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Intruders breaching UM's local recruiting wall

Cover your eyes Canes fans, or just turn away. What you are about to read might burn your eyes and cause your blood pressure to rise. Consider this your final warning.

Outsiders are beginning to make serious recruiting inroads into South Florida. Did you hear me? There's been a breach in the Great Wall of Canes. The green and orange protective layer that used to shield the hearts of players born in the area codes of the 954 and 305 is beginning to disappear like the ozone. And if the University of Miami isn't careful, the hole could get bigger. The intrduers could end up becoming permanent residents.

No, I'm not hitting the Hurtt Alert button because the Gators picked up their first commitment from a Miami-Dade player since 2005 in Ransom Everglades linebacker Gideon Ajagbe earlier this week. I'm sounding the Shannon Siren because I'm starting to hear a change in the voices of the kids from just around the corner. I'm starting to get the feeling the Miami magnet -- the one that always seemed to yank kids in South Florida naturally toward Canes nation -- is losing its pull.

Thursday, The Miami Herald hosted a media day for local 2010 recruits. We filmed interviews, took pictures and I got a chance to sit down and talk with many players (and their coaches) who are part of what is expected to be a loaded local signing class this coming February. One by one, I heard the same answers from the recruits I've heard for years. Hialeah defensive end Corey Lemonier, running back Jakhari Gore, Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Jose Jose and Miramar receiver Ivan McCartney all told me they grew up huge fans of the Canes. But what was different listening to these recruits was that there was no longer that overriding sense that their childhood love for UM is going make the Canes the team to beat in the end. What I sensed was a greater awareness from our local players, that there are more choices out there and just because you are from Miami doesn't mean you have to play for the Canes. It sounded to me like many of them have been listening to the other guys.

And the fact local players are beginning to realize that, should scare the heck out of the University of Miami. It may only be the second week of April -- 10 months before anything becomes official on the next National Signing Day. But there are serious signs the old Miami mystique is evaporating. The truth is outsiders have been working hard to make advances for years, and they aren't just knocking on the door anymore. They're busting through it and really are getting into the mind of local players once considered untouchable.

How else can you explain how a player like Booker T. Washington running back Eduardo Clements (the top RB on UM's board) has Georgia as his leader despite the fact his former high school coach works at UM and three of his former teammates are in Coral Gables? How else can you explain why receiver Quinton Dunbar, who committed to UM last month, decided recently he made a mistake and was reopening his recruiting? What started out with the University of South Florida stealing Monsignor Pace's Kayvon Webster on National Signing Day last February is beginning to smell a lot to me like just the start of a fire.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to the kids themselves. The first school out of Lemonier's mouth Thursday was Florida. He said the Gators speak to him more than any other team. Same for about 20 other kids. With two national titles in the last three years, the Gators have the attention of both Dade and Broward -- something they couldn't achieve before. Even FIU is gaining steam. Miami Springs receiver Willis Wright and 2011 recruit Rakeem Cato both told me, "Mario Cristobal is the truth. He recruits you the way you are supposed to be recruited. We can believe him when he says we can go to FIU and be stars there."

Believe me, I'm not relaying this message so guys like Canesrule and FIUFanatic come over to the blog,(which they will) beating their chest and telling the Greens and SarasotaCanes of the world I told you so (which they will). I'm just saying as a guy who has stood on the recruiting fence for 13 years in South Florida, the enemy is moving in and the battles aren't going to be so easy to win anymore. Consider it a warning.

> For those of you interested in watching some of the interviews we conducted, look for the Recruiting Report in our video section to pop up over the next couple of weeks.

BLOG NOTICE: I know many of you have been wondering why I haven't been posting many blogs lately and why I didn't participate in this Tuesday's Q&A. Here's the answer: The Herald moved me late last week onto the Marlins/Baseball beat. It's the result of the loss of four other sports writers following budget cuts last month. 

For now, during the offseason, I'll focus more on the Marlins and local recruiting. I'm going to try and stay on the Canes beat as much as I can between those assignments. But I've got to tell you expect a slow down in production until news happens or football resumes in August. As it stands, other than Canes baseball, it's going to be pretty quiet around UM for the next few month outside of recruits making early commitments. One thing I'd like to do, though, is welcome topical questions through my email as news happens. I'm still going to be talking to sources at UM every now and again to provide you with fresh stuff. But during the down period, I'll welcome topics you guys would like for me to address. It will at the very least keep the blog going.


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I agree with you, Manny. But I also believe strongly if Shannon gets the Canes winning consistently again then the holes in the wall get repaired.

Last year right before we got throttled by G. Tech there was a sense of the hype and old swagger returning. Excitement was in the air and the media was trying to exploit that little spark.

I'm confident the local boyz will feel it again if and when we start winning big again. Once the media hype machine gets really rolling the magnet will be recharged, and it's a more powerful magnet then Florida or FSU can ever have.

Florida's been winning and people like to be associated with a winner--no doubt. But there is no sense of mystique to that program and I've never sensed the swagger and fear by opposing teams that the Miami teams of the past have been able to project. Matter of fact USC comes closer to Miami in that respect. Their is no depth to the Gator magnet.

U stay tuned, now, ya hear ?

Eduardo clements does not list the U high on his list for the same reason Bryce Brown didnt come here and that is because we have Coop, James and Mike James and Lamar Miller already here. Runing backs and recievers want to be the man and with too much skill position tallent top players in these areas will not likely go to teams already deep with talent in their position of play. The U will be allright.

...and this just in...

it's over, UM. It's truly over. U aren't even the best school in the city of Miami. UM students, they are stealing your money!

Manny .....


" UM PIERCES THE VEIL OF GATOR NATION" UM signs several Recruits from Central Florida in 2009 !!!!

Ray Ray and Dye were AWFUL proud to throw up the U on National TV right in the Turds backyard ... And there are many more just like them ...

Come on up to Palm Beach County sometime Manny and find out How the U is winning recruiting in the Muck and the rest of the county.

Cuts both ways bro' .....

The University of Miami's football program has had great success in producing players who go on to the National Football League. This remarkable pipeline from the University of Miami to the NFL has led to the university being dubbed "NFL U", and the predominant role of Miami alumni in the NFL has been the subject of numerous national sports media articles. As of the 2006 season, the University of Miami has more of its alumni on active NFL rosters than any other college or university in the nation.

The Hurricanes hold the record for most players selected in the first round in a single draft (6, in 2004); most first-round draft picks in a two-year period (11, from 2003 to 2004); most first-round draft picks in a three-year period (15, from 2002 through 2004); and most first-round picks in a four-year period (19, from 2001 through 2004). For the past 14 years, from 1994 through 2008, Miami has had at least one player selected in the first round of the NFL draft, a record unmatched by any other college or university.
This is what should make any high school kid want to come to play at UM - why some kid would go to USF instead of Miami is beyond me? But at the end of the day, we will get some good kids from Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, and we will continue to bring others in from around the country, we have a strong team that is maturing and the players we have now will bring the U back to where we belong, i.e., the top! These kids can listen to the pitch from the other schools, but if they have aspirations of playing in the NFL, then UM should always be at the top of their list...end of conversation.

Hirricanes in the NFL today"

Baraka Atkins (defensive end)
Jon Beason (linebacker)
Brock Berlin (quarterback)
Phillip Buchanon (cornerback)
Rashad Butler (offensive tackle)
Calais Campbell (defensive end)
Vernon Carey (offensive tackle)
Najeh Davenport (running back)
Ken Dorsey (quarterback)
Jeff Feagles (punter)
Bubba Franks (tight end)
Tavares Gooden (linebacker)
Frank Gore (running back)
Orien Harris (defensive tackle)
Devin Hester (wide receiver)
Edgerrin James (running back)
Kelly Jennings (cornerback)
Andre Johnson (wide receiver)
William Joseph (defensive tackle)
Ray Lewis (linebacker)
Damione Lewis (defensive tackle)
Darrell McClover (linebacker)
Jerome McDougle (defensive end)
Willis McGahee (running back)
Rocky McIntosh (linebacker)
Bryant McKinnie (offensive tackle)
Brandon Meriweather (safety)
Sinorice Moss (wide receiver)
Santana Moss (wide receiver)
Chris Myers (center)
Greg Olsen (tight end)
Buck Ortega (tight end)
Roscoe Parrish (wide receiver)
Kenny Phillips (safety)
Clinton Portis (running back)
Ed Reed (safety)
Antrel Rolle (cornerback)
Brett Romberg (center)
Glenn Sharpe (cornerback)
Jeremy Shockey (tight end)
Santonio Thomas (defensive lineman)
Jonathan Vilma (linebacker)
Reggie Wayne (wide receiver)
Nate Webster (linebacker)
Vince Wilfork (defensive lineman)
Leon Williams (linebacker)
D.J. Williams (linebacker)
Kellen Winslow (tight end)
Eric Winston (offensive tackle)

I rest my case!

Don't believe the hype of the naysayers- the U is coming back in a big way and has layed a strong foundation under Coach Shannon. Coach is locking up South Florida and that is evidence by the huge number of high quality 305 guys we have pulled in the last two years, especially last year.

After our 10+ win season this year, the pull will be even stronger.

Here is a more comprehensive list of NFL players from the U:

Kenny Kelly (MLB)
Scott Covington
Ken Dorsey*
Craig Erickson*
Jim Kelly*# (Pro Football Hall of Fame)
Bernie Kosar*#
Vinny Testaverde*#
Gino Torretta*
Steve Walsh*#
Colby Riner*
Brock Berlin
Kyle Wright
Brett Judd
George Mira

Running backs
Ottis Anderson*#
Pete Banaszak*
Albert Bentley
Melvin Bratton*
Najeh Davenport
Danyell Ferguson
((Chuck Foreman))
Cleveland Gary#
Frank Gore
Alonzo Highsmith*#
Edgerrin James#
James Jackson
Nick Luchey
Willis McGahee#
Jarrett Payton
Clinton Portis
Warren Williams
Andrew Judd

Wide receivers
Brian Blades
Eddie Brown*#
Wesley Carroll
Horace Copeland
Tony Gaiter
Yatil Green#
Randal Hill#
Michael Irvin*# (Pro Football Hall of Fame)
Andre Johnson#
Daryl Jones
Andre King
Santana Moss#
Sinorice Moss
Roscoe Parrish
Brett Perriman
Lamar Thomas
Reggie Wayne#
Kevin Williams
Devin Hester
Chris T. Jones

Tight ends
Glenn Dennison
Kevin Everett
Bubba Franks#
Greg Olsen#
Buck Ortega
Alfredo Roberts
Jeremy Shockey#
Kellen Winslow II#

Offensive linemen
Martin Bibla
Rashad Butler
Vernon Carey#
Joaquin Gonzalez
Dennis Harrah
K.C. Jones
Carlos Joseph
Bryant McKinnie#
Chris Myers
Jim Otto* (Pro Football Hall of Fame)
Brett Romberg
Leon Searcy*#
Mike Sullivan
Kipp Vickers
Eric Winston
Carlos Etheredge

Defensive ends
Baraka Atkins
Jamaal Green
Bill Hawkins*#
Kenny Holmes#
Kenard Lang#
Jerome McDougle#
Daniel Stubbs*
Matt Walters
Andrew Williams
Calais Campbell

Defensive tackles
Jerome Brown*#
Kareem Brown
Jim Burt*
Rubin Carter#*
Gary Dunn
Orien Harris
Derwin Jones
Jimmie Jones
William Joseph#
Cortez Kennedy*#
Don Latimer*#
Damione Lewis#
Russell Maryland*#
Mark Charles Salzman*#
Warren Sapp*#
Vince Wilfork#

Jessie Armstead*
Micheal Barrow
Jon Beason#
Ted Hendricks* (College Football Hall of Fame), (Pro Football Hall of Fame)
Ray Lewis#
Rocky McIntosh
Darrell McClover
Dan Morgan#
Victor Morris
Winston Moss
Darrin Smith*
Jonathan Vilma*#
Nate Webster
D.J. Williams#
Leon Williams
George Mira Jr.
Tavaris Gooden

Defensive backs
Robert Bailey
Tolbert Bain#18
Rodney Bellenger
Bennie Blades*# (College Football Hall of Fame)
Phillip Buchanon#31
Tanard Davis
Darrell Fullington
Kelly Jennings#22
Ronnie Lippett
Earl Little
Al Marshall
Fred Marion
Marcus Maxey
Bubba McDowell
Ryan McNeil*
Brandon Meriweather#
Leonard Myers
Burgess Owens*#
Kenny Phillips#1
Ed Reed#20
Antrel Rolle#6
Mike Rumph#
Roland Smith#16
Duane Starks#
Reggie Sutton
Sean Taylor#36
Darryl Williams#

Jeff Feagles

Return Specialists
Devin Hester
Tremain Mack

Any recruit that does not look at this impressive list and immediately put UM as one of the top 2 or 3 schools on their list is just not thinking. The goal of all of these top high school football stars is not to go to law school or medical school, their number 1 goal is to play in the NFL and make millions of dollars playing the game that they love, anyone who tells you differently is just plain lying... so if being in the NFL is their goal, does'nt it make sense that they need to consider the school that has put more players in the NFL than any other school in the nation? Just last year MIami once again had more NFL players on rosters than any other college and the National Football League 2009 NFL Pro Bowl selections included seven former University of Miami standouts. The seven, selected to represent their current NFL team, are the most of any school in the nation. It's not just getting drafted that counts, is making it and being successful at the next level. The fact is that UM players come out better equipped to play in the NFL than most other schools...just look at Florida, Florida State, or any other state school and compare their NFL players to those of Miami, if you do then you will see that although Florida has won a few times with their gimmicky offense, most of their players are mediocre at best in the NFL and don't last very long... so these recruits can be lied to and convinced that UM is not their best choice, but I say just look at the list above and ask yourself this question: Am I good enough to join that list? If you are, then UM is the place for you, period!

FACT: The Miami Hurricanes have had 136 players drafted, including 41 first-round picks since 1988. FACT: Florida, California and Texas out-produce their population when it comes to NFL draft picks. They account for 1,808 of 5,395 players drafted — 34% — according to a USA TODAY analysis of the NFL draft from 1988-2007. FACT: There are so many quality players in Florida that coaches from out-of-state universities flock here to sign players - it has happened all along and we should not be scared because it is happening now.

"We can't get them all," Florida State's Bobby Bowden says. So why is anyone expecting Shannon to get the all?

FACT: The NFL draws talent from 628 NCAA schools at the Division I, II and III levels, plus NAIA and junior colleges. However, just 31 NCAA Division I schools generated nearly 50% of the 5,395 draftees - Miami is No. 1 in draft choices, first round draftees and current players in the NFL. FACT:The average draft pick played 48.7 NFL games — the equivalent of three seasons — while 1,035 draft picks never played a game - this is why Miami's record of quality players and pro-bowl players in the NFL is so impressive!!! FACT: NFL teams have selected 136 Hurricanes, more than any other school. Florida State (125) is second followed by Tennessee (120), Ohio State (116) and Notre Dame (115). Miami takes advantage of homegrown talent — 66% of its draft picks are from Florida. FACT: Is Penn State still Linebacker U? Yes and no. NFL teams have drafted 17 linebackers from Penn State from 1988-2007. But teams have drafted 18 from Miami (Fla.)during the same period. FACT:
The Hurricanes have had at least one first-round pick since 1995, including six in 2004. Of those 41 first rounders, 30 are from Florida and 16 are from the Miami area. Like Southern California's Pete Carroll, Shannon can stay close to home for recruits. FACT:
Shannon's 2008 recruiting class is heavy on in-staters. Twenty-three of the 32 signees are Floridians and 18 of those 23 are from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, including 12 from Miami.
FACT: there is no need to worry because in the end these kids will realize that MIAMI is still the pipeline to the NFL - I will put up the current Hurricanes' in the NFL against any other schools and line them up on Sunday.

Kids who want to play in the NFL are not scared to compete so they will come regardless of the competition at their position. If they can't win a starting job in college (any college) then they are not NFL material anyways, so I don't care if the come to the U or not. We only want kids that are tough, confident and expect to win a starting job and will compete with anyone anywhere...those qualities are what has put so many into the NFL from Miami.

dude, ya'll are mentioning ray2x, dyron, mike james, jamal etc. kids we stole from gator/nole nation, ur forgetting luther robinson, he's pretty good too, trust me he'll be a stud himself too one day!

if we get jeff luc and lemonier, we can shut it down and call it a day in recruiting!!! that's really all we need!

why are we worried about UGA stealing our so. flo recruits, dude, if ya'll are not aware, we're in the running with the top prospect out of their state, ogletree, and a wideout named tai-ler jones, we were the first school really to show interest, there are probably 5 other georgian recruits that had put us in their high-interest list!!!! so chillax a lil bit ayt, there are enough talented recruits for everybody, from what i heard, georgia's talents have just as much swag as south floridian talents!!!!!

Florida's the new King of the State, we will dominate in recruiting and on the field for years to come.
I respect miami has a program, but this is our time to shine.
Like Bobby Bowden said, um and fsu had their day, Florida's dominating now.
FLORIDA will land 5-6 south florida recruits that are quality.
quality over quanity

Relax.....already. This thing is like the common cold. Wins are like cold medicines. The more WINS you have the more your common cold sypthoms dissappear.....RELAX.

There is a Gator blog in this paper because there are more Gator grads in S FL than Cane grads.
Not to mention two titles in the last three years, with another likely this year. The Gators will see MANY more commitments from S FL.
Cane60, please cork it. You shouldn't badmouth poor ol' FSU on a DUI when the Canes have such an abysmal history with drug issues.
UM plays a much more difficult schedule this season than last. It will be difficult for them to match last year's success. Randy's swan song will be playing this season.

HISTORY buddy HISTORY! there's ur keyword there, we have the drug history and FSU and UF have the problem now, so i think it's you who needs to shut the eff up!

there is a gator blog in this paper and yet you're in a hurricane blog???? is it a gaturd habit to be snooping around canes blog just to see how we're doin in the recruiting front??? gayturds are that obsessed to what miami is doing, we've had down year after another and yet we're still racking up talents just as much as you gayturds do, didn't ya'll win 2 in 3 years, what the hell ya'll worried about then, if ur gonna get so flo talents, shouldn't ya'll just be happy with that, you stick your noses up in UM's business, that just shows how much we're relevant to you, coz' you know in 2013, ur ass will get whooped without teabag to save ur jealous ass team!!!!

The Randy Shannon effect is working to perfection!!!

Keep Randy around FOREVER!!!

Heck since he makes next to nothing and you get what you pay for, I will even pay his salary.

frankly, it does not surprise me why THERE ARE SO MANY GATURD FANS WRITING SMACK ON THIS BLOG!


Over the yrs say, 1980-2009, Um has regularly dominated the gatirs even if they beat us here and there, once or twice every decade. We knew, they knew, and we knew they knew, that UM DOMINATED FLA COLLEGE FOOTBALL. They had one, two, and now 3 national ch. since 1996. In 1996 thatsmack started. blah blah blah. Um was down so there it went. The 1996 UF team was quite good, so they talked and talked. I clearly remember. Not in blogs, but at stadiums and people I knew, etc.

Then, tragedy struck. Danny Wuerffel, Riedel Anthony, and Steve Spurrier even, leave the program (not in that order). What happened? The gaturd smack talk stopped. This whatone heard form gaturds: chirp, chirp, chirp. ANd nowhee would you see a gatir chomp, or even a gaturd t-shirt. 1997, 1998, 1999.... nothing. 2000, 2001-2005. Nothing. Especially after we beat them 3 times. Then T-bone comes in (the next Wuerffel) and Harvin (the next Riedel Anthony) and Urban Liar (the next spurrrier), and they have a gimmicky offense (the next spread run and shoot as they had in the 90s). They win. So the gaturd smack talk re-starts blah blah blah blah blah. Then they win again. Now its unstoppable. Like a cancer. But the time is drawing near that Timmy Wuerffel-Tebone and his pappy Urban the liar Cryer will leave the program (maybe together-not that there is anything wrong with that), and the gaturd cacophony and sicophants will stop. Coinciding with that, as all cycles turn around...UM will be the daddy of the state of florida. See, gaturd fans, Natural order tends to re-store itself.

There have been 31 recessions since the 1840s, things always turn around. Just like this. I can't wait tosee the look in gaturd fans faces when they realize that U is back. You can already see it because they are overcompensating (temporarily) with smack talk!Like the impotent man who overcompensates by sayinghe has a large---. Just like that.

Just wait

Do you think that one main reason is that Miami has a higher standard for accademics now that Donna Schalala is in charge.We are losing players that just do not fit in when it comes to grades, SAT and ACT scores?

FIU is the real MIAMI university ... this is just the beginning.

Go back to your trailor blog and stay the hell off here..you have no need to be on here...after all its your school that plays them this year you tool..Stay together trailerville fans..

Hurricanes who juiced their way into the NFL today"

Baraka Atkins (defensive end)
Jon Beason (linebacker)
Brock Berlin (quarterback)
Phillip Buchanon (cornerback)
Rashad Butler (offensive tackle)
Calais Campbell (defensive end)
Vernon Carey (offensive tackle)
Najeh Davenport (running back)
Ken Dorsey (quarterback)
Jeff Feagles (punter)
Bubba Franks (tight end)
Tavares Gooden (linebacker)
Frank Gore (running back)
Orien Harris (defensive tackle)
Devin Hester (wide receiver)
Edgerrin James (running back)
Kelly Jennings (cornerback)
Andre Johnson (wide receiver)
William Joseph (defensive tackle)
Ray Lewis (linebacker)
Damione Lewis (defensive tackle)
Darrell McClover (linebacker)
Jerome McDougle (defensive end)
Willis McGahee (running back)
Rocky McIntosh (linebacker)
Bryant McKinnie (offensive tackle)
Brandon Meriweather (safety)
Sinorice Moss (wide receiver)
Santana Moss (wide receiver)
Chris Myers (center)
Greg Olsen (tight end)
Buck Ortega (tight end)
Roscoe Parrish (wide receiver)
Kenny Phillips (safety)
Clinton Portis (running back)
Ed Reed (safety)
Antrel Rolle (cornerback)
Brett Romberg (center)
Glenn Sharpe (cornerback)
Jeremy Shockey (tight end)
Santonio Thomas (defensive lineman)
Jonathan Vilma (linebacker)
Reggie Wayne (wide receiver)
Nate Webster (linebacker)
Vince Wilfork (defensive lineman)
Leon Williams (linebacker)
D.J. Williams (linebacker)
Kellen Winslow (tight end)
Eric Winston (offensive tackle)

I rest my case!

ok FIU i think U need to take a reality check, until U do something that UM has done then U can be in the same breath as us.i understand FIU is on the come up but know your place. we still are decades ahead of your team. this blog did have bad news written all over it. i do understand were manny is coming from, but i do have to agree with BIG SONNY AND JAMIE. there should also be a piece on how we have stole players as well. like the prince kent and VT so and so forth. with the players that are in the NFL LIKE PORTIS AND REED ect. these 18 year old kids know who they are and where they came from. 2010 UM will get its fair share of recruits but to keep that going is we need to WIN and we all know that.

A bloated-headed sac slapper who wont make it in the pros and yet still does `roids..Kimmy Teroid..We rest our case..U useless scumfloat..Go find a site that welcomes no account pickle juglers like you...CANES5XCHAMPS

Posted by: coaches and protein shakes DOES NOT YIELD THIS | April 11, 2009 at 10:16 AM

Really??? And not one mention of this to the press?? Great work "13"! You know what we'll do? NOTHING!!

That's because the NFL regularly tests their players for performance enhancing drugs, and none of the players on your list have ever failed a test!

If I were you, I would stick to penis enlargment! Now there's an issue that affects you personally!! Please report back to us as soon as you are able to "grow one"!

Go 'canes!

And all these comments are the reason I can't walk into The Big Cheese with an FIU shirt on. :(

Cover your eyes Manny bc if they do or dont come UM will be on top again!!! Canes 4 life go canes.....

manny, seriously im disappointed in you man, this blog has like 4358034 comments and you knew this was gonna happen

I think probably since the herald is laying off so many people and you were next on the list, you had to write something that showed your superiors that you have a good following on this blog

you knw that your playing devils advocate on this blog and its a little pathetic

Jacory Harris said that LSU was his leader at about this time in the recruiting process, and now hes the starting quarterback for the university of miami, weve gotten kids like vaugn telemaque from USC and prince Kent from Georgia, AND WEVE GOTTEN KIDS LIKE RAY RAY, DYE, MIKE JAMES AND JAMAL REID from UF and FSU

Im gonna say the truth, right now UF is on top of the college football world and because of that there gonna get almost whatever recruit they want

But you can "vault" this, Miami WILL start winning again and we will start to get whatever south fla recruit we want juat like the old days, even UF and FSU fans know this

You Florida fans make me laugh. Wait didn't Harvin just fail a drug test? Thanks for the laugh. Remember when the Gators won their second NC, all the talk was how they would repeat the next year. Capital one bowl anyone?

Now as far as recruits go let me help you out with that. Here is a list of recruits UM has made an offer too

Jeff Godfrey QB
Eduardo Clements RB
Jakhari Gore RB
Quinton Dunbar WR
Michaelee Harris WR
Willis Wright WR
Jose Jose OL
John Ragoo OL
Torrian Wilson OL
Todd Chandler DT
Calvin Smith DT
Corey Lemonier DE

I will say this I would rather have Gore over Clements. Gore was one of the only RB's that gave Jeff Luc a run for his money during the Nike camp. Same with Dunbar.

Jose Jose and Ragoo look slow as hell against Todd Chandler. Hell Jose Jose wouldn't even go up against Chandler a second time. There were two OL that looked good during the DT OL 1 on 1 drills and that was Wilson and Michael Vannucci.
Lemonier didn't really impress me much.

think it's way to early to worry about which way a recruit is leaning. We still have a season of football to play. The recruits will see what a true NFL style offense is going to look like when they watch UM this year.

Oh as far as gators on this blog go. How is taking snaps under center working out for old Tim Guyblow? I hear that the younger guys are not living up to the hype so that Timmy has to go all pissy pants on them just to get them fired up. It will be a sad day for UF when Tim becomes a pro signal caller.

With all the success of the program during the past decades, we have a tendency to subconsciously combine the present program with the elite teams from the past.

This is just being devoted fans, but it does distort what we perceive the rest of the country thinks about The U.

Until we are a proven winner again, pounding our chests and shouting "Look what we did yesterday!" doesn't hold much weight anywhere North of our own front door.

We are headed in the right direction, and people outside the U are taking notice.
They are not by any stretch of the imagination losing sleep over playing us just yet.

Will we ever become the dominant team in college football? Who knows?

As far as talent and luck go we have just as much chance as anyone else. This is the basis on our optimism.

The constant, underlying jealous rage on the blog against Florida and USC is proof enough we long to be considered by the sports world as their equals.

We have turned the corner and we are going to be a top ranked team very soon.
Staying on top as long as we did last time, I'm not so sure can happen again. That was a magic era.



"We have turned the corner and we are going to be a top ranked team very soon." WHAAAT ??? December collapse culminating in a SPANKING in the Nut Bowl is turning the corner? You're ALMOST reality based in this post but you couldn't help slipping into rhetoric mode. TURNED THE CORNER? GT begs to differ you enormous homer. Fans of all 116 other teams would read your "turned the corner" remarks and bust out laughing. The list of red flags is STILL 2 miles long with that program. You TRIED to post an intelligent and objective post but just couldn't quite finish. FAIL ! Seriously man, U haven't turned ANY corner.

"Utterly Dumb & Blind" sorry I mean Mr. Casual Observer...

The last person Shannon wants to see prior to signing day is Cristobal walking into a home as Randy is walking out...

The dude is good at what he does. "The Truth" hurts and he gets it done with ZERO legacy at FIU.

Get the F off the blog..I understand every Trailor blog has blocked you and that a few Cane sites havent had the sac to do it yet..Just go away you F`n Douche..Nobody cares or needs to hear your ramblings..not even your step-son..dont you have to tease up that trailorville merm or grease up that classic hicktown skullet..CANES5XCHAMPS

Miami is not going to get every "stud"recruit so I understand kids looking elsewhere and they can also get playing time earlier elsewhere. With that being said, time and time again I've challenged all you Shannon Bashers to come up with another coach who wanted the miami job and none of you respond. Bottom line the kids who want to come to miami will come and best of luck to the kids who go elsewhere.

Thanks, Miami, we'll take it (big east) from here! Go Bulls!

JG....good post....these kids are realizing that if they sign with us they most likely will sit the wood as we are loaded right now with rb's & wr's. Kids from South Florida have been accepting free rides from other schools since our first NC in 83...so...it doesn't matter. UM will win the ACC this year...nuff said.

Let me ask you 'Canes fans a very serious question. What university best represents the city of Miami and South Florida? But before you answer, consider the FACTS (all taken from the latest statistics from US News and World Report rankings):

# of undergraduate students from out-of-state:
UM - 74%
FIU - 3%

Ethnic breakdown of student body:
UM -
Hispanic 23%
White 58%
African American 8%
Other 11%

Hispanic 64%
White 16%
African American 13%
Other 7%

Fall 2007 Acceptance rate:
UM - 38%
FIU - 36%

# of undergraduates:
UM - 10,379
FIU - 31,345

2008-2009 tuition and fees:
UM - $34,834
FIU - $3,470

So, to summarize, the "U" is a mostly white school comprised of out-of-state students, costs 10x as much as FIU to attend, is 3x smaller than FIU, and its academics are AT BEST equal to FIU's.



FIU is taking OVER!

The U can dismiss FIU all they want. It will be funny when FIU, who is VERY SERIOUS about building a winner, punches U in the mouth.

THAT will truly be U seeing the bottom. No disrespect to FIU.

Continue with that comical "we have depth" and "we've turned the corner" and "Randy has us on the right track" babble rabble. U should seriously change your name to Rhetoric U. Because that's all you do anymore is TALK. You haven't won anything in forever. Oh how U long for the Big East.

All of U fools that are killing Manny for telling you what recruits are saying look like a bunch of clueless morons.

U don't have a fence around ANYTHING UM. Get used to it. ITS OVA !

It's the digital age. These kids know what time it is. They see how badly UM"s program has eroded.

Keep telling yourselves that local recruits that decline UM are scared of competition. That's a STRAIGHT UP JOKE. It's more like they are scared of LOI'ing to a school that is still 0-5 in the ACC. 48-0. 472yds is NOT what a school that is "coming" does.

Keep telling yourselves that "winning will turn this all around." The roasted chicken did not come before the egg fools.

Keep telling yourselves that "Randy is learning on the job." That's the funniest one of all. A LARGE percentage of die hard cane fans agree that this guy is way over his head. Hey Randy , how thick is your potential assistant coach file? Sorry that your financially hog-tied.

Nice posts by some. I think this is definitely a topic for opinion more than fact. Manny sparked a fire on this one!

I think some of you are forgetting that Miami upped the academic requirements, so that's also going to be a recruiting issue. In the past, some have questioned why Miami didn't recruit particular players. Because their high school transcripts are not disclosed to the public, we have no idea how well the kid is doing in school or what other trouble he's been in (unless with the law). Schools like Florida and FSU have proven over the past couple of years that their judgment is suspect. Many people still call Miami "Thug U" but the reality is that Miami's recent track record of run-ins with the law and academic issues should lift that heinous name.

I can't say that the academic issue is nearly as difficult to get around as at a Notre Dame, but it's clearly an issue. I don't know how many football players in S. FL have academic issues, but I have to imagine based on the importance (or lack thereof) that the state puts on education, it's probably NOT a small number of players.

Anyway, I'm not worried too much. Every good football school has peaks and valleys (UCLA, Nebraska, Michigan, Texas A&M, etc., to name a recent few). Miami does need to win a couple more games this year, though. Winning breeds recruiting.

FIU retards are here again - coupled with the Crimnoles and the Gayturds who are so scared of the Canes that they have to read our blogs, reallize that FIU will never, I repeat "NEVER" come close to UM in sports or academics.... so you Miami-Dade community college transfers at FIU must face reality, i.e., that you are not smart enough or have enough athletes to compete with UM in anything...so shut up, and go back to your school paper since they are the only ones who care about what happens at FIU!!! Losers.

Tell me why is anyone from FIU talking any kind of ish? Want to know what it feels like to lose every game in one season just ask an FIU fan. The longest streak FIU ever had was a 23 game losing streak.

"Utterly Dumb & Blind" sorry I mean Mr. Casual Observer...

The last person Shannon wants to see prior to signing day is Cristobal walking into a home as Randy is walking out...

The dude is good at what he does. "The Truth" hurts and he gets it done with ZERO legacy at FIU.

Posted by: FIUBlueandGold | April 11, 2009 at 12:49 PM

Was this a serious post?! LMAO. Ok kid. Come back to me when FI(you just wasted 4 years in a tier 4 community college) out competes UM for a high ranking recruit.

I understand UF, and FSU fans talking ish, because they've actually accomplished something. But FIU?! LMAO. Maybe if you guys actually played a team worth a sh** and beat them we can talk about how any of your wins last year validate the "TDAOS" garbage you guys talk. I mean really, not being able to get a winning season in the sun belt? Pathetic.

The "truth" LMAO. You just made my day.


This might be the worse article/blog post I’ve ever read on the Internet. You must be required to write a certain amount of blog posts because that is the only explanation I can come up with for this garbage. A complete waste of time and space. Seriously, you made yourself look like an idiot.

And this is coming from someone who enjoys reading your blog/articles.

Well has it quieted down in here yet?

U all feeling better ?

Well it still doesn't change what Manny wrote.

The truth is the truth...

U need to know Ur place on the PRESENT football food chain and except it... Have Ur 6-6 season, flush Ur toliet and start fresh in 2010.


This might be the worse article/blog post I’ve ever read on the Internet. You must be required to write a certain amount of blog posts because that is the only explanation I can come up with for this garbage. A complete waste of time and space. Seriously, you made yourself look like an idiot.

And this is coming from someone who enjoys reading your blog/articles.

Posted by: CanesTim | April 11, 2009 at 04:58 PM

Ohhh Timmy Timmy ... Ur wittle feewings hurt by the truth?

Manny DID NOT make this up ... It is FACT . Why is that so hard for you to understand ?

Waste of time and space because it makes U feel bad...

Hell, I feel fine.

'Cane's fans, let me ask you another question: Why do you route for the 'Canes? There's only a couple of possible answers:

1. you attended UM and are proud of your school. I can accept that. You're probably a white guy from the Northeast whose rich parents could afford to send you away to sunny South Florida for college. The bottom line is UM stole your money--you paid 10x what you should have for an inferior education.

2. you never attended UM but cheer for them because up until recently, they've been a winning program and associating yourself with them makes you feel better about yourself. The bottom line is unless you're a rich white person from out-of-state, UM doesn't represent you and they never have. Find a real way to feel better about yourself.

The truth hurts, I know. But it's still the truth.

FIU that and FIU this, what have you done lately??? what???? can't think of any??

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