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Dwayne Collins returning to school

Dwayne Collins flirted with the idea of going pro after his junior season. The flirtation is officially over. Collins withdrew his name from the upcoming NBA Draft Thursday and will return to for his senior season.

Dwayne Collins dunks The 6-8 senior forward had workouts with the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat, but had not hired an agent to retain the option of returning to the Hurricanes. “I’m really glad I took this opportunity,” Collins said in a statement released by the school. “I got to talk to some NBA personnel about what I need to do so I can reach my goal of playing professional basketball. It was a really good experience and will help me next year. I appreciate Coach [Frank] Haith and the staff’s support of me in all of this.”

“I think this was a positive experience for Dwayne,” added Miami head coach Frank Haith. “He will be able to use the feedback he received as he continues to develop his game. He is an important player for our team, and I absolutely believe he has the potential to be one of the best big men in the ACC this season.”

For the second-straight summer, Collins also spent two weeks in Houston working out with former NBA coach John Lucas. Collins was UM's second-leading scorer for the second year in a row with 10.6 points per game, while shooting a team-high 56.5 percent form the field and adding a team-high 7.3 rebounds and 1.0 steals per outing. He ranked fifth in the ACC with 3.1 offensive rebounds per game and 11th in overall rebounding.

Collins – who has played in all but one game in three seasons as a Hurricane with 71 career starts – posted 16 double-figure scoring and six double-figure rebounding performances last season, including a 16-point, 14-rebound effort in the Paradise Jam semifinals versus UConn. In 2008, he scored a career-high 26 points on 12-of-14 shooting in Miami’s upset of Duke en route to National Player of the Week honors by ESPN.com and Rivals.com.

Collins will be among four seniors on the Hurricanes’ 2009-10 squad, which will also welcome a recruiting class ranked among the nation’s Top 25.

Underclassmen who declare for the draft have until June 15 to remove their name and maintain college eligibility. The NBA Draft is scheduled for June 25.

Teammate Jack McClinton is the only Hurricane from last season who could possibly get drafted.


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6 weeks and 6 days ...

ESPN analysrts who g-zz all over themselves when talking aboutthe SEC, and blah blah, and after all that talk, turd lovers and SEC lovers forget the simple fact that has been posted=

ACC vs SEC head to head last year: 6-4

6-4. period. Next.

Idiot UFelony fan doesn't even know what he already posted. What a buffoon. Are you the trailer park idiot? I mean, every trailer park has one.

Look around. If you can't find him, then it's you.

24 arrests. that's the new number.

Floyd leaves USC in the wake of the OJ mayo scandal. But the scandal hasn't even begun. the Reggie Bush thing is still under inv. That program will implode again and revert to pre-2000 levels.

Similarly, the smoke and mirrors program that is UF with its shady recruiting and texting and bad-mouthing (of other programs) and the sheer criminality of its players will go POOF! soon. Just a matter of time.

gaturd agent provocateur:

More SEC players opening day? That's because they haven't started cutting people yet. The Lions are currently undefeated Super Bowl contenders.

DAU keeps churning out the studs of the NFL and always will

Posted by: SebastianDaIbis | June 09, 2009 at 08:18 PM

How many in '07 ? How 'bout last year ? 1 6th. rd.

Tell me all about the NFL prospects U have for next years draft ?

Ur Churning out NFL talent days are all dried Up ... Ur recruits will be spurning U left n right after the debacle that will be Duh U Football in 2009 .

U R Done ... Except it and start all over in 2010 .

There's another turd runninghis mouth. Channing the overrated Crowder of the dolphins is gettinginto a verbal tizzy with the jets head coach. now, i am no Jets fan. hated them when they had Gastineau and Klecko, but here is another punk gator runninghis punk mouth, and he hasn't evn done anything.


You are no Ray Lewis
You are no Dan Morgan
You are no Rocky McCintosh
You are no DJ Williams
You are no Jon Beason

Win something, go to a Probowl then you can pick fights with over weight coaches.

typical gator

DAU keeps churning out the studs of the NFL and always will.

Posted by: SebastianDaIbis | June 09, 2009 at 08:18 PM

And U had how many drafted this year ??? And U have how many NFL prospects for the 2010 draft ?

Pro-Day at UM, there were more tumbleweeds rolling through than actual prospects. Why ?

Ur churning days are dried up... And after the debacle that will be Duh U Football season in 2009, top recruits will be spurning U left n right...

It's Ova for U... Start over in 2010

nobody is not talking about dorian hall?


nobody is not talking about dorian hall?

Posted by: pay attention to the U | June 10, 2009 at 08:04 PM

Because he's just another *** 70th. + ranked scrapheap player that U are stockpiling down there at Has Been U ...

No one outside of Ur S. Florida cesspool pays attention to U anymore.

Comprende ?

Thank you for posting from your prison library at 4:02am..Nice to see even behind bars you don`t try and improve yourself

How is it that you can talk about the past until someone brings up how many of your over-rated SEC players and even more over-hyped bound to flop double-wide players are drafted but get cut and labeled a bust

Now you scramble for the...oh no what I meant was now and the future...Another reason you are laughed at...you dodge facts and run from statements that don`t favor you

You so enjoy running you cakehole about the future..including your flame out....... this past draft thru the 2012 draft we will have more players drafted and stay on NFL rosters then your double-wides

Your program will be in the same situation as Free Scores University

We will have been to more BCS games and won them more then your declining dumpwater prison system

And finally..Denture Man aka Bucky Beaver and Warden Oscar Meyer will announce that due to economics they will have to back out of the 2013 with the Univ. of Miami

And while they announce the signing of a 10 year contract to play some multi directional school that doesnt have scholarship players and will be playing them at the tic pond...Because that makes more economic sense

Why be so worried about players that commit here...You stated that nobody pays attention to us anymore...Well you sure are and alot I might add

Why the hell care if the nation pays attention to us or not??

The eyes of the world right now might be focused on some schools arrests while a coach has been there having no control over his/her program and is just now being called out on it and having the NCAA look into it

Now run on back to the chow line and copy then paste more or the bloggers lines to put up...Predictable boring and in need of a new gimmick...There are 2 more Cane sites that have opened in the last 2 weeks..Maybe they don`t know you there yet

Good luck trying to bring your weak game to the new blogs...See you there


umm keehoe i wasn't tlking to a pathetic idiot like yourself. and im pretty sure u have not ever had 10.6 yard per carry average in football or flag football, since U are looking at who UM wants and gets.


Why the University of Florida Should Cancel Football. - Sports Illustrated 2009.

We'll never see it because all they have to do is say they are a 'good group' and the media gives them a pass.


This type of thing makes me love my U even more.

9:00 pm here in the Beautiful City of Lights ...

Unranked yet again and on Ur way to yet another 6-6 season and 25-25 over 4 years ?

Oui Oui ?

And just how many NFL prospects do U have lined up for 2010 draft ?

Aucune, Je te dis MERDE !!!

Tu pue...Tu Sens Mauvais :

Go back to your hole you friggin' little forginer! You know nothing, are nothing, and will never be nothing. You can take you lights, shine them up real good, turn that somemadabich sideways, and stick it up your candy a**!!!!!

Vous est merde, "Tu pue..."

And IF you are in the city of lights what on earth are you doing on our board!!! You are pathetically obsessed coming on a canes board, while supposedly in Paris.

Also, you sure do pay a lot of attention to us, and not just on this board. Worried??? I think so.

Before I forget, please pick up some extra H*G*H for his holiness, the enormous and abnormally large and mis-shapen melon head. He's been taking massive doses since his senior year in HS and he needs to prepare for his 2 year stint as a third string H-back/Tight End in the NFL. Thanks

We've found the recruiting team better than Urban Meyer and the Florida coaching staff!! This team of recruiters have a well known track record for getting University of Florida football players to transfer to their program at an alarming rate. We expect great things from this program in the near future.

The program you ask??

The Florida Department of Corrections


OMG ur in Paris and writing on this blog...you are the biggest loser on this f'ing planet!!!

What do they call fall practice at the University of Florida?

Yard time.


Go back to your hole you friggin' little forginer!

Posted by: Rocky Maivia #94 | June 11, 2009 at 04:34 PM

Thanks for the advice , but I already packed my American flag and moved out of that cesspool called Miami years ago ... Got an 8,000 sq. ft. Ranch House on 80 crossfenced acres for my AQHA cutting horses in Alachua, Gods Country USA ...

Just getting full use of my Coral Gables H.S. and Florida Gator Business Masters Education and going on a long June-July Holiday through Europe ... St. Lo , Caan and Normande next week, then off to Holland, Belgium, Germany, Greece and the real "ESPANA" (saving the Nordic for next year) ... Not to mention a final stop in Lovely Bermuda to relax just before 2-adays crank back up towards yet another 'Ship ...

I'm off to the Discotheque to hunt down some Raven haired/blue eyed Frenchies with just a hint of fresh underarm stubble, but do stay in touch though, I could use the idle time entertainment.(pls continue to tell how this is the year Ur back)

U do enjoy Ur Long Hot Banana Republic S. Fla. Summer now Ya'll hear ?

Bonjour, j'aime ce perdant U

What does a Hurricane Cheerleader say during sex ???


DADDY !!! GET OFF ME !!! Ur Bending My Gold Card !!!

Who the hell cares where you claim you are going??

Who the hell cares about what degree you claim to have??

Who the hell cares where you claim to live???


All that you claim to be but yet you have to run to a Cane site before 4am and post here

You must lead such an exciting life just like you said


Oh Yeah,

I just cured 3 types of cancer while in my Spanish villa here on 4,000 acres of beautiful coastline.

I don't have much time to post though because the Sweedish bikini team is comming over for a photoshoot and some drinks with me and my buddies while we watch the NBA finals on my 80 inch high def television chillin' in my hot tub.

So have fun in the slums of France and the women there that have more chest hair than I do.

I just met a Gainsville girl that told me she was the best kisser in Florida.

Her daddy told her so.

what is wrong with you people?

Sorry Caneiac, stupid people irritate me.

what is wrong with you people?

Posted by: Caneiac | June 11, 2009 at 06:30 PM


sun rising over the Rhine ...

saw 3 #15 Gator jerseys and atleast 10-12 U hats last night.

The French amour U

croooossaaainnts ... damn that's fine cremme cheese


oui oui can have those bad teeth, bad breath french women.

I'm staying in SoFl 305 girls are banging. Brazilians, Cubans, colombian girls dang.

Dont believe me, go to a U game. You'll see, and hardly anyone of them is wearing a cowboy hat. They don't need to.

Gainseville/ UF girls- are a lonely lot. Their boys are spending time in the slammer you know, with 24 arrests. Urban says they are still a good bunch of guys. The girls know otherwise. Come down I-75 Gainseville honeys, we'll teach you the way of the U down here. And it doesnt involve doing anything with farm animals! sooooeeeeeeee.

Has anyone noticed we picked up two recruits this week?

Any news on these two players?

Looks like they were both highly recruited.

Da U!

Almost 2am posting

Still going with the...You are in France B.S.??

Darion hall: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1lbZhwCo9s

Maurice Hagens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4Q5QCydWk8

lookin pretty good to me.

Darion Hall

Maurice Hagens

lookin pretty good to me.

Posted by: Nate | June 12, 2009 at 11:26 AM

Hey Congrats, between the two of them, U finally got a 6 Star Player.

Maurice Hagens is listed at 6`1 225 on one site and 235 on another

From Tampa Tech

Hagens rushed for 1,019 yards and 13 touchdowns during his junior season.

Hey Gaytor Troll - most Miami grads have been there done that. Are you kidding me? Question: are you taking your sister, I mean your wife, with you on your trip to Europe?

Some travel trips for Gaytors travelling to Europe (about 2 a year): Remember that they do not have any trailer parks over there, bring your own cheewin' tabaker' and budwiser beer, and also remember that the outhouses over there require coins to use (but you are used to going in the woods, so I'm sure you will find some trees). So while you are eating at every McDonald's in Europe (the fanciest restaurant in Gaynesville), you will find that you Gaytors fit right in with the French and the Spaniards who don't take a bath and don't use deodorant (it will smell like home to you Gaytor boy); the European women who don't shave their legs or armpits (just like Florida Gaytor girls); and the British who have dirty yellow teeth or no teeth at all (hell you are lucky to find a girl in Gaynesville that still has all of her teeth); you will feel right at home over yonder accross the big pond...except for the lack of trailers and the stench of your infested SWAMP..

Get off your superiority trip fool! The reality is that you are, and will always be, a hillbillie country bumpkin with an alleged degree from UF, which, if true, may get you a job at KFC in Europe... LMAO!!!

Hey Jethro, when you come back with your sister Ellie Mae remember to look behind you cause a hurricane be a brewing in Miami, and you are in its path, are U scurrred little wussie...? Time is running out for U...as the soup Nazi would say - "no more championships for U!!!"

I wonder how many more Gaytor football players will get arrested while you are on you fake trip to Europe??? I'm taking bets...

The mention of Jethro and Ellie Mae above reminds me of a song that may bring back memories to you:

(Sing to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies):

Come and listen to my story about a man named Uncle Fred, the poor Florida Gaytor barely kept his family fed... then one day he was shooting at some Jews, and up from the ground came a bubblin crude -

Mud that is, dirty smelly swamp mud, Gaynesville Tea, white trash gold.

So the first thing you know ol' Fred's got twenty bucks,
Kinfolk said Fred move away from there
Said Coral Gables is the place you ought to be
So they loaded up the truck and they moved to Miami.

South Beach, that is.
Swimmin pools, movie stars.

Sung at the end of the show:

Well now its time to say good-bye to Fred and all his kin.
And they would like to thank you folks fer kindly droppin in.
You're all invited back again to this locality
To have a heapin helpin of more Gaytor gloating shyt..

Hillbilly that is. Set a spell. Take your shoes off (ignore the smell). Y'all come back now when U win another championship, y'hear?

Adios fool -

Vous êtes encore un idiot !!

canes1- that was brilliant.
so funny I am crying.
yet so true.

baby who cares about ACC vs SEC
the ACC would b way ahead if UM was in the ACC in it the 80s

dont count on the third one yet

Adios fool -

Vous êtes encore un idiot !!

Posted by: Canes1 | June 13, 2009 at 06:55 PM

si si

beautiful up here at Caan ... American flags waving everywhere ...

Normande sun rising now at Cherbourg .

it's something else

6 weeks 2 days

Hey Gaytor Troll:

It's spelled "Normandy" not "Normande", and it's "Caanes" not "Caan" -

But given the intellect that you have continously displayed on this blog with your obsessed banter and Canes bashing, it comes as no surprise to us UM fans that you can't spell...mental midgets like you with a UF degree are the norm rather than the exception. Way to represent your Gaytor Nation U Troll!!

And only a hillbillie from Gaynesville would spend time in the city of Cherbourg, Fance!!!

If the somewhat murky metropolis of CHERBOURG is on your itinerary, it's best to head straight out and on Gaytor Boy - but then again you spent the best years of your life in the trailer capital of the world known as "GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA", so Cherbourg, France is a step up for you. I spent a few hours in Cherbourg two years ago while docking my boat on my way to Paris, and despite some busy pedestrian streets and lively bars, the town itself lacks anything of substantial interest, and there are some much more appealing places within a very few kilometres to either side. Boasting about going to Cherburg would be like a tourist coming to Miami and boasting about spending the day in Homestead.... LMAO.

But you planned your trip very well Jethro, I can see that now - just learn how to spell the names of the cities that you are visiting and stop flaunting your ignorance. Taken with your football knowledge and your anti-hurricane quotes on this blog, it makes you look really stupid.

Vous eres encore un idiot!!

Are you travelling with your sister, or are living in your fantasy world with your imaginary girlfriend?

If you are truly in France, then I fear that you are the typical "American Hillbillie" in Europe who makes us all look bad - way to represent the USA over there accross the pond retard. Do me a favor punk, please don't raise the American flag in France, we don't want you representing us over there.

Travel tip of the day for the Gaytor Troll: Remember to order Pommes Frites with your quarter pounder with cheese, and don't forget to super size your order, and sit up straight and don't drool while eating at McDonald's.

You claim to have a Master's degree from UF - that explains why you can't even spell the names of the cities which you are allegedly visiting in France...LMAO!

After this last quote from the Gaytor Troll folks at 2:23 a.m., I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the guy - anyone who is really on vacation in Europe and still wastes his time reading old Miami blogs has to be an obsessed idiot!!! I'm glad you moved out of Miami Troll!!!

A Gaytr grad is an idiot. You can't blame him/her/it for not knowing how to spell "Cannes." Remember Corinne Brown? "Go Gatuh."

The dumbest insecure fan base in the country. Despised by all. Respected by none. NC's oro not, trash is trash and UFelons can't change that.

This is too funny!!! A Gaytor in Europe - LMAO. Now if Manny would just post something new we can move on to UM sports and get off this Gaytor Troll.

Hey Gaytor Troll:

It's spelled "Normandy" not "Normande", and it's "Caanes" not "Caan


Was using alternative old "Latin" pronunciation
spelling from my Basse-Normandie travel handbook ... Thought U might have the intell to research it... Kinda like U did with Caanes ???

Normandy and Caen ... Better ?

"Caanes" ??? U mean Cannes right? That's in the South of France ... U know Film Festival and all ... Better luck next time.

Seriously... The D-Day Cemetary and Omaha Beach Bluff are something to see in person.


Off to smoke some bowls in the Dam .

Come on U fishies ...

Give me another 1000 words. I can always use the downtime entertainment.

Any new *** recruits 4 U ? We're stockpiling in Titletown .

GaytorTroll may have a point. Original early Renaissance 15th. and 16th. Century cartographers used alternative Latin and other variation of Latin/German/Italian spelled words like Normande-Normandie-Caan-Kaan when making the early Maps of Europe. Some 19th. and 20th. Century remakes use the older terms as well.

Normandy is the English spelling and Caen/Caan is a German variation as well.

Cannes is on the French Riviera near Nice and Monte Carlo.

Some of these older maps and spellings were used for reference in the movie "The Longest Day" first shown in Latin/German then morphed into English .

Posted by: Enjoy your royale w cheese troll | June 16, 2009 at 09:27 PM

Will do and Thank U Fans for all that Cane Whine ...

The Troll has trouble writing in english, much less trying to justify his stupidity by finding an ancient Llatin/German or Italian spelling of the cities that he is supposedly visiting. He is a moron who can't spell and when called out resorted to wikipedia to try and save grace. Stupid is as stupid does...


Now he is on his imaginary trip to Amsterdam, smoke em' if you got em' Troll cause you will need the mind altering drugs in order to deal with the fact that the U is coming back strong and your Gaytors are ready to implode, even with their schedule - Northwestern H.S. could win most of the games on the Gaytor's schedule this year...

By the way, how many more Florida Gaytor football players will be arrested before the season starts? Anyone?

This is too funny.

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