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Wall gives UM high marks after visit

The Miami Hurricanes took their best shot at the nation's No. 1 available basketball recruit this weekend. So, did staying on South Beach and hanging out with Jack McClinton this weekend convince future NBA Lottery star point guard John Wall that UM could be the place he spends one year before collecting a multi-million million dollar paycheck at the next level?

John Wall Let's just say the Hurricanes might now really be in the mix. After reading several interviews Wall gave various media outlets in the time since his visit, it appears at the very least Miami made an impression.

“Now they are up there," Wall told Scout.com's Evan Daniels. "I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t really considering them that hard, but I hadn’t taken a visit there and I didn’t know how it was going to be and how the coaches were. After I took the visit it really opened my eyes up."

“I feel like I like the school better than I did before,” he said. “I had Miami on my list but I never really considered them. I didn’t know how it was. I knew it was going to be nice in Florida, but didn’t know how it was school wise and that all the players from different sports get along great.”

“From talking to coach [Frank] Haith, I really got a chance to sit down and talk to him one-on-one for a few hours and we watched some film and I just felt like it was a great place.”

Great place? Sure, we've heard that before. But could UM really be the final destination? That remains to be seen. This week, Wall told several reporters he would cut his list of finalists -- Miami, Kentucky, Florida, Duke, Baylor, N.C. State, Memphis -- down considerably before making a final decision.

"I'm going to sit down this week and really talk it out," Wall told TheDevilsDen.com "I think I will have it down to two or three schools by the end of the week. After that I can concentrate just on those schools and make a decision I'm comfortable with."

What will he be considering?

"There's just a lot to think about, really," Wall told TheDevilsDen.com. "Do I want to leave home for a year? I mean you can't control where you get drafted, so this would be my last year at home. Which coaches do I fit well with? Which teams? How do I like the campus? That kind of thing. There's just a lot to think about."

You got to give coach Frank Haith some credit. At the very least, he not only got the nation's No. 1 available player to visit UM, but make them sound great, too. And believe me, other recruits listen.


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Beanpole WILL get knocked out. He's already nursing an injury and don't try to tell me he's NOT undersized. Waffles aint fixing that. You can only fake it for so long. Maybe U missed him going down like a house of cards in the NCState game?

Don, layoff the ebonics bro. You do an outstanding job of dismantling these clowns without throwing out the race card.

Sebastian/canesrule ( same delusional clown) SHUT UP YOU FLAMING IDIOT.

"Did you hear John Wall spurned Billy D. and is becoming a Cane? "-canesrule

"I would not want to jinx it, but my bold prediction is Wall is a Cane." -canesrule

“Small classes, the weather, facilities, everything seems right and coach Haith,” Wall is reported to have told the AP, or was it Reuters. The City Beautiful rejoices." - canesrule


Cane site? WE run this dump now.

Hey Manny, it's been just about a week. Isn't it about time you give us an update on something?

Hey moron! Yeah, U!

You are a fu**ing idiot. Here, let me slow that down for you:

My.....point.....is.....since.....you.....seem.....to.....always.....say.....THE.....U.....is irrelevant,.....2nd.....teir.....or.....whatever,....it.....is.....interesting.....EA.....Sports,.....



You sound, and look dumber every day. Start using some facts, and back up what you say, but you can't. And again, that just makes you look dumber every day. You are the most pathetic individual I have ever known.

Congrads on that fake NC you got when even congress wants the BCS to ixnay National Championship out of the BCS title game. UF is nothing, and it shows when they win the SEC title with HALF the conference .500 or worse. UF won't even be mentioned in the top teams EVER in CFB even with 2 titles in 3 years. Our 2000 - 2003 team is above and beyond anything UF could EVER muster.

Utah 13-0, and destroying Bama is the REAL National Champion! Open up your eyes!!! Ole Miss owns U, Aubruns owns U, and especially...

WE OWN U in titles, appearances, NFL drafts, AND overall record! UF even has a LOSING record in bowls! 6-1 in 25 years is a hell of alot better than 1-6.

Now, I get it. I know why you are on here with your non-sense. Because you have nothing to say but your fake titles in 3 years. HOW PATHETIC!!!


Go undefeated then we can talk. Stay on top longer than 3 or 4 years then we can talk. 3 NC's since 1906 with 4 appearances. Now that is just too funny!

5 NC's in the last 25 years alone with 10 appearances, beeyatch!

WE OWN U!!! Just accept it and move on. Your petty talk does nothing to us, but make us laugh. You continue to kick us while we're down, and we still pull the #1 recruiting class. Just wait num num. You'll be back under your rock soon enough!


I thought the Canes baseball team won the ACC and went to the College World Series in 2008, and after losing most of their top players in the draft, just came back this year and swept the Gaytors at their place and beat the seminoles here? These Gaytor Trolls just don't know when to stop flaunting their ignorance. Guess that UF degree did not work out in the real world, huh?

The reason congress is putting pressure on college football to develop a playoff system is because the whole world knows that the Gaytors did not deserve to have a NC last year. Now congress is getting involved to make sure that it does not happen again. Congrats Gayturds, your undeserved NC caused congressional action, good one... with a playoff system in place the Gaytors will never win another NC in our lifetime.

I dont understand how this idiot can post any ignorant racist thing and yet still a few of us get blocked or censored for much less..Manny is solid but this blog has sure hit hard times with this biggot on here doing what he does..Stay behind your anonymous names like a typical coward and hide..It show the lack of manhood you have..We can have opinions about teams and go back and forth all day long..but when you go to the racist crap..a line should be drawn then and something should be done..Im sure many will differ and thats fine..its just my opinion thrown in..its not just about DAU or his school when it comes to that..


don't mean to pile on after what 360Cane did to you but on top of it all, UF is in Gainesville. GAINESVILLE. Let the stench of that trash heap permeate your Neanderthal-shaped noggin. Gainesville makes Knoxville look like Monte Carlo. There are more churches than teeth in Gainesville. It is a land-locked crap hole. That is why no 'turd alums stay. It is a pit. You know it and all your ripping on the 'Canes won't change that. Sorry, under-educated Gaytr fan.

I for one will stop reading or posting on this blog unless and until Manny does something to clean it up. This idiot Gator fan who changes his name all the time has turned this into a joke of a site. He obviously has no life (I doubt that he even went to college with his grammar and incoherent sentences, but be that as it may, Manny needs to put a stop to this immediately. This site has turned into a reprehensible racist rant coming from one individual and I have had enough. I will get my Canes' information somewhere else and the Gator idiot can continue to spew his venom here as long as Manny allows it.

"...... the Gaytors did not deserve to have a NC last year."

WHINING SOUR GRAPE PANSY You do not have any say in the 472.

U are the greatest VIDEO GAME in the world

"Utah 13-0, and destroying Bama is the REAL National Champion!"

That's just funny. In November you would have openly mocked Utah. By the way, Urban BUILT Utah.

Any fan of ANY team can see what a sour grape loser you are.

U cannot even win the SORRY ACC COASTAL...shut your wimpy hole candy cane !

To top it off this ignoramus actually relishes in the thought of our quarterback being injured. What a moron. I hate to stoop down to his level, but seriously, does anyone not think that the Mr. Second Coming hasn't been hitting the needle since high school. Ask anybody that knows anything about the metabolic and skeletal effects of HGH and other steroids (or hormones). That huge head was not naturally arrived at. The large body mass as a 17 year old, putting ON a ton of weight as a senior in HS and as a freshman. Honestly, I don't wish ill on Teabag, but it's Gayturd Scum like this that causes people to hate the Gayturds and Teblow

Nobody is relishing his inevitable injury jakazz. It's just the nature of the beast when you are a 170 soaking wet and have a bad shoulder and have a HORRIBLE OFFENSIVE LINE. I witnessed him folding like a cheap suit once. U have a new OC. Confusion will abound among those line scrubs. Bank on that fool. At least Cook looks capable. But let's be honest. None of those UM QB's are beyond average. Even the NW BALLAH !

Who has the skinnier legs? Harris or Benjamin. SNAP ! Prothro revisitied. U are not going anywhere with them.

They all juice. Even jesus. UM perfected juicing until Donna came along. Now our juicers are better than your juicers. You are correct. He has a very large head.


You are a little child arent you..You racist loser..Had to go to Prothro I see when it came to a serious leg injury which I might add that to this day still affects the mans way of life and to you its some kind of joke..Manny or whoever has control of it, should ban this loser off here and let him search elsewhere where morons with his views can vent their rage at society..The fact is that your swollen-headed qb failed a drug test going into his freshman year and 2 more since then..Again I find it odd that JH in no way can make it thru a season because he`s too brittle and has skinny legs according to this TOOL..But the 1st player he ever says looks capable at DAU is a white player(Cook)..Time for this coward of a blogger to be shown the door..

"The fact is that your swollen-headed qb failed a drug test going into his freshman year and 2 more since then."

see what hate does to U? You make things up and call it fact. You are a pathetic chump. Nice work. Would you feel better if I picked on the fat weak slow white guys on your Oline? What a bunch a SORRY group.

Screw Prothro and screw U fool. I don't care what color any of your soft players are. The weakest bunch of underdeveloped chumps ever to play at duh u.

U R GREEN with envy

1st off i`m not going to get into name calling with a racist scumbag like you..2nd off he has failed 3 drug tests and since you claim to be such a fan and not just some biggot on here then look it up..We are jealous of nobody..It does seem to most of us that you sure the hell are..The steps have been taken and soon enough you will be banned from here as well..so get all that race hate out while you can here

again, you are so filled with hate that U are making up the Tebow accusations. Present ONE BIT of evidence to support your OUTRAGEOUS Tebow claims. I'm not looking up something that doesnt' exist U tool.

U won't prove me wrong because you CAN'T.

Also, show me one racist comment I made.

Steps have been taken ???? BOOO...oh no..I'm scared...another delusional cane fan sends Manny an email...WAHHH...You are sooo small.

I'll be waiting for some support for your accusations. Until then shut your hole you whining punk.

So you want me to prove to you about the claims of a drug test and then also prove your racist comments..ok I see how it goes now..Its not 1 comment you have made there have been plenty you big fat convicted DUI felon..Its not me sending Manny any email..Its gone beyond that..I was sent an email explaining things about being censored or blocked for much less then you have put on here biggot..As I said I dont hide from anything..I really dont give a rats puckered hole if you care or not..but they are taking care of you and soon you will go elsewhere to find a platform for your hate..If you care so little..then why else come here??you come here to see us and hope to teach your ways of hate..because you sure the hell dont know the 1st thing about football and thats very obvious by your pasted comments on here and the fact you answer our question with questions..So you killed a chatsite..be proud since thats all you have in life..The only thing in life I hate is anonymous racists like you who dont have the sac to step out and say those things in public..Just on a computer..LOSER

Manny...I hate to say it, but I agree with most that this blog has become a joke. Do something about this guy (and there are a ton of ways to do it) or you are going to lose most of your readers.

Uhhhhhh Sebastian? IM STILL WAITING FOR SOME EVIDENCE about your OUTRAGEOUS claims regarding Tim Tebow.

Again, please show where I have made any racist comments.

Here's what I posted earlier to someone who is making borderline commments,

"Don, layoff the ebonics bro. You do an outstanding job of dismantling these clowns without throwing out the race card." - The CofAK

You have blown a gasket completely.

1) show ANY evidence of what you called FACT about OUTRAGEOUS Tebow claims.

2) Show ANY place where I have made racist comments.....I HAVEN'T

You're so cranked up that you automatically attribute any comments you don't like to the honorable Curse of Art Kehoe. Also, you are the same guy that spams every Gator blog in the universe. Canesrule=sebastian=AE Banks. How about your rape accusations on OS blog????? How about your constant "Niki Meyer" slandering????

I like to talk CFB and I see HUGE Red flags in UM's program and I'm not shy about telling you about them.

You make up stories constantly. You have some serious holes in your life canesrule/sebastian/hotkarl/AE Banks/dumps on Mr. Two bitslawn

You can't even come up with your own mocking post name. You have to ride my jock on that too.

For YOU to throw out any racist or slurring accusations is COMPLETE comedy. Do you think you have people fooled? Seriously clown?

K-puke. Your still my b--atch. I'll tell U why-

UF plays LSU this weekend. Geez for once they play someone meaningful rather than FGCU. So this ranking will be over. Over.

For a trailor-living piece of gainesville cow dung, to talk smack about the UM baseball team after Um went to the dump called Gainesville and swept them shows the kind of ultra demented crack pipe smokeing redneck thathe is.

The racist verbiage that he is spewing confirms every name that we have called him, every thing we have said about him and his kind, and shows how classless this puke is. He is a nobody, trying to stir the pot

A no-nothing country trash
A racist, pig -calling ,tobacco -chewing ,pick up -truck driving Gator fan.

Hey SheHoe, why do you make so much of Jacory being a "beanpole"...huh SheHoe? Ken Dorsey was a "beanpole" when He played you clowns in the Sugar Bowl...and what happened in that game...huh SheHoe...what happened? Ken Dorsey was a "beanpole" when He played you clowns in gainesville...and what happened in that game...huh SheHoe...what happened? Haaaaaaa, what a joke, let's just say that your "beanpole" arguments hold no weight...no pun intended..................SheHoe.

CaneRock..The big difference with mrs.1,000,000 names is that Ken Dorsey was white and in that biggots world thats ok..but JH and RS arent so at every opportunity he`s going to take his shot at them..its been going on way too long and hopefully stopped soon..He is a racist scum float and this is his stage sadly!!

SebastuabDaIbis, I don't know if SheHoe can help it.

I mean, what do you expect from someone whose mother is also their sister...

What do you expect from someone whose mother is also their aunt...

What do you expect from someone whose mother is also their cousin...

What do you expect from anyone from "the 472"...

You know, Manny, if you force people to create a free account in order to post here, I'm pretty sure you can get rid of this jackass for good. Just a thought.

Man this blog has gone in the toilet.

Oh yeah, Dorsey was definitely a bean pole. The difference is, he stood behind an NFL offenseive line while Harris stands behind weak scrubs who were pathetic at protection in 08. Plus this blog didn't exist back then. So yeah, Harris AND Dorsey are both beanpoles. Do U disagree? You look like the imbeciles that U truly are when you throw out racism claims. Cut and paste one SINGLE racist comment I made.

"The fact is that your swollen-headed qb failed a drug test going into his freshman year and 2 more since then." -sebastian dalbis

Keep dodging the outrageous claims loser. You typed it then posted it. Now back it up sebastian/canesrule. Until you man up and show some sack you are just a spamming punk. Provide ANY evidence of your claims or continue to be an ignorant spammer.

Remember, you said "fact." Back up your facts loser ! SPAMMER !

U won't because U can't !

Yes I did say fact..and its a fact you DUI convicted moron much like the Percy thing..it was fact and when he left the protection of college it became public..I already told you..you pathetic loser..the racist comments have been given to the proper people at the paper to handle..I owe you nothing..The fact that they have been said and I wont stoop to your level and paste them on this site doesnt mean a thing..If that means you dont believe me then so be it..get your panties all up in a wad..call me what you want I truly dont care..You are a racist biggot and that sure doesnt take much to figure out slappy..I dont go on any of you trailorville sites bothering anyone..but you sure are quick to run over here not knowing a thing about football except what you search on the internet..ive said this time and time again..when you are asked a question..you have no clue what to do..so you just call DAU names and then hide under all your alias names..now that is sad and pathetic..Or of course if someone says something out of line(which you coming here you should know is bound to happen)you go to the race card because you feel comfortable being who you are..a typical anonymous racist..no sac that wont ever say that sheyat in public..


That's right Dalbis. Even when the turds were perennial losers---not too long ago may I add, I could have never in my life ever imagine dream of going onto a UF blogs to brag blah blah about our 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 teams. Just couldn't. Now, I was at the peach Bowl in 2004, and after the game, went into a bar to ring in the New years but did I brag and talk smack to the mant turds that were there? No. And i could have. And I can defend myself.
I didnt because I've been there. I know how UM is, I am a proud fan. I also rememeber how bad things were 1995-1999. And you know what? It's unreal. It's uncanny. All of the trash talking comes from turd fans. I mean, NOt even the seminole fans do this.

They claim its sour grapes. But I'll tell you- I don't hate Oklahoma. I don't hate Ga Tech, va Tech, I don't even hate LSu fans. These teams have all beat us recently. But their fans don'tget in my face or under my skin, like the disrespecful, classless, trailor trash of Upper Central florida. They shut upwhen they are losers (which has been more comon than not), and find any reason to smack on UM. For one simple reason. JEALOUSY: THEY... ARE NOT US.

K-puke- There are so many examples of your racist taunts. Where do you want to start? Read the threads from 03-to current. You will find more than enough of your ignorant rants.

I'm LMFAO too Jaime because you are too stupid to know the difference between being drafted and signing a free agent contract. Maybe you should learn the difference and then try the math again.

Of Florida's 12 verbal commits, six of them - Matt Elam (5), Victor Hampton (51), Jonathan Dowling (52), Ian Silberman (59), Jaylen Watkins (65) and Gerald Christian (82) - appear in the top 100. Only Texas has as many, and usual recruiting king USC has just three.

U clowns are about to see what recruiting is. Our agents are at the cesspool Miami NW and Booker T. RIGHT NOW !

U are about to get SCHOOLED

The SEC recently signed deals with ESPN and CBS guaranteeing each member institution $20 million a year over the life of two 15-year deals.

U haven't seen the bottom yet little brother in filthy Dade.

Thank you for that update on the 6th of May biggot..That sure means alot to us..Glad you made time to run to our site AGAIN to tell us that knowing how busy you must be..That top 100 will not change at all by the end of the year and of course nobody will change their minds between now and signing day..You sure are a fountain of knowledge and wisdom..Take your racism and issues in life and go away..you are a fat waste of life

And I suppose some of U will say, why is a Gator even here ?

Well, this an open online forum of a Major American newspaper... Every comment is subjected to examination then cross... And sorry about some of the misinformed,hateful,stupid things that are written by Gators here(there are way more then u realize). But U do understand that this is a 2- way street.

Personally I like the Canes (old canes anyways), no hate at all except for some of the things that are blindly written at times.

God bless U and remember Timmy loves U no matter what.

It's not a white or black thing ... It's just a stupid thing period.

Including talking smack about doing "things" to a certain coach's 17 yr. old daughter ... Peoples mothers ... farm animals.. or a Q.B. that is accused playing with boys.

It's all out of line, but the way things are with an open forum like this, these slanderous comments can come from anyone, anywhere, at anytime, using whatever names they choose to hide behind.

My last post that night was @ 12am about the EA Sports College Football comment. None of this came from this keyboard or Kehoes (yes we are different people) and never will. My eyes are green and skin brown as a result of an Anglo father and Bahamian mother. And to be perfectly honest, none of this effects me. It's not my problem to burden, it's that of the one's that spew it. So I choose to let it roll right off my "Gayturd" skinned butt. (is that term U came up with even P.C. ?) No skin off mine either way.

I'm in total agreement as to require a sign-in to post and weed out ALL these people, but as it is, until then, we'll all just have to try to ignore the ignorance of some... Gator and Cane alike.

Hopefully it will come sooner rather than later.

If there are people talking about doing something to a 17 year old that is plain and simple just twisted and disgusting..Everyone has different views on whats racist and whats not..I dont care who`s posting it..IMO its just wrong..This should be a forum about Cane activities such as sports or upcoming charity events..There is no place for racism or whatever was being said about a 17 year old in here..Im not affected by what words are said to me in here..Gawd knows ive heard plenty from mr.1,000,000 names..I could care less about his opinions about anything..But the racist biggot crap crosses the line big-time.....Also what purpose does it serve to come here to blog about recruits on May 6th??..Do you really think we care about that at this point in the year??Its the same old posts over and over again..We havent seen the bottom yet..We are a 2nd tier school..We need you..Followed by something racial..blah blah blah blah blah...zzzzzzzzzz

Blog or comment on this idiot Ke-puke:

Florida Gulf Coast U. from little ol' Bonita Springs (Fort Myers) 12
UF 5


That is too hilarious. Ke=puke, why don't you paste those baseball rankings again, just for fun, you seem to like to use that aspect of your computer. come on.

And Max (or kehoe)- I do know the difference between the draft and free agency. So I misspoke. Shoot me. I corrected it immediately, and U idiots knew what I meant anyway. regardless. What's important is that UM will have more players in the NFL this year than UF.......again. Suck on that morons!

"If there are people talking about doing something to a 17 year old that is plain and simple just twisted and disgusting." -sebastian dalbis

"I'd rather have Nikki Meyer if I could wear a full body suit while enjoying her gifts. Don't want to catch anything." -canesrule

Uhhh people? canesrule and sebastian are THE SAME GUY.

Not to mention that you have posted recently at 3AM. That's creepy territory canesrule. Normal people with normal lives aren't slinking around the internet at three in the morning.

You quickly abandoned your Karld and blackcane names. You actually tried to come off as a laid back Gator fan with karl, and a threatening on the edge guy with blackcane. Why don't you trot those back out and show further what a whacko you are.

"Including talking smack about doing "things" to a certain coach's 17 yr. old daughter ... Peoples mothers ... farm animals.. or a Q.B. that is accused playing with boys." - Don S. speaking about canesrule

And then you have the gall to come back as Sebastian dalbis and call that type of thing sick. You really need to go get some help man.

Since Manny apparently doesn't want to do his job. Here's a quick FYI for you real Cane fans our there.


APR reports came out today, Miami ranked second in the state. Good to see academics being a priority.

I grew up a canes fan cuz obviously there was no other football team here in Miami to root for, Cane by default my friend...But after seeing all the crappy decisions they have made as a school the past couple of years: 1) Destroying the OB~the pride of joy of Miami & replacing it with a lame Dolphins stadium 2) Making horrible hires~ President shallalaalala, Coker, Chocolate Marsmallow man Haith (cant even take a talented team to the tournament). 3) A Classless University: Total disrespect to RIP Sean Taylor for not honoring him with the memorial at UM but instead having it at FIU. Sad thing is he was such a good person and in my opinion a hero. 4) I decided to go to FIU instead of UM after realizing how much FIU is growing and how UM is going backwards...Not to mention how expensive the school is for nothing. And my decision paid off...I am successful and have no debt...So yes last year I bought season tickets for both UM and FIU...But i can guarantee u that this year I will only spend my hard working money on season tickets for FIU...FIU is heading in the right direction, UM is not...Whats happening in FIU is unstoppable!! It will be what UM once was to Miami...People are realizing they were only canes fans by default, just like me...

One question...How many players from UM were drafted this year...Only one lol, UM is even losing its grip on bringing players to the NFL.

One question...How many players from UM were drafted this year...Only one lol, UM is even losing its grip on bringing players to the NFL

Okay so I guess that the streak was supposed to go on forever right? 14 years was not enough? No U want us to go 30 years straight with a number one pick, yeah right... Dude U are an idiot what are you thinking, things happen in cycles not one team has this record and not one team will every tie or break this record. Teams get good for a while and then fall off and then get great again. Look at USC,Florida and Oklahoma they all were terrible 7 years ago and now look at them.

Not the U anymore = Arrozconpollo. Get out of here pend*jo you're not fooling anyone. Back to the FIU boards.

FIU is unstoppable??? LOL are you kidding me with that statement or what??FIU will be what Miami was...LOL...Oh come on now...ease up now brah!!!Cheer for whatever team you want...Thats fine...but lets not get crazy with those kinda statements...

Jesus H. Christ ... Cane Fan is talking E.A. NCAA Smack... Just about Ur typical level U fools.

Posted by: U Get Ur Thumbs In Shape U Fan ... | May 05, 2009 at 12:05 AM

Wall Gives UM High Marks After Visit

The Miami Hurricanes took their best shot at the nation's No. 1 available basketball recruit this weekend. So, did staying on South Beach and hanging out with Jack McClinton this weekend convince future NBA Lottery star point guard John Wall that UM could be the place he spends one year before collecting a multi-million million dollar paycheck at the next level?

"Dey b lotz ov Cribs tu breaks n downe dere."

Posted by: Should Fit In Just Fine Down There With U | May 05, 2009 at 01:03 AM

So racist scumfloat does that time on a late Monday night/Tuesday morning that you were floating the net spewing your racist views say anything...Or will you defend that somehow again..Or do as you usually do and come up with some other garbage...Just more proof you dont belong here..and that you are a biggot and have no problem talking about a time someone else posted but seem to forget the times you do..you useless loser

Not the U anymore: you are a moron - not only is what you are saying about FIU's football team being better than the Canes the dumbest statement I've ever heard, but deciding to go to FIU and not UM is like saying yeah I could have gone to Harvard but chose to attend a lowly unknown state school instead because it was cheaper - that makes you even more of a moron. FIU was a Miami-Dade Community College feeder school until very recently - remember that it was only a 2 year school - come on dude, lay off the crack pipe! You are like that annoying little kid who tries to get into the grown men's conversations at the kitchen table - just go away and let the grown men talk here, your team is not even worthy of mentioning in the same sentence with UM. Go back to managing your Burger King store with your degree from FIU...by the way, say hello to your new basketabll coach for me, i.e. coach Thompson -LMAO. You will sit in that empty new stadium watching JV football - enjoy.

You don't bother trying to convince people that sebastian and canesrule are not the same person. That's good because you finally accept that it's futile.

"If there are people talking about doing something to a 17 year old that is plain and simple just twisted and disgusting." -sebastian dalbis

"I'd rather have Nikki Meyer if I could wear a full body suit while enjoying her gifts. Don't want to catch anything." -canesrule

I, the honorable Curse of Art Kehoe did not make the ebonics comments. Those were by Don Soldinger. A different commenter. I don't find them funny.

The only thing I say that you might construe as racist is my QUOTING of MARBLE MOUTH... he DID SAY "We's building depths." I heard him say it with my own ears. That's not racist. Are you going to tell me you're not embarrassed by his outright butchery of the english language? And the guy DOES have marbles in his mouth just like that Corinne Brown. Although I find her extremely embarrassing too, she's more of an indictment against our political establishment. That she could get elected with those DEPLORABLE speaking skills is just sad.
Sure I pick on Randy. He Deserves it ! But honestly he's not even in Corinne Browns league in terms of being an english butcher. She should be ashamed of herself. I CRINGE every time I hear the sound byte on LeBatard of her voice. I don't cringe for UF, I cringe for her.

Oh I see Don was posting at (im assuming its don) 1:03. Still, you foamy mouth loser, that is NOT 3:00AM ! I never in my life see 1:00AM but I'm sure plenty of people are rolling in to their house at that hour. Nothing normal is going on at THREE in the morning. And no, those beautiful people that roll out of the clubs on SoBe aren't normal.

Funny to see you call people racist when you are making comments like this:
"I'd rather have Nikki Meyer if I could wear a full body suit while enjoying her gifts. Don't want to catch anything." -canesrule

Coaches are fair game. Urban is the master of speaking in fragments and it annoys the crap out of me. But your constant demeaning of his DAUGHTER is as low as it gets.

Get this thru your thick skull Art or whatever the hell name you are going to select the next time you post..I never posted 1 thing about Nikki nor his daughter..EVER..So for you to say I should believe you are who you say you are then in turn say I am not just my name..I guess thats fair huh???I also never see 1:00a.m. and honestly dont give a sheyat who does post on here at that time..And no this as you call me"foamy ass loser"doesnt care if RS"butchers the english language"..sorry but I just dont..I dont demean anyones family members...Just you fans and players and coaches..I have never been to any Gator site and have no interest to..But yet you have no problem running over here...But somehow that makes me the loser..I have 1 name you use I dont know how many and again i`m the loser..You sure got things F`d up..But hey you have your view and I have mine..time to move on...Take the greatness that is you and your re-posts of racism and maybe someone else will give you attention here..Manny you are a good man and I know they have you doing other things..I hope someday this gets fixed and returns to a Cane blog and not a front for this guys views of his life..Seems like alot of the old skool canes have left the building for the reasons as well..his racism has gone way over the line and chased this blog into nothing now..

great fake enraged rant canesrule/sebastian.

"If there are people talking about doing something to a 17 year old that is plain and simple just twisted and disgusting." -sebastian dalbis

"I'd rather have Nikki Meyer if I could wear a full body suit while enjoying her gifts. Don't want to catch anything." -canesrule

Nor does the fake enraged rant fool anyone

FIWHO, FIU is certainly not on UM's level sports-wise (and I doubt they will ever be there) but they are not and have not been a "Miami-Dade Community College feeder school" for atleast the last 10-15 years.

FIU, in fact has very similar, if not greater, acceptance standards (in terms of GPA/SATs) now than UM does. On top of that, FIU's undergraduate business school is in the top 100 (along with UM, UF and UCF) and its accounting program is one of the better ones in the nation (certainly better than UM).

In my profession, I work with people from both universities. Sorry to say, but UM grads have been extremely underwhelming in comparsion to FIU grads.

The one distinguishing factor with a majority of the UM grads I work with is the snobbish vibe you get from them. Your "feeder-school" dig certainly makes you sound like one of them.

Yes I did say its twisted and disgusting and it is...its also illegal you racist sexist F`NUT...Maybe thats why Chris Hanson knows you on a 1st name basis

When did I say FIU football was better than UM retard...Ur reading comprehension is that of a 5th grader...What i said was that FIU is improving while UM is going backward...About being a annoying little kid and letting the adults talk that is ridiculous...You say it behind a computer, if it were in person, I would knock u out with just a slap in the face...But anyway, Im not here u kick some dummy who compares UM to Harvard, that is offensive please homie...Im here just to reveal the truth...UM is fake...UM is expensive for nothing...It is nowhere near a top notch school...UM is making horrible decisions, the school is fallling down...FIU is on its way up...The playing field will soon even out...FIU baseball already beat ya last year haha and now u are scared to play again....FIU basketball will do the same, if ur not scared to play that is~~~~Mr. Chocolate Marshmallow Man (Haith) are u listening?? We are calling u out...

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