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Morris' gamble pays off

DURHAM, N.C. -- Jim Morris has been around college baseball enough long to know it takes more than a star-studded lineup or one dominant pitcher to win in the postseason. It takes something else, too -- luck. 

Jim Morris That's exactly what UM had on its side Wednesday in its 8-6 win over Georgia Tech. You don't go 5 1/3 innings without a hit, have the opposing team load the bases twice and still find yourself only down 2-1 in the sixth inning without it. But while a lucky bounce or two can change the outcome of a game, I'm a firm believer you create some of your own luck, too.

And the honest truth is nobody at UM, no coach of any current team, is better at it than Morris. That's not a slight on Randy Shannon or Frank Haith or any of UM's other coaches. It's just the truth. Morris has two rings to prove it. 

In my opinion, he just knows how to put his athletes in situations better than anyone else to overachieve, to bounce back, and to orchestrate a little magic.

Morris knew his team needed an emotional lift if it was going to have any chance at defending its crown in this tournament and hosting a regional next week.

So, he rolled the dice against Georgia Tech when he decided to hold ace Chris Hernandez from pitching against ACC Pitcher of The Year, Deck McGuire. The idea: save his ace for Thursday's tough game against the Seminoles and let some guys earn their wings. Maybe, it might just create the fire his team needs to get going.

Somehow, Morris not only had a hunch his trio of freshmen (Travis Miller, Sam Robinson and Danny Miranda) were going to do well against the Yellow Jackets' potent offensive attack, but he knew David Gutierrez, the coldest arm on the team, was due to snap out of his funk. Together, those four pitched seven innings and got an 8-6 lead to closer Kyle Bellamy, who obviously did the rest Wednesday.

The result: Miami won and now Hernandez will pitch against FSU, which already pitched its ace Wednesday. Morris could have played his cards differently. He could have pulled the Johnny Wholestaff against Boston College or FSU. But he didn't because he knew better. And now the Canes still have a chance to really win this tournament.

“I think you could probably say we were rolling the dice,” Morris said. “But, with that said, our bullpen has been pretty good. We’ve had some injuries with our pitching staff and I knew we were going to have to piece together a game somewhere to make it happen. All our guys were fresh. They did a good job at Wake Forest in the same type situation where Miller started. I felt like it was the best opportunity for us to win in this tournament to do that and we came out very fortunate."


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good stuff


Check out the Blog by Bruce Feldman- Cristobal #1 and Shannon #5 fittest coaches in college football. The REAL university of miami- FIU

LMAO at hyping up your coach being the fittest coach in football as a reason for being "the real university of miami". LMAO. Pathetic.

Run along

Morris got extremely lucky rolling the dice. It's not everyday the ACC Pitcher of the Year gets rocked like he did in the 6th.

OT: Let's see if Morris' gamble pays off against FSU.

Hernandez is our best pitcher, it's no longer a gamble. We won the game and it is over - it doesn't matter how.

Oye Manny ... tell the guy behind homeplate to shut up ...

11-8 'Backs 13 inn.

wait til U see that doubleplay in extras


Posted by: panthernation | May 20, 2009 at 09:49 PM


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The REAL university of miami- FIU

Posted by: panthernation | May 20, 2009 at 09:49 PM


you mean that tier-4 commuter school located in a flash flood zone …
whose students, faculty & alumni unabashedly root for U …
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Check out the Blog by Bruce Feldman

Posted by: panthernation | May 20, 2009 at 09:49 PM


nice Jewish boy …
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Morris got extremely lucky rolling the dice. It's not everyday the ACC Pitcher of the Year gets rocked

Posted by: Javi | May 20, 2009 at 10:31 PM


I believe in luck: how else can you explain the success of those you dislike?
-- jean cocteau

Back in the early '90's, there was a movement presented to the Florida Board of Regents to rename FIU "The University of Florida-Miami" and Gaturd 'ville would add "Gainesville" to its name. No secret that the this was quashed after the UF administration voiced opposition that if the change were to occur, their enrollment would drop as who would want to go to Gainvesville for the same education.

Haven't been blogging much but you know I will be around for postseason college baseball.

Big day today boys and girls! The baseball game this afternoon is setting up very nicely and the Canes have a great chance to take down the top seeded Seminoles and get back to the ACC championship game w/ a win.

We have ace Chris Hernandez on the hill and surprisingly he will be countered by a freshman in Brian Busch. FSU decided to throw ace Sean Gilmartin last night against BC, even after they knew Miami was going w/ a pitching by committee against GT. The stage is set for the Canes to take this game. I really, really like our chances today!!!

Javi, if you knew your UM baseball history, Miami has had several games against the Nation's best pitchers and rocked him. Benson from Clemson years ago lost only 2 games-both to the U. They also rouged up Jared Weaver from Long Beach in the CWS and did the same against Rice (Can't remember the Dude's name). There have also been others.

Football has fallen somewhat, but in college baseball, this is still The U.


I have been watching UM baseball for 12 years and I know that Miami can hit against the best. I meant he got lucky that they were able to keep GT's offense from going off against the pitchers he threw out there. Also, you don't usually see an offense that goes from being no-hit to all of the sudden hitting lights out in one inning. Morris left a lot to chance and he lucked out.

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