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Wall gives UM high marks after visit

The Miami Hurricanes took their best shot at the nation's No. 1 available basketball recruit this weekend. So, did staying on South Beach and hanging out with Jack McClinton this weekend convince future NBA Lottery star point guard John Wall that UM could be the place he spends one year before collecting a multi-million million dollar paycheck at the next level?

John Wall Let's just say the Hurricanes might now really be in the mix. After reading several interviews Wall gave various media outlets in the time since his visit, it appears at the very least Miami made an impression.

“Now they are up there," Wall told Scout.com's Evan Daniels. "I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t really considering them that hard, but I hadn’t taken a visit there and I didn’t know how it was going to be and how the coaches were. After I took the visit it really opened my eyes up."

“I feel like I like the school better than I did before,” he said. “I had Miami on my list but I never really considered them. I didn’t know how it was. I knew it was going to be nice in Florida, but didn’t know how it was school wise and that all the players from different sports get along great.”

“From talking to coach [Frank] Haith, I really got a chance to sit down and talk to him one-on-one for a few hours and we watched some film and I just felt like it was a great place.”

Great place? Sure, we've heard that before. But could UM really be the final destination? That remains to be seen. This week, Wall told several reporters he would cut his list of finalists -- Miami, Kentucky, Florida, Duke, Baylor, N.C. State, Memphis -- down considerably before making a final decision.

"I'm going to sit down this week and really talk it out," Wall told TheDevilsDen.com "I think I will have it down to two or three schools by the end of the week. After that I can concentrate just on those schools and make a decision I'm comfortable with."

What will he be considering?

"There's just a lot to think about, really," Wall told TheDevilsDen.com. "Do I want to leave home for a year? I mean you can't control where you get drafted, so this would be my last year at home. Which coaches do I fit well with? Which teams? How do I like the campus? That kind of thing. There's just a lot to think about."

You got to give coach Frank Haith some credit. At the very least, he not only got the nation's No. 1 available player to visit UM, but make them sound great, too. And believe me, other recruits listen.


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can this kid pitch, can he play linebacker ? a 3 letter man is what we need! go canes!

Forget that. Is he enough of a Messiah to bring dannyboycane from Grassy back from the dead?

Great Job coach Haith.
We are a program on the rise.

Clearly you don't understand the difference between being in a "down time" and being a completely eroded program. There IS a difference. U are a badly eroded 2nd tier program now. Regardless of how much you defend what the U USED to be, the glory days are long gone.

The difference between U and top tier schools is that DONNA doesn't give a flying CRAP about football, stadiums, championships, or swagger. She really doesn't. Therefore U are what U are. A nice little program.

Sure powerhouses like Florida will not win a 'ship every year. But they DO have the commitment that will at least keep them competitive unlike U.

U have NO commitment anymore. For Donna it's nothing more than "don't get in any trouble, have fun." If you think the highly unqualified Randy Shannon is delivering you from the depths of mediocrity U have another thing coming. Your last two coaching searches have come up COMPLETELY EMPTY for a REASON. That reason is that aside from your 2nd tier pay scale, top coaches know what UM is now. A small underfunded program that just doesn't run with the big boys in this day and age. College football gets more competitive every year and that is expensive. U haven't, by a long shot, kept up with that. Look no further than your dismal attendance and appearances on ESPNU when trying to grasp what has actually happened to your once dominant program. Just because it was dominant a long time ago that is NO guarantee that it will be now. U can't grasp that. Slowly, painfully, reluctantly, U are accepting it.

Nobody, including UF is scared to play you fool. NOBODY.

Every time you type the "GAYTOR" you look like the sad bitter clowns that U truly are.

One championship in 17 years is NOT A DOWN TIME for a school that ONLY has 'ship aspirations.

That is your BIGGEST mistake. That you are only interested in championships. Continuing with that thinking will only prolong your considerable suffering. Get off your high horse and try to win an ACC championship. You haven't even sniffed that yet.

Don't put the cart before the horse cane fan. YOU ARE NOT COMPETITIVE ANYMORE. Have a great day.

"One championship in 17 years is NOT A DOWN TIME for a school that ONLY has 'ship aspirations."

Get your facts before you spew you nonsense.

1992-2008 is SEVENTEEN YEARS. Get your delusions straight before you spewwwwww your fantasies.

ONE CHAMPIONSHIP in SEVENTEEN YEARS is NOT a "down time" for a school that ONLY has 'ship aspirations.

"the refs...wahhhh...Ohio state....wahhhh" U LOST

2 out of 3 is much more impressive than 1 in SEVENTEEN.

So easy .........

Nobody, including UF is scared to play you fool. NOBODY.

Every time you type the "GAYTOR" you look like the sad bitter clowns that U truly are.

One championship in 17 years is NOT A DOWN TIME for a school that ONLY has 'ship aspirations.

That is your BIGGEST mistake. That you are only interested in championships. Continuing with that thinking will only prolong your considerable suffering. Get off your high horse and try to win an ACC championship. You haven't even sniffed that yet.

Don't put the cart before the horse cane fan. YOU ARE

U are a hater and a idiot for that matter... Wonder if you are mad because We STOLE RAY RAY from URBAN crybaby!!! Ha I still remember his face last year in the late third quarter when his team was only up 10-3. He was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous that it was funny. Remember when you guys got crushed the year before that by Michigan. Urban was such a cry baby at that press conference. Unlike Florida Miami has a "real man" as a coach. U guys have a cry baby, spoiled little douchebag as Head Coach.

I see the fat blob known as NJ post here.

TO THE CURSE OF ART KEHOE. If 2 out 0f 3 is better than 1 in 17 years, then what is 3 out of 5? Or even better than that how about 4 out of 9. How about this? how would you like for your GAYTORS to have 5 NC's over 19 years? Oh my bad, you just wish your GAYTORS had 5 NC's. No matter what you say about the U, all you can do is wish to have the number of ships as you call them that the U has. When you get that many then let us know, until then go get back into your swamp.

If DannyBoy really is dead, is there any chance asphyxiation wasn't the cause? Godspeed DannyBoy, and may heaven provide the giant chocolatey goodness this cruel world denied you.

Gaytr dope with little imagination has to cut and paste the same argument on different blogs? So little imagination to go with so little class, such a limited vocabulary (I mean, how many times can you use the word FOOL before it loses all sense of purpose?) but tons of repressed anger and not a little regret that his school sits in trailer-park heaven. Wow. I guess it is not difficult to see why he is so angry.

Art Kehoe SUED U because U USED him as a fall guy is just an idiot who can see what's about to happen in college football. Jesus T-Blow decided to come back for one more year which gives the Gators a better shot at having a good season. But after that, it's a wash. You're done and starting over. The Gators better hope they win the Ship this year, because if they don't, it's just failure all across the board. Big, big talkers! The pressure is on! Keep changing your name and hiding behind the computer fat boy. After Jesus leaves to become a Insurance agent (because he will never see a down in the NFL) and your brat coach leaves for Notre Dame you'll be nowhere to be found. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nobody outside the filthy 305 really cares about your five ships. To U clowns it makes U better than every program in existence. It's just another glaring example of your ignorant arrogance. It's one thing to be arrogant. It's another thing to be ignorant and arrogant.

Five is better than three !!!!!!!! Happy for ya cane fan. Now try and actually win something. Try climbing into the RANKINGS for more than six days you has-beens. Try winning the sorry COASTAL division. Try getting through a season without a SIGNATURE BLOWOUT LOSS !

Crushed by Michigan??? UF was leading with three minutes left you CLOWN ! Unfortunately the Gators were beat by a better team that day. Henne had a career day and deserved the win. UF had holes in it's defense that have since been FIXED. You guys sound like clowns every time you mention "michigan." UF lost it's entire championship defense in 07. That loss is NOTHING like 48-0 in the OB FINALE. Now THAT is getting crushed "elliott." 472 is getting SUPREMELY CRUSHED "elliott."

Nice to see you feeling good about getting beat 26-3 and not crossing the 50 yard line in the second half. OH yeah...that was a scare ! Keep feeling good about that LOSS !

Your sorry program has not even started the FOUNDATION of winning. The foundation that has you achieving wins that build the program. Or also called signature wins. EVERY championship teams has signature wins along the way. All U have is signature BLOWOUTS.

The linear and inverse vectors merge at zero.

Oh Danny boy the pipes the pipes are calling.

I like meat pies. I really want to eat one.

LOL Bloor

That was just funny.

Art Kehoe SUED U because U USED him as a fall guy...NOT

your an idiot

Hello canes fans.

Please, let us not be angered by the the ignorance and the lack of class shown by some of the fans of our friends at UF. Let us instead realize just how much much of a motivating factor FEAR is. You see, people don't like things that they FEAR. When they come across something they FEAR, they strike out against it and attack it, out of FEAR.

This is the tactic that our Gator friends have been employing here the last few years, due to their recent success. Let us not forget that not too long ago the gators were an underachieving and second rate SEC football team who were of little to no significance to anyone outside of gainesville. Now they are a talented team with a whiny head coach and a gimmicky offense. (That doesn't produce any lasting NFL talent). Also let us not forget that up until last year UF hasn't beaten UM in a number of years.

Strong and fast. Miami changed the way college football was played. Yes, including you Gators, you took your cues from us too!
No need to thank us you're welcome. Don't forget UM owned most of the 80's and 90's. If we didn't win the NC we were playing for it. Cant say the same for the gators. Our last one was IN 2001. Then we had another one the next year stolen by ref's. So I think were coming due. Regardless of what you say, 5 championships is still better than 3. And until you get 5, please exercise your right to remain silent.

So with all of that said, lets make it clear so that everyone can understand.


How else can you explain their behavior? For example:
1. Finding the newspaper that covers the miami area (The Herald)
2. Creating a profile and becoming a member of the canes blog
(Eye on the U)
3. Logging into a UM athletics blog (basketball article) and spewing
their rhetoric and taunting UM fans.

ALL MOTIVATED BY FEAR (so, so, sad......)

So instead of anger and frustration, let us have mercy on our little fishy friends from the swamp. For they as well as the rest of the country have taken notice. The U is on it's way back to greatness!!!

Only a coward kicks a man when he's down. But a real man will get up, stand toe to toe and fight for respect. We have been down and have taken our licks. But now were rising up to take our rightful place. As one of the most dominant teams in college football history.
And were not done yet. When we get back on our feet we'll show you who is best the state of Florida has to offer. (That is, if you'll play us?)

Who would of thunk? A huge publicly funded state school, would be so concerned about a small little private school in Miami.


Watch out little gators, There's a Hurricane coming>>>>

It's all about the U!!!

Loser. Loser. Loser.
His momma did not br--t feed him so he is a jealous, bitter trilor tra-h hick.









I think this moron is being consumed by swine flu. Swine=hogs. He caught it while ... you can imagine the rest.

Art Kehoe was good, my bad, great, and so was Don Sol. But their not the reason we didn't have back to back championships. If you don't believe me then follow the draft. Poop flows down hill and so does Coker's nonaggressive offensive stategy. Please take your time to gloat, because Meyer will leave when he is on top. At the rate we are recruiting South Florida his reign at the best Florida school won't last long.

For the record, although Art Kehoe was a great coach, he is replacable. That's why we only have one coach with 2 national championships.

In a world of what have you done for me lately Florida is on top. Keep in mind that Florida just won the National Champion with a very explosive offense, but only had one player drafted in the first round. That's the problem of having a gimmick offense. It's great for college, but that stat will scare off more recruits especially if total is not maintained or surpassed. When Miami was on top we had a record of 6 first round draft picks.

The difference between Miami's reign on top and Florida's reign is the product produced. There are more Miami skilled players in the NFL. Perfect example is Percy Harvin who has more athletic ability than skill. You don't believe me, then compare him to Santana Moss. I'll keep going. If Tim Tebow gets drafted what position will he play. It's a gimmick offense that does not develop you for the next level. It's just a matter of time until the kids and their parents steer away from Florida especially if they have aspirations to play at the next level.

You just won the National Championship and all you have to show for it is one first round draft pick. We managed that last year when we didn't go to a bowl game. Numbers don't lie, so gloat while you're on top, cause at that rate your reign on top won't last long. We expect to return to the top not this year but next year. Will you be there? I don't think so, cause there will be too many wholes to fill including the Head Coaching job.

to fat gator boy,or who ever this cane hater is grow up and tell your coach 2 recruit future nfl players like we do.we are family and u cant change that.as for us being down it wont kill us,it makes us stronger.at the end it will be the U back again.USC has send 37 players too the nfl onlt 1 probowler.how many probowlers have your gators in the nfl have had.are u mad we got ray ray,u wont admit it cause the U got your mouth taped u cry baby.

A.Bailey will start the streak over again for us!!!!If it wasnt for getting blocked everytime... i`d send the site here that the few decent F_U fans that had him banned off their sites..sent me U can see his arrest photo for DUI...he`s almost 4 bills wearing a wife beater..cue-balled,well a skullet..under weight it says obese...kinda scary that this is the guy that is in love with us...

Some of the comments on this blog are completely insane.

Anyway, imagine a backcourt of Wall, Grant, Scott, Jones and Dews. :D
That would be the best backcourt in the ACC.

Manny - We need football stories... Nobody cares abou the basketball program or the Marlins or anything else for that matter. Every response is related to football. You gotta you to help feed the need...

Look at stupid cane fan using the word "fear" in 2009.

LAUGHABLE ! Don't U get it clown?

NO ONE FEARS UM ....NO ONE ! You're program is a trainwreck and 09 won't be any better. Keep believing that "building for the future"nonsense U have been throwing up for so long. You've been doing that for YEARS !!

Dude did a 200 word essay on FEAR . Whatever dumazz. Keep thinking teams outside the 3-5 FEAR U. It's good comedy.

Obviously, all of you UM bashers must be independently wealthy, with simply ridiculous amounts of time on your hands, spending time on a Miami blog site to gloat about your programs, mostly Florida. We get it, you are proud of the Gators, they have won titles, they are winner, yatta, yatta, yatta.

Look, there is no denying your recent success, and I say congratulations, your team earned it. Ultimately, though, as proud as I am of the Canes, I don't go surfing the Gainesville papers looking for chances to bash the Gators. I think it's probably because I have a life and don't focus on my entire existence around taunting the opposition. God knows I had the opportunity when Urban's predecessor was there, but I had a bit more class than that.

So, without getting too personal, Gator fans, act like you've been there before. You won, good for you, now please, just go away. We are getting very tired of the multiple postings by the same loud mouths time and again. It shifted gears from funny to pathetic very quickly. And one more point: when Urban finally does go to coach at Notre Dame, I hope you have the good sense to support your next coach.

Go Canes and Go Away Gator fans.

LAUGHABLE ! Don't U get it clown?

Posted by: BOOO....OH NO..its the BOOGEY MAN (UM)...PLEEASE !! | April 28, 2009 at 09:13 PM

You spend every waking moment on our blog, and no one could care less about yours, FOOL! Yeah I get, do you????

You just won 4 NC's, but your still not close to cracking the state record, TOOL! Yeah I get it, do you???

Georgia Tech has more championships than you do, FOOL! Yeah I get it, do you????

Your school is about to layoff close to 800 teachers and related staff, but your moronic AD is going to "hoist" a new $8,000,000.00 Jumbo Tron at that dump you call the Swamp, STOOL! Yeah I get it, do you????

You and Ben Hill Griffin never graduated from college, IDIOT! Yeah I get it, do you????

Your athletes are averaging about one felony arrest a month, MORON! Yeah I get it, do you????

Chris Rainey is being paid by Lakeland boosters to play ball at UF, TRAINWRECK! Yeah I get it, do you????

UM is insulated from state financial woes, DROOL! Yeah I get it, do you????

FOR $85,000,000.00 a year, UF should have AT LEAST 10+ titles, but they don't, TOOL! Yeah I get it, do you????

UM has 8,000 students, and 9 NC's, STUPID! Yeah I get it, do you????

Ditty (and every other A list superstar) hangs in Miami, you know, that crime riddled city to the south, FOOL! Yeah I get it, do you????

Utah (and TX, and USC, and...) laughs at your Crystal Ball, STOOL!

john wall malcolm grant james dew dequan jones dwayne collins would be fun to watch!

You just won the National Championship and managed to only have one first round draft pick. That's alarming of a program that's just about to come crashing down harder than we did. Why? It's a gimmick offense that will only work in college, because defenses in college USUALLY play out of position.

Nobody wants Florida Offensive Players, cause no matter how much talent they have they will never match up with our NFL talent. Don't believe me. Then compare speedster for speedster. Would you take Percy Harvin over Santana Moss? HHMMM. Somebody was developed for the pros.

A gimmick offense will never prepare you for the League. Ask yourself. What position will Tim Tebow play if he gets drafted? Then ask yourself. Does Urban Meyer really care about Tim Tebow's future? Tebow playing quarterback is a recipe for failure in the NFL. Tebow not playing quarterback is a recipe for failure in Gainsville. Can someone say Eric Crouch?

Elijah- Eric Crouch was the perfect comparison. An excellent athlete, but NOT an NFL QB.

Manny- let's talk football.

• Signings among undrafted Canes: Antonio Dixon (Redskins), Bruce Johnson (Giants), Dwayne Hendricks (Giants). Tryouts this weekend: Chris Rutledge (Dolphins), Chris Zellner (Bucs), Anthony Reddick (Bears), Kayne Farquharson (Saints).

Everyone FEARS the MIGHTY U

Yeah,...pay attention to the U baby

We're building depth

'ship in 2010 BABY !

keep the fence up around the 305

Harris is a BALLAH



i never heard of a person contradicts himself every time he writes. i can't wait till football starts

Elijah K gets it. Real players will realize the gimmik offense will not get them to the NFL which is where they want to go notwithstanding the Gaytr Kool-Aid drinker who think the players go to trailer-heaven-on-earth for the "academics" or "tradition." The recruits have already started realizing that UF is not the path to the NFL. The U is in the early stages of reclaiming that crown and it will only get better, moreso when Urban leaves to ND and the mellon-headed 13th apostle is playing H-back in the NFL.

It is a tremendous compliment to Haith and his staff that the top basketball prospect is even considering UM after his visit. It wasn't too long ago that recruits like him didn't even bother to visit here.

Exactly, oaktree. We probably won't land Wall, but Haith has already proven he can bring in top-notch talent (Jones, Scoot). His player development and game-day coaching decisions are still iffy, but I think it will continue to improve.

Isnt there a Gaytor Story that you could be posting on. If the U sucks so bad why do you even care. Can't you go post about the Citadel, you play them every year!
The fact is you look bad. If you are supposed to be champs, act like it. I swear I never read one story about UF unless its about which player got caught smoking dope or got arrested.. Get a hobby or a girlfriend and quit looking over your shoulder. You will be looking up at us again in the polls in no time!

Posted by: rhetoric U...how about actually winning something | April 29, 2009 at 08:22 AM

How is it U know what we are writing on a UM blog??

Answer: You are constantly trolling on a UM blog! U follow the U closer than U follow UF!

You're in our head??? Uhmmmm, yeah, ok!

When Foley drops the UM game in 2013, are you STILL in OUR head???? Uhmmmm, yeah, ok!

Dude, I'm not going to come on her and tell you how bad Tebow is, or UF is in decline, because it's not true! He's one of the best athletes to ever come out of UF. This is not about UF! Teams ebb and flow, but you'll always be bitter and jealous!

It's been almost a year since UF beat UM, the Gator's are reigning champs, but you spin by here 10 times a day to say "you suck", "FOOL", "STOOL", "TOOL", "DROOL", etc., etc.

Gator fans hate you! There's nothing worse than an obnoxious fan spewing about a school they NEVER ATTENDED!

Keep dissing our NC's, FOOL! We'll make more!

I know one thing though and I know this just makes you want to defecate all over yourself when you hear this. If Miami comes out of the gate 4-0 and finish strong then it's "OVA" for Florida. UF starts a soft schedule early. Much like UGA last year, but then again UGA was overrated. Look how that turned out.

I think they should wait and see how the season goes before they shut down the football program.

Posted by: AtlCane | April 28, 2009 at 01:20 PM

Uhhh yeah, ok ... 4-0 out of the gate ...

See U in Pasadena then... Get Ur tickets early

So, without getting too personal, Gator fans, act like you've been there before. You won, good for you, now please, just go away. We are getting very tired of the multiple postings by the same loud mouths time and again. It shifted gears from funny to pathetic very quickly. And one more point: when Urban finally does go to coach at Notre Dame, I hope you have the good sense to support your next coach.

Go Canes and Go Away Gator fans.

Posted by: BigDaddyCaneLxa | April 28, 2009 at 11:12 PM

Tell U what, U start winning and get back into the top 20 and are once again relevant to back up Ur baseless boasts, and I'll go away...

Looks like I'll be around for a while huh ?

You just won the National Championship and managed to only have one first round draft pick.

Posted by: Elijah K | April 29, 2009 at 06:17 AM

With 20 of 22 starters being underclassmen it makes it kind of tough ... U get that math?

Be patient genius, there will be plenty to come with more stacked in the wings...

Click and learn

4 Gators and Half S.E.C. Loaded Mock Draft in 2010

And not a CANE in sight.

Keep it up U Clueless, in denial, narrow minded, blinder wearing and irrelevant CANE fans... It's fun toying with U and what U used to be...

4-0 outta the gate.... God my stomach hurts !

4-0 outta the gate is just as absurd as "10 wins."

U said it extremely well 50-50. Clueless, in denial, narrow minded, blinder wearing, and IRRELEVANT cane fans.........

You forgot to include that everyone, especially the Gators, FEAR UM !

Look at these honks ripping UF's draft when just about the WHOLE team is returning. It's not called Duh U for nothing.

Go ahead and look at the SI link U CLOWNS. UM drafts have steadily dwindled amidst the badlly eroded football program. Dumb UM honk thinks that is going to turn around .

Intruders breaching UM's local recruiting wall

Cover your eyes Canes fans, or just turn away. What you are about to read might burn your eyes and cause your blood pressure to rise. Consider this your final warning.

Remember Cane Fan... Manny Warned U .

How are U doing Kehoe ?

Typical Cane Fans huh ? Sad what they've become.

Well, keep up the good work... Fun is fun .

Yeah, Manny did warn U. And what was your arrogant knee jerk reaction?

FREAK OUT and accuse Manny of being an idiot.

What a bunch of ignorant clowns.

You are correct we do have trouble filling our stadium.....Why doesn't UF or FSU? Because they are little towns where everybody either went or grew up rooting for...Down here UM fans are in the majority, but barely! Drive around and you will see UF and FSU plates everywhere....Why? These are all kids who could not afford to go to UM choices are UF,FSU or FIU....

Why do they come back down??? BEcause unless they want to be the manager at the local wendy's, CVS or walgreen's they have to put that degree to good use.

Do you know why there is fear? Because despite you guys winning...we are still relevant to the talent that you want! and after and abysmal 5-7 season, including that 48-0 loss we still had ESPN's #1 recruiting class.

We will be back...til then we are the pain in your side that won't go away!

Posted by: foodstamp U | April 29, 2009 at 11:39 AM

Foodstamp U???? Was Donna in Talahassee last week with all the state school president's begging for money??? NOPE!!! That was YOUR president!

10-15% budget cut LOOMS for UF!

800 + university employee layoffs LOOM!

UF education program cuts LOOM!

Donna was sitting in front of the money machine at UM counting out the $1,400,000,000.00 + dollars she just raised (and continues to raise) for The U! All private funds! No need for the state "tit" here!

Busses??? If we bus the team to the USF & UCF games, we can hire 2 more professors this year! Not fire 800, FOOL! But what do you care, you never graduated from UF, so why would you care about academics????

UF is still in state budget foreplay "Key", they haven't even kissed UF yet! Get ready, it's coming! Bend over, Crist is driving!

...we still had ESPN's #1 recruiting class.

Posted by: Leo | April 29, 2009 at 12:04 PM

The U also has the three highest rated broadcasts on ESPN, in the history of the network! The U is a national TV darling for ESPN, ABC, ESPN2, and ANY other network we play on!

The U would like to welcome UF to ESPN! We are pleased to have paved the way for regional schools like UF to finaly crack the jugernaught that is ESPN! It opens up the entire nation to your program! Raycom will surely miss U!


Want to read something funny?



caneiac: WOW, what in the hell is that?lmao

as if Yoorban leaving to ND was not a done deal before, the budget cuts across the board will drive him into alma mater's loving arms.

Introducing Head Coach Charlie Strong!

By the way Turd boy-

With Antonio Dixon
Bruce Johnson
D Hendricks signed

That's 4 UM hurricanes drafted. 3 UF players drafted.

shut up ko-hown. You are a ba--trd child of Urban the cryer.

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