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Lamar Miller is scary fast

Lamar Miller hasn't had a conversation with a University of Miami coach since he attended the spring game last month. It's not because Miller is mad at the Canes, or the Canes are mad at Miller. They're still definitely in love. It's because Miller has eyes on something else -- winning the state title in the 100 meters.

Lamar Miller Thursday afternoon, I caught up with the Killian High running back at the District 16-4A track and field meet down at Southridge High School. He looked a little different from the last time I saw on National Signing Day when he wore a black suit and an orange and green Canes tie. This Miller was 10 pounds lighter, right around 208 he says, and wearing a pair of black track and field tights to go with a determined attitude. "I really want to win a state championship," he told me before the race. "I don't like losing at anything."

Miller proceeded to win his next race moments later by doing what he often does on the football field -- blowing past his competitors. At the horse track, he would have won by at least two lengths. It wasn't his best time (10.79 seconds), but it got him one step closer to where he wants to be in two weeks -- the FHSAA state track and field championships in Winter Park.

Miller finished 11th in the state last year and currently has the 25th fastest time (10.73) this season in the state according to flrunners.com. Normally, non-track officianados would think that's not that impressive. But when you look at who is in front of Miller this year (it's probably one of the fastest years in state history) and how his career best compares (10.56, which he ran as a junior) to other Hurricanes and football greats, you come to appreciate the great open field speed Miller possesses for someone who stands 6-feet and weighs close to 210 pounds.

Remember how in awe we were of the speed slender Canes receiver Travis Benjamin showed us this past season? His fastest 100-meter time at Glades Central was 10.72 seconds. Remember little, speedy Sinorce Moss and how he would blow past guys in the secondary? His career best in the 100 meters at Carol City was 10.96. Devin Hester -- the guy with the 100 speed rating in John Madden's video game -- his fastest at Riviera Beach Suncoast was 10.87 seconds. Miller (timed at 4.32 in the 40-yard dash as a junior) has not only run faster than those speedy Canes in the 100 meters, but Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (10.61) too. The fastest any Hurricane has run in 100-yard dash? Little-used former cornerback Terrell Walden (10.65).

The point is there aren't many guys who have come to UM with that type of long-range speed. Even Sam Shields, who was timed at a UM record 4.2 seconds earlier this week in the 40-yard dash, turned in his fastest 100-meter time of 10.82 seconds at Sarasota Booker.

One glance over state record books shows you it's not easy for football players who take a beating in the fall to make the speedy transition to track in the spring. Many usually pass on it to give their legs a rest, while others have competed in the sport or used the training to make themselves faster. But the guys who win the big races are usually those who aren't getting slammed into by linebackers and 300-pound defensive lineman. Miller, obviously, isn't one of those. His focus was to lead Miami-Dade County in rushing and his team deep into the playoffs (which he did). But like the five guys I mentioned before, he has that extra special gear and the ability to pull away from the pack, which makes it exciting to think what he could do with the ball in his hands in the open field this fall.

For comparison, current Florida Gator Jeffrey Demps owns the state record with a 10.37 100-meter dash time. He nearly broke under 10 seconds at the U.S. Olympic Trials is by far the fastest high school football player the state has ever produced. Miller will likely be trying to beat a pair of future Gators when he gets past next week's regionals at Traz Powell Stadium. Among the speedy runners in front of him expected to make the final eight-man field -- receiver Andre Debose (10.63) from Sanford Seminole and 2010 cornerback Demar Dorsey (10.55) from Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson. Another big name expected to participate in the race, future Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson (10.44) from Deerfield Beach. All will be trying to chase down one of the country's future Olympians in Dentarius Locke (10.35), who is headed to Tennessee on a track scholarship.

With freshman running back Mike James already in camp and making noise on the depth chart and veterans Graig Cooper and Javarris James back, there likely aren't going to be enough balls to go around in 2009 for Miller to get much of an opportunity to show what he can do in the backfield. But in the kicking game, he could prove to be extremely valuable. In his three varsity seasons at Killian, he returned nine kickoffs back for touchdowns. "Kick returns, I'm very comfortable with those," Miller said. "I've been doing that my whole career. Punt returns? I got to work on those. But I like getting the ball, seeing an opening and hitting it full speed."

Miller plans on doing just that when he gets to UM in the summer, which he says he should do because he's "already gone through the clearinghouse with an ACT score of 20" and because his GPA will get a boost from 2.57 to somewhere around 2.7 to 2.8 when he graduates at the end of May. "I got 2 A's, 3 B's and 1 C on my last report card," Miller said. "My GPA should move up even more on my next one."

But first, before prom and before he starts taking classes at UM shortly after, there's a state title to contend for on Saturday May 9th. "I feel very confident I'm going to win," Miller said. "I have great competition. I know that. But that just drives me even more. I'm working hard on dropping that time, getting aster. I'm going to do it. You'll see."


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Yeah! Some football updates!!!


Thanks Manny!

I am so hyped about Lamar Miller and Mike James. These boys are class acts! The future looks bright! GO CANES!!

love the sound of this kid's work ethic. bring it on!!

Bryce who??? I'll take Lamar Miller and Mike James anyday!

That's right. Bryce who?
Although tho play the advocate... He'd be far behind in the depth chart this and maybe even next year!!! Hopefully Jakari Gore won't be afraid to come in and compete!

Sam Shields a 4.2 40? That's blazing! But guess what? The man can't (or couldn't) catch a ball to save his life!!! Hopefully he will do better as a CB.

Tht's why despite having all these athletes to recruit, coaches should look at kids who can catch the dang rock!

.Hey Mandingo!

Nice to see you giving some lov to Miller... Damn those are fast times!

How does Miller's size, at 6 feet and 210, compare to other guys at state level, that are going to play football too?... Any playing RB at college level and where?

Hopefully Miller makes special teams and splits time with Benjamin...

Jaime... Lets hope SS finds a home at CB and kills it this year.


We need to play all the backs. Mike James, and Lamar Miller are just to good to be sitting on the bench. I just read the Swasey article on the new number sin the weight room and they are much more impressive than last year. Much more. Cooper is up from 190 to 200 pounds but as far as Javaris, who know if he can stay healthy. I just hope Shannon gives the best guy a chance and don't give somebody a chance just because they're a junior or senior. Check it out.....Per rivals.......


Swasey says Jacory Harris' weight has increased substantially. He came in at 168 pounds and now he is 186 pounds.

Is that a good weight for Harris?

"Do we want him to continue to gain weight? That's an understatement," Swasey says. "We want to put muscle mass on right at the same time."

Harris also benched 225 pounds, power cleaned 230 pounds and squatted 325 pounds. He ran a 4.7 time in the 40 and had a 4.29-second short shuttle time. His vertical of 35.5 inches set a new record all-time for Cane quarterbacks. It broke Kenny Kelly's record of 35 inches set in 1999.

Taylor Cook's strength numbers were also impressive.

He had a 385 pound squat, a 274 power clean and a 4.65 time in the 40 and a 4.4 time in the short shuttle

His power clean was an all-time school record for quarterbacks.

Cannon Smith didn't run the 40 but had a 4.47 short shuttle time. He benched 215 pounds, cleaned 230 pounds and his squat was 340 pounds.


Freshman tailback Mike James has impressed Swasey.

"I've been very impressed with his numbers," Swasey said. "He's coming in with a great base at a 435 squat, 280 clean, 350 bench. And a 35.5 vertical. He's weighing 217. He's a good size for a young freshman coming in."

Of Graig Cooper and Javarris James, Swasey says, "I'm very excited about both of them increasing speed and Cooper being at a good weight. He's up from 190 to 200 pounds now. He's become more explosive and they're getting faster."


Of all the players on the team, perhaps LaRon Byrd made the biggest jump up from a year ago.

"He's a blue collar worker," Swasey said. "He came in and made the biggest jump I have seen in the 5-10-5 (aka the short shuttle) because he has an unbelievable work ethic.

Byrd's short shuttle went from a 4.17 last year to 3.98 this year, best on the team. He weighed in at 203 pounds last year and is now up to 214 pounds.

Strength-wise his squat went from 250 pounds last year to 320, his bench went from 225 to 260 and his power clean improved from 132 pounds to 230.

He verticalled 35 inches last year; now he's at 36.5 inches.

"He has to continue to get stronger," Swasey says.

Swasey also points to Tommy Streeter as a receiver he's particularly impressed with.

"He ran a 4.40 from 4.55 last year, so I'm excited about that," Swasey said.


Richard Gordon is usually a weight room freak, but he didn't test post-spring.

A player Swasey says impressed in post-spring testing is tight end Jimmy Graham, who is taking up football after playing basketball at UM.

"He has a great frame, great size," Swasey said. "He just got in here and you can see with his numbers he has great physical skills."


Swasey spoke about newcomers Jermaine Johnson and Brandon Washington.

Both were tested the day they arrived on campus in January, and both have already shown significant improvement in the weight room.

Johnson has gone from a 275 squat to 305; from a 315 bench to 355 and from a 152 power clean to 196. Washington has remained at a 400 bench and has improved his squat from 315 to 365 and his power clean fro 176 to 242.

"Brandon weighed 351 pounds when he arrived; now he's at 335," Swasey says. "Johnson was 302 when he arrived and he's still 302 pounds."

A returning player that has Swasey expecially excited?

"I'm really excited about Orlando (Franklin)," Swasey said. "Last year he was at 345 pounds; now he's at 328. He feels more comfortable at that weight. And Jason Fox gained weight - he's at 310; last year he was around 295 pounds."


Allen Bailey is currently tipping the scales at 290 pounds, Swasey says.

And he spoke about newcomer Curtis Porter, who has made big strides.

"Coming in Porter weighed 337 pounds - now he has dropped to 314 pounds," Swasey said. "Porter squatted 365 and benched 315 when he came in and cleaned196; now he's a 274 power clean, 335 bench, 405 squat."


Sean Spence has put on a lot of weight since arriving at Miami as a 193-pounder. Swasey says he currently weighs 214 pounds.

Swasey also says Colin McCarthy is back in the weight room off a shoulder injury.

How long before he's back at 100 percent strength?

"Right now we're just trying to keep him healthy," Swasey says. "I'm not worried about his maximum strength numbers at this point. What we're doing is making him more functional and injury-free."


Brandon McGee matched Travis Benjamin as the fastest freshmen Swasey says he's seen in his time at UM.

"Both of them have track backgrounds, came in running 10.3 in the 100," Swasey says.

Swasey says of this position that "Coach (Randy) Shannon has created more depth at DB by putting Sam Shields at corner and making them faster and more versatile as a group, and taking Ryan Hill and moving him to DB also. That has helped with depth across the board, and that's the whole philosophy. We're trying to create depth in all facets of the program."

* Swasey's overall thoughts on this team's progress in the weight room?

"I'm overly pleased with the development," he says. "They have a commitment to work together, pay attention to details. I'm excited about the progress. It's a four-year plan (for each player). We had freshmen last year, and to see the progress and them developing is the goal."

Green is a racist. He dosent like stupid people.

Are you going to block my statement about 86? Last time I checked he was all over the measurments of the guys coming in. LOL.

i like the weight room stats..im glad Jacory put on some weight. i dont think that he is frail..he can take a hit. but last year he was what like 170..at 6'4'' he was just skinny. weighing at 194 now right..thats gonna be scary..i like the backup Qb too..and with the RB's being as good as they are that should be coo..and i wanna see Spence and Arthur..

Thanks for the article spyhazard. Those numbers are sick. I think a lot of the Swasey doubters out there have been silenced.

A lot of people were talking smack about Swasey last year. It's kind of looking like it could have been a lot of the older kids who maybe were not big fans of the weight room. However, it seems we have some weight room junkies with these young guy's which will be even more competition. Man, if Taylor Cook can get his mechanics down, he could turn out to be a gem. That kid has some serious stats this year in the weight room.

It's not an accident that the majority of the players listed in this thread are Florida Gators.

Swasey is a FRAUD.

Quit timing guys running down hill with a tailwind.

"Coach (Randy) Shannon has created more depth at DB by putting Sam Shields at corner and making them faster and more versatile as a group, and taking Ryan Hill and moving him to DB also. That has helped with depth across the board,"

U guys obviously don't know what "depth" is.

Depth is backups that have SHOWN PRODUCTION. Depth is not HS kids that are undersized but "fast." Will U EVER figure this out?

It's a JOKE the way U throw around the word depth. We've been hearing the "D" word come out of Coral Gables for YEARS and seen the same garbage on the field year after year.



more of the same in 09....WAKE UP

Can't wait to see L. Miller in a cane UNI. Represent 305, bring that MIAMI attitude with you on the field. I envision great improvement from last year and can't wait to see the safety from Sanford, FL. The future star at LB. RS keep building depth at every position, we're on the right track to C-ships.

it will be very hard to get everybody touches in the backfieldnot to mention lee chambers and berry)i wonder whats up with lee chambers anyway? we need to use miller in something the kid is just to fast for his size so he has to be in something. i expect big numbers across the board for offense when the season is all over i think the offense can carry us but our defense has to better and make plays. i wonder if anybody has the piece on hurtt talking about how the fence around s.fla in is still strong?

I like the comment by spyhazard, we need to play all of those guys, keep em fresh and go with the hot guy.......with Whip's offense, if L. Miller can catch, put him or coop out in the slot and have JJ/MJ/Berry in the backfied, basically use all the talent......can you imagine if you have defenses figuring out who will get the ball (ala FU)......and that's what whips offense intends on doing, making the defense adjsut.....

Thanks HS Ballah's dont equal depth, you're a tool.. Jesus will soon be gone and it will be time for the Turds to start over. Has anybody seen Percy? I hear he has some of that good chronic. The question is he so dumb that he forgot they have drug tests at the combine? Or, is he just that dumb to think pot wouldn't show up? It was fun watching NFL live just bury him for being such an idiot the other night.......

Post your "Legends of the Fall" here:


Manny...we are waiting on your picks also!

Thanks Manny.

Lamar will be a true cane and will help bring our swagger back!!! Just wait until Ray Ray gets here. This team is going be unstoppable in a year or two. GO CANES!!!

Canon Smith 215 bench? That wont work in D-1. Daddy should have had him load some Fed Ex trucks prior to coming to the U.

I could care about these numbers. SS 4-2 40 says it all and he's been a bust for 3 years/

Prove it on the field baby canes. Prove it on the field.

Young Miami QBs made progress this spring

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

It was more than a month ago, at Miami's first controlled scrimmage of the spring in full pads, and coach Randy Shannon could remember without hesitation last week that quarterback Jacory Harris completed 17 of 18 passes that day.

It was an accomplishment Shannon attributed almost entirely to his new offensive coordinator, Mark Whipple.

"That's what coach Whipple brings to this team, is getting Jacory to understand that you're the guy who controls what we do offensively," Shannon said recently. "You can get it to the playmakers' hands, take your shots downtown, get it deep, take the short passing game, let guys make some plays and make guys miss. By him bring that aspect to Jacory and sitting with him and teaching him coverages, and understanding what we're try to do offensively, I think has really helped Jacory out more than anything."

It's a progression that has to be made if Miami is going to contend for the Coastal Division again this year. Harris started the first game of 2008, and Robert Marve left him the job to finish, both during the season (Virginia, Duke) and in the end for good. Harris will be in his first season as a full-time starter, and has plenty of talent surrounding him, but the quarterback position will be key -- backup included. Following the end of spring practices, Shannon said Taylor Cook earned the No. 2 spot, but left open the possibility Cannon Smith could win it this fall.

"Taylor knows he has to get better and Cannon knows he has to get better to make us be successful," Shannon said. "You have Jacory, everybody knows Jacory. But I think your team is going to really prosper and develop more if you can develop that second team guy. I think that's going to be very valuable to this team's success, who becomes the second team quarterback."

Harris completed 60.8 percent of his passes for 1,195 yards and 12 touchdowns as a true freshman whose role was mainly off the bench last year. Considering the experience he got last year, combined with the lessons he'll continue to learn this offseason from Whipple, it's possible Harris could emerge as one of the top signal callers in the ACC. He's definitely worth watching to find out.

HS Ballah's dont equal depth:

so depth is guys who have shown production? Last year, when all the 2-deep guys on the Gaytr football team were freshmen, all I heard about was depth. Now, since tis Canes we're talking about, it is not depth. Typical incoherent reasoning by an angry bitter Gaytr fan.

From Inside the U:

Shannon Discusses New Coordinators

Arguably the biggest challenge for the University of Miami during the month of spring football was adjusting to new offensive and defensive coordinators and the schemes that they brought with them.

Newly hired offensive coordinator Mark Whipple and defensive coordinator John Lovett were both hired after mid-January and only had a few weeks to implement their scheme.

“Offensively and defensively we have come a long ways since the first day of spring compared to where we are now,” coach Randy Shannon said.

The transition of learning a new scheme would be tougher for an offensive coordinator. Whipple was bringing a new playbook with new terminologies and concepts from the NFL, but according to Miami Head Coach Randy Shannon Whipple and the rest of the offense made a lot of progress this spring.

“He came in this spring and we wanted to decide what we could do offensively and could the players handle what his vision is,” Shannon said of Whipple. “The versatility and the creativity we had with the offense was very productive. A lot of the players responded with what he implemented and they like what he is doing.”

From the standpoint of a new offensive scheme, Shannon says he particularly excited about the creativity of Whipple’s plays and play-calling along with the way he recognizes the strengths of each player and caters the offense to those strong points.

“I think everything coach Whipple brings to the offense helps us out mentally with his NFL experience and being around championship teams and coaching in the Super Bowl…The offense will be different,” Shannon said. “The creativity of what Mark Whipple brings in and the versatility of the way he uses players is going to be unique.”

One reason why Whipple was hired as Miami’s offensive coordinator is because of his reputation of molding young quarterbacks. Whipple coached Ben Roethlisberger when he was a rookie for the Pittsburgh Steelers and was given a lot of credit for molding Roethlisberger when he was a young quarterback.

Following the month of spring football, Shannon says he can see how Whipple’s mentoring will help starting quarterback Jacory Harris develop going into his second season.

“When I looked at it this spring, maybe the first week or two of practices [coach Whipple] was really instrumental in the development of Jacory,” Shannon said. “We were in a controlled situational scrimmage and Jacory went 17-for-18 where he completed passes and got it to the right guy. I think that is what coach Whipple brings, is that he gets Jacory to understand that you are the guy who controls what we do offensively and you can get the ball in the playmakers hands.”

Defensive Coordinator John Lovett

According to Shannon, the transition of learning a new defense wasn’t as intense. Lovett worked with the defense on the basic concepts and understanding of the new scheme.

“It is more subtle [than the offense], but it was similar to coach Whipple,” Shannon said of adjusting to a new defense. “We wanted to see what the players could handle technique and fundamental wise and what we can do as a defense. The players really responded with what he implanted and installed with his coverages, fronts, and blitzes. The players respond to him not only as a person, but also as a friend.”

Lovett brings a lot of experience to Miami having been the defensive coordinator at Clemson, Auburn, and Ole Miss. Shannon believes that his mix of experience and a youthful enthusiasm for coaching has been a good fit for Miami’s young defense.

His biggest strength though may be his ability to communicate to his players what he wants from them on each play that he calls.

“John brings a lot of experience and that goes back to the days when he was at Clemson when we used to play them,” Shannon said. “John is very experienced and knowledgeable, but he also brings a lot of excitement to the job. That is the one thing you look for from coordinators is that if the players respond to your enthusiasm then they are going to play for you. That is one thing I can see in John.”

“What he is doing is he is a guy who understands the weakness and strengths of what we are doing. If we are running a certain blitz, he explains it to the players—what are the strong points and the weaknesses of it—and when the players understand that then they can play fast.”

They all played and MORE IMPORTANTLY CONTRIBUTED you tool. EVery single guy on that 2-deep made plays.

UM 2-deep???? Not so much

Shut your ignorant pie hole

You can't coach speed, but you can harness it, aim it, exploit it with specific plays and matchups. I am looking forward to our new offensive coordinator's creativity in developing the right plans to exploit Miller's speed in the different situations....

Manny, it's there anyway you can writte an article of the way you think Miami will do this year? I personally think Miami will excede people's expectations. Maybe not by their wins and losses,but with the determination they'll play this year. It has been a long 4-5yrs since Miami did anything in football. If it wasn't because Miami has such a hard schedule at the begining, I think Miami could end up in the top 10 at the end of the year. Yes, I said top 10 ten. I'll writte my predictions later. Hey, Kehoe, this is before you have something to say about it. You guys are good I give you that, but now, you will have some serious competition. I'll writte my reasoning later since there are many.

Florida (little bro) finally beats Miami (big bro) and now it's time for little bro to start gloating. Just don't back out of playing us in a couple of years because big bro is going to put you back in your place.


Per rivals,

In the old days it seemed Miami offers would mostly come late in the game.

Nowadays the pace of early offers is much faster.

And there's a reason for that.

"The reason we offer early or not is we do a better job of identifying kids earlier - in the past we never used to do that," recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt said. "In the past we wouldn't look at 2004 recruits until the spring of 2004. That's why those offers weren't going out early. That's not the case now."

Of how Miami is doing at this early phase of recruiting, Hurtt says, "I think everything's going really well. You have to consider that right now off the last couple of years we're about right on schedule for where we've been for guys to be early commitments and things like that. Once you get done with May recruiting and we come off the road and kids take unofficial visits we'll have an idea where we are."

Hurtt says he's hearing plenty of positive feedback from recruits.

"A lot of kids are excited about the direction we're going in and what we're building," he says. "They see things going in the right direction. That makes kids really excited. We're selling that Miami is being rebuilt, that it doesn't take Miami long to rebuild because of where we're located. We get guys who can help us immediately, guys that can be difference makers for us. It excites a lot of kids. The feedback has all been good."

Asked the main factor he thinks draws student-athletes to Miami, Hurtt said, "Tradition, our tradition. We have an older tradition and a new era tradition. The people that made me come to Miami were Jerome Brown, Warren Sapp, Bill Hawkins, Micheal Barrow - guys like that. The new era is what kids get to see now - when they were in junior high they saw Ed Reed, DJ Williams, Jonathan Vilma, and they're now starting in the NFL. We still have a strong tradition. And the players now on the team, it's time for them to start discovering themselves and then the tradition continues to build."

A key to keeping that tradition going is keeping a strong fence around South Florida. Despite some struggles on the field, the rise of USF and the always intense pressure from colleges around the nation in Miami's back yard, Hurt says he doesn't think it's getting more difficult to keep kids home.

"I don't believe so," Hurtt said. "Keep in mind that because a school may come into South Florida and get a kid, that doesn't mean we always want him. There's always going to be factors - are his academics squared away? Is his character good? There are teams that will take kids out of South Florida just to nestle a home from here. Some schools will take reaches, guys they wouldn't take normally, because they're trying to build inroads."

There's certainly plenty of reason to want an inroad in South Florida this year. Hurtt says from what he's seen Dade is as good as always and that, for Broward and Palm Beach Counties, "This is a great year."

* Asked the key to Miami's success in recruiting under Randy Shannon, Hurtt said, "I believe we have great communication among our staff of understanding what we want. What has always made Miami successful is the campus, small classes. And we all say the same things in that we're on the same page in our vision and what direction we're going. When a kid speaks to one of us this week and another coach another week, it's not like he's hearing different things. You have coaches on this staff that have great personalities, that can sit in the home of any young man and have a conversation."

* Hurtt says, thanks to hard work in recruiting, he sees the talent level of the team getting back to where it was when he was a member of Cane powerhouse teams.

"It's getting there, is really getting close," he says. "Right now at defensive line, receiver and running back it's getting pretty darn close to what we've had. There's other positions on the team where we have good players, but we have to create depth. The biggest thing is not just talent, it's about creating competition that makes you get better. And we're slowly getting back to the fact that guys are afraid to have a bad day, to have a bad practice because you know if you slip up and lose the job to the guy behind you, you may never get it back."

* Hurtt says UM isn't one of those schools that will automatically offer any five-star prospect off recruiting websites.

"I'm not a list guy," Hurtt said. "I'm not a guy who believes in recruiting off a list. For me, for every Ray Ray Armstrong and Allen Bailey, guys who are major recruits, go find the Jamal Reids, Mike James's, the lower level recruits. They'll be the meat and potatoes of your team."

* Hurtt also addressed what he tells recruits about trying to graduate early and enroll in the spring of their freshman year.

"I give pros and cons," Hurtt said. "A lot of parents ask that, say there's a lot of kids coming in midterm. I tell them you get acclimated to college earlier, that spring is when you have a true opportunity to compete for jobs, can learn the system, are in classes, have an opportunity to get ahead. The negative side is if you really enjoy high school and aren't in a rush to get to your career, you miss out on your high school prom and relationships you forged when you're in high school. I do tell kids the whole purpose in life is to grow and get ready for the next step, and that's what you're doing (by enrolling early). I would encourage it if they're interested."

big bro?


Unrespected just as long

Undeveloped players for a LONG Time

don't fool yourself with your nice little 2nd tier program. The glory days are LONG GONE

U are an underfunded private school that doesn't compete anymore. It's not a downtime U clod. It's WHAT U ARE !

UF DOESN'T NEED U. We already play your ACC daddy every year.

UM NEEDS UF. ESPNU isn't exposure you 2nd tier CLOWN

--Defensive end Lynden Trail (6-7, 220 pounds) of Miami Booker T. Washington recently received an offer from Southern Cal but still says Florida is his top school.

Norm- Right on bro'

You said it right. If it wasn't for the toughness of this schedule, I'd see a 12-1, 11-2 season a REAL POSSIBILITY. Not likely, but a 2-2 record the first 4 games would not be too bad.

Turns out the U plays anyone anytime. The key is ANYWHERE. Of all the SEC teams that occasionally venture out of traylor/cracker/pig-sty/bayou ville, UF is the most scared to venture out. maybe its the playaz, maybe its the coaches, maybe the boosters, or maybe the AD. But they act scared!!!!!!!!! I did see Auburn, ranked #1 in the country about 5 years ago, go to a yet-unproven USC and get b---tch---slapped! A tennessee team get wacked by Cal. LOL. LMFAO. The powerful SEC! UF plays in a bowl in a neutral territory twice ina 1000 years and they become bragadocious. How about scheduling a home and away series with UM regularly? Oh, they wouldnt. Or a home and away series with Oklahoma? Oh, that's right that was UM. Or a home and away series with Nebraska? Ohio State? Not. Big 12? Not a chance.

The SEc can syyck my left nht.

Stop crying and constantly changing your name A-hole.

Your little run is over and you know it. That's why you're in here bagging on us, you have little time to capitalize on it, and once we take back what is ours (National Championship) we'll never see you again.


Hialeah Jaime is the most delusional cane fan in existence

Does anyone even read that nonsense U " throw up" ??

I don't..

He bags on us because he has no friends or a life to speak of...This is it...This is the summitt of his being right here...He needs attention like a little kid...So thats why we treat him like one...

Posted by: Jimmy Johnson AINT Coming back | April 24, 2009 at 03:47 PM

thats retarded. we may not have been good, but nobody has EVER stopped respecting UM. It's still a game that teams circle as a big game on their schedule. that's bullcrap. that kinda stuff is exactly why i have no respect for the gators at all. none whatsoever. they're insecure in their "success", so they have to put everyone else down and have no knowledge or respect for the game itself. pisses me off

Gator fan...keep your STUFF here, we don't accept it at Canespace! U were deleted, next U will be BANNED!!!

Who really cares if Canespace bans someone, this is an unbanned discussion at the Miami Herald and not elsewhere. The people here don't profess to have some "inside" knowledge, don't slander former players and coaching greats to make themselves seem "special" or "knowledgable." They just tell it like it is. Apparently, the folks at CaneSpace can't handle alternative opinions.

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Well said. You can be a die hard can fan and they will still swing the BAN HAMMER . It's the same 2 dozen honks stroking each other over there anyway. It's not like they are having an objective conversation. State an opinion over there that is critical and you get the HEAVE -HO !

Screw that clown and his bad website with pictures of that old hag from NC. 86 is a soft in the middle,paunchy, aging, balding ugly creep.

He's so soft in the middle it's a joke.

hey 86 ! Go ON A DIET you SLOVENLY PIG. In the meantime.

U can state an opinion over there and disagree and debate it back and forth...its handled with class...not like U do it you idiot...U dont like it then why sweat not being able to get on it ...Stay here 24-7 and listen to trailor honk talk up his posts all the time and debate with him how great he is and how his team produces great players...If looks had anything to do with anything...Just take a gander at that meteor your qb calls a head...

bitter Gaytr fan hates on the U even though "U are not our rival." The inconsistencies and hypocritical statements just keep on coming. Iowa State is not Gaytr's rival but you aren't posting bile on their site, are you?

5 time national champs.. must suck watching football on sundays for U

5 time national champs.. must suck watching football on sundays for U

Posted by: jkasse2 | April 25, 2009 at 01:05 PM

This too shall pass.


Another gayturd arrested!! No discipline at all. Funny thing is after the spring practice was over they (the media) asked Urban how he was going to keep the players out of trouble? I guess he is still trying to figure it out.

Jaime is right, the Canes will have a better record this season. A 2-2 start could still land UM in the top 10 or top 25 by the end of the year because they may only loose 1-2 more games (at the most) by the end of the year. An ACC championship is very attainable.

The FSU game out of the block is the real test. If UM wins that game (first game, top 25 team, rival, road game), they are on their way to a successful year.

UM clearly has taken a HUGE step forward talent wise, and Swasey's improved numbers are only part of it. The coaches at UM have to be excited about that.

Last year, we saw young, undeveloped, but very skilled players at UM take a step forward. Now, they are growing phyically.

As for as speed, I don't think many teams in college football can post team numbers like UM's May 2009 numbers, and if you look at Swasey's history (Manny's Jan. 16 article), most of his players improve and post even better numbers as they move on throughout their college careers and eventually at the NFL combine.

If UM's players continue to work and to improve like they have over the last couple of months, UM will be SCARY good and they will start another string of championships and NFL first-round picks.

The CANES are coming back!

Once a Gaytor always a Gaytor. He is a 2nd generation Gaytor who left FU due to lack of PT amid claims that coaches lied to him during recruiting. His father played in backwoodsville in the late 70's. Also proves USF will do anything to get a player including wearing blinders to character issues. Maybe the Bulls will land Marve and they can room together amid collective whines.
With pictures- Gaytors and Bulls are just misunderstood.


Kehoe- Or whatever his name said:

U have been Unranked for years-- Actually 2006 was the last time the U was ranked, and in fact, for a brief moment, in 2006, UM was BCS# 2

U have been Unrespected for the same. Yeah? is that why the dump, I mean the swamp had 90,000 plus to see a group of freshmen and sophomores scare the --- out of the big head and the Cryer for 3+ quarters? That dump (I mean the swamp) was veeeery quiet when it was 9-3 in the 4th!!!!
Is that why the Emerald Bowl had the one of the highest ratings for ESPN compared to other major bowls??? LMFAO in your face!!!

Underdeveloped players--- IS that why we have had 14 straightyears of Number 1 draft choices, never to be equalled again? Is that why UM has the most (better than USC, F_U, Ohio State, FSU, Michigan, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia tech, LSU) players in the NFL? By the way these were all the teams that have played in the last 10 national championships (more than once for some)!!!

I laugh in Ur face. Ur comments hold no water. You are pathetic. U are a loser. Ur words have no weight. U are sad and jealous.

5>3 Now and forever.

Thats all mr. 1,000,000 names ever says is how we dont develop players...Yet his trailor boyz dont do a thing once they hit the next level...They might have one of the if not THE most over-rated program when talking about the next level...That team from Columbus is neck and neck with them...He wont address that or anything negative coming from trailorville...Much like Cryer does...He avoids it and hopes people will stop mentioning it...


2 NCs in 3 years. One first round pick (that was lucky)

UM 1 NC, 2001, played 2002. 11 first round picks


You may beat colleges with that "opton" deception, but in the NFL, U are a BUST< poof~!

FSU did nothave a 1st round pick this year. Sign of the times. ONE florida college first rounder. That is odd! usually there are multiple among the big 3.

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