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Intruders breaching UM's local recruiting wall

Cover your eyes Canes fans, or just turn away. What you are about to read might burn your eyes and cause your blood pressure to rise. Consider this your final warning.

Outsiders are beginning to make serious recruiting inroads into South Florida. Did you hear me? There's been a breach in the Great Wall of Canes. The green and orange protective layer that used to shield the hearts of players born in the area codes of the 954 and 305 is beginning to disappear like the ozone. And if the University of Miami isn't careful, the hole could get bigger. The intrduers could end up becoming permanent residents.

No, I'm not hitting the Hurtt Alert button because the Gators picked up their first commitment from a Miami-Dade player since 2005 in Ransom Everglades linebacker Gideon Ajagbe earlier this week. I'm sounding the Shannon Siren because I'm starting to hear a change in the voices of the kids from just around the corner. I'm starting to get the feeling the Miami magnet -- the one that always seemed to yank kids in South Florida naturally toward Canes nation -- is losing its pull.

Thursday, The Miami Herald hosted a media day for local 2010 recruits. We filmed interviews, took pictures and I got a chance to sit down and talk with many players (and their coaches) who are part of what is expected to be a loaded local signing class this coming February. One by one, I heard the same answers from the recruits I've heard for years. Hialeah defensive end Corey Lemonier, running back Jakhari Gore, Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Jose Jose and Miramar receiver Ivan McCartney all told me they grew up huge fans of the Canes. But what was different listening to these recruits was that there was no longer that overriding sense that their childhood love for UM is going make the Canes the team to beat in the end. What I sensed was a greater awareness from our local players, that there are more choices out there and just because you are from Miami doesn't mean you have to play for the Canes. It sounded to me like many of them have been listening to the other guys.

And the fact local players are beginning to realize that, should scare the heck out of the University of Miami. It may only be the second week of April -- 10 months before anything becomes official on the next National Signing Day. But there are serious signs the old Miami mystique is evaporating. The truth is outsiders have been working hard to make advances for years, and they aren't just knocking on the door anymore. They're busting through it and really are getting into the mind of local players once considered untouchable.

How else can you explain how a player like Booker T. Washington running back Eduardo Clements (the top RB on UM's board) has Georgia as his leader despite the fact his former high school coach works at UM and three of his former teammates are in Coral Gables? How else can you explain why receiver Quinton Dunbar, who committed to UM last month, decided recently he made a mistake and was reopening his recruiting? What started out with the University of South Florida stealing Monsignor Pace's Kayvon Webster on National Signing Day last February is beginning to smell a lot to me like just the start of a fire.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to the kids themselves. The first school out of Lemonier's mouth Thursday was Florida. He said the Gators speak to him more than any other team. Same for about 20 other kids. With two national titles in the last three years, the Gators have the attention of both Dade and Broward -- something they couldn't achieve before. Even FIU is gaining steam. Miami Springs receiver Willis Wright and 2011 recruit Rakeem Cato both told me, "Mario Cristobal is the truth. He recruits you the way you are supposed to be recruited. We can believe him when he says we can go to FIU and be stars there."

Believe me, I'm not relaying this message so guys like Canesrule and FIUFanatic come over to the blog,(which they will) beating their chest and telling the Greens and SarasotaCanes of the world I told you so (which they will). I'm just saying as a guy who has stood on the recruiting fence for 13 years in South Florida, the enemy is moving in and the battles aren't going to be so easy to win anymore. Consider it a warning.

> For those of you interested in watching some of the interviews we conducted, look for the Recruiting Report in our video section to pop up over the next couple of weeks.

BLOG NOTICE: I know many of you have been wondering why I haven't been posting many blogs lately and why I didn't participate in this Tuesday's Q&A. Here's the answer: The Herald moved me late last week onto the Marlins/Baseball beat. It's the result of the loss of four other sports writers following budget cuts last month. 

For now, during the offseason, I'll focus more on the Marlins and local recruiting. I'm going to try and stay on the Canes beat as much as I can between those assignments. But I've got to tell you expect a slow down in production until news happens or football resumes in August. As it stands, other than Canes baseball, it's going to be pretty quiet around UM for the next few month outside of recruits making early commitments. One thing I'd like to do, though, is welcome topical questions through my email as news happens. I'm still going to be talking to sources at UM every now and again to provide you with fresh stuff. But during the down period, I'll welcome topics you guys would like for me to address. It will at the very least keep the blog going.


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you must be second cause I am FIRST!!!

Wow I was over on Canesport and the guys are pissed about this revelation.

I hope UM starts picking up some verbals fast. Either that or we better surely kick-ass on the schedule this year. The top recruits probably won't committ until near xmas time anyway so that gives us a chance to come out the gate 9-1, 8-2. That would definitely help change the minds of the jits in the 954, 305.

haha exactly what manny said, the canesrule, the FIUfanatic and the jackasses of this blog are at it again . . but with a vengeance!!!! way to go giving this idiots the upperhand manny!

All "U" naysayers need to gone settle down.....The "U" will always have south FLA on lockdown. So what if we lose a few knuckleheads so what!!!! Get it through your hard heads, the inmates are runnin the asylum. We will be dominate again real soon.

come on you can't get'em all.....can you?

This article was nonsense. Total nonsense.





YOU ARE LIKE CHICKEN LITTLE. I'M NOT SCARED, NEITHER SHOULD ANY TRUE UM FANS. The U will be back. Even if it starts with the 3-4 star recruits. Need I remind all of you who have forgotten, that in thepast UM hardly ever ranked i n the top 5 in recruiting? It was only until idiots like Mel Kiper and ESPN and Rivals started to gain attention (the media likes to give itself props) thatthis recruitinggarbage gained popularity. UMbuilt its 5 NCs on So fl kids sprinkled with sme out of state kids, and most of themwere not No.1 on the radar. They all went to UF, Notredame, tennessee, FSU, etc.

Give-- me-- a-- break, MAnny.

CHUM--L k my b--lls ya jer--k.

First and foremost; why does the "Miami" Herald have a University of Florida blog? If I am not mistaken it is 343 miles from Miami(UM) to Gainesville(UF). The Herald should not be covering schools not in their market. Let the Gainesville paper cover them. And that blog post Manny linked to on the Gator blog was posted 2 days ago and now has a grand total of 13 comments. Doesn't sound like much interest to me. So their budgets cuts should have included Joseph Goodman instead of people covering the Marlins. Now onto the meat of this story, as much as Manny is probably correct in players keeping an open mind about attending other schools, that is not really news. Do you know how many South Florida kids already play for Ohio State or Rutgers or Louisville or any other school around the nation for that matter. You can go to their individual websites and count the number of kids from the area for yourself. So let's not turn into chicken little just yet.

Since I mentioned three schools as examples, I figured I would go to their sites and see how many I could find.

Louisville has 12 kids from Florida, 6 of those from SoFla and 1 of those is from my Alma Mater, Palmetto.

Ohio State has 8 from Fl, 4 of which from SoFla

And Rutgers has 10 from Fl, 8 of which are from SoFla.

It is common knowledge in the football world that Florida and South Florida specifically is loaded with high school football talent. So players going to other schools has been going on for many years. When Butch came in and had to rebuild after the fiasco that Dennis Erickson left the school in, do you think all the kids wanted to come to a school on probation. Santana Moss came here on a track scholarship due to the probation. We will be fine.


Bottom line is S Fl is loaded with recruits at the running back and receiver positions for 2010. UM is stocked at these positions with great young talent (James, Miller, Cooper, Johnson, Byrd, Streeter, etc..). Naturally it will be a down year for UM in regards to S. Fl's best talent but it wont mean much so long as we pick up what we need at OL, DB's, and TE's, and LB. Its no surprise that Dunbar, Clemente, and some others have backed away and realized committing to the U at those positions very well could include committing to the bench for a few years. Grab OL, LB's, TEs and DB's and we'll be straight. Throw a quality RB in the mix and we'll be fine. Give 18 scholies max and save a few more for the 2011 kids.

This could just be a lull in the Miami effect because of our football failures in recent history. The fact is, with the guys we have now, we have the ability to rebuild that mystique. If we start putting out those first rounders like the days of old, kids will start to think "the U is recruiting me, I might be a first rounder."

I think people are being a little paranoid. As far as Quinton Dunbar? I respect the fact he did what he did. He said after the Bryce Brown situation he didnt want to be labled the same as that fool. He wants to take some trips without being labled the next Bryce Brown. So be it. Next! If we were able to land these last 2 recruiting classes with a crappy record, just wait till we start winning some games. The U is gonna be fine. Little to early to start being paranoid................

I'm not going to give Manny grief about the alarm, because I think his insight is based on a feel that he has worked off for a few years. And, I will agree with others that for the last 4-5 years, other schools have been working hard to get So. FLA kids.

The big difference is that UM has not had a championship in a relevant timeframe and UF has. Add into the gumbo the recruiting chaos that has ensued in the last couple of years and you would have to agree that to kids with short internet attention spans, UM does not feel 'right now.'

That being said, if UM goes anywhere above 8-4 this year and I think we'll all collectively worry less about getting local studs because they'll see Shannon making the turn with the program.

This is crazy, we cant sign everbody. UM will always get their share of Sflorida kids. I am not worried at all, these kids still love UM. They will look around, their kids, they like doing things like that. Their hearts beat for UM. UM will be fine, trust me on this.

These kids aren't making mistakes by leaving the process over until they feel comfortable committing. And like mentioned earlier we are so stocked at receiver and RB it doesn't make sense to go to the U right now just to get to the back of a long line.

We should expect heavy competition with the talent coming out this year. It's logical that schools try to recruit kids from here; this has been happening for a while. It's more a product of huge recruiting budgets and use of technology in the recruiting process than anything else. Recruiters are able to contact kids more frequently and games most games are broadcasted.

Jaime touched on a good point, we are recruiting the rest of Florida well. The rest of the state has great talent and we're doing a good job of targeting kids.

Competition is supposed to make us better, no?

Oklahoma is #3 on ESPN's schools most likely to win BCS. However, they appear to have holes on the 0-line and the defensive secondary. It would be a great win if we can pull off the upset.

Florida is #1, no surprise. I am surprised that Notre Dame is #10. C'mon.

You guys are misinterpreting what Manny is saying. What he's saying is that we're losing recruiting battles and a lot of schools are stealing kids from our backyards.

Yes, with the amount of talent in SoFla and the amount of scholarships available, obviously a lot of kids are going to HAVE to go elesewhere to schools like Louisville and Rutgers and USF. Back in the days the U used to get whoever they wanted in SoFla and everybody else could get the U's "scraps".

Nowadays there is top talent that Miami wants and needs that are electing to go elsewhere to play on saturdays. I'm not refering to schools like Western Michigan that have a pipeline to the 2nd tier talent at NMB or FIU that gets commits from wherever they can...I'm talking about schools like (barf) Ohio St that in recent years has stolen the top players from Hialeah (and btw there are 2 studs there this year) and they got Jamaal Berry from Palmetto, FSU and Bama got some nice athletes from ABC and South Dade, we can't land the kids from Columbus for whatever reason, and now a stud from freaking Ransom Everglades, which is all of maybe 3 miles away from the U, decides to commit to the Gators. I don't believe that these kids grew up in the U's backyard, but loved OSU and FSU and Bama and FU; it's more a case of "what have you done for me lately".

Yes, I know that in our heyday our teams were made up with no-name 2 star kids...but you can't let the TOP talent from your own backyard go play for your worst enemy.

Don't worry about it. You have the whole country to recruit from. Sometimes people in Florida don't realize that there are a lot of people from other states who want to come down here. If you're a student in Pennsylvania or Michigan, going to school in South Florida can be a really cool thing. Take advantage of the location and of the winning tradition at the U, and don't worry about a few fish getting out of the Net.

You guys that think everything is fine need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and need to start thinking logically.
When our #1 RB target goes to a pipeline school like BTW and 3 former teammates are on the team, his former coach works for the U and the U isn't in his top 3....yea, that's a problem.
After the debacle that was Bryce Brown, most of you were saying "don't worry...next year we have Clements and Gainer and Gore and Gio Bernard. Well it seems like Clements and Gainer could very possibly go up north, Bernard might go to the west coast and Gore doesn't sound like the U is lighting his world on fire.

I'm happy to be making inroads in the Palm Beaches and Central Florida areas, as well as Georgia...but it's disappointing to have talent like what we have shun us. These kids are juniors, so probably 16-17 yrs old. They were about 8-9 years old the last time we won the NC and around 12-13 last time we fielded a decent team.

In the long run, I guess it doesn't matter where your talent comes from, as long as your talent wins.

Thank you Manwhorlio for getting my point. I know UM can't sign every single player in South Florida. You can't sign them all. And I'm not saying UM is going after the wrong kids or anything of that nature.

What I'm saying is local kids attitudes are changing. Five years ago when a kid got a Miami offer and they were from South Florida, 9 times out of 10 if the Canes really wanted them, they were going to get them. Now, I'm not sure what the percentage is. I've been getting an overriding sense from conversations with coaches and players (long before our media day Thursday) that outside schools are beginning to really get themselves involved in the mix. UM just isn't going to be able to pop in anymore and say "We Want U, Come To The U" and that kid and coach are going to just melt.

The reality is the world of recruiting is changing a lot and it's beginning to have an effect in South Florida. I think the advent all of these recruiting websites, the camps, the way coaches can reach players all year through the internet, phone calls and text messages has been a huge tool to even the playing field a little bit more. The messages outsiders want to deliver are being received a little bit stronger than they could before.

In that same breath, I think UM's struggles and the fact there won't be a first round pick this month are becoming harder to mask with "Well, look at the tradition." A lot of kids no longer get that special warm and fuzzy feeling anymore when UM offers. At least they don't sound like it. They don't talk about the Canes like they used to. I'm sorry to say it, but it's just the reality. The U didn't lose recruiting battles in its own backyard to schools like USF before. And kids didn't use to talk to me about the Gators first and foremost when I would ask them where they really wanted to play. That's the position UM is in right now. They're in a bigger fight than they used to be in.

This is a horrible blog.

We are losing Eduardo Clements and Quinton Dunbar. WOOOOWWWW! Guess what? The WR's are like 9 deep and the rb core apparently has tremendous competition. These people know these things now.

The bubble is leaking? What about years earlier? Are you telling me Miami has never lost an athlete to Florida?

Your own blog says we are not recruiting these kids hards. Georgia's rb situation is also a little different.

Why are we talking about our grip in recruiting? Geez, I hate this stupid "information."

A good wining season and the wall goes back up. This should not be a surprise, you loose games, you loose recruits.


First off, at this time of the year, what else would you like to discuss concerning UM football? If you don't like it, don't read it.

Second, being 9 deep at the U used to not matter. Kids came and made their bones on scout team or special teams until the guys above them graduated to the NFL and then it was their time to shine. That's why back in the days there was another RB, WR, DL taken in the 1st round EVERY YEAR.

Every heard of injuries?? How did our RB corps look last year? Transfers...it seems like almost every year at least 1 WR, 1 RB and 1 DL transfer because of coaching changes, attitude issues or they just don't want to pay their dues.

No one, especially Manny, ever said that we've never lost an athlete to Florida, we certainly have. But how many athletes from our backyard, the Miami area, have we lost to Florida that we really wanted? Before Ajagbe from Ransom it had been a LOOONGG time. How did FSU and Bama and OSU fare in the Miami recruiting wars? Not very well, until recently. What was once an anomoly is slowly becoming the norm.

When the majority of our top targets mention the U as an afterthought, it's time to start paying attention to what these other schools are doing. And the only way to get rid of these schools is to start winning.

don't swaet it canes fans. The whip is here therefore with some good wins the wall we be back up. GO HURRICANES!!!!

Everybody on this blog has brought up some good points. However, one key factor that many of you guys have failed to bring up with recruiting certain players from South Florida is their GRADES! Some of these players (who are going to some of these STATE schools) may already know that academically they may never be accepted into the U. So, to save face they might say the U is not recruiting them hard enough. Although, these players and the U know the real reason why their not "getting the recruiting love."

Manny, I'm ashamed of you for this blog. This is the type of reactionary junk that I expect from Millian or Shandel, not from a person that actually thinks about things.

Shannon has been in the top 10 of recruiting two years in a row, and he's gotten every S. Fl. kid he's wanted except for Webster (whom we started recruiting late) and Sabino (who said from his junior year that he wanted to leave the state and experience something new). I agree completely with Jaime on this one...these kids are mentioning other schools 10 months in advance of signing day and you're crying foul. Those comments are probably more of a reaction to Bryce Brown than to their true intentions. They don't want to sound too certain about things because they want to be able to change their minds and not have disparaging articles written about them in February.

You can never get all the recruits you want, but locking down S. Fl. doesn't mean getting everyone. It means getting most of the kids that you've targeted, and come February Shannon will have done that. I'd live very much if you'd repost this blog then and see how accurate your "Chicken Little" reaction was.

If we start to win this problem goes away. Young recruits are going to look at schools that win, we have not done that lately, thus the problem. The changes Randy made has us moving in the right direction. There is so much talent ready to be lead and ready to get it done. Offensive improvements are coming in a hurry, that is clear. Nix out of the mix was the best thing to happen, we are going from high school level coach to serious pro level game plan and schemes, that will pay dividends down the road. Die hard Cane fan, we are coming back and everyone knows it.

This is simple. As Al Davis says...

Just Win Baby.

If we win this problem goes away but actually this is a little of an over reaction on Manny's part. Relax people if THE U wins 8 or more games this year, we will be fine. Who cares 10 months before signing day what these kids are talking about.

In that same breath, I think UM's struggles and the fact there won't be a first round pick this month are becoming harder to mask with "Well, look at the tradition." A lot of kids no longer get that special warm and fuzzy feeling anymore when UM offers
Posted by: Manny Navarro | April 10, 2009 at 09:26 AM

Manny, what Miami needs to do is win this year. If Miami can win more than 8 games, and a bowl win, I think we will be just fine. Virus will enter your computers at times, but doesn't mean you can't clean it out.

Computer virus analogy to UM football...classic!


Are you not getting the hits on your blog as before? Those kids are trying to get a reaction and you just fell into their plans.

This is the only thing your entry achieved.

This has been your the most pointless blog you have ever written.

The truth is that UM is still recovering from the total lack of talent that was here 3 years ago. Every mighty problem has down years. USC, OK, AL, etc.

It all cycles. When you start winning, kids want to come. Even when you win too much (like that is possible) you lose some. Kids want to play and they will go where, in their immature and easily influential minds, believe that will happen.

Totally pointless blog!!!!!

Manny, I have been waiting for you to blog, I was having withdrawals. I agree we are losing some Talent here, but it is tough for kids who are stars their whole life to come to a school where they are going to sit on the bench for a couple of years. We have had 2 good recruiting classes and I am sure there is more to come. We will make it back on top. I do not think getting the top level recruits is the most important thing anyways. Look how many highly ranked kids don't really make an impact or never live up to the hype. Perfect example Arthur Brown was a 5-star and I thought as a 5-star you would come in right away and make a difference. It is his second year and still nothing. UM will be back on top soon, and if we lose some guys to other schools I understand everyone wants to win. The program is headed in the right direction, and these new guys will turn it around for good if we can build consistency in our coaching staff.

The situation is Miami had it's down years as seen with their only being one player possibly get drafted. The U play on the field has lead to coaches spreading lot's of stories to get recruits. At the end of the day the U is still the U as seen with the number of recruits that signed last year and the recruits that will sign this year.
Besides it's kind of early to say the U is losing players cause it's so early for recruiting world to say they will a good a significant amount of players they target.

Dah U gon git kidz dat wanna win at University Miami...Jus like we did back in da day. So a few kids wan go play at Georgia, Florida, USF and even FIU...I'm not worried bout it.

I promise U, dat we gon get this THANG right !! Dey gon get dey degree and walk out here wit dat education. Jus like Donna want.



I heard a rumor that Eamanuel County Institute (Ga.) linebacker Dexter Moody, who signed with UGA but was released, may go to Miami. Have you heard anything about this?

Nice work Navarro. Hitting the hornet's nest on purpose is an interesting approach to stirring things up a bit during the "dead season". I like it!

Da "U" can't keep all of em... even
FSU losing kids in the Tallahassee area.. the Canes didnt win back in 80's with high recruiting classes... it's about a kids heart and hunger not a web site rating..

Manny, I have a great deal of respect for what you do for us Canes fans and your blog on here. However, in this case I truly believe that you are making a mountain out of a mold .

Let's keep a few things in perspectives: Shannon is recruiting players that can not only get it done on the field, but get it done off the field and in the classroom. Secondly, as many mentioned on here Miami is stocked in the RBs & WRs area and many kids coming in are looking to start playing immediately. They are not waiting to pay their dues as much as they used to in the past.

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), DB's & OL's are our most pressing needs. Losing a RB/WR here or there will not make or break this upcoming recruiting class. Would we like to have them? Absolutely! Losing them doesn't announce the end of the world.

Additionally, during Coker era, he didn't recruit S.FL as much as his predecessors or should have, therefore a lot of these kids family members who went to other schools encourage them to go to other schools since Coker didn't do his job as a coach.

Moreover, I think a kid should take advantage of their courtship during recruiting and visit as many places as possible, then decide where they want to go unless they know with 100% certainty they want to go to a specific school. Perhaps, what they are doing now is crying out to the U letting them know that hey we want to come to the U, but you're not showing us enough love and that you need to step up your game.

Not winning and not having anyone selected in the first round which has happened in the last 14yrs should tell us Cane fans the type of job that Coker did and Shannon inherited.

It's still early.... let's not jump the gun and make a mountain out of a mold . A winning record with some players selected in the NFL's first round in the next few years will cure all that talk.

Hey Manny,kids want to go to FSU instead of Miami. Wouldn't you want to go to a university that lets you get 2 dui's and still play football? Ask Preston Parker. How about cheating on class tests and only miss 3 games against inferior opponents. Or they can go to the stinkin Gators have 8 arrests on the team like last off season and still be elgible to play? Players who pick the "U"would actually be held accountable for their actions,who would want that? They may even become great citizens in life.

No one said rebuilding was easy. Some teams are simply "The Now", and a lot of kids look at that. This is a reason why THE U reloaded every year when they were on the national scene. We are down, but not out. What we do in our first four games is going to give us an excellent idea of how we'll do in recruiting. If we turn out another 7-6 season then we may have bigger problems. If we turn out an 8-4 or better record then it will be shown that we are on the verge of winning another NC or at least making a BCS bowl.

Kids need to realize talent makes you better. Competition makes you better. Just look at USC, and why they may have not one, but THREE LBs going first round. It is what it is, and we should not worry. Start worrying if we start 0-4 this season.


*Manny... Sorry to hear of the change but it's better then the opposite and it sounds like an upgrade into major sports and hoping this is your chance... GL and I'm sure you'll do well, as you have always done well for us. Just don't forget us when you're a big timer!

Wanted to chime in on recruits to say that the recruits have become much more aware, as to position play time and opportunities to advance. Over the past 4/5 years, other schools have advanced with recorded wins, while we were in limbo looking for answers. Randy's big grab in 08 and 09 is turning away some recruits because of competition is off the charts in certain positions and kids are in the NOW... play me or I'm gone!

Thruth is, all kids want to play in a Top 10 winning program and we are rebuilding and not there yet, but we are close. If growth continues, we will be fine by the end of 2010 and 11.

Some very good points of interest... as to why recruiting has fallen

Bottom line is UM is stocked at RB's, WR's to 2010...
Posted by: JG | April 10, 2009 at 07:32 AM

This could just be a lull in the Miami effect because of our football failures in recent history.
Posted by: oaktree | April 10, 2009 at 08:09 AM

The big difference is that UM has not had a championship in a relevant time frame and UF has...
Posted by: lowdownkinetic

The reality is the world of recruiting is changing a lot and it's beginning to have an effect in South Florida. I think the advent all of these recruiting websites, the camps, the way coaches can reach players all year through the Internet, phone calls and text messages has been a huge tool..
Posted by: Manny Navarro | April 10, 2009 at 09:26 AM

A good wining season and the wall goes back up. This should not be a surprise, you loose games, you loose recruits.
Posted by: Cane75 | April 10, 2009 at 09:40 AM

Good luck... and I'll be reading your coverage on the Marlins!!!


I shamed dat U. Thanks fo tellin all deez fools what time it is !!!

Manny, I hear and understand the alarm that you are ringing, but UF coming off 2 NCs and getting only 1 recruit from Miami-Dade in 5 years is no reason to panic just yet. The Ranson guy, Ajagbe, is a loss but not a big loss because Fla. is so loaded in 2010.

We have to remember that UM has also gone into UF's backyard as recently as this past year to grab some potential stars. For UM's 2008 class, UM got Ray Ray, Dyron Dye, J. Reid, Mike James and several centr/n. Fla. and Ga. players. I wouldn't trade ANY single one of those 2009 recruits for Ajagbe. These guys have already shown the potential to be potential stars. One unproven S. Fla. recruit committing to UF in early April does not a trend make. And as Canatic pointed out, UM's players are producing both on the field and off (UF's roster have longer rap sheets than stat lines).

In spite of what many HS recruits, Brian Butler, Mel Kiper and HS recruiting gurus believe, no HS recruit is ready to win championships and make an NFL roster when they arrive on a college campus. The key ALWAYS has been how the program identifies the talented and hard-working players during the recruiting process, then develops the talent once it arrives on campus.

During the last three years, UM has identified hard-working raw talent, and it has assembled the coaches, culture and tradition to produce potential first-round NFL prospects. Not every young HS recruit will see (or want) that now.

S. Fla. (and the entire state) is loaded at nearly every position in 2010, and UM will be fine as long as it gets certain Fla. athletes it wants, and it will even cherry pick a few out-of-state athletes.

The 2010 recruits have to make a clear decision - go to UM and develop into an NFL star (see 2008 NFL All Pro Team with 4 UM players), or go to UF, win with a gimmicky offense and MAYBE become an NFL bench-warmer.

Posted by: Alex D | April 10, 2009 at 09:59 AM

I would have to agree. OSU picked up that RB Berry because of GRADES. He wouldn't get in to THE U so he wasn't shown the "love".

Lamar Miller is a great example of a true Cane. If I am not mistaken, I read where his grades were not good enough. He busted his butt to get them where they needed to be, and looky at where he'll be going to school.

Let these kids that are so worried about the now go elsewhere. We'll simply cherry pick the guys like the Mike James of the world.


Let's be serious. These are 17 year old kids just playing mind games with the media. Miami is STILL Miami and will lock down the 305.

It's teams like Florida and FSU that should be scarred. No one will out recruit Randy & Co.

How else can you explain us getting Ray Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye.


i don't think its so much we're losing mystique. recruits are getting spoiled. i think Florida uses some shady tactics or they, like, make the kids feel like royalty and call them alllll the time and the kids like the attention. randy might be into a more old fashioned approach, and he doesnt coddle these kids. maybe thats why kids are talkin about how theyre getting recruited how (they think) they're supposed to be recruited. it reeks to me, but this season will go a long way toward getting those studs.

question to manny or anyone who knows: does the program award football scholarships to walk-ons after fall practice? i'm goin to college in the fall and i really want to go to UM, but i don't have enough money. so my plan is to get enough to pay for a semester, train my butt off over the summer and get my body in shape and hammer down fundamentals, and see if i could earn a football scholarship at the U. anybody think this could work?

One thing I want you diehards to understand for a second is that I'm not criticizing UM's recruiting efforts or trying to empower the outsiders. What Randy Shannon and Clint Hurtt did in 2008 and 2009 was very good. But put your Cane pom-poms down for a second and have a conversation. I'm trying to make the point that other schools aren't coming into UM's backyard and playing second fiddle anymore. It's not just based on what I'm hearing from 2010 recruits or the one that just signed this past February. I'm talking about a general change in the thought I've begun to notice in local recruits. The days when it was UM, UM, UM for kids in Dade and Broward appear over. Kids aren't just saying UM is my dream school, I'm heading there. I'm saying the battle has gotten tougher. If UM is going to get an Eduardo Clements or Quinton Dunbar, they are going to have to REALLY fight off the Gators and Bulldogs. Clint Hurtt himself has told me this. He talked about how much more competitive its becoming in South Florida. That's not his fault. Or Shannon's. It's a credit to the other schools have been hustling over the past few years to put themselves in real position to compete for these kids.

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