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Intruders breaching UM's local recruiting wall

Cover your eyes Canes fans, or just turn away. What you are about to read might burn your eyes and cause your blood pressure to rise. Consider this your final warning.

Outsiders are beginning to make serious recruiting inroads into South Florida. Did you hear me? There's been a breach in the Great Wall of Canes. The green and orange protective layer that used to shield the hearts of players born in the area codes of the 954 and 305 is beginning to disappear like the ozone. And if the University of Miami isn't careful, the hole could get bigger. The intrduers could end up becoming permanent residents.

No, I'm not hitting the Hurtt Alert button because the Gators picked up their first commitment from a Miami-Dade player since 2005 in Ransom Everglades linebacker Gideon Ajagbe earlier this week. I'm sounding the Shannon Siren because I'm starting to hear a change in the voices of the kids from just around the corner. I'm starting to get the feeling the Miami magnet -- the one that always seemed to yank kids in South Florida naturally toward Canes nation -- is losing its pull.

Thursday, The Miami Herald hosted a media day for local 2010 recruits. We filmed interviews, took pictures and I got a chance to sit down and talk with many players (and their coaches) who are part of what is expected to be a loaded local signing class this coming February. One by one, I heard the same answers from the recruits I've heard for years. Hialeah defensive end Corey Lemonier, running back Jakhari Gore, Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Jose Jose and Miramar receiver Ivan McCartney all told me they grew up huge fans of the Canes. But what was different listening to these recruits was that there was no longer that overriding sense that their childhood love for UM is going make the Canes the team to beat in the end. What I sensed was a greater awareness from our local players, that there are more choices out there and just because you are from Miami doesn't mean you have to play for the Canes. It sounded to me like many of them have been listening to the other guys.

And the fact local players are beginning to realize that, should scare the heck out of the University of Miami. It may only be the second week of April -- 10 months before anything becomes official on the next National Signing Day. But there are serious signs the old Miami mystique is evaporating. The truth is outsiders have been working hard to make advances for years, and they aren't just knocking on the door anymore. They're busting through it and really are getting into the mind of local players once considered untouchable.

How else can you explain how a player like Booker T. Washington running back Eduardo Clements (the top RB on UM's board) has Georgia as his leader despite the fact his former high school coach works at UM and three of his former teammates are in Coral Gables? How else can you explain why receiver Quinton Dunbar, who committed to UM last month, decided recently he made a mistake and was reopening his recruiting? What started out with the University of South Florida stealing Monsignor Pace's Kayvon Webster on National Signing Day last February is beginning to smell a lot to me like just the start of a fire.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to the kids themselves. The first school out of Lemonier's mouth Thursday was Florida. He said the Gators speak to him more than any other team. Same for about 20 other kids. With two national titles in the last three years, the Gators have the attention of both Dade and Broward -- something they couldn't achieve before. Even FIU is gaining steam. Miami Springs receiver Willis Wright and 2011 recruit Rakeem Cato both told me, "Mario Cristobal is the truth. He recruits you the way you are supposed to be recruited. We can believe him when he says we can go to FIU and be stars there."

Believe me, I'm not relaying this message so guys like Canesrule and FIUFanatic come over to the blog,(which they will) beating their chest and telling the Greens and SarasotaCanes of the world I told you so (which they will). I'm just saying as a guy who has stood on the recruiting fence for 13 years in South Florida, the enemy is moving in and the battles aren't going to be so easy to win anymore. Consider it a warning.

> For those of you interested in watching some of the interviews we conducted, look for the Recruiting Report in our video section to pop up over the next couple of weeks.

BLOG NOTICE: I know many of you have been wondering why I haven't been posting many blogs lately and why I didn't participate in this Tuesday's Q&A. Here's the answer: The Herald moved me late last week onto the Marlins/Baseball beat. It's the result of the loss of four other sports writers following budget cuts last month. 

For now, during the offseason, I'll focus more on the Marlins and local recruiting. I'm going to try and stay on the Canes beat as much as I can between those assignments. But I've got to tell you expect a slow down in production until news happens or football resumes in August. As it stands, other than Canes baseball, it's going to be pretty quiet around UM for the next few month outside of recruits making early commitments. One thing I'd like to do, though, is welcome topical questions through my email as news happens. I'm still going to be talking to sources at UM every now and again to provide you with fresh stuff. But during the down period, I'll welcome topics you guys would like for me to address. It will at the very least keep the blog going.


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I think the problem has come from the lack of production from players at the U, and that's something that should be taking care little by little with the new players and better coaches, but the true was that we didn't have the best coaching staff in the state, and that will make recruits look around somewhere else where they could be more productive with a better staff. Hopefully with an extra year of experience for Shannon, and the new Coordinators our current players can show up and bring the swagger that will make recruits stay close home.

I understand where you are coming from Manny,with the recriting world being what it is many of these young men have the opportunity to hear from schools outside of their backyards. There is nothing wrong with them wanting to explore every avenue out there because some of them want to have that expierence of maturing on their own.

At the end of day the players that commit to the University of Miami and those that want to be there and not just because that were everyone is telling them to go. That way the coaches and players know that we get the besty out of each other cuause they are both there for the reasons.


You better watch out, you said something negative about the 'Canes. Soup, 86 is a 0, is going to delete your post and ban you from ever posting again. You're supposed to say every high school recruit loves us and we're going to go 12-0 this year.

This is such a bullsh*t article to post Manny. Im so sick and tired of having to hear about how bad the shape of things are at the U all the time. Signing Day is a lifetime away and rather than focus on the positives coming out of the Gables (Whipple, wr's, M. James, Jacory,)we have to hear this bullsh*t about how the U mystique is fading and teams are ivading our rec territory. We will always get studs from So Fla just like UF and FSU will always have their area's on lockdown. However, it is foolish to believe we can keep everyone. Some kids want different things. Kids want to leave the area or state sometimes, its a natural thing we've been dealing with for years. Believe me, UF and FSU are pissed they lost Ray Ray and Dye and James, but they are not ready to roll over and die......just like us and the U.


I think this was a great blog entry because it speaks to what we can expect in future recruiting wars. It's not what people wanted to hear, but it's the truth. This type of insightful and 'out-of-the-box' coverage is what Canes have been lacking in offseasons past.

I can't see why anyone would be upset by the truth. The recruiting game is changing and every year there is more competition.

I think someone mentioned that we never lose anyone to UF??? In response I would say Deonte Thompson, Major Wright, and the receiver who went to school with Ray Ray Armstrong (???). Those were all kids we really wanted.

We're always competing with UF, but it's LSU, UT, UGA, and USC who we should really be concerned with. These are powerhouse programs with national exposure and huge budgets. Add the fact that USF, UCF, and FIU will take a lot of would be role players or surprise stars that would've normally landed on our roster.

Thanks for all you do Manny

One championship in the last SEVENTEEN YEARS. You began to erode severely when Donna showed up. Couple that with joining an actual competitive conference and UM is a middle of the pack team now. This isn't a down time, it's the result of a LOT of factors all coming together to knock UM down many notches. It's also called EROSION. Donna doesn't CARE ABOUT 'ships !

U guys look like hambones calling out Manny. He didn't say one negative thing toward UM recruiting. He simply pointed out that it's a MUCH more competitive environment now and kids are looking around.

The whole notion that "winning will put the fence back up" is silly. It's far beyond that antiquated attitude now. It's 2009 people. UM is DONE hand picking.

What about these players? They all have something in common. Dyron Dye, Ray Ray Armstrong, Jamal Reid, Cookie Buchanon, CJ Holton, Arthur Brown, DVD, Allen Bailey.

They all were stud prospects outside of Miami that Shannon took from other top programs. Where is the article on Urban losing all these guys to Shannon? I can count 4 on the list that Urban was after hardcore and they came to the U while we have sucked over going to his championship team. This article says 1 recruit has committed to UF since 2005 from Dade. WTF is that? I just listed 4 that we took from Urban head to head over the past 3 years.

Sure recruits are looking elsewhere and that happens when you go .500 over a few years. Once we start winning games it will only get easier. But the fact that we can recruit with the big dogs after being irrelevant for 4 years is pretty amazing. The fact that Urban has only had 2 commits in 4 years from Dade county shows how hard it is for him. He has 2 championsips in that time and can only get 2 kids from Dade yet Shannon has gone .500 and taken 4 recruits from Gator County and those were kids Urban wanted.

He is not hitting the hornet's nest. It is the reality. Go over to St. Thomas and realize that not one of the kids is leaning Miami. Most of those kids want to go to UF as their 1st choice. UF is hot right now with a top notch coach. UM got a coach who was the 4th choice, who is basically entering a make or break year. Miami needs to win big this year or recruiting is going to get hit bigtime because everyone will know Shannon is about to get fired.

Wow Windy. Nice analysis. Kids that havent even stepped on campus have proven alot. Take the glasses off. Miami lost every Oline recruit they went head to head with UF. Wheeler only choose Miami because UF dropped him.

Also, stop with the Miami being loaded at positions. USC, UF, Bama, Ohio State, LSU and so on are landing top recruit after top recruit while having superior depth.

Mr. 1,000,000 ids and same posts on all canesites..Yes its true we only have 1 but yet have turned out great pros and the trailorville sure hasnt done much..so shut your mr.winkie hole and go back to your Teroid sites..Take a few pulls on the hippy lettuce shoot some `roids..abuse some girl against her will and feel like a true fighting trailorville player..Your run is over...thats not just Liars and Teroids hang-lows smacking your cheeks...its reality

As for recruiting..these are 17 and 18 year old kids..they want to take visits and to be wanted...when we were that age we all were that way..nothing wrong with being open minded and exploring all options..nobody should blame them for that at all...the whole BB crap has taught alot of recruits a valuable lesson across the nation...DAU!!!!

1 ship in 17 years yet Urban can only get 2 kids from Dade. Just curious, what is UF record to UM over those 17 years? Can you say only 1 win LOL.

well UM fans this is our reality, like Manny said we don't have the same mystique that we use to have. U guys are rite we are not going to get every single player we want, but the ones we do want should be saying if a school wants to contend they have to beat out UM. but with all this beeing said it comes down to us winning and putting points on the board then we will get the recruits to change and say UM is coming back. and saying we are deep at a position like w/r or r/b is dumb yes we are deep there but we still have to recruit at those positions jus to be safe from inj.(as some one pointed out earlier) and not to mention depth so when one player leaves for the draft there is another rite there to plug in like USC has it.is this frustrating? yes but UM has to go out and win games and prove that we are on the way back and not all of it is just talk once we do that i have no doubt that UM will be on recruits mind but that won't be unitl january and feb.

Many I understand as a reporter, your task is to create a headline...

But the undertone of this article has hater written all over it.

Why aren't you typing about the fact that we stole some talent from gaytor country just this past class. Why arent you pointing out that the several number of skilled players that went elsewhere, this pass recruting class wern't pursued by da U, becuase of the numbers we already had at RB, WR...

Shannon went for need positions this past year, and the only area we're still a little under the bar - talent wise - from last class was the OL. Head to head, Shannon is one of the best closers out there, and nearly always gets his target.

In addition, everyone knows that Kayvon Webster didnt come to da U becuase he didnt want to sit behind Telemarque, or compete with Ray Ray...

Going out with one of your last few assignments, of covering the Da U with a detour sign posted for all local recruits to see, in their hometown newspaper is cowardly.

Dude, I love the fact that your on-site to give updates when the most of us are busy at work on a regular 8 to 5. But when it comes to you being a fan of the home team....

If your can't provide a positive environment, a have a reverance of your own work, and the ramifications behind it, as a fan as your priority, then its better for you to cover another team like tha Marlins -- who nobody cares about !!

Lets see how much feedback you get o your Marlins posts...

I sense a litle get back to the canes staff for a few declined interview requests or something else deep down inside.

Your wrong for this one Manny!

Lets see:
Urban Meyer
Mark Richt
Pete Carroll
Les Miles
Nick Saban
Lane Kiffin with Ed Oregon
and Randy Shannon.

One guy has one year left and is a below .500 coach with the toughest admission standards. He should be able to recuit with those guys.

are u bashing RS SOUP?

Shannon is a not a great finisher, Miami finished terrible last year. He got the 08 class by signing everyone from NW and signing their former coach. Look at the kids that took visits to Miami in Dec. and Jan. and look who actually signed with the you.

I am not bashing Shannon. He is just out of his league. Miami needs a dynamic coach. The team is bland just like him. He is an excuse maker who fires coordinators every year. He is not ready for prime time yet.

IF SO can U do his job, were U ever put in a position to live up to those type of standards and that much pressure, and was left with garbage? . RS has done alot for UM football he has brought in a solid recruiting class changed the atmosphere of UM. if any one is to blame its coker if coker stayed with the same philosophy as butch davis and decided to go pro, while RS could possibly get the HC job i have no doubt we would be on top buddy. U need to be a realist U. sit here and bad mouth UM trying to claim you know so much but look at what the man came into just shut up. and answer the question have u ever been put into anyt kind of pressure like that.

Soup like I said, the only guys we ended up, under bar talent wise was the OL...

Randy did close on our need positions. Look how much hating went on against Da U, with the the amount of headlines we had over the offseason.

Randy focused on our guys, then went after the best OL talent out there... The big guys like to stay home for their mothers cooking instead of Soup.


YOur a loser. He was on the staff. He coached all the players on defense who happened to be from the 305 and 954. Yet none of them got better. YOur a fool. Keep thinking he is turning the program around. Watch a 1-3 start and a berth in the Boise bowl and blame Coker again. Keep talking about how he played for Jimmy but kids now dont even know who Jimmy is.

For everyone who thinks Shannon is doing such a bad job, i guarantee if you bring someone else into the HC spot thats not family, we won't get any hometown recuits at all...

A true fan will ride out the storm. Im thinking about making a list of all the bandwagon posters, that are making all of the negative comments about Da U; so that I can call them out when we begin performing like the times of old.

Everyone knows Coker passed up on talent to bring in chior boys, instead of recruting ballers an installing rules like Shannon is doing.

Coker was probably scared to step foot inside of Northwestern's & BTW's gates. But Shannon signed several of those guys, and you haven't heard a negative peep from any of them.

Haters be real... Coker didnt produce any first round picks becuase of his own internal fears and hang-ups about our home-town kids...

yea look at andrew tiller stayed at sryacuse with his coach, plus close to home we all know about marcus hall. the only flaw RS had with his first full recruting class was he didn't go after enough o-line i think we end up getting one. but he went at o-line hard this year and it looks like he will be doing the same nxt year. it has been well documented that coker messed things up. i can't stand ppl that bash RS when he walked into a bad situation. if not then why did greg schiano turn UM down he does love getting kids from MIAMI.(if there is another reason why greg did then some one point me in the right direction)

I wasnt talking about Tiller. Lets see Roy Watts, Anthony Morgan, Marcus Hall, William Campbell, Peter White, Sheldon Richardson, Quentin Washington and Bobby Massie. All Oline targets that were whiffed on by the great closer. Now make excuses for them all. And dont forget how he lost Aligian, Harrison and Nixon to UF.

soup: if he was so bad how did jon beason turn out what about dj williams how about kenny phillips or brandon merriwether (sry if i got the name wrong) jonathan vima? in case u forgot he did coach them buddy and they all are doing prety good come on man u have no argument U MAKE YOURSELF LOOK DUMB WITH YOUR CLAIMS. but U are still not answering me. i answered your question now answer me, could u honestly be under the same pressure he is or can U jus nick pick at the things that he has done from the sideline? and please stop defending coker, if coker is not to blame do U think if PETE CARROL would stop his recruting philosphy just to prove ppl wrong? coker did mess it up if not then WHY GREG SCHIANO TURNED US DOWN? and why was it a must for him to recruit outside S.fla? how could he turn a 1967 shelby mustang into a 1993 hyundai? FOOL

Posted by: One championship in the last SEVENTEEN years | April 10, 2009 at 12:21 PM

We have played in 10 NC games in the last 25 years, and we won 5 of them!

Miami is Irrelevant?? Every Gator from Gibby's blog (both of them) has stopped by today to say "hi"!

13-1 stopped by wearing his fake nose and glasses! CLEVER!! No one noticed! (wink, wink)

The fact is Manny, with FSU going on probation, our chances of picking up more Central and North Florida recruits looks very promising. Going 2 out of 3 with the Sanford trio says A LOT about what UM is doing/has always done in the Great State of Florida. And we did it without using any taxpayer money! Oregon has already applied for their share of the Federal Bailout funds, other state schools will not be far behind!

FSU is already on probation, USC is right around the corner, and I'm predicting
2 or 3 from the SEC in the next 3 years (TENN, AUB, LSU for starters)!

As 86 said, way to rile the nest Manny! I'm sure the increased traffic to your blog doesn't go unnoticed by your advertisers, as the Herald struggles to remain solvent!

Go 'canes!

I hate people that defend Shannon but dismiss the 12-13 record. I love people who defend Shannon even he has butchered the QB situation two years in a row. That is Nix's fault right. I love people who defend him when he was the one that hired the coordinators.

Well, if we learned anything from Bryce Brown, its that these early verbals don't mean anything. These kids will come back to their sense, have you been to Gainesville? Seriously, who wants to live there for 3 to 5 years? Oh, yes, Tebow that fa88ot!

HMMM AND HOW MANY OF THEM STAYED CLOSE TO HOME BUDDY? read what i post and what other ppl post no one said anything about U mentioning tiller. did i quote YOU?

i love these idiots that have nothing better to do then bash a man that walked into a bad situiation. i love idiots who think they can coach but do it from there house. i love ppl that talks smack when a person is down but when they stand uprite they run. true coward. UM ALL DAY EVERY DAY NOTHING IS BETTER


Your a fool. Keep listening to people on the blog. Dixon, Adkins, B Johnson, R Phillips, Cook, Sharpton, Moncur, Wesley, Willie Williams, Doug Wiggins, Sharpton, Grant and so on all from SF.

Moron, you will say Coker is a terrible coach yet he coached Portis, McKinney, Gonzalez, Winslow, Shockey, Wayne, Moss brothers, MacGhee, Romberg, A Johnson and so on. Wait they were just talented. Shannon was the only one coaching.

Let me guess Pay. Your the typical Miami trash fan that never attended the university and is too broke to go to a game. Keep watching on your black and white TV and dream of Jimmy.

Well then I guess maybe Onion should turn his back and let his players `roid up and rape women..as long as we win..Or be full of sheyat like Satan or never win a big game like Richt..Oh yeah and Lesley had a great year last year..those 5 stars sure were accurate..and wee Pete will soon see probation and bolt for the pros just before the hammer hits...Yeah I guess Onion Has it all wrong..Our bad..DAU!!!

Onion has it right. 6-6 seasons rule. Maybe he can call all his timeouts in the 1st set of defensive downs this year. Maybe we can fire another coordinator this year.

Must not be the real SOUP..but the trailorville fan taking another identity to find someone to love him

yes he is a terrible coach and i will keep saying it and didn't sheldon rich stay close to home just like i mention marcus hall staying close to home way to find an argument buddy. and another thing coker did do what he was suppose to and that was win with the best team ever but that were it stopped dummy he wanted to prove ppl wrong and just so happened he was the one on the chopping block he coached and never recruited them i wonder who made the switch to d.j. williams going to l/b from fullback.

I totally agree with various comments: WINNING will cure just about anything! put together a winning season capped with a significant bowl victory and recruiting will stay strong. The "play me now", instant gratification mentality throughout this country isn't going to change, so recruits in areas where we are apparently well stocked will continue to be a problem. Unfortunately, few high school kids who have become the focus of national attention want to wait and pay their dues...but that applies anywhere. It is what it is and won't be changing anytime soon. Guys with the kind of work ethic our key '08 recruits have is a rare commodity and makes them a very special group. GO CANES!

It is the real Soup. Come to my blog where all is well. Jacory is going to win the Heisman, Randy is Coach of the Year and a 13-0 record.

Wins will cure these evils right fast my friends, JUST WIN and that wall goes right back up again.

Coker made the switch fool. They wanted DJ to play as a freshman and they needed a FB. Randy has proven to be a great game day coach.

Wow, soup is DRILLING U.

NO Gator fan would know this. Especially me:

Your a fool. Keep listening to people on the blog. Dixon, Adkins, B Johnson, R Phillips, Cook, Sharpton, Moncur, Wesley, Willie Williams, Doug Wiggins, Sharpton, Grant and so on all from SF.

Moron, you will say Coker is a terrible coach yet he coached Portis, McKinney, Gonzalez, Winslow, Shockey, Wayne, Moss brothers, MacGhee, Romberg, A Johnson and so on. Wait they were just talented. Shannon was the only one coaching.

I wouldn't pay that close attention to UM's roster if you paid me. Not knocking them, I just don't care.

SOUP on the other hand clearly knows his UM past. And he is making intelligent points over and over. He see's what a raging dumpster fire Shannon is. He did a DECISIVE job of dismissing RS's alleged recruiting prowess.

Now I know U are full of sheyat...And of course the IP address doesnt give anything away

I hate people that defend Shannon but dismiss the 12-13 record.

Posted by: SOUP | April 10, 2009 at 01:39 PM

Fake SOUP, you spend hours everyday trolling ALL of the major UM blogs. Not that I blame you though, it's been said to keep your freinds close, and your enemies closer.

You want to re-write our history, but it's impossible. We are first in every major catagory used to evaluate greatness.

Forget your homer rants about the SEC, what's your overall lifetime record against UM?? If you are so great, wouldn't you have a better record that us? Hell, we beat UF twice in one season, and once with YOUR QB!

The FACT is, UM has fielded 2 teams (87, '01) that are both considered "one of the greatest of all time"!

Here's a nice quote of yours from Gator Clause:

Dislike is fine, ( I have an almost palpable dislike for FSU and UGA) but dismissing all of UF's accomplishments is another matter. It makes you look small.

Posted by: 13-1LiftTheTrophy | April 04, 2009 at 10:33 AM

I could not agree more!

Go 'canes!

P.S. I'm not canesrule!

buddy he was recruited as L/B of course but they were filled at l/b dummy so he went back to his natural postion so once again d-cord was randy so he oversees the defense come on man

steamer U are not using my jockstrap for a face protectos for your allergies about time buddy.and what about corvin lamb and mark whipple? u keep running from my question like your butt buddy soup


Tell me why UF is cowardly? Why they took Auburn off the schedule? How about Ole Miss? Why not schedule THE U, and why try to back out of the 2013 match up? Why hasn't UF joined the Sun Belt conference? Sure seems they schedule enough of their teams. And especially tell me why UF is only good when Miami or FSU are down?

I think UF is desperately looking for that undefeated season, and know after Tebow leaves, UF will be irrelevant once again. FSU and THE U are on the rise, while UF will simply fall back to where they belong.

Just enjoy your "VOTED" national titles, and the one player that makes your team. Soon he will be gone, and the coach will follow after that. Then what? You think Meyer is going to stay as long as Spurrier did? LMAO!


I'm not worried at all Manny... As it's already been mentioned, this latest South Florida class is one of the best ever and it would be impossible for one school to lock down all of those recruits (do we even have enough scholarships to pull that off?). Moreover, the Canes are loaded at a bunch of the sexier positions (e.g. WR, RB). But besides that, it's still too early to tell; how well we do next season will influence a lot of these younger recruits. IMO we'll get what we need and still have a strong class in 2010, and as the Canes improve, so will the draft classes. GO CANES!!!

First of all lowdownkinetic- Umhasnt won a NC in a reasobale time frame? what do you mean reasonable time frame? 10 yrs, 5 yrs? 20 yrs?

-Nebraska hasnt won an NC since, what 1995?
-prior to 2006, it took UF 10 yrs for its 2nd.
-FSU? 1999- 9 years and counting
-Oklahoma?- 2000. That's longer than UM.
-Penn State? Michigan? Notre Dame? Tennessee? There you go. It isnt as bad as you all make it sound to be ESPECIALLY SINCE RANDY IS DEFINITELY RECRUITING WELL, AT LEAST AS GOOD AS BUTCH!


well i got things to do nice to see ya sarasota cane giving steamer his daily beat down and soup ill holla at you buddy when u get off the U nuts. have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!

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