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Regional sites released: UM will be on the road

DURHAM, N.C. -- As expected, the University of Miami baseball team will not be hosting a regional next week. The NCAA just announced the 16 host sites and the ACC got four, but Miami is not among them.

The 16 sites: Arizona State, UC-Irvine, Cal St. Fullerton, Clemson, East Carolina, Florida, FSU, Georgia Tech, LSU, Louisville, Mississippi, UNC, Oklahoma, Rice, Texas and TCU. Most suspect UM will be going to Gainesville next weekend. The complete field will be revealed Monday at 12:30 p.m.


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These cane haters have been doing this so many times before. Um doesnt win for 3 years and the talk starts. It happened back in 1983. 1984 they were all out blah blah. You could here the morons in Aventura. Then in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, it was all blah blah. UM is done. UM is doen. Then the little b--ches put their tails between their legs when the canes came out and cracked heads. Don't worry. It will happen again, and sissies like 24/7 will go back to their cubby holes.

UM has 57 players in NFL rosters.

UF has 46. L--M--f-in A O.

57. Not 46. 57.

How many does FIU have?

who is the b--thc now?

Here we go again! He's probably running the stairs right now!


The 24th in the last 4 years, third this year.

UF is on a roll!

JAnoris Jenkins arrested-

Casual, is that number 3 this year?

Cane fans: These hating idiots are just providing fuel to our fire. When the U regroups, lets keep these blogs in mind at games. playaz- use this as fuel.

UF will go down hard. Urban cryer is doing exactly what Dennis Erickson did- recruiting and winning at the expense of everything else. It will haunt them believe me. And as it is the norm for Urban Cryers' character, he will boltwhen the pressure gets too heavy. Where do you ask? where do you think?

Oscar has no idea how to handle the mess the double-wides are in but to say "no comment" and Bucky Beaver is no help

They are trying to hide behind the Mr. Mackey head as much as they can. Even though he can do the throat slash and get no flag and drop F` bombs during the Cane game all in the name of religon I guess

Hey Oscar you might want to tell your felons that nothing good is going to occur after midnight

Wearing a fat piece of bling sure will add to the problem when your partying near double-wide town

Your team is done...You are done


Hey, how did Teablow get courtside seats to the Eastern Conference Finals?


Just asking.

Like the NCAA would ever look into that

Not the 5th round draft pick doing something illegal

Put a high profile kid from any other program except for Notre Shame attend that and red flags would be flying everywhere

Thats a question that won`t even be asked by the media


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