it stop him from giving it another shot. 

Jimmy Graham Around lunchtime Wednesday, University of Miami coach Randy Shannon confirmed the rumors we'd all been hearing for weeks when he told reporters during his 10-minute ACC teleconference that the 6-8, 260-pound Canes power forward will indeed be trying out at tight end.

"We will give him a chance if he wants to do that," Shannon said. "I told Jimmy he has an opportunity to come back to school, enjoy the dream of playing football. He's been around, been with the players, Jacory Harris some... with his size and speed he may help us."

The Hurricanes could definitely use the help. UM is not only thin on experience at tight end, they don't have any proven talent aside from Dedrick Epps. Seniors Richard Gordon and Tervaris Johnson and redshirt sophomore Daniel Adderley took the majority of the snaps the spring and looked average at best. Stephen Plein and Billy Sanders will likely not be ready to help as true freshmen. 

Wednesday, Shannon provided some good news when he told reporters Epps, coming off knee surgery in December, was ahead of schedule. "He should be ready for camp, should be running full speed in July," Shannon said. "He should be full speed and ready to go." 

But it's Graham who could be the most intriguing prospect at the position considering his size and athletic ability. Some of the NFL's best tight ends -- Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez -- have come from the basketball court. Graham, who is declining interviews according to UM sports information director Margaret Belch, could be the next one. 

Wednesday, after Shannon's press conference, I caught up with Carlos Peralta, Graham's old basketball coach at Charis Prep in N.C. Peralta, who has talked to Graham at least once a week since he's been at UM, told me the football team approached Graham about giving tight end a try. Peralta said Graham wrestled with the decision for weeks, praying on it for days before finally telling Shannon recently he would give football a shot. 

"First and foremost what swayed him was that he's enjoyed his time at UM," Peralta said. "And he saw this as an opportunity to extend his experience a little bit. He talked about going to graduate school, how he'll be able to be a double major [marketing and business] by the time he graduates. Jimmy always loved football. It was his first love really. The way he and I see this is he gets to let go of more unleashed aggression -- without the fouls."

According to Peralta, Graham explored all of his basketball opportunities before deciding to give football a try. He looked into potential agents and contemplated offers from overseas -- as far East as Russia.

"Options were available to him," Peralta said. "I think the bottomline is he felt like it was a bit of an unknown in terms of environment. Although the money looks good on paper, he didn't know if he'd enjoy living for six months in Russia. That's what it really came down to."

> Shannon discussed a few other topics during his teleconference including his new coordinators, UM's NFL First Round Draft Streak coming to an end and how Taylor Cook will enter the fall as the team's No. 2 quarterback (which we expected). Nothing was earth shattering. FYI, it's likely the last time we'll hear from Shannon until fall practice begins.

> While I realize many of you might have been miffed by my last blog on recruiting becoming a little more challenging locally for the Canes, I want you to know I had several interesting conversations with several UM staff members behind the scenes about it this week. 

One person told me the reason it is getting harder is because of the emergence of more "mentors" locally. These people could be trying to earn "favors" with outside schools. I'm not going to point any fingers (just know I don't write blogs to stir up controversy or to get hits). I've had my finger on the pulse of recruiting here in South Florida for years. Something isn't right. With severe budget cuts happening on the high school level in Miami-Dade and Broward, assistants and people around programs are losing their jobs. Understand there might be a few desperate guys out there trying to find "help." They are beginning to point kids toward a particular school for that reason. UM knows it and they're trying to fight it. It's just not so easy when some schools have something to offer and The U does not want to get involved in that at all. 


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You would have to be completely NAIVE to think Urban wouldn't bolt for his Alma mater...

Posted by: AtlCane | April 16, 2009 at 01:00 PM

And Stupid like U... Bolting to The University of Cincinnati would not be a great move for Coach Meyer ...

Maybe, after next years 6-7 record, U might want to look into hiring the Bearcats Brian Kelly... Now that would certainly be an upgrade.

January 1st 2008 I believe.. a 8-4 Michigan team coming to your backyard as was said going against the all mighty teroid and the trailorvilles..no way FU could lose..41-35..OOPS..I was to busy laughing and making big $..Thanx trailorville..oh and always...CANES5XCHAMPS

And U Must Never Forget...

Intruders Breaching UM's Local Recruiting Wall...

Cover your eyes Canes fans, or just turn away. What you are about to read might burn your eyes and cause your blood pressure to rise. Consider this your final warning.

Outsiders are beginning to make serious recruiting inroads into South Florida. Did you hear me? There's been a breach in the Great Wall of Canes. The green and orange protective layer that used to shield the hearts of players born in the area codes of the 954 and 305 is beginning to disappear like the ozone. And if the University of Miami isn't careful, the hole could get bigger. The intrduers could end up becoming permanent residents.

No, I'm not hitting the Hurtt Alert button because the Gators picked up their first commitment from a Miami-Dade player since 2005 in Ransom Everglades linebacker Gideon Ajagbe earlier this week. I'm sounding the Shannon Siren because I'm starting to hear a change in the voices of the kids from just around the corner. I'm starting to get the feeling the Miami magnet -- the one that always seemed to yank kids in South Florida naturally toward Canes nation -- is losing its pull.

Thursday, The Miami Herald hosted a media day for local 2010 recruits. We filmed interviews, took pictures and I got a chance to sit down and talk with many players (and their coaches) who are part of what is expected to be a loaded local signing class this coming February. One by one, I heard the same answers from the recruits I've heard for years. Hialeah defensive end Corey Lemonier, running back Jakhari Gore, Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Jose Jose and Miramar receiver Ivan McCartney all told me they grew up huge fans of the Canes. But what was different listening to these recruits was that there was no longer that overriding sense that their childhood love for UM is going make the Canes the team to beat in the end. What I sensed was a greater awareness from our local players, that there are more choices out there and just because you are from Miami doesn't mean you have to play for the Canes. It sounded to me like many of them have been listening to the other guys.

And the fact local players are beginning to realize that, should scare the heck out of the University of Miami. It may only be the second week of April -- 10 months before anything becomes official on the next National Signing Day. But there are serious signs the old Miami mystique is evaporating. The truth is outsiders have been working hard to make advances for years, and they aren't just knocking on the door anymore. They're busting through it and really are getting into the mind of local players once considered untouchable.

How else can you explain how a player like Booker T. Washington running back Eduardo Clements (the top RB on UM's board) has Georgia as his leader despite the fact his former high school coach works at UM and three of his former teammates are in Coral Gables? How else can you explain why receiver Quinton Dunbar, who committed to UM last month, decided recently he made a mistake and was reopening his recruiting? What started out with the University of South Florida stealing Monsignor Pace's Kayvon Webster on National Signing Day last February is beginning to smell a lot to me like just the start of a fire.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to the kids themselves. The first school out of Lemonier's mouth Thursday was Florida. He said the Gators speak to him more than any other team. Same for about 20 other kids. With two national titles in the last three years, the Gators have the attention of both Dade and Broward -- something they couldn't achieve before. Even FIU is gaining steam. Miami Springs receiver Willis Wright and 2011 recruit Rakeem Cato both told me, "Mario Cristobal is the truth. He recruits you the way you are supposed to be recruited. We can believe him when he says we can go to FIU and be stars there."

Believe me, I'm not relaying this message so guys like Canesrule and FIUFanatic come over to the blog,(which they will) beating their chest and telling the Greens and SarasotaCanes of the world I told you so (which they will). I'm just saying as a guy who has stood on the recruiting fence for 13 years in South Florida, the enemy is moving in and the battles aren't going to be so easy to win anymore. Consider it a warning.

YoU've Been WARNED !!!

And Stupid like U... Bolting to The University of Cincinnati would not be a great move for Coach Meyer ...

Maybe, after next years 6-7 record, U might want to look into hiring the Bearcats Brian Kelly... Now that would certainly be an upgrade.

Posted by: USS Shannon Be Sinking | April 16, 2009 at 06:17 PM

Great comeback! We'll take that into consideration...

YoU've Been WARNED !!!

Posted by: U Start Bailing... The Water Is Rising | April 16, 2009 at 06:27 PM

Boo Hoo, I'm scared! Say it isn't so! I better get over to Gator Clause and tell everyone who hates me what you just said! Thanks for the update!

Wanna talk about your schedule yet, or is it still too painful (embarrasing) to contemplate???

way up in your head- I'm way up your a77!







i actually liked the 2007 gator bowl. home field, home state, michigan (the team that lost to appalachian state) 48 or was it 58? and florida, with the heisman trophy winner 37 or was it 47? Nice D.

Keep it coming turd fans. U can't carry my jock either
By the way 5 national ch, in 83 years.

And in the history of UF vs UM. Um has beat them more times.

All by a small private school which does not get tax payer money, does not have an on-campus stadium, which is 53 years younger. tsk tsk. How can any gaturd fan live with him or herself knowing that?

Bring it on lame a77es.

Virginia 48, Miami (FL) 0

Virginia embarrasses Miami in final game at Orange Bowl
1st Downs 21 9
Total Yards 418 189
Passing 288 94
Rushing 130 95

ACC ='s 3 Titles the past 28 years and 2 of those were had by FSU back in the 20th. Century... Annnnd U have ZERO Lowly ACC Titles.

Posted by: U Need To Get A Snorkle And Lifevest | April 16, 2009 at 08:39 PM

Guess you don't know much about college football FOOL! GT has 5 National Championships, STOOL!

Keep 'em coming!

So now tell me how Char. So. and FIU were good when U played them recently and how they now suck?

Posted by: U Need To Get A Snorkle And Lifevest | April 16, 2009 at 08:39 PM

Umm let's see. EVERY team schedules ONE patsie a year. We have the Rattler's this year. Let's break down your Patsie schedule this year:

Charleston S.

In-conference: (I understand you cannot pick your conference teams, which is why your non-conference schedule is SO embarassing!)

TENN (Don't even say it, you know!)

You tell me, where's the trap game there? You've spotted yourself 10 games before the SEC Title game!

So if Utah goes un-defeated, that means nothing because you had to play CS, Troy, and FIU???????????


"All that said, The 2008-2009 Champs play in the S.E.C. the Toughest College Football Conference (4 'Ships the last 6 years)there is"

That mantra is old and tired. It used to be true but is no longer in football or basketball. Want proof? ACC had a winning record against the SEC. Your league is top-heavy. After the top 2 or 3, it is mediocre. Your 2nd best team, Alabama, was smoked by Utah. That is representative of the best? Top heavy and hoping that, if it is repeated enough times, the "SEC is the toughest conference" might come true.

Canes used to be the most hated team in America because they were winners for so long. Gators are the most hated team because they are arrogant clowns. Back to toothless-ville, turds.

4th and short against a tired Ole Miss. D and the selfish roid-rager calls his own # and gets nowhere..Wins a Heismen when he shouldnt have and gets crushed in a bowl game and then plays in a champ. that the team shouldnt of been in..He is OVER-RATED you trailor boy..All because Myth does the dirty sanchez..The condoms would of destroyed you..

It's hilarious to hear all U honks talk about how Florida will be done when Tebow leaves. It just shows that you don't have a clue about the team.

Unlike your trainwreck program, the team up the street DEVELOPS players. The guy to step in behind Tim is FAR BETTER than any signal caller on your laughable "depth" chart.

the "gaytors" will win ANOTHER championship in 09 ( 3 for 4 losers) . They will lose massive starters after that to the draft but will still be a top 10 team in 2010. Of course U can't grasp that on ANY level because you are ignorant and myopic.


ONE title in the last SEVENTEEN YEARS - U are a JOKE

2 out of the last 3 and another one on the way.

Get out of the way of the or get crushed U fools

Jaime (miami BOi) is a pole smoker

Five years ago cane fan laughed at GT as sorry. Now the GD fools are talking up GEORGIA FREAKIN TECH !!!! LMAO

It show how far U have fallen when you trumpet GT. The same team that hung FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO YARDS on your HORRIBLE D
(melon head is not fixing this) Your secondary is slow and weak, just ask the GT backs that U were scared to hit.

The only time U should invoke the word "scared" is when discussing your secondary against GT. NOBODY is scared of the U . Those days are ANCIENT History but you keep feeling good about it.

U clowns are also talking up Utah as the REAL CHAMPS. Just another sign of how truly pathetic and beaten down U are. UF was the UNANIMOUS #1 team after beating two #1's and dominating OU in your rental house. Sure it's hard to accept but its the TRUTH.


Posted by: Kehoe's Revenge | April 16, 2009 at 09:33 PM

LMGDAO keep using that name. U are just mocking YOURSELF you clueless fool. I get a huge chuckle everytime you post as Kehoes revenge.

HIs revenge was SUING U you clueless moron, but keep mocking YOURSELF

U s h i t in Art Kehoes eye. Keep invoking his name you GD moron. You are a JOKE

Curse OF- smoke this, punk a@@ beotc--


UF HS 41---- AFTER TWO NAT CH!!!!!!!!










Why is anyone wasting their time answering these morons from Gaynesville. Just ignore their stupid posts here and let them continue to look up to UM cause they will never catch up to Miami's 5 National Championships.

Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | April 17, 2009 at 09:35 AM

UF's schedule?? Anyone??? Bueller?? Anyone?? Bueller?

It was great seeing Kehoe and the other alum at the spring game the other day! Blood is thicker than water!

I find it a bit odd that I can send posts that will get banned from here but yet trailorville boy can go on and on and say and do whatever the heck he wants on here..Maybe what some say on here is true..That guy dictates whats done and said on this blog and is the on that truly runs it..He can make racist comments and still continue to post..Can use racist names when talking about members of oUr team that we all love and do give a damn about..I have been a Cane from back in the late 70`s when I was an early teen and have never wavered I have tattoos, throwbacks, auotographs, pictures all signed by players that have worn the U..Even oUr man SAPP who never signs(LOL)..And a idiot like that is allowed to do whatever he wants while I get blocked for saying things much less then i`ve read from him..Is this really a Cane site or just a place for a trailorville fan to come and do whatever he wants to ruin a blog???U4LIFE!!!

Jaime (miami BOi) is a pole smoker

Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | April 17, 2009 at 09:24 AM

Kehoe, my name isn't tim tebow's d%$k so keep it out your mouth. I left you alone a long tme ago, when i realized that you know NOTHING about football and just preach your hate because you want to see cane fans get all worked up( which in some ways gets you off.) Have a good day i will enjoy reading you having conversations with yourself under different assumed names ON HERE, THE SUN SENTINAL, AND PALM BEACH POST. Your the laughing stock of the internet you clown.


OF course I dictate this thing you IMMENSE FOOL. Look at knucklehead Jaime who locks down his caps key and loses his mind...LMAO

Look at this clown sarasota who spends 20 minutes coming up with personal attacks every day. I'm anonymous. He's not even CLOSE. He's obsessed. He can't grasp anything that suggests UM football is bad. How clueless are you when you spend time every day personally attacking an anonymous commenter. Get a clue fool U are the same imbecile that constantly talks about a weak schedule when you play against a very average conference year after year. BC? Duke? NC state? Wake? Maryland? VT? whatever dude. The whole SOS argument is stupid. The acc is loaded with creampuffs but it doesn't matter. Any 12 game schedule in D-1 is very difficult. EVERY TEAM PLAYS CREAMPUFFS YOU MORON . U laugh at UF for playing Charleston Southern and FIU when you played em last year. YOUR A FOOL Marshall? Cal? Florida A&M? Louisville? Nevada? Temple? ALL UM opponents. ALL EXTREMELY weak. It doesn't matter. This is why you sound like an even BIGGER tool talking shyt. but keep it up

Look at the foamy mouth canesrule who slanders and lies every single day. He's clearly obsessed with Tebow and Meyer (mancrush) He is also quite fond of showtumes.

"Yesterday in Jacory Harris a star was born."

"And when he (Graham) scores the winning touchdown pass against the number 1 ranked Sooners at joe robbie he will become America’s darling. "
Gayer than Easter

Where does kehoe make racist comments "sebastian dalbais" (sarasota)? I don't care if Shannon is green. He has deplorable speaking skills. the guy that makes references to "hired a black coach" can kiss my arse gator or not.

whats a DWEEP? You abandoned the "miami boi" name and switched over to "Jaime" when you read the link explaining how "boi" is code for GAY. LMGDAO

But at least you do admit that "boi" is clearly code for pole smoker

I'm anonymous

Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | April 17, 2009 at 12:22 PM

LMFAO, kehoe your are anything but anonymous. What cracks me up is this guy really thinks that people dont know when he's writing. EVERYONE knows clown!!! keywords to know when its kehoe: marble mouth, puking on yourselfs, foamy mouth, U got no depth, goober, beanpole harris, tool, erosion etc.. etc...

Im starting to think that you have a rivals account because you sure remind of a certain gator fan on there.

whats a DWEEP? You abandoned the "miami boi" name and switched over to "Jaime" when you read the link explaining how "boi" is code for GAY. LMGDAO

But at least you do admit that "boi" is clearly code for pole smoker

Posted by: Hey BOI? whatcha doin later ? Message me | April 17, 2009 at 12:33 PM

Lets get this clear you are the only idiot who has to post under different names a s s clown. I just found a better place to post that is Kehoe free ( and no not canespace.)


I guess only you can use the racist name in here..I tried to copy and paste it twice and cant get anything to show..hmmm..

Kehoe- This will be my last response to you. I'm done with you, losah.

-UF can't carry my sack, losah.
-UF and your funny looking big head WILL not win another NC, and that is despite the easiest f--ging schedule in the last 50 years.

-UF is a dump, Losah.

Ever been to ben Hill stadium people? It's a dump.Never seen so many truck driving, tobacco swallering, hog-tying, cousin marrying, toofesses in my life. The IQ/ tooth ratio was just about even!

Kehoe is one of them lose-rs. He knows nothing about College football, he says the same thing over and over, and he never has an answer to the basic question... Why are U on this blog? Why? I'll tell you. U are jealous. U are pathetic. U are a waste of sp-rm.

And YOU KEEP GOING ON AN ON ABOUT THE GATECH GAME. DO YOU MEAN THE SAME GT TEAM THAT RAN UP 500 YDS ON THE FORMER NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE COUNTRY, GEORGIA? Are U talking this smack on Georgia Bulldog blogs? Oh,no. That would be insulting your own kin. people like you just marry your own kin. Therefore U can't talks trash to them.

SebastianDalbis- You are right. The Herald allows this puke to write anything he wants about UM, and he uses racist commentary on Randy Shannon and has become nastier and nastier, even personal. Some of my responses have been censored as well, but this ulcer of a person has been allowed to go on.

Kehoe, Your ex-boyfriend must have been a UM fan, to make U this mad.\\

You should copy Uncle Luke's line on that new Burger King commercial:

"A booty is a booty"

Go back to your backhoe.

I was trying to post the name he used at 4:40am as just piece of proof of his racism and even tried to paste it on another and both times I was blocked..Someone needs to explain that to us..Has to be something with this guy and the Herald if he is allowed to spew this kinda stuff..No wonder they are losing so many bloggers and Cane fans..I dont know why he is allowed on here I really dont..Maybe its the Heralds way of saying they dont give a damn about the U and their fans..I guess they dont owe us anything but i`d like to know why he is allowed to get away with saying things that we repeat(no that doesnt make it right but pasting it to show he has done it) and get blocked..DA U ANYTIME ANYPLACE!!!



I was trying to post the name he used at 4:40am

HUH???? get off the krakpipe. I do get up very early but it's not until after 5:00. Whatever. You've lost your mind because you are obsessed with KEHOES STEAMER (evil laugh) But please continue with the personal k r a p you rant about even though you're not even CLOSE. Again jakmeat, I don't make racist comments. Randy DOES have a marle mouf. THATS NOT RACIST !!!! He butchers his speaking every time he talks. He works at an institution of higher learning. WHAT GIVES ????

DA U ANYTIME ANYPLACE wow..U need to retire that stupid RHETORIC it means NOTHING

I'm sure you'll never post another reply ever again "JAIME" yeah right.
let me get this right. So you are asserting that because UGA wasn't very good it clears UM from the A S S whipping that GT put on you. LMGDAO Okay fooool.


THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT GT DID TO U .......NOOOONE !! but keep writing it off because of UGA's problems. Typical head in the sand cane fan Maryland got whipped 31-0 last year by Virginia so that means UM's 48-0 LAY DOWN doesnt' count right? YOU ARE A F OOL OF EPIC PROPORTIONS

team A beat team B . the next week team B beat team c

a team that surrenders almost 500 yards RUSHING to ONE opponent is NOT a team that is about to turn the corner.

"I cut and paste but it got blocked...WAHHHHHH" SHUT YOUR WHINEY PIE HOLE you delusional fool

the curse of Art Kehoe:

why are you such an angry piece of garbage Gaytr fan? You are nat. champs, remember? Unstoppable? King of all that is sports? Best footbally team of all time across any league, college or pro? Why the sour disposition? Is it because of Gainesville? is that what it is? Your beloved school is located in a cesspool surrounded by bible-thumpers living in trailers?

I can see why you are so bitter.

UF no longer the number one party school per Playboy.


best team of all time? not a chance. but clearly much better than U in the present. and lets be honest, who cares about what you did in the 80's Only U care.


lets play cane football

anyplace anytime

its all about the U

the u family

ridiculous laughable ancient RHETORIC. NOTHING MORE

what have you done lately besides s u ck ? any place anytime? HUH? do U reallize what a clown that makes U sound like? how about the orange bowl finale for anyplace anytime? What signature blowout losses awaits U this year? Watch OU throw for 400. and then watch randy have a little pisssy fit after. U think a late field goal was bad?

bitter? LMGDAO. nothing bitter about drilling a bunch of delusional cane fans who haven't won ANYTHING in their new conference but feel they are some force to be reckoned with. NO ONE RESPECTS what U do now. U had respect a LONG TIME AGO. NO MORE. ITS OVA

Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | April 17, 2009 at 03:29 PM

UF's schedule this year??? Anyone?? Bueller?? Anyone?? Bueller??

Why is it that whenever I read any of The Curse of Art Kehoe's posts, I envision him being this guy?


Your IP adress is the same as the one that was used at 4:40am and yes thats a racist name and you get away with using it and there is no excuse for it..For the last time this is my same name on all cane blogs..Not anonymous like you have to be..so keep posting the same stuff and take the blog over..there is no reason you should care so much about the Canes..At least we have now 5 sites that have banned you and I dont need to read your garbage anymore..have fun making up more names trailorBOY

"your IP address"??? LMAO

"the same as the one that was used at 4:40am" LMAO again

you're desperate clown

5 sites? HUH???? put down the krakpipe U desperate clown

and while you're at it, try to win the ACC Coastal with an undersized average arm QB. NOT ! GT will run roughshod over U AGAIN. And it will pain me to watch it but it will also make me laugh at what ignorant fools cane fans are

I didnt stutter..on any of them..go ahead and look it up..hell you used the name and should be ashamed you did you racist jackazz..and yes I sais 5 sites you are banned from..which makes you pretty much useless from now on at least for me..Goodbye and goodluck you racist redneck pig..its 2009 moron try growing up and be half-way civil..not throwing around racial slurs that can be posted only by you..

This USE to be a good site. In the last day, not one mention or talk about recruits, current memebers, or even the ACC, just all this BS.....Manny, take control of your Blog!

can U queers stop talkin smack and talk about um for a change this is a um blog who gives a sh1t if some loser comes on here talkin about the gators who cares! take the lil kid stuff to aim or something! dam a fan cant even come on a blog bout their team nemore cuz u punks keep tlkin smack back n forth. grow up

Still laughing at kehoe. Funniest thing on the web.

The Curse of Art Kehoe:

you are a bitter 'billy. No one brings up the past more than moron Gaytr fans, i.e. "Thug U", etc. But if Canes fans bring it up, it is taboo? Can we bring up Charley Pell and how your team sucked ass for 25 years until Superior came in? And you will suck ass for another 25 years when T-Bag and Meyer leave next year.

Seriously, Gaytr athletics, except your hoops and baseball teams, are the greatest of all time pro or college. Really. You are. No question. The best. Man, let's just fast forward to the 2020 season and give the Gaytrs 12 national championships.

I understand that UM just picked up another commitment in the Gators'/FSU's backyard, DT/OT Tavadis Glenn (Jax., Terry Parker). Glenn is on the Rivals 250 and ESPN Watch 150 lists, and is 6'6".

I understand that UM just picked up another commitment in the Gators'/FSU's backyard, DT/OT Tavadis Glenn (Jax., Terry Parker). Glenn is on the Rivals 250 and ESPN Watch 150 lists, and is 6'6".

Posted by: Windy1 | April 17, 2009 at 07:29 PM


I was just coming on here to ask Manny if he knew anything about it because its all over rivals. This should sure up louis nix for sure. Randy his sure picking and chossing who he wants in northern Florida aka fsu and uf's backyard.

Go Canes

per rivals,

Jacksonville (FL) Terry Parker High School lineman Tavadis Glenn has never stepped foot on the University of Miami's campus.

But he says he decided to commit to UM two days ago because "They made me feel at home."

Glenn says Cane coache stuck by him after he suffered a hip injury in a car accident a month ago. He says he was run down by a car and hit.

"It's not bad," Glenn said. "I'll be good in six weeks.

"But with me being injured some schools took offers off the table. Miami coaches, they were straight up with me, said the offer is still on the table."

The 6-foot-5, 265-pounder called up Cane coach Clint Hurtt on Wednesday to give him the news.

"He said the offer was still on the table, to take it," Glenn said. "I told him `I want to commit right now.'"

Asked what schools he chose UM over, Glenn says, "There are no other schools. I'm done considering other schools."

Among his 15 scholarship offers were LSU, Florida, South Carolina, USC and LSU.

"I'm not considering anyone else - it's solid," he says.

Glenn also has a relationship with another committed lineman - Louis Nix.

"(We) have a close relationship," Glenn said. "We've been rivals since 8th grade. We play the same position, but that's a good thing. We're the same type of athlete."

Nix told CaneSport Friday night that the new commitment firms up his commitment to Miami, which he previously said was very soft.

"Yes it does," Nix says. "I just got off the phone with him. We're real good friends. I'm real excited about it. He's going to school with me. We'll play together."

Glenn's goal at Miami?

"To graduate with a business degree and go to the NFL," he says.

Glenn says he is being recruited on both sides of the ball by Miami - as a defensive tackle and offensive lineman. He plays both ways in high school. Last year he finished with 40 tackles, 17 for losses, with six sacks and a field goal block.

He's started since his freshman year.

"I'll play whichever position works out, but I do prefer defense," Glenn says.

The Curse of Art Kehoe:

you are a bitter 'billy. No one brings up the past more than moron Gaytr fans, i.e. "Thug U", etc. But if Canes fans bring it up, it is taboo? Can we bring up Charley Pell and how your team sucked ass for 25 years until Superior came in? And you will suck ass for another 25 years when T-Bag and Meyer leave next year.

HUh? double huh?

first of all jakazz. I have NEVER said "thug U" I continually credit randy and the program for cleaning that crap up. Regardless of what I say, people will always call you thug U. That's the downside of embracing it for decades. I know it doesn't it exist anymore but people will always say it. TOUGH COOKIE. So don't give me any "thug U" bull shyt

Second Meyer isn't going anywhere FOOL. and when tebow leaves the guy behind him is the REAL DEAL. but you wouldn't know that because you are clueless about UF football.

You always talk about the past. ITS ALL U HAVE your future is horrible. YOU DON"T DEVELOP ANYTHING. It's U clowns that scream daily...FIVE SHIPS..that and a dollar willget you a cheeseburger in 2009 FOOL.

t-bag and meyer leave next year?....U ARE A CLOWN. Meyers next stop will be in New England in the NFL FOOL. He will NEVER go to Notre dame regardless of what you tools think. He HAS SAID THAT EXACTLY. just because you morons twist his ND is my dream job statement doesn't mean it has ANY cred. U are a fOOL>

anyway, ip search this U clueless fool

This USE to be a good site. In the last day, not one mention or talk about recruits, current memebers, or even the ACC, just all this BS.....Manny, take control of your Blog!
Posted by: DA U N Houston | April 17, 2009 at 04:30 PM

This USE to be a good site. In the last day, not one mention or talk about recruits, current memebers, or even the ACC, just all this BS.....Manny, take control of your Blog!
Posted by: DA U N Houston | April 17, 2009 at 04:30 PM

This USE to be a good site. In the last day, not one mention or talk about recruits, current memebers, or even the ACC, just all this BS.....Manny, take control of your Blog!
Posted by: DA U N Houston | April 17, 2009 at 04:30 PM

This USE to be a good site. In the last day, not one mention or talk about recruits, current memebers, or even the ACC, just all this BS.....Manny, take control of your Blog!
Posted by: DA U N Houston | April 17, 2009 at 04:30 PM

Somebody block that Kehoe dude. Please. What garbage.

JRReed: excellent post dude. See, recruits from Jax Going to the U. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! FSU is losing its grip on North Florida!! The sky is falling!

That's an excellent commitment. Keep em' coming Randy.

JR REED:thanx for the info. this is great news we basically filled up our d/l and should keep louis nix.well since ppl are coming into our backyard i guess THE U should do the same.

i meant d/t as long as they stay a strong commit

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