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Lamar Miller is scary fast

Lamar Miller hasn't had a conversation with a University of Miami coach since he attended the spring game last month. It's not because Miller is mad at the Canes, or the Canes are mad at Miller. They're still definitely in love. It's because Miller has eyes on something else -- winning the state title in the 100 meters.

Lamar Miller Thursday afternoon, I caught up with the Killian High running back at the District 16-4A track and field meet down at Southridge High School. He looked a little different from the last time I saw on National Signing Day when he wore a black suit and an orange and green Canes tie. This Miller was 10 pounds lighter, right around 208 he says, and wearing a pair of black track and field tights to go with a determined attitude. "I really want to win a state championship," he told me before the race. "I don't like losing at anything."

Miller proceeded to win his next race moments later by doing what he often does on the football field -- blowing past his competitors. At the horse track, he would have won by at least two lengths. It wasn't his best time (10.79 seconds), but it got him one step closer to where he wants to be in two weeks -- the FHSAA state track and field championships in Winter Park.

Miller finished 11th in the state last year and currently has the 25th fastest time (10.73) this season in the state according to flrunners.com. Normally, non-track officianados would think that's not that impressive. But when you look at who is in front of Miller this year (it's probably one of the fastest years in state history) and how his career best compares (10.56, which he ran as a junior) to other Hurricanes and football greats, you come to appreciate the great open field speed Miller possesses for someone who stands 6-feet and weighs close to 210 pounds.

Remember how in awe we were of the speed slender Canes receiver Travis Benjamin showed us this past season? His fastest 100-meter time at Glades Central was 10.72 seconds. Remember little, speedy Sinorce Moss and how he would blow past guys in the secondary? His career best in the 100 meters at Carol City was 10.96. Devin Hester -- the guy with the 100 speed rating in John Madden's video game -- his fastest at Riviera Beach Suncoast was 10.87 seconds. Miller (timed at 4.32 in the 40-yard dash as a junior) has not only run faster than those speedy Canes in the 100 meters, but Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (10.61) too. The fastest any Hurricane has run in 100-yard dash? Little-used former cornerback Terrell Walden (10.65).

The point is there aren't many guys who have come to UM with that type of long-range speed. Even Sam Shields, who was timed at a UM record 4.2 seconds earlier this week in the 40-yard dash, turned in his fastest 100-meter time of 10.82 seconds at Sarasota Booker.

One glance over state record books shows you it's not easy for football players who take a beating in the fall to make the speedy transition to track in the spring. Many usually pass on it to give their legs a rest, while others have competed in the sport or used the training to make themselves faster. But the guys who win the big races are usually those who aren't getting slammed into by linebackers and 300-pound defensive lineman. Miller, obviously, isn't one of those. His focus was to lead Miami-Dade County in rushing and his team deep into the playoffs (which he did). But like the five guys I mentioned before, he has that extra special gear and the ability to pull away from the pack, which makes it exciting to think what he could do with the ball in his hands in the open field this fall.

For comparison, current Florida Gator Jeffrey Demps owns the state record with a 10.37 100-meter dash time. He nearly broke under 10 seconds at the U.S. Olympic Trials is by far the fastest high school football player the state has ever produced. Miller will likely be trying to beat a pair of future Gators when he gets past next week's regionals at Traz Powell Stadium. Among the speedy runners in front of him expected to make the final eight-man field -- receiver Andre Debose (10.63) from Sanford Seminole and 2010 cornerback Demar Dorsey (10.55) from Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson. Another big name expected to participate in the race, future Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson (10.44) from Deerfield Beach. All will be trying to chase down one of the country's future Olympians in Dentarius Locke (10.35), who is headed to Tennessee on a track scholarship.

With freshman running back Mike James already in camp and making noise on the depth chart and veterans Graig Cooper and Javarris James back, there likely aren't going to be enough balls to go around in 2009 for Miller to get much of an opportunity to show what he can do in the backfield. But in the kicking game, he could prove to be extremely valuable. In his three varsity seasons at Killian, he returned nine kickoffs back for touchdowns. "Kick returns, I'm very comfortable with those," Miller said. "I've been doing that my whole career. Punt returns? I got to work on those. But I like getting the ball, seeing an opening and hitting it full speed."

Miller plans on doing just that when he gets to UM in the summer, which he says he should do because he's "already gone through the clearinghouse with an ACT score of 20" and because his GPA will get a boost from 2.57 to somewhere around 2.7 to 2.8 when he graduates at the end of May. "I got 2 A's, 3 B's and 1 C on my last report card," Miller said. "My GPA should move up even more on my next one."

But first, before prom and before he starts taking classes at UM shortly after, there's a state title to contend for on Saturday May 9th. "I feel very confident I'm going to win," Miller said. "I have great competition. I know that. But that just drives me even more. I'm working hard on dropping that time, getting aster. I'm going to do it. You'll see."


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I'm not concerned with what Lamar Miller runs in track; show me speed with the football in your hands and 11 guys in pursuit. Ted Ginn is good on a track and he's terrible in pads.

Same goes for the weight room stats....it doesn't matter if it doesn't translate to the football field. Lance Leggett was big, fast, strong, and terrible.

Long time Gator, but I have to admit to you fellas that the Mark Sanchez fella looked awfully attractive during today's telecast of the NFL draft.
Loved those dark sultry latino eyes.
Is that how the latino guys look in Miami?
Perhaps I should take a mini-vacation in your neck of the woods.

Anyways, pay no attention to the "Kehoe/U's got no depths/etc" fella.

He used to post on Shadow's Cane board for a few days, and got run by not only Canes fans, but Noles and fellow Gators.

He is, unfortunately, very representative of some of the mouth-breathing trailertrash necks that live in these parts.

Not enough progressive young men like you have in soFla.

The 14 year streak is over. Oh well. Geez, even FSU didn't draft one in the first.

Time to build another streak. To Kirby Hocutt, Randy Shannon and others:

-NEVER FORGET ABOUT SO FL TALENT. THAT BUTLER GUY FROM UCONN and the guy from Western Michigan were both so florida boys.


Jeff Demps is not by far the fastest football
player from the state of Florida. Do you remember
Jacoby Ford (Cardinal Newman HS)who plays at Clemson University, his time was 10.21.

Glad to hear Lamar Miller is so fast. Fast players who are not seeing the playing field is a waste of resource. I agree with Randy Shannon placing Sam Shield's on the punt coverage special teams to make an impact with his speed last year. Speedy players can also impact on kick-off coverage special teams as well as punt returner and kick-off returner. I remember years ago coach Dennis Ericson placed speedy wide-receiver Kevin Williams as a kick-off coverage special team player. Kevin Williams role was to use his speed to ensure no opposing team would return a kick-off against Miami for a touch-down. Sometimes the difference between a win and a loss is the play of the special teams, Lets put the speed to good use.

Bruce Johnson has notbeen drafted. We are at number 220 or something. 35 CBs have been drafted ahead of him. One was from William and Mary. William and MAry!!! One from New Mexico! Are you telling me, that the athletes and football players that Um has fielded in the last 3-4 years are no better position by position than those form William and Mary? UConn? Wright State? nichols State?

I guess that's what you are telling me.

Coker's legacy is becoming more and more clear. But I guess it wasn't just Coker. There were many other coaches "recruiting".

Herman Edwards said that USC is the place to go if you want to play inthe NFL. Even this year, Herm, NEWSFLASH TO YOU: UM HAS MORE PLAYERS IN THE NFL THAN USC. PERIOD. TAHT'S WHY U ARENT COACHING ANY MORE, HERM, 'CAUSE U ARE A D-MB A-S!

Coker's legacy is becoming more and more clear. He had lousy coaches around him. Assistants are responsible for the player development and it is not happening at Miami. Oh wait one of those coaches is the new head coach. Miami needs to make guys like Hurtt, recruting coordinator and nothing else. Player development has been awful at Miami. Adkins gets drafted on athletic ability alone. Please stop with Allen Bailey being a 1st rounder next year. Tell me one big time, game changing play he has ever made?

Jaime, you are a fool. USC just had 12 or 13 players drafted. They have another 10 ready for next year. Miami has had 4 players drafted over last 2 years. USC is what Miami use to be.


Not one of Miami's starters last year could have started on USC. Very few of them would have been in the 2 deep.

Did Bruce Johnson get drafted? I would at least try to keep the 34 year streak of a UM player getting drafted going!!

SOUP, according to Hialeah Jaime, everyone else in the entire country sucks except DUH U. He is as clueless as it gets. He blabber on an on about UM being an NFL factory even though their numbers have been in steep decline for YEARS. He give you the whole "were coming back" speech. This program has badly right before his eyes and he can't see it one single bit. His disregard for USC shows how completely ignorant he is. He is a Miami HOMER and nothing else. The college football landscape is far beyond his comprehension. He thinks and computes ONLY in the 305. He's NO DIFFERENT than Notre Dame fan that thinks "this is our year". Just like you said, He's a FOOL.

Spencer Adkins got drafted.

Adkins to Atlanta. I am happy with that pick. We now have 3 Canes on the roster, Romberg, Sharpe and now Adkins.

U see that NASCAR wreck ?

Don't even waste your time acknowledging or responding to the Gaytor troll.
Instead, for every troll post he makes on this board, just run over to the Gaytor blogs and make 5 obnoxious posts.
Let's see how long his shenanigans will last.


thats the signature word of canesrule the 3:00AM internet troller.

Normal people sleep at 3:00AM you creepy little vermin

It's monday, post your typical pathetic gay piece

I agree with Soup's comment...USC is the place to go if you want to end up in the NFL. We haven't had the player development that those guys have. We're getting the talent again, but we're not sure about the development. I guess now our attention needs to shift to how guys develop here. Do Aldarius Johnson, Sean Spence, Arthur Brown etc...get better this year or is their growth stunted?

We know we can recruit, but without player development that will begin to fade.

And to think we were there 8 long years ago. We were all asleep at the controls and totally screwed up the program.

Allen Bailey in the first round next year??? Whoever said that is dreaming. He'll be at UM for 4 years...then he'll get drafted. I haven't seen first round stuff from him yet. We'll have draft picks....most of the Northwestern kids, Graig Cooper (2nd round), and, Jason Fox.

USC will STILL HAVE less players than UM in NFL rosters this year even after putting 12 in this year.

As of last month:

1) UM 53
2) Mich 47
3) LSU 45
4) OSU 43
5) FSU 42
6) Tex 40
7) USC 38
8) UF 37
9) Tenn 37
10) Ok 32

FActs are facts. Bulls-t is bulst especially if coming form a biased puke like ke-

Therefore none of you punks know squat

anyone know who bruce johnson signed with?

Bruce Johnson hasn't signed.

USC and UF have won 4 of the last 6 NCs andthey BOTH still have, and will still have LESS players in the NFL than UM next year!!!!

kehoe U are a (rhymes with pick) and a (similar spelling to fussy)

Recruiting News

From Inside the U:

ATHENS, Ga. -- Byrnes (S.C.) star junior Marcus Lattimore is one of the best running backs in the nation.

Lattimore is a big back at 6-foot and 205 pounds with a frame to carry more weight and has good speed. As a junior at one of the top programs in the country, he rushed for over 2,300 yards and 30 touchdowns.

Currently, he has 29 scholarship offers.

“It’s been fun to me,” Lattimore said. “My mom and I just think it’s fun. It’s all just a blessing. All these schools really want you and you can go to any school that you want. They try to sell themselves as much as possible. I just thank all of the schools.”

One of the schools he recently picked up an offer from is the University of Miami, a school that he is interested in.

“The offer came during school,” Lattimore said. “Coach Lovett, the defensive coordinator, wrote me a letter. I think he recruits my area. I called him and they really didn’t know much about me, that’s why they didn’t offer me already. I was like oh okay, I believed him. He sounded like they really need that big back down there. The offensive coordinator has been in the NFL and they run a pro-style offense, which would fit me."

Lattimore says he would like to make a trip down to Miami at some point, possibly this summer or for an official visit in the fall.

“I’m really interested (in Miami),” Lattimore said. “I’m going to try to take a visit sometime at least, maybe an official, I don’t even know yet. I’m definitely going to give them a call. I haven’t talked to the offensive coordinator, but I’m going to give him a call.”

Lattimore’s high interest in Miami has to do with their rich tradition in producing big-time running backs in the NFL such as Edgerrin James, Frank Gore, Clinton Portis, and Willis McGahee.

“Miami is Miami,” Lattimore said. “All of the great running backs, the tradition they got down there, it’s the U. Everybody throws it up. I love that. It’s an offer that I really like.”

Although he likes Miami, they are still new to the recruiting scene for his services and right now he has a top three of Auburn, Florida State, and Georgia with Auburn leading.

AUBURN: “When I went down there, I had heard so much about them from Lache Seastrunk and he was just telling me how it was. I asked him why he liked them so much and he just said, go see for yourself. So I went up there about two weeks ago and I loved it. Their coach is passionate about everything they do. I had a good visit, the whole visit was great.”

FLORIDA STATE: “Some of my players are down there right now and they love it. I love Tallahassee, the city. It’s a lot of fun down there, especially at night, but I wont get into that. It’s great. Just Jimbo Fisher and I got a real good relationship with Coach Carter, he’s a real good guy.”

GEORGIA: “It’s great down here. It’s just an hour and a half from where I live. They are high on my list, obviously. They are in the SEC. They have a great tradition of running backs here. I love the practice fields, the campus, everything.”
Lattimore was named running backs MVP of the Athens Nike Camp on Saturday, where he starred in the passing game and during 1-on-1 drills.

“It was good. I needed this,” he said after the camp. “I needed to workout today. I learned some new things about pass blocking techniques, which is the main thing colleges look at. If you can pass block, you are going to play on the next level. And also, my footwork. We did some footwork drills and I liked that. I’m going to take that back to my high school.”

While he has received a lot of attention as one of the top 2010 backs in the country, it was good for him to take home the MVP honors as he does face some doubters.

“I know there is a lot of doubt about me, they doubt my speed, they doubt everything about me, but I think I am working hard and trying to get everything set for the next level,” Lattimore said.

Since he has a bigger back, he tries to emulate Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson.

“Adrian Peterson. That’s my man. I try to run like him. He’s the best. If I ever met him, man, that would be crazy,” Lattimore said.

Lattimore says he will make his college destination announcement after the state championship game.


Many of these recruits all say the same thing, that the U puts players in the NFL. They love the rich tradition at the U. The family feeling you get when your there. The fact that past Alumni give back to the program that made them what they are today. It's not just the kids in south florida say this. It's the kids across the nation that want to come to the U.

thanks jaime, well hopefully he gets a shot somewhere. given his lack of size, he could serve as a decent nickel/dime/extra cb, if end up in the right system and improves.

It is beyond my comprehension that turds will come on this blog to rip the U. I just can't see how they can look at themselves in the mirror when Uf after having won 2 NCs in the last 3 years, and having been ranked just about every year for the last 6 years, and definitely NOT having the downturn that Um has had, and they still can only put 3 PLAYERS IN THE DRAFT. THREE!!!!!THREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

`Turds??We all know its just one lonely loser we all turned into our lil beyatch...He has to rip DAU...because last year going into the 4th quarter U could smell the scent of crap running down their legs until for some reason they get a call over-turned that never should of been(using s.e.c. officials in the dump) We have everything they want but know they will never get and this choad get cant any sleep knowing this fact...Of the 3 that they had drafted...none of them will be in the league by the 3rd year...

How can u have one 1st rounder between the two championship game schools. Dats very embarrassing, both schools should be a shamed

Q: How can NFL U have only one overrated player drafted in the SIXTH round?

A: U don't' develop jack shyt anymore. COLD. HARD. FACTS !

That's what happens when you hire a DC that couldn't get a job outside the 305 to save his life. He's extremely underqualified, completely lacks leadership skills, throws his players under the bus, CAN'T get along with his coaches, and doesn't have the skills to establish the fundamentals of player development.

U will go NOWHERE with that guy. But good luck.

Hey our lil beyatch...Its your trailor lovin school that doesnt develop talent for the next level..just criminals and weed smokers..Yapping about "juice" looked at that Ted Kennedy head you have as a QB...F_U sux..produce something then talk..otherwise go back and be the beyatch we all have made you into...lil beyatch boy...U HAVE BEEN NOWHERE AND WONT EVER GET THERE...S.E.C. SUX

three! three! After 2 national championships. Three!

If i was a turd (which I am not), I would put my head up my a-- and shut the do' of my double wide, and never come out. Three!

UM 53
USC 38


The Ravens have 3 players from the U on their team that are better than any one gaytor in the NFL. Just one team

How does that happen? hmmm btw 2002 and 2004 11 1st round picks

Try and ever get close to that.. yeah u suck

good for 3 years and now they think their the king of college football, nah wuldnt say that fwend

Go here:


U blogs are the all about Defending the what the U Used to be... and crying about how much better they are then everyone else.

U blogs are the all about Defending the what the U Used to be... and crying about how much better they are then everyone else.

WOW ! Etch those words in GRANITE ! It would be hard to describe the situation with any more clarity.

The only thing you left out is that nobody who enjoys college football cares one bit about the few things they have left to brag about. Cane fan STILL thinks college football revolves around their little program. All of their milestones are falling one by one and it KILLS THEM. When you have NOTHING To be excited about in the present, U tend to trumpet the past. That's all UM is....the PAST.

Of course it revolves around us...thats why you come here lil beyatch..This is all you have in your life beyatch..WE OWN YOU TRAILORBOY...no need to even debate you in sports because we own you there..I MEAN COME ON...YOUR LOOKING AT 50 DEAD IN THE EYE..YOUR A HUGE FAT SLOB KICKING IT WITH THAT SWEET SKULLET WITH THOSE 3 HAIRS YOU ATTEMPT TO COMB OVER ON THE TOP...A STEP-SON THAT HAS KICKED YOUR ARSE SO BAD THAT YOU CRIED.. i know it sounds like most trailorville fans..but diehards of DAU this is what the fans of F_U that have apologized(yes a few are decent out there)for him representing him says he looks like after they met him..he has also been banned off more F_U sites then he has Cane sites.......NOBODY PAYS ATTENTION TO F_U BUT DRUG DEALERS AND THE PO-PO

WOW, did not realize this "Uf after having won 2 NCs in the last 3 years, and having been ranked just about every year for the last 6 years, and definitely NOT having the downturn that Um has had, and they still can only put 3 PLAYERS IN THE DRAFT. THREE!!!!!THREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

canesrule = sebastian

two posting names









It's also funny to watch U clowns BLOW A GASKET at the mere mention of FIU. They are fighting for basic respect at this point but still have a MUCH better run PROGRAM than U do. FACT.

U have a program that is a dumpster fire. They have a new stadium, you have a RENTAL agreement. They have a highly driven coach, U have a clueless unqualified coordinator.

They make U nervous.

the only thing that makes me nervous about FIU is being nervous for them that they dont get the crap beaten out of them again. I actually felt bad for em, undersized and overmatched

jkasse, clearly you don't understand the difference between "being down" and being a completely eroded program. There IS a difference. U are a badly eroded 2nd tier program now. Regardless of how much you defend what the U USED to be, the glory days are long gone.

The difference between U and top tier schools is that DONNA doesn't give a flying CRAP about football, stadium, championships, or swagger. She really doesn't. Therefore U are what U are. A nice little program.

Sure powerhouses like Florida will not win a 'ship every year. But the DO have the commitment that will at least keep them competitive unlike U.

U have NO commitment anymore. For Donna it's nothing more than "don't get in any trouble, have fun." If you think the highly unqualified Randy Shannon is delivering you from the depths of mediocrity U have another thing coming. Your last two coaching searches have come up COMPLETELY EMPTY for a REASON. That reason is that aside from your 2nd tier pay scale, top coaches know what UM is now. A small underfunded program that just doesn't run with the big boys in this day and age. College football gets more competitive every year and that is expensive. U haven't, by a long shot, kept up with that. Look no further than your dismal attendance and appearances on ESPNU when trying to grasp what has actually happened to your once dominant program. Just because it was dominant a long time ago that is NO guarantee that it will be now. U can't grasp that. Slowly, painfully, reluctantly, U are accepting it.

Nobody, including UF is scared to play you fool. NOBODY.

Every time you type the "GAYTOR" you look like the sad bitter clowns that U truly are.

One championship in 17 years is NOT A DOWN TIME for a school that ONLY has 'ship aspirations.

That is your BIGGEST mistake. That you are only interested in championships. Continuing with that thinking will only prolong your considerable suffering. Get off your high horse and try to win an ACC championship. You haven't even sniffed that yet.

Don't put the cart before the horse cane fan. YOU ARE NOT COMPETITIVE ANYMORE. Have a great day.

Curse of _________.

"Every time you type the "GAYTOR" you look like the sad bitter clowns that U truly are"

Bitter is coming to every Miami blog just to say the same thing over and over day in and day out. As if what you have to say holds any weight with canes fans. You talk as if Miami will never be remotely great,evah again. As if just because you said it makes its true. It's obvious you don't like RS or DS. Do you write them every day to let them know how much of a dislike you have for them?

True canes fan's could give two S H I T's about FIU. Honestly I wouldn't mind watching UM beat the snot out of FIU year in and year out. Same goes for Florida. Honestly I don't have a problem with UF being the King of Florida for the right here and now. That is bound to end sooner (after next year) than later.

I know one thing though and I know this just makes you want to defecate all over yourself when you hear this. If Miami comes out of the gate 4-0 and finish strong then it's "OVA" for Florida. UF starts a soft schedule early. Much like UGA last year, but then again UGA was overrated. Look how that turned out.

I think they should wait and see how the season goes before they shut down the football program.

The Curse of U Dumb Idiot:

Actually I do understand the difference of being down and eroded. Eroded is are teams such as FIU that dont sniff a top 10 recruiting class. I wouldnt call that eroded U idiot.

It doesnt matter what Donna wants, she cant help Randy recuriting top tier talent. She has no choice whether we win or not. It the kids we get. These kids that dominate So Fla want to restore the U back. Why do you think only one of the Seminole trio went to the Gaytors, cmon how blind are U?

The gaytors werent always competitive for a championship, what are U talking about? Your just blind by the past 3 years, but thats normal, U havent had it before so your not used to it.

U have a lot of blah blah blah in there. Just pent up rage from previous gaytor beatings.

Gaytors are scared. Just look at their schedule:

They play the bottom 6 of the SEC:


They play nobodies out of conference:

Charleston Southern

Where is Auburn? How about Ole Miss? Oh, I get it. U can't beat them.

Now I know exactly how Tebow decided to stay:

Cryer, "U staying or going?"

Tebow, "I don't know. I am going to file for draft status with the NFL."

Cryer, "I don't think it will be that high. They don't run the spread in the NFL anymore because defenses can stop it. I run an offense that is successful in CFB only. I move around conferences right about the time they are catching on, and learning to defend it. This is why we took Auburn and Ole Miss off the schedule."

Tebow, "Ole Miss and Auburn aren't on the schedule next year?!"

Cryer, "Nope. I was hoping you would stay, and fulfill your "PROMISE" to Gafor Nation."

Tebow, "Ok, I'll stay. How about we play a trick on those toothless fans of ours? I'll act like I'm leaving, and finish my speech about staying. That'll get 'em!"

Cryer, "They will love that. They knwo once you leave it's OVA! Heck, I might leave with ya to Notre Dame since I can't coach in the NFL."

Tebow, "Then what about Gafor Nation?"

Cryer, "Oh, I don't know. Those fools paid me $4,000,000 to bring them a trophy. I actually brought them two because the BCS "votes" their champions in these days. If it were earned, Utah should have taken one of our places. I sure am glad we didn't play USC. That's for sure! I also need to get otta here since Miami is on the up and up. Sure glad we played them with SEC refs to give us a chance to win. I guess it only took us 25 years to do it. Now that's progress!"


Adrian Peterson ran a 10.33 as a junior in highschool he is way fastewr than that kid!

HOLY SHYT Bull Gator/U are no Kehoe ( my favorite)/Mycanes mind is a terrible thing to waste/ U wills stay forever dumb/dumbazzJamie/ 'Lil Steamer, You've kicked this guy around tonight. Not that it's that hard to take batting practice on him. It is nearly impossible though to get him/them to take an objective look at the state of the U.


These guys have been polluting UF blogs for YEARS. Yet we are supposed to "stay the fu@% out of HERE? SCREW U delusional moron. As long as the world class flamer/spammer/liar/3:00AMtroller continues to pollute our blogs U will receive the same. The only difference being, we stick you in your squinty (kehoe old skool) eye with opinions based on FACT. Where U post opinions based on tired rhetoric and the what U USED to be. What U used to be and what U are are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT things FOOL. Don't agree? Just ask GT,NC,UVA,FSU, etc...... U have some serious beatdowns awaiting U in 09. Those opinions are based on your pathetic performance for many years running and your continual inability to develop players. It's a giant clusterfu$k down there. Say it isn't !

What is this guys obsession with UF's finances? He has IMAGINED this whole doom and gloom scenario. Does he have ANY idea how much money rolls into the UAA????? Gator Nation is RABID about its team and shows that in it's overwhelming financial support. Go look at the Bull Gator parking on game day and witness the endless line of extremely wealthy alumni in quarter million dollar RV's who pour money into the program. The little guy supports the program too as every game sells out. This same clown has been flaming UF blogs with his $8,000,000,000,000.00 jumbo-tron rant. SHUT UP YOU delusional little bean counter. Or continue with your clueless rant. Fact is, Gator Nation realizes that the ENTIRE state is in a money pinch but will continue to support the FOOTBALL MACHINE. It is what it is. State schools MAKE COLLEGE FOOTBALL GREAT. You endlessly indict "State schools" as though they are some horrible influence of college football. CLUELESS FOOL. Keep telling yourself that your little private school is at some advantage. It's laughable.

U keep carrying on about how glad you are that UM is small and self sufficient and private. WHAT A MORON. That exact thing is at the BASE of your steady erosion. Couple that with Donna and U R SCREWED !!! I think we can all agree that the erosion is clearly showing itself on the PERMANENT win loss record.

Debose? Please cane fan. Snap out of it. EVERYONE was recruiting all of the trio. All schools win some, lose some. Not getting a recruit isn't a "loss." It's the nature of the beast. Intelligent fans instead look at what you actually landed. And YOUR BELOVED ESPN RANKED UF ahead of U this year. Look FOOL, a lot of schools landed a LOT of good recruits in this cycle. Not just Florida. Not just UM. It's what you do with them that really matters. And we've seen for far too long that U are clueless in the leadership/development department. RANDY SHANNON? Okay cane fan. Roll with that guy. Afterall, he did win a "Trailblazer Award" from the Orange Bowl Committee. (cruel joke) In case you haven't noticed, your program is a Coaching CAROUSEL. How many ineffective defensive coordinators have you had in...oh lets say...the LAST FOUR YEARS ! ( U cry,we laugh)

U fan likes to think they are "marching back" because they are young and recruit very well. NEWSFLASH DORKO: UF is YOUNGER, recruits BETTER and are also the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. It's as though you think no other school is recruiting. It's all about DUH U. ESPN ranked you #11 in this recruiting cycle. The ten teams ranked ahead of U all have more money, BETTER facilites, and BETTER COACHES, all of which ultimately leads to BETTER leadership. Cane fan just can't grasp this. Oh no, it's a U thing. Pay attention to the U. Yawwwwwwwn.

U are just a .500 program now. Maybe a shade above .500 to be fair. It can still be fun. But it will NEVER be the same no matter how much empty rhetoric U throw out. Your last two HC searches were FLAMING DISASTERS. Coker, Shannon. "Nuff said !

If you think you will be lead to the promise land by Jacory Harris, the NORTHWEST BALLAH, you just aren't very smart. Nice kid, GREAT kid, but he can't sniff the jock of the likes of Sanchez, Bradford, Tebow. Sorry kids, He's a nice little QB but that's it. Maybe he'll mature into a 9-10 win QB for you. That would be nice. But if you had a clue you would set your sights on the STINKING ACC TITLE first. You're inability to grasp that is a fatal flaw. Bottom line, nothing develops at UM. Just look at your steadily dropping draft prospects, terrible record, and horrendous breakdowns in units that lead to historical blowouts.

And finally, SHUT UP with the "when Urban goes to ND" NONSENSE ! U guys should get an award for being the most ignorant to facts. FACT IS, Notre Dame came at Urban HARD when he was choosing his last job. He would have gone THEN if it was truly his "dream job." He said dream job tongue in cheek and KNOWS you can't win there. Cane fan will NEVER grasp this and will continually salivate about when "Urban leaves." Keep dreaming fools. He came to the best AD in the country and championships are FLOWING IN. His entire staff and all associated with him speaking GLOWINGLY about him, even the ones who have departed. Coaches across the nation and conference praise him. Yet clueless cane fan is sitting in the corner crying about him lying to a linebacker and kicking a field goal. You guys are complete idiots.

The most POIGNANT FACT about how fall you've fallen was pointed out earlier. Your F'in KICKER was your team MVP. Have you fully digested how sad that is?

I agree, this is too easy.


You guys wouldn't want to play us this year... Thats just the offense...

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