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Intruders breaching UM's local recruiting wall

Cover your eyes Canes fans, or just turn away. What you are about to read might burn your eyes and cause your blood pressure to rise. Consider this your final warning.

Outsiders are beginning to make serious recruiting inroads into South Florida. Did you hear me? There's been a breach in the Great Wall of Canes. The green and orange protective layer that used to shield the hearts of players born in the area codes of the 954 and 305 is beginning to disappear like the ozone. And if the University of Miami isn't careful, the hole could get bigger. The intrduers could end up becoming permanent residents.

No, I'm not hitting the Hurtt Alert button because the Gators picked up their first commitment from a Miami-Dade player since 2005 in Ransom Everglades linebacker Gideon Ajagbe earlier this week. I'm sounding the Shannon Siren because I'm starting to hear a change in the voices of the kids from just around the corner. I'm starting to get the feeling the Miami magnet -- the one that always seemed to yank kids in South Florida naturally toward Canes nation -- is losing its pull.

Thursday, The Miami Herald hosted a media day for local 2010 recruits. We filmed interviews, took pictures and I got a chance to sit down and talk with many players (and their coaches) who are part of what is expected to be a loaded local signing class this coming February. One by one, I heard the same answers from the recruits I've heard for years. Hialeah defensive end Corey Lemonier, running back Jakhari Gore, Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Jose Jose and Miramar receiver Ivan McCartney all told me they grew up huge fans of the Canes. But what was different listening to these recruits was that there was no longer that overriding sense that their childhood love for UM is going make the Canes the team to beat in the end. What I sensed was a greater awareness from our local players, that there are more choices out there and just because you are from Miami doesn't mean you have to play for the Canes. It sounded to me like many of them have been listening to the other guys.

And the fact local players are beginning to realize that, should scare the heck out of the University of Miami. It may only be the second week of April -- 10 months before anything becomes official on the next National Signing Day. But there are serious signs the old Miami mystique is evaporating. The truth is outsiders have been working hard to make advances for years, and they aren't just knocking on the door anymore. They're busting through it and really are getting into the mind of local players once considered untouchable.

How else can you explain how a player like Booker T. Washington running back Eduardo Clements (the top RB on UM's board) has Georgia as his leader despite the fact his former high school coach works at UM and three of his former teammates are in Coral Gables? How else can you explain why receiver Quinton Dunbar, who committed to UM last month, decided recently he made a mistake and was reopening his recruiting? What started out with the University of South Florida stealing Monsignor Pace's Kayvon Webster on National Signing Day last February is beginning to smell a lot to me like just the start of a fire.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to the kids themselves. The first school out of Lemonier's mouth Thursday was Florida. He said the Gators speak to him more than any other team. Same for about 20 other kids. With two national titles in the last three years, the Gators have the attention of both Dade and Broward -- something they couldn't achieve before. Even FIU is gaining steam. Miami Springs receiver Willis Wright and 2011 recruit Rakeem Cato both told me, "Mario Cristobal is the truth. He recruits you the way you are supposed to be recruited. We can believe him when he says we can go to FIU and be stars there."

Believe me, I'm not relaying this message so guys like Canesrule and FIUFanatic come over to the blog,(which they will) beating their chest and telling the Greens and SarasotaCanes of the world I told you so (which they will). I'm just saying as a guy who has stood on the recruiting fence for 13 years in South Florida, the enemy is moving in and the battles aren't going to be so easy to win anymore. Consider it a warning.

> For those of you interested in watching some of the interviews we conducted, look for the Recruiting Report in our video section to pop up over the next couple of weeks.

BLOG NOTICE: I know many of you have been wondering why I haven't been posting many blogs lately and why I didn't participate in this Tuesday's Q&A. Here's the answer: The Herald moved me late last week onto the Marlins/Baseball beat. It's the result of the loss of four other sports writers following budget cuts last month. 

For now, during the offseason, I'll focus more on the Marlins and local recruiting. I'm going to try and stay on the Canes beat as much as I can between those assignments. But I've got to tell you expect a slow down in production until news happens or football resumes in August. As it stands, other than Canes baseball, it's going to be pretty quiet around UM for the next few month outside of recruits making early commitments. One thing I'd like to do, though, is welcome topical questions through my email as news happens. I'm still going to be talking to sources at UM every now and again to provide you with fresh stuff. But during the down period, I'll welcome topics you guys would like for me to address. It will at the very least keep the blog going.


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Randy has done a great job at holding down and recruiting S. Fla. The problem is he's dropped the ball at getting those 3-4 hand pick big boys EVERY YEAR from out of state over his 4 yr. tenure...

Will it improve ? Do we continue to wait n see and risk losing our hold on S. Fla. ?

I'm old school Miami and I'm beginning to wonder. Yes I know, "TRUE U" is true... But the "TRUTH" is the truth.

This season will be a big step... Forwards or backwards.

IMO that has alot to do with coordinators not established yet..RS is known in the 305..but away from here its a tough deal to see..we need consistency on both sides of the ball and be aggresive as hell..dictate dictate dictate..That should open more of those few eyes we need for out of state...DAU!!!

Soup your right. I live in Sarasota where we marry our sisters.
Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | April 10, 2009 at 04:00 PM

@ 9-4 Will We Be Fine ?

Great point, but theres a bigger picture, that has less to do with Randy Shannon in regards to the offensive lineman.

Here's da deal...

If our local optimist teams would change their rules, and allow kids to make the team based on their birth certificate, and not by the amount of pounds they weigh.

That simple adjustment will give our local big guys a head-start on gathering their coordination allot faster.

Our skilled athletes are ahead of the game in all phases of the game, compared to our offensive linemen here in South Florida, because typically, the big guys aren't called on to participate in organized football until they've reached highschool.

Leaving a massive 6'6 350lb lineman with no athleticism, becuase he's just learning the game.

For that, you can't blame Shannon, he has no choice but to go out of town in an attempt to land a star lineman.

Of which again, is a tough task becuase the big guys love their mothers home-cooked plates...


Big Sonny

I'm just reporting that Louis Nix will be a battle till the end, along with the guys Florida's trying to recruit in south florida including Demar Dorsey and Jaylen Watkins.
I will say this, Florida will land 4-5 south florida recruits like miami landed 4-5 north florida recruits last year.
My first post was about Florida needs to start making a dent in South Florida.
Never was I talking bad about Miami, maybe I should of never posted the part about demarcus van dyke, so just chill out a little bit.


That makes no sense because SFL churns out top DLine prospects all the time. Just ignore that fact because it goes against your point. You would perfect on Canespace.

Fake SOUP...how many have you claimed to block from your site now???...your step-son doesnt respect you..

@ Soup

I bet you never even played football... You have no credibility at all.

I never mentioned anything about defensive lineman out of South Florida, yet your trying to discredit my post.

Coming out of a 3 or 4 point stance to swim move or bull rush a guy is a diffrent skill-set than an offensive lineman SOUP Kitchen!

Ever heard of pass coverage?

MmMmMaybe the reason you like football is beucase you like the Campbells SOUP commercials idiot...

@ gators3xchamps, again eliminate yourself

Manny, I don't post all the time but my screen name goes as Canecern for a reason. I've noticed this for a while. Here's the question I have for Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach recruits. Why do you think schools like Ohio State, Texas and Oklahoma never have a hard time signing local recruits. The answer is that these kids want to win championships for the home grown communities. They want to give back to those who have invested into getting them where they have played and learned the game. Only in Miami do our recruits want to leave and win for a county or state that does not care anything about them. Does anyone truly think that people from Ohio give one dam about Miami? The talent in Florida used to want to win for there families, friends, coaches....not anymore. All these recruits need to look at is the rosters for these schools and see the loyalty they have for there communities. It's a real shame when we read for example that a kids first choice is a out of state school when there local school offered. It's clear that we don't pride ourselves anymore on being the most talented state. I'm not sure where this started; at their homes, coaches. This is what is sad about Florida, we take everything for granted.


Who do those top Dline play against? I guess the fat ones play on the OLine only huh. Let me guess you played HS Football and coach Pee WEE. YOur my idol.

My stepson might not respect me but your wife does.

I have banned anyone that disagrees with the idea the Canes wont be 13-0.

Microsoft is coming out with a new computer keyboard designed just for U Fans ...


What did you jock-sniffer..besides want to be an athlete but couldnt..an end around doesnt mean you switch off and sac slap to have your peeps keep running a train on you...Funny you had to bring up pee-wee ball you binocular peeping perv..


Let me guess. You never went to college huh. Your grammar and spelling are typical of the typical Canes fan, who is too broke to spend the money to go to the stadium. Let me guess the highlight of your life was playing HS football.


You bring up validate points. The reality is that 20,000 show up for games. The so called fans would rather blog and rip Kyle Wright or Robert Marve for their new savior, Jacory Harris.

Went to the wife does card...what page on the 1950 joke book did you find that on..you tool that hides behind other names..step your game up little boy..try being a man for once in your sad perverted lonely life

I am not worried at all, these kids still love UM. They will look around, their kids, they like doing things like that. Their hearts beat for UM. UM will be fine, trust me on this.

Posted by: hurricane 44 | April 10, 2009 at 08:21 AM

Yeah, like back in the 70's ? Ur heart beats for Duh U ... These kids know watz up. U are not trustworthy, objective or relievant.

U are in DENIAL !!!

It's Obama's fault .

UM football is great based on players with a chip on their shoulder. Something to prove. In the end, the coddled stars will run to the true football factories..while the mighty Canes will rise.

Look how we handled the running back goof..let him go to Tenn. and get pummeled. We handled that the way we should.

We are always setting the curve. We did it in 1983 and we are doing it now. Other schools will learn not to kiss all that coddled butt.

No fears! We win they come running!
RIP Coach Saban

O Kehoe, Kehoe, wherefore art thou ? We need U !!!

Please in Ur infinite way, work up a huge steamer and make this all go away !

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... We's be building Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

U Finished.

Hey Manny,kids want to go to FSU instead of Miami. Wouldn't you want to go to a university that lets you get 2 dui's and still play football? Ask Preston Parker. How about cheating on class tests and only miss 3 games against inferior opponents. Or they can go to the stinkin Gators have 8 arrests on the team like last off season and still be elgible to play? Players who pick the "U"would actually be held accountable for their actions,who would want that? They may even become great citizens in life.

Posted by: cane60 | April 10, 2009 at 11:09 AM

Give me back The U Boyz of the 80's and mid-90's and take my chances... And Rings.

walls come down all the time....its how we rebuld it that matters.and rumor is that a construction company is onsite already!!!!!! get ready bishes

This dude Manny is a joke..please bro go take ur gator love and go work in gainesville bro. this dude is pure Cane hater gayturd. Cant wait till the Canes bounce back and get some respect around here..Remember florida is who they are b/c of 1 person and 1 person only, unce tea bag is gone..gates are done. thank u ladies...have fun now...

Shannon went for need positions this past year, and the only area we're still a little under the bar - talent wise - from last class was the OL. Head to head, Shannon is one of the best closers out there, and nearly always gets his target.

Your wrong for this one Manny!

Posted by: Big Sonny | April 10, 2009 at 01:04 PM

And our T.E.'s and L.B.'s are ???

Manny it like anything else they can have who we don't want want. So what they pick up a small linebacker from a private school. We are the U we get the players we want not who wants us !!!

Randy did close on our need positions. Look how much hating went on against Da U, with the the amount of headlines we had over the offseason.

Randy focused on our guys, then went after the best OL talent out there... The big guys like to stay home for their mothers cooking instead of Soup.

Posted by: Big Sonny | April 10, 2009 at 01:17 PM


Did I hear someone mention Demar Dorsey?

This is from inside the U:

Boyd Anderson defensive back Demar Dorsey (6-1, 175) opened eyes in the recruiting world when he clocked a ridiculous 4.25 40 yard dash at the Under-Armour Combine in Orlando back in January.

Dorsey has always been regarded as a freak athlete on the combine circuit, but one of the knocks on Dorsey’s game is that people say he’s an athlete playing football.

Dorsey had a brief but clear message for his critics.

“I would say that I’m an athlete and a football player, and that’s the best combination,” Dorsey said.

Due to his size and his freakish athleticism, it is unclear what position Dorsey projects at in college but he thinks he has it figured out.

“It doesn’t matter to me because I can play both (cornerback and safety) but my best position is safety,” Dorsey said. “Colleges are just looking at me as a defensive back because I played corner my sophomore year and safety my junior year.”

Dorsey is extremely confident in his abilities on the field, as he sees himself as a combination of three NFL stars rolled into one.

“I like to watch Devin Hester, Ed Reed, and Asante Samuel,” Dorsey said. “I think I have the speed of Devin Hester and the ball skills of Ed Reed and Asante Samuel.”

Speaking of speed, Dorsey is also a star on the track circuit where he has posted some very impressive times so far in the first half of the season.

“Track is going good right now, my events are the 100 meters, the 4 by 100 (relay), and the 200 meters,” Dorsey said. “I have ran 10.5 (seconds) in the 100 meters, our relay team is the 3rd fastest in the state right now, and I ran 21.4 (seconds) in the 200 meters.”

Dorsey jumped on an early offer from Florida and committed to the Gators back in October when he was relatively unknown. He has picked up plenty of offers since then, and he talked about where he stands with recruiting right now.

“I’m still committed to Florida but I’m looking around,” Dorsey said. “I’m also looking at South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Florida State, North Carolina, Alabama, and Ole Miss.”

Dorsey went on to talk about what has him re-thinking his Florida commitment and looking at some other options.

“The reason I’m not real sure about Florida is their depth chart,” Dorsey said. “I’m trying to make an impact my first year and playing early is important to me.”

Dorsey said that Miami is also a school he is interested in, and he talked about where he stands with the Hurricanes.

“I have an offer from Miami and that was one of my first two scholarships that I got back in like my tenth grade year,” Dorsey said. “I’m interested in Miami because they create great defensive backs, their school is known for that and they have a lot of players impacting the draft. I like their school education wise and I talked to Coach Shannon before. Miami has been talking to me a lot and sending me letters and stuff asking me to come down there and I got to visit their campus.”

It is Dorsey’s relationship with current Cane and former Boyd Anderson Cobra, Joe Wylie, that could help Miami’s chances.

“I talk to Joe Wylie a lot and he has been talking up Miami all the time to some of the kids at Boyd Anderson,” Dorsey laughed.

Dorsey finished his junior season with 82 tackles and 5 interceptions, and he said he plans to visit Texas, USC, and West Virginia sometime this summer.

Florida's going to stay on top for a while, justonewk, I know we can't stay on top forever, so here's a question for cane fans.
In two years when Jacory Harris is a junior and John Brantley is a RJunior, who would win?
Suriously, a real answer.

Our WR's Backs and D-line are fine... Other than Spence where are the "playmaking" LB's D-Dacks and TE's that we pumped into the pros for years ?

OL will eventually gell under a stable system. But ballhawks don't. They have it or they don't. Points ? Hell we have too much trouble stopping teams... We shall see early next year.

Damn I'm sick of this Sh*t !

i hate all the talk. good and bad. i cant wait for the season.








Miami fans shouldn't worry about Florida, they need to worry about South Florida, FIU, FAU, and Central Florida.
Florida's going to be on top for a while.

Florida's going to stay on top for a while, justonewk, I know we can't stay on top forever, so here's a question for cane fans.
In two years when Jacory Harris is a junior and John Brantley is a RJunior, who would win?
Suriously, a real answer.

Posted by: gators3xchamps | April 10, 2009 at 07:32 PM

If both teams play to their potential/projected ability, it would be to close to call. It would be one of the biggest rivalry games in state history!

Go 'canes!

Who the hell ever said we were worried about your trailor park azzez..Youre over here bugging us you F`n idiot so who is worrying about who slappy...Go to the FIU blog and get hyped for the game you have with them this year...CANES5XCHAMPS

Straight up question: Does the Herald have a Seminole blog?? I never see their fan's on here!

Steamer your ESPN schtick the other day was classic! As college football goes, UM and ESPN have been about as good for each other as any team/network relationship can be! Once again, welcome UF, what took you so long? We were busting your Raycom broadcasts ten years ago!

The SEC might have a new contract with ESPN, but make no mistake, Miami is their darling!

Jeff Luc will be the number one player in the state, do you guys think he'll stay in state?


Are you serious! Players don't want to come here because of shootings! Son, we've been having shootings for a really long time. We had shootings all through the 80's and 90's. If you take a walk through a Miami HS parking lot, you'll realize we'll be having shootings for a real long time. What parent wants to send their athlete to a school with criminals! Most, as long as they can win and make it to the league.

It's sad but true, homie.

Randy Shannon has been able to recruit well after disappointing seasons. This leads me to believe that a good season in 2009 will lead to a great recruiting year.

The question is...how will he do if we don't win this year? I'm not sure; I don't even know if he should be allowed to retain his job. I guess it really depends on who else is out there.

IMO, no problems if we win in 2009. A bad 2009 could haunt us for a long time.

When it comes down to the day he signs IMO it is in state

Any `Cane know much about Johnathon Ragoo?? I was told hes about 6'6 around 330 O lineman we offered out of Monsignor Pace?? Sounds like a damn big dude

January 5, 2010. Story by Associated Press.

Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald wins the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism for his April 10, 2009 expose which revealed the shocking story that high school football players are easier to recruit when you have a winning program.

Navarro crafted the astonishing analysis that the University of Miami had an easier time recruiting local players when they were winning 11 games per season, than they did after losing 18 games in 3 seasons. He also formulated the startling hypothesis that local recruits were actually more likely to commit to Miami when UM was setting records for dominating the NFL draft, than after a year where no player was expected to be drafted in the top 4 rounds.

These conclusions clearly illustrate Mr. Navarro's superior insight of the sport he covered for nearly 2 full years. As a result of this amazing journalistic accomplishment, Navarro has signed a 10 year deal as ESPN's leading college football analyst.

Tell me why UF is cowardly? Why they took Auburn off the schedule? How about Ole Miss? Why not schedule THE U, and why try to back out of the 2013 match up? Why hasn't UF joined the Sun Belt conference? Sure seems they schedule enough of their teams. And especially tell me why UF is only good when Miami or FSU are down?

I think UF is desperately looking for that undefeated season, and know after Tebow leaves, UF will be irrelevant once again. FSU and THE U are on the rise, while UF will simply fall back to where they belong.

Just enjoy your "VOTED" national titles, and the one player that makes your team. Soon he will be gone, and the coach will follow after that. Then what? You think Meyer is going to stay as long as Spurrier did? LMAO!


Posted by: 360Cane | April 10, 2009 at 02:15 PM

is this a serious comment? Next time educate yourself on how conference rotations work before commenting. UF has no say in who they play out of the SEC west outside of LSU who is on their west conference rival.

Dateline April 10, 2010.

Manny "Scoop" Navarro follows up his landmark blog entry of a year ago with the mind-boggling revelation that the college football team that scores the most points wins the game 100% of the time.

In a related story, Einstein's grandson has declared that water is actually wet, and the Earth is not flat.

You know nothing about Da U, and the history of our players.

Posted by: Big Sonny | April 10, 2009 at 05:05 PM

U got Ur life vest on ?

Oh but I do ... And I'm actually starting to feel sorry for U .

*** At the very least, sit on the bow and hold on to the engine***

Last year several cCane's games were on
ESPNU which Comcast does not carry in South
Florida. If everyoen who wnnts toi see the
Canes on ESPNU please call Comcast at
877-380-7519 and tell them. Direct TV and
Dish TV as wel as Verizon have ESPNU but my Condo onlyhas Comcas


Hit this in the locker room before games and we'll be back U boyz

Trust in The U !!!


or there is always this one ...

remember, Manny told U to cover Ur eyes ...

I suggest U cover Ur ears now...

Now if U'd just quit speaking U'll be 3 for 3 ...

U get some sleep and remember the first thought in Ur head tomorrow morning.

.500 football

Keepin' it real . . .

Yeah, the truth hurts.


Thanks for reminding me how clueless you are. Stick to high school football before they can you too.

Miami Marlins WIN !!!

See U @ the ol O.B. in 2012

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