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Wall gives UM high marks after visit

The Miami Hurricanes took their best shot at the nation's No. 1 available basketball recruit this weekend. So, did staying on South Beach and hanging out with Jack McClinton this weekend convince future NBA Lottery star point guard John Wall that UM could be the place he spends one year before collecting a multi-million million dollar paycheck at the next level?

John Wall Let's just say the Hurricanes might now really be in the mix. After reading several interviews Wall gave various media outlets in the time since his visit, it appears at the very least Miami made an impression.

“Now they are up there," Wall told Scout.com's Evan Daniels. "I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t really considering them that hard, but I hadn’t taken a visit there and I didn’t know how it was going to be and how the coaches were. After I took the visit it really opened my eyes up."

“I feel like I like the school better than I did before,” he said. “I had Miami on my list but I never really considered them. I didn’t know how it was. I knew it was going to be nice in Florida, but didn’t know how it was school wise and that all the players from different sports get along great.”

“From talking to coach [Frank] Haith, I really got a chance to sit down and talk to him one-on-one for a few hours and we watched some film and I just felt like it was a great place.”

Great place? Sure, we've heard that before. But could UM really be the final destination? That remains to be seen. This week, Wall told several reporters he would cut his list of finalists -- Miami, Kentucky, Florida, Duke, Baylor, N.C. State, Memphis -- down considerably before making a final decision.

"I'm going to sit down this week and really talk it out," Wall told TheDevilsDen.com "I think I will have it down to two or three schools by the end of the week. After that I can concentrate just on those schools and make a decision I'm comfortable with."

What will he be considering?

"There's just a lot to think about, really," Wall told TheDevilsDen.com. "Do I want to leave home for a year? I mean you can't control where you get drafted, so this would be my last year at home. Which coaches do I fit well with? Which teams? How do I like the campus? That kind of thing. There's just a lot to think about."

You got to give coach Frank Haith some credit. At the very least, he not only got the nation's No. 1 available player to visit UM, but make them sound great, too. And believe me, other recruits listen.


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SheHoe, to answer your pointless question, NO, "Cane Fan" is not embarassed by Randy Shannon's "outright butchery of the English language".

Randy Shannon's "outright butchery of the English language" is coherent enough to keep Miami's student athletes from firing assault weapons into apartment buildings.

Randy Shannon's "outright butchery of the English language" is coherent enough to keep Miami's student athletes from stealing the identities of dead people.

Randy Shannons "outright butchery of the English language" is coherent enough to keep Miami's student athletes from beating up their girlfriends and then subsequently stalking them on public buses.

You see SheHoe, despite what you may think of Randy Shannons diction, or lack thereof, behind Randy Shannon's words, there lies some REAL LIFE SUBSTANCE!

Listen - FIU grads are trying very hard to "rationalize" that they went to an inferior university by building themselves up. Ok that's fair. But don't do it by comparing yourself to UM. It's just not realistic. It is 1000 time harder to get into UM than FIU, everyone knows that. You don't need to sell SAT this or GPA that.

As for the Ke-puke Dalbis/ canesrule feud:

It's funny to read Kehoe take a "high moral ground" when he spews out racially-injected commentary constantly. You, Ke-puke, are a hypocrite, a boring, repetitive know-nothing, who cuts and pastes like none other.

And for you losers who keep "wishing" that UM was done.

Let's analyze the years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. What were USC's and Florida's records then? Hey that was at most 6 years ago! How many NCs did USC win from 1980 to 2000? So you see, these things fluctuate. And UM is undoubtedly going to be on top. And for you morons who keep lambasting the ACC competition- who cares. You still have to beat everyone. ACC, SEC or whatever.

So UM has had a bad 4 year run. What about the UF run from 1997-2006? And how, do you explain UF's LOSINGR ECORD IN POST SEASON PLAY?

Hey Ricky, I suggest you do some research before looking like an idiot on these boards.

Miami: "In 2008, the average weighted grade point average for students granted admission to the university was 4.2 and the average SAT score was 1282"
"There were nearly 20,000 applications for 2,000 slots in the fall 2008 freshman class" That's a 10% acceptance rate.

FIU: "For Fall 2008, the average incoming freshmen had an average SAT score of 1161, a 25 ACT score and a 3.8 high school GPA"
Applicants = 13,528
Accepted = 4,482
Admit % = 33.1

I always find it funny that FIU fans are the ONLY people around that always say the same ridiculous statements. That they happen to work in a place that accepts both FIU and UM grads, but FIU always outshines UM grads who are

....snobs. Take it from a UM grad, you're full of it. You're not fooling anyone.

"Someone did a fine story and made a comment about our coaching staff," Meyer said. "I can tell you for the first time in our coaching careers, it feels like home. I love Florida. This is a hell of a place and this is a hell of a team. We're going to enjoy the moment and learn form the moment. Is this a good program? No, it's a great program. We have our foot squarely on peoples' necks, and we're not going to take it off. Right now, everyone is trying to catch the Gators. We will not let that happen."

U won't catch up to that ever. Not even when your next clearance rack coach gets hired.

Meyer said he expects true freshman wide receiver Andre Debose and true freshmen linebackers Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins to be major contributors this season. Bostic was an early enrollee who impressed the coaches backing up middle linebacker Brandon Spikes.

Neither of them gave U as much as a glance. Debose is the one we all coveted.

Arrozconpollo, errr I mean Not the U anymore:

UM is going backwards? You're entire point reeks of ignorance and shows that you either were never a fan of the U, or just weren't bright enough to get in. Going backwards?

"CORAL GABLES, FL (August 20, 2007) – In the 2008 edition of the U.S. News & World Report’s annual “Best Colleges in America” issue, published today, the University of Miami has risen to the number 52 slot, up two points from last year, and up 14 spots in the last five years."


That was of 2007. They are now ranked 51, up one more slot.

"BusinessWeek includes UM's School of Business Administration in its "Top 50" U.S. collegiate business programs, ranking UM the 44th best U.S. undergraduate business program in the nation and the best such program in the state of Florida. The Wall Street Journal, also in 2006, ranked the UM School of Business Administration 14th in its regional ranking category."

Are you done getting schooled? Get the F* out of here. Going backwards, wow.

Hey Casual Observer, I suggest you do some research before looking like an idiot on these boards.

First of all, your stats are all bogus. Never go to wikipedia to find true facts:

"In 2008, the average weighted grade point average for students granted admission to the university was 4.2 and the average SAT score was 1282"

Actually click the link of the citation supporting it, and you'll see that it doesn't mention GPA anywhere the only part of the above quote supported by fact is the SAT score. The fact sheet actually says:

"Almost half of new freshmen graduated in the top 5% of their high school class, two-thirds in the top 10%. Mean SAT was 1282."

Those are NEW FRESHMAN, not STUDENTS GRANTED ADMISSION (aka accepted students) as your quote stated. You'd realize that this is a huge difference if you new anything about acceptance at public vs. private schools.

There are many more applicants that are accepted to private schools like UM (like I was) who never attended because of the huge burden of tuition. Many of the ones that actually attend are students who received scholarships of some sort (which raises the average GPA/SAT score of incoming freshmen. If you compare actual acceptance standards (minimum GPA/SAT scores) and not stats of attending freshmen, you'll see there's much less disparity.

This also accounts for your bogus acceptance rate stat. Incoming freshmen divided by applicants does not equal acceptance rate (I guess they don't teach stat logics at UM). Accepted students divided by applicants does equal acceptance rate.

Check out this link for example (this is a USA today article, not some phony wikipedia article):

It shows FIU's true acceptance rate at 31.5% while UM's actual acceptance rate is 42.1%.

How do you like that, SNOB?

PS: I'm a UM fan, not an FIU fan. Stop making snobbish assumptions about who you are talking to.

"You say it behind a computer, if it were in person, I would knock u out with just a slap in the face" Thats your words Mr "Not the U anymore" who the hell slaps anyone???I tell you what I go to all home games and most road games and i`ll stoop way down to your level and take that manly slap of yours..come on stud..thats a 1st free slap LOL..Then after that we will see what you`re made of when the beyatch slappin` at 10 paces is over..Go back to an FIU site or maybe you can build one with the trailorville racist and talk about how brave you 2 are or just maybe chat it up about walking up to a Cane somewhere at a game or wearing the gear out in public and slapping us..

"as if Yoorban leaving to ND was not a done deal before, the budget cuts across the board will drive him into alma mater's loving arms."

The SEC recently signed deals with ESPN and CBS guaranteeing each member institution $20 million a year over the life of two 15-year deals.

Urban attended U of Cincinatti.

"Someone did a fine story and made a comment about our coaching staff," Meyer said. "I can tell you for the first time in our coaching careers, it feels like home. I love Florida. This is a hell of a place and this is a hell of a team. "

U are NOT the sharpest tool in the shed.

Why do you post things that U have NO CLUE about?

BTW did Manny get fired or something?

if FIU is such an impressive school, why is it that nobody except the losers who coulnt get into Um go there?

I think he`s been doing some stuff covering the Marlins..He had said it was going to be a bit on the slow side here for him because they had him busy doing that..

"if FIU is such an impressive school, why is it that nobody except the losers who coulnt get into Um go there?"

This has got to be one of the dumbest posts I've ever read.

The people who go to FIU are hardly losers (atleast no more so than their UM counterparts). FIU is A PUBLIC SCHOOL. Tuition is 20 times cheaper at FIU than it is at UM. Not everyones' mommy and daddy put them through school. If they didn't go to UM and went to FIU, this is usually more a testament to the overpriced tution than the lack of credentials.

I have a question for you?

If UM is such an impressive school, why is that 3 out of every 4 students who's accepted there goes somewhere else?


Why does anyone care about what an FIU fan has to say about anything? Just laugh at that pathetic moron. Typical sp!c that knows nothing about football, running his mouth.

who cares about Jon Bostic and Andre Debose both will not be better than RAY RAY when it is all said and done. U can keep that garbage..


Still we have more championships than Florida

Elliot..Isnt it funny though how trailroville didnt get either RayRay or DD and they tell us they didnt want either of them LOL Thats typical trailorville talk...I agree with you 100% when all is said and done it will be RayRay standing above either of them..


I'm sorry, but I'm still LMAO at Ricky and his "SNOB" comments. You got accepted to UM, couldn't pay for it, so decided to go to FIU? OK, you're not an FIU "fan" you got me there. You're an FIU "grad" Is that the case? LMAO. Sorry to dissappoint you, but I went to UM not on mommy and daddy's dime and graduated from there without any debts.

Oh the horror of not fitting into Ricky's classifications.

In your OP you wrote: "FIU, in fact has very similar, if not greater, acceptance standards (in terms of GPA/SATs)"
"GREATER" being the oeprative word. I proved you wrong on your SAT scores which shows UM's criteria being higher.
It's true that that orginal citation did not have 4.1 on there. But this one does: http://colleges.collegetoolkit.com/colleges/admissions/university_of_miami/135726.aspx
Or are you going to argue that one as well. So admission standard argument goes out the window.

I added admit percentage there to throw out the selectivity of the school. Obviously all 38% of admits can't say yes. If they do, I'm sure they'll receive a letter saying that they've been put on a waiting list. (I'm not sure how that works). Although I do find it interesting that UM received 20,000+ applications, and FIU received 14,000. Of which Miami could only officially accept 2000, while FIU accepted twice that amount. That to me sounds like UM is more selective, but maybe I'm looking at it wrong.

You really didn't say whether or not FIU is your alma mater, but if it is, I really feel sorry for you. Tier-1 vs Tier-4, when you had other tier-1 state schools at your disposal. I hate to have to tell you, but FIU is in fact no better than a local commuter school one step above MDC. You dont' have to argue it, I'll just point at the location where 75% of my friends ended up because their number one school rejected them. I guess pointing out the obvious to you makes me a snob. ::shrug::

If you punk gators or FIU (I don't even know their mascot- the marielitos?) fans don't like what you read on these posts then, GTF OUT. IN CASE YOU B--CHES DIDN'T NOTICE this is a UM blog. HAve I gone to the pathetic FIU blog threads and saidd anything about FIU, or for that matter to UF blogs? No. BECAUSE TO ME, THEY MEAN NOTHING.


Jeez Casual Observer, I guess reading comprehension isn't part of the acceptance standards at UM, either. Re-read what I said before about accepted vs. entering freshman at UM. If you still don't get it, don't bother replying.

Jeeeez Ricky, I guess reading comprehension isn't part of the acceptance standards at FIU, either. (See I can also take a sentence and reverse the names to make a juvenile sarcastic resposne)

I wrote in my last post the EXACT WORDS you used about acceptance standards (GPA/SAT). I proved you wrong, and now you want to talk about accepted vs. entering freshman. I guess my first two posts weren't enough to explain it to you, so I'll try one last time.

UM = 20,000 applicants, 2,000 coming in.
FIU = 14,000 applicants, 4,000 coming in.

The circumstances of HOW they got in is irrelevant to my point. Yes, you are correct. In the official "percent admit" it would appear that FIU is more selective (33% vs 38%), however it doesn't tell the whole story. Miami says yes to more people 1.) because they get more applicants, and 2.) because they know not everybody will be able to make it. Nevertheless, in the grand scheme of things, only 10% of the ORIGINAL applicants ever made it on campus whereas 33% of the ORIGINAL applicants made it to campus as freshmen in FIU. The high pool allows UM to be (in the end) more selective than FIU. But if you want to beat your chest over semantics, then sure, FIU is more selective than Miami. However, the pool of those accepted (based on GPA/SAT) is better for UM than FIU.

Perhaps you're having problems with the word "selective." Would it be better for you if I used "competetive" instead?

Not beating my chest over anything. Of course UM gets a bigger pool and of course they accept less. They are a private school.

I'm not going to continue arguing over this because I just don't have the time and this could go on for a while. My intention was not to say that FIU is a better school. I was just trying to make the point that FIU is much closer to UM in terms of education than it is to MDCC because one of the morons on this blog was denegrating FIU by saying it was, amongst other things, a "feeder-school" for MDCC.

If you agree with that moron then you are the snob that you claim not to be.

I still don't understand how snob = believing the tier-4 school across the way is closer to a community college than to the tier-1 school that is nationally recognized. But hey, to each their own.

For the record, I don't actually believe that, but I did take offense to your, FIU has greater admission standards than UM. Bollocks.

Let's bring the conversation back to sports. Academically, BOTH of these schools suck balls and only people who couldn't do any better or don't know any better would go there. One of them is as expensive as an ivy but not even a tenth in terms of academically quality and career opportunities offered; the other is basically an overgrown community college. Moreover, the saddest thing ever is how in the bubble we call Miami, people act like UM is some kind of Ivy League school or something, even though anyone outside UM knows its crap and that it's not even better than UF--another crappy institution. NEWSFLASH: it's not!

If we're talking football, Miami obviously has to be part of the conversation (not FIU though; the only reason they're even mentioned is because they share a city with UM and are coached by one of our grads and former assistant coaches). But academically? They're both garbage as they're not even in the top 50 nationwide.

Let's bring the conversation back to sports. Academically, BOTH of these schools suck balls and only people who couldn't do any better or don't know any better would go there. One of them is as expensive as an ivy but not even a tenth in terms of academic quality and potential career opportunities; the other is basically an overgrown community college. Moreover, the saddest thing ever is how in the bubble we call Miami, people act like UM is some kind of Ivy League school or something, even though anyone outside Miami knows its crap and that it's not even better than UF--another crappy institution. NEWSFLASH: it's not!

If we're talking football, Miami obviously has to be part of the conversation (not FIU though; the only reason they're even mentioned is because they share a city with UM and are coached by one of UM's grads and former assistant coaches). I grew up in Miami and LOVE the Canes! But academically? UM and FIU are both garbage as they're not even in the top 50 nationwide.

[edited for grammar mistakes since I pressed "post" instead of preview]

This dude is a moron. UM is not a the bottom you dipwad, in fact it ranked 51st in the US N and World report ranking, whereas UF, a school that is 5X larger, with state funds, older, etc etc, was like 47th or something! R U worried turd graduates? Getting closer!

This lady is on crack.

Never too early for way too early bowl predictions

May 8, 2009 4:30 PM

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Well, the bowls have been announced. You know what's coming next. Waaaay too early bowl predictions. These are often impossible to predict in December, let alone May, but there's no harm in trying. I'll admit: It would be much easier to find spots for everyone if Virginia Tech -- or anyone else for that matter -- did play in the national championship game.

It's hard to believe Virginia might be home for the holidays for two straight seasons, and with the way the confidence is brewing at Duke, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Blue Devils ahead of schedule.

So the tougher question is this: Who won't be in a bowl game in 2009? Boston College? Wake Forest? Virginia? Duke? All of them have question marks, but they've also got strengths and the potential to be better in the second half of the season. It only takes six wins. You don't have to be Texas to play in a bowl game. (But a win over Oklahoma certainly wouldn't hurt Miami.)

Here's the early prediction on how this might shake out:

FedEx Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech
Chick-fil-A Bowl: Florida State
Konica Minolta Gator Bowl: NC State
Champs Sports Bowl: Miami
Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl: Georgia Tech
Meineke Car Care Bowl: Clemson
Emerald Bowl: North Carolina
EagleBank Bowl: Maryland
GMAC Bowl: Wake Forest

At-large: Boston College

Out: Virginia, Duke

Final thought: It wouldn't surprise me if Duke won six games, but because the Blue Devils scheduled two FCS schools, they have to win seven to become bowl eligible. I think that's asking too much from David Cutcliffe in his second season, but knowing him, he'd love nothing more than to kindly prove me wrong.

Boston College Eagles, Clemson Tigers, Florida State Seminoles, Maryland Terrapins, North Carolina State Wolfpack, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Duke Blue Devils, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Miami Hurricanes, North Carolina Tar Heels, Virginia Cavaliers, Virginia Tech Hokies, David Cutcliffe

Read comments or leave a comment

Not the U anymore: it's easy to talk tough when you are hiding behind a computer you wussie. You are a crybaby and a girl, that's why you want to slap me - come on little girl, slap me so that I can have an excuse to kick your wussy a...s...s and we will see who gets knocked the F.. out! FIU needs UM but UM could care less about your JV programs over there... so we don't have to play your sorry teams...go cry to your mommy and leave these posts to real men who want to talk UM sports.

Ricky: Come on dude, you can't be serious! Nobody outside of the South Florida area even knows that FIU exists, let alone trying to compare the 2 schools, i.e., UM and FIU. If you had a choice to attend both schools, and I doubt that you did, and you chose FIU then I feel sorry for you. But if you are happy with your choice, then more power to you, but don't come on here and flaunt your ignorance by comparing the 2 schools. If Not the U Anymore is an indication of the FIU students, then I rest my case... a mental midget who can't win an argument using his brain so he resorts to making threats and slapping people, LMAO... the last slap fight I saw was between 2 homosexuals on South Beach...Oh, wait, that explains the slapping...he is one too.

Notwithstanding the hatred that I have for UF football fans who are at the same level as the Jets fans in my book, an honest review of the facts clearly show that both UF and UM are fine academic institutions which consistently rank in the top 50 or top 70 schools in the nation each year (this out of a total of aproximately 2,363 4 year colleges and universities in the US). Their Law Schools, Medical Schools, and graduate schools are also highly ranked (in the top 50 and 70, respectively, in the nation). Remember that they both are top 50 or 70, as the case may be, out of all of the US colleges and Universities, including Ivy League Schools. For anyone to come here and say that both of these schools are at the bottom academically and that they "suck" (nice intellectual word), as that moron said hereinabove, is just plain stupid. But then again, we must consider the source. Sorry FIU grads and students, you are a long way away from FSU, UF and UM in both academics and sports, just a fact you will have to learn to live with. If you do not realize this, then you are only kidding yourselves. I understand that you have an inferiority complex, but that is why they have an FIU blog just for you, please go to the FIU, play nice and stay out of the UM blog.

The truth spoke people. All of you other morons, please button up.

U all are uuuuu seeeee peeeeeee '

tell Ur momma's happy day


UM beats UF in mens's tennis to advance.

UM beats FIU in women's tennis to advance



Can we get a what, what? Such a big school. Such big bucks. Such hype.

Since these Gaytor Trolls won't go away and claim to have the "facts", here are some more facts about the Gaytors that have the Gaytors ranked at the top in 2009 -

Gaytor Criminal Nation:

*tried to make a top 10, from best to worst or is it worst to best (I got confused)…. But there were so many heinous crimes/assaults/stabbings/shootings and theft that I had to list some evil-doing as honorable mention. Like the “Its good to be Chris Rainey” recruitment or the mysterious throat slashing keg stealer.

Here are my top 10:

1. After Jarvis “Puffy” Moss jumped up (Ganja increased his vertical by 18″) and salvaged the croc’s season against the Gamecocks by blocking a last second field goal attempt, it was revealed he to also failed a drug test during the summer as the clock ticked to zero. Guess what game he missed? The showdown between top ranked UF versus division 1AA Western Carolina.

2. Gator great, Marcus “Medicinal Puff” Thomas - a multiple drug test failure, pot and GHB. Gator fans tried to convince us all it was from the same test… then the truth came out, near the end of the season with his dismissal from the team. Moss and Thomas were both drafted by the Broncos. **bleep** was Shanahan thinking?

3. Baby Momma Slappin Avery Atkins. The alleged victim, Benerah Sanford, told police: She and Atkins argued Saturday on a drive to Atkins’ grandmother’s house. Atkins leaned over and punched her at least 13 times, and pushed her face against the car’s window while he conversed with relatives. Every time Sanford tried to exit the car, Atkins either punched her or stepped on the gas. When the pair finally arrived at Atkins’ home, she ran off and called the police.
Earlier this month, Atkins was found in a car in Daytona Beach with weed, gun and digital scales. To top it off, it was not his car. He had enrolled in UF in January with plans to “fight his way back to the cornerback slot.”

4. Brandon James a football player and Brandon Powell who coincidently is the basketball player who sucker punched the Vandy student in the back of the head [link], were found together in Gainesville with…. you guessed it: marijuana in the car during an undercover “buy bust”. One felony and one misdemeanor — purchase of a controlled substance and possession of >20 grams of marijuana — suspended indefinitely.

5. WR Riley Cooper smashed a windshield, welcome the perfect gater. And just who is Jasim Alidina? Adlina was the victim of Freshman Riley Cooper’s flailing haymaker through his car window. While Alidina survived the incident, remarkably unscathed, neither Cooper nor the car were as lucky. Cooper was taken to the Morton Plant Hospital.

6. Florida defensive back Dorian Munroe charged with felony for removal of parking boot and placing it in his trunk. This was later ironed out as expected as UF is thin at the corner. One felony — theft of a police metal parking boot from his car

7. At Da Club, Ronnie “The Rifleman” Wilson slaps some guy, then spits on him, then ends it by shooting at him, luckily police actually stepped in one time before he killed that guy. two felonies and one misdemeanor — gun in a parking lot near campus — suspended indefinitely. THIS ONE ACTUALLY CAME BACK TO THE TEAM

8. LB Dusty “Rhodes” Doe, pummels some dude (ala Channing the Chainsaw Crowder) in a Alaucha County vs. Pasco County gang fight (Reds vs. Crips style). Punishment? No suspension from Meyer. Doe to face the (Jaws intro theme) Leadership Committee. one misdemeanor — disorderly conduct for parking garage brawl

9. The 7-Man shower Self shooting gun incident, Gator players led by Dee Webb, Andre “Bubba” Caldwell and Reggie Lewis had a $60,000 SUV loaded with improperly registered AK’s and other machine guns… and they were all drunk while shooting at apartment windows for fun. Of course initially nobody took the blame and they all said they were in the shower (together) and that the gun must have shot itself… Gators went with the deniable plausibility angle when Dee Webb shot off his arsenal saying he had already declared for the draft, so he was no longer a Gator.

T10. Dallas “Bike Taker” Baker, steals a bike, but when cops questioned him, Dallas said, “heck man, I just thought the bike was ‘abandoned’”. The sophomore was issued a sworn complaint from UPD as an officer stopped Baker near Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (which is a great place to take a deuce). Baker said he was late for an appointment and picked up an abandoned bicycle. Misdemeanor!!!

T10. Linebacker Taurean Charles. A UF student said Charles touched her against her will, the sworn complaint issued by the university police department said. Charles allegedly slammed her on the bed and onto a computer desk, picked her up over his head and threw her down on her roommate’s bed, according to the complaint. Charles was later dismissed from the Florida team.

Who is worse? Florida or Montana? [link]

Honorable Mention

Nyan (Cap’n Stabbin) Boateng gets into a heated arguement with some chick, a knife fight breaks out, Nyan Dogg ends up bloodied on the floor, luckily he was still alive.

“Nyan has some issues he is dealing with, and in the meantime, he will not participate in any team activities,” Florida spokesman Steve McClain said.

WR Percy Harvin, the star of the 2006 recruiting class, is a guy who was banned from Virginia High School sports. Why? Because he slugged a ref and had been involved in numerous brawls.

Chris Rainey and other recruits brag about how many gifts and wads of cash they are getting from Gator Alumni/Boosters… Cash, Jewelry, and throwback jerseys. But he was just joking. Ha Ha Ha.

Joakim Noah swipes at Vandy cheerleader, and later confronts the Vandy coach! That will show her and him. They were gatorbait!

Two Gator linebackers Darryl Gresham Jr. and Jon Demps go up in smoke, Cheech and Chong style, suspended from team on National Signing Day. Suspension/dismissals free up crucial scholarships for incoming Blue Chip recruits. Linebacking now a concern.

The unknown 6′4″ 280 pounder. A University of Florida student claimed a Gator football player stole his beer keg from the back of his truck which was heavily damaged as his head hit it. The student had a knot on his head and his neck was slashed by a ring. This was reported to the police as per a story in the Florida Alligator. This story quickly vanished. The student got his keg back and continued scraping the paint out of the knot on his head (legend says that the student now has a full scholarship!!)

"University of Florida Gator Football Players Jacques Rickerson and Ronnie Wilson arrested for beating and strangling women" This is the Gators 4th arrest in 2008. The Gaytors, however, are far outpacing the Noles in the "charges" and "felony" categories.

Other 2008 Gator misbehavins...
Stealing and using the credit card of a dead teammate's dead girlfriend.
Underage Drinking
Open container
The weed thing mentioned above

Go to the Fulmer Cup webpage for more rankings. The Fulmer cup measures misbehavior of college football teams.
The Gators are currently 13th, while FSU sits at 31st, and Miami is not ranked.

The Gaytors won't stay at 13th for long, however, as they will definitely vault up the rankings, possibly to # 1. The gators will receive 13 points for these latest arrests by my best guess: 4 (hitting girl + intensive care), 2 (simple battery), 2 (obstruction of justice), and for Wilson: +2 (assault) and + 2 (battery). They might also receive a bonus point +1.
The gators finished 3rd in 2007, while Miami and FSU did not even make the leader board.
UFelony finished 6th in 2006.
Factoring in even the most conservative of estimates, UF is now the ALL-TIME most misbehaved team in the Fullmer Cup!

2009 update: University of Florida police arrested Gators offensive lineman Carl Johnson on Monday for violating a sexual violence restraining order. This is the football team's third arrest since November. Cornerback Jacques Rickerson was kicked off the team for domestic battery. Quarterback Cam Newton, who has transferred, allegedly stole a student's laptop and threw it out of his dorm window upon police suspicion.

I ONLY WENT BACK A COUPLE OF YEARS CAUSE I WAS TIRED - but U get the picture Gaytor Trolls.

Meyers does a good job of getting them off the hook it seems till they get real bad then the nutt gets them,what a joke of a college at Florida !!!!

Seriously Manny, WTF?! You're last post was 2 weeks ago.

Wow...very sad.

This blog sucks too.

Great game against Bethune. Wow U.C.G is a real powerhouse in baseball. You guys are headed in the right direction. LMAO!! See you guys in Regional (thats if you make it through the ACC)..

Go F.I.U!!!!!!!!!!

Terible. Wow. whats happening with this team? Losing steam? leadership? injuries? coaching? Come onplayers, WTF???????

One thing, however I fail to comprehend is this:

UF loses 3 out of 4, one to FGCU. FGCU! Florida Gulf Coast Univ! a school thathas been inexistence about 10 years.

UM loses 2 of 3. But swept UF in G-ville. Why I say, Why is UF ranked 14 and UM 24 in one poll?

I say anti-UM bias. Period.

it's just baseball


If you dont post a comment soon, I will find you.

Just kidding- but seriously write something I am in finals and need something

"Fine academic institutions?" PLEEEEEAAAZE!!!

Since when does ranking in the top 50-70 make you a "fine academic institution?" Are you kidding me?!?!

You guys are OBVIOUSLY either UF, FSU, UM or FIU grads and current students. Ask around the nation and you'll find that most people have never heard of these schools outside a conversation oriented around sports (or never heard of them at all as in the case of FIU). Visit the websites of the top echelons of our society, those that call the shots--the federal government, top-ranked law firms, wall street investment banks, consulting and accounting firms--and you'll RARELY find a graduate of one of those schools.

And don't give me that "we're a small school" crap as in the case of UM. Most top schools, especially Ivies, are about half the size of UM and tiny (one-sixth) in comparison to public toilets like UF, FSU and FIU. The majority of their grads--as opposed to your 1%--still manage to land top-tier positions governing the country and industry.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Sportwise UF, FSU and UM are or were nationally relevant, but academically, they're IRRELEVANT. Period. There is no arguing this. You go to UM to major in football or baseball--not physics or economics--not if you want a future outside of South Florida anyways.

My apologies to the grads or current students of these schools--especially FIU--as you guys made some pretty dumb choices and you'll pay for them dearly for the rest of your lives, especially in this economy and in the world to come once this latest crisis has been resolved. At least most of the UF, FSU and FIU grads won't have boatloads of student loans to pay back, but the UM grads? Good luck to you. At least you'll be able to push around any FIU grads working for you in South Florida, pretty much the only place either of your grads will be able to (hopefully) find employment.

My apologies to the grads or current students of these schools--especially FIU--as you guys made some pretty dumb choices and you'll pay for them dearly for the rest of your lives, especially in this economy and in the world to come once this latest crisis has been resolved. At least most of the UF, FSU and FIU grads won't have boatloads of student loans to pay back, but the UM grads? Good luck to you. At least you'll be able to push around any FIU grads working for you in South Florida, pretty much the only place either of your grads will be able to (hopefully) find employment

U have a smart mouth little boy and need to calm down your tone. Listen I graduated from UNCG and that is a fine school, one of the best in North Carolina. Oh by the way a degree is a degree how arrogant of U to say Miami is not a good school, U are a retard. It is very hard to get into Miami idiot.

Come with knowledge or do not come at all.....

UM "very hard to get into?" Are you high? Of course you would think that--you went to UNCG!!!

Let's look at some stats, shall we?

Total applicants: 9,187
Total applicants who are accepted: 6,634

Total applicants: 21,773
Total applicants who are accepted: 8,411

So yes, Miami is "very hard" to get into, but that's when we compare it to your pathetic alma mater, where 7 out of 10 applicants get admitted. But how about we compare both of these to a Top 10, Top 20 and top 30 school:

Total applicants: 21,342
Total applicants who are accepted: 2,135

Total applicants: 20,633
Total applicants who are accepted: 2,828

Total applicants: 55,437
Total applicants who are accepted: 12,660

And I'm not even getting into SAT/ACT scores, GPAs, and class rank, nor am I throwing in the extreme examples of Harvard and Yale, both of which have acceptance rates of less than 10%.

So there's my "knowledge," more than what you came up with, a bunch of unsupported, unsubstantiated and obviously biased opinions. My claim remains intact--UM, FSU, UF and FIU are academically garbage. You might do okay within the state if you attend one of these, but good luck anywhere else.

Oh yeah--UNCG is garbage too, even in NC, especially when compared to UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, and NC State.

Actually idiot since I was an Art major I decided to go to one of the best Art schools in North Carolina and yes UNCG has one of the best Art programs in the South other than SCAD. U are an obnoxious pig, since when does it matter what Top 50 college I graduated from? In this economy having a degree is better than no degree and I know for a fact employers are concerned with experience more so than a sheet a paper that has a name on it like Brown or Yale. U must have Harvard and Yale money because I sure dont. O BY THE WAY UNCG is one of the best schools in North Carolina, up there with Duke, Unc and Wake Forest. Say what you want about UNCG but take it from someone who actually lives in North Carolina and not from an arrogant prick who deserves to suffer for being so spoiled and non appreciative towards other graduates. Listen some degrees hold more weight than others but it is about what your degree is in nowadays and not so much about where U graduated from. Because I know guys with Internet Technology (2 year degrees) from a community college that are making a 100 plus a year, me I am a teacher so I did not go after the money. Instead I went after the time off and luxoury of having the summers off. But keep being a complete arrogant prick and see where it gets you morally in life. Once again we have an idiot talking arrogant on a blog that represents a team that inventes SWAGGER...U should be officially banned from this site for telling people they are nothing because they did not graduate from an overhyped college that wants MONEY......AND MORE MONEY....
Think about this for a secind it is not so much the college that gives you the education but the professors so...............Say what you want but I am happy with my degree because there are a lot of people my age that do not have one so.....U are a hater and a low life.

haha elliott just owned someone...

Arguing with a moron is an exercise in futility; however, I feel obligated to respond to the mental midget who keeps saying the UM and UF are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to academics. Well Mr. "if I had a brain I'd be dangerous", please don't let me confuse you with the facts, TO WIT:

1. UM is ranked 51st as a top tier school in the latest US News college rankings, which places the school in the top 2.15 percentile out of all 4 year colleges and universities in the United States. UM's fall acceptance rate is 37.8%.

2. UF (I hate to say anything nice about the Gators, but I am forced to do so in order to shut this moron up),is ranked 49th in the same report, which places them in the top 2.07 percentile in the nation. UF's fall acceptance rate is 42.1%.

Therefore, we are left to ponder how any person with half a brain could have the audacity to call the top 2 percentile in the nation the "bottom of the barrel"? Answer: because the other half of the brain is dead.

I can tell you that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of graduates from both UM and Florida who are very successful lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc.. and who are at the top of some of the major companies, law firms, wall street firms, hospitals, etc... around the country. I personally know rhodes scholars, U.S. Supreme Court clerks, state and federal judges, CEO's, CFO's of top 100 corporations who have earned their respective degrees at UM and/or UF. Including some who are now tenured professors at Ivy League Schools.

I am not going to waste my time giving you specific examples of the foreoing, nor am I going to provide any stastics regarding successful alumni from both schools; suffice it to say that it is time for this idiot to just shut up and stop flaunting his ignorance.

I can't comment on FIU because it is a tier 4 school and unranked; that fact alone speaks for itself.

My UM graduate degree has opened a lot of doors for me, and has accorded me an opportunity to be successful in both employment and numerous business ventures. As a result, I now have many Ivy League graduates who work for me. This, of course, is hopelessly in conflict with the idiotic comments of the aforementioned moron, and cannot be reconciled.

Anyone who generalizes and spews venom as a means of making a point can hardly claim to have any intelligence, let alone claim to have graduated from an Ivy League school.

I wonder what college this loser attended and graduated from, if any? I can understand why he has failed to name his school in any of his previous posts here, i.e., because naming his school would irreparably harm that school's reputation for having given him a degree.

If your dislike for UM causes you to spend your time fluanting your ignorance here, perhaps you should seek professional help and stop intruding into our blog.

Let's try and keep these posts about sports, and ignore the nonsensical rants of the malcontents and imbeciles who clearly have nothing better to do with their time.

UM and UF are both fine institutions of higher learning. I know many highly successful professionals that have graduated from both. Nitpicking over some numerical ranking makes you look ignorant.

UM has the worst defense it has EVER had.

UM has a VERY mediocre QB in Jacory Harris.

UM has a HIGHLY unqualified coach in Randy Shannon.

UM has a COMPLETELY EMBARRASSING stadium situation. Landshark?

UM has a fairweather dwindling fan base.

UM is IRRELEVANT on the field. Ask GT.

Your coaching staff is an ongoing JOKE

Rest easy bloodied cane fan. A year from today Marble Mouf will be toast and you will be able to go through the whole new coach excitement phase again.

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