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Rest of '09 recruits arrive Tuesday, minus 2

The University of Miami inked 19 players on National Signing Day and welcomed six in for the spring. Tuesday, the rest of the incoming freshmen will arrive -- if they hadn't already -- when the second session of summer classes begin.

Prince Kent won't be among the '09 recruits who begin classes Tuesday at UM. So, who won't be among the new arrivals? So far, it looks like two players -- offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche and defensive back Prince Kent. Bunche told me he's headed to prep school. And although I haven't been able to reach Kent (he and his mom have changed their phone numbers) a source told me his academic situation isn't good and UM is trying to help him find another school (another source told me its Marshall).

But everybody else -- the remaining 11 recruits -- will be ready to go when fall football practices begin in early August.

"My test scores weren't as good as they were supposed to be," Bunche said. "So, I have to go to a prep school. Hopefully, its Milford. I'll spend a semester up there and then I will definitely get back to Miami in January and partake in spring practice.

"I'm disappointed, but I'm not going to stop. I'm going to keep going to where I have to be. This is just a bump on the road."

Bunche said he took the ACT, but failed to score high enough to qualify for UM's sliding scale (GPA, plus test score). He said he was taking an SAT/ACT Prep course and thought he was going to be prepared for the exam. Unfortunately, he says he can't take another exam until September, which is obviously too late to get into Miami. His plan now is to attend either Milford Prep in New York or Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia.

"I'm sticking to my basic workout routine," Bunche said. "I went down from 320 to 315. I guess it's been all the running in the sun for the past two weeks. I'll be back."

> Bunche said he's spent the past two weeks in Miami training with his cousin, fellow UM recruit A.J. Highsmith. Bunch said Highsmith will begin taking classes at UM on Tuesday. He said his cousin expects to spend at least his first season at UM at quarterback.


Shayon Green > Shayon Green said although he was recruited to play defensive end by the Hurricanes, he was recently told by defensive assistant Micheal Barrow he will start out at linebacker. The 6-2 recruit from Tifton, Ga. (the same hometown of UM defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff) said he's put on 10 pounds since the end of his high school season and is now weighing 235. He played linebacker his senior season and racked up 120 tackles and three sacks. He will room with defensive tackle Curtis Porter, who arrived in the spring.

"I can't wait to start classes," said Green, who has spent the past week getting acclimated to South Florida by living with his grandparents and aunt in Homestead. "All this waiting around can drive you crazy."

> Jim Wheeler, the father of offensive lineman Jared Wheeler, said his son is just as anxious about starting classes Tuesday. Wheeler said his son, who will be rooming with tight end Billy Sanders, has put on weight with his offseason conditioning program and is now 6-5, 328. "He's gotten a lot stronger," Wheeler said. "He's got that brute strength, but he can't wait to start with Coach Swasey. He's already up to benching 325 pounds. That's pretty good for a freshman."

Wheeler said UM coaches still haven't told him exactly where he will start out on the offensive line. But Wheeler said he hopes its center. "Jared has the brain and the speed to play center," Wheeler said. "[Jacory] Harris is a tall quarterback, but even still Jared can get down. He could also be a big guard. He's got the long arms."

> As for his younger son, Plantation American Heritage senior Jacob Wheeler, Mr. Wheeler said he recently received his first football scholarship offer from Maryland. The family visited Maryland this past weekend. "Miami wants Jake. Coach Stoutland told him if he decides to put his hand down, he's got a scholarship," Mr. Wheeler said. "But right now, that's Jake's big decision. Does he want to play offensive line or tight end? Everybody keeps telling him he's a lineman. I think he's starting to realize it."

Mr. Wheeler said many schools are recruiting Jacob Wheeler (6-8, 238) not only as an offensive lineman , but as a power forward too. Wheeler plays for the Coral Springs Intensity Jammers AAU Team and will be traveling to Las Vegas and New York for tournaments. "He's played with Kenny Boynton for two years so a lot of people have seen him," Mr. Wheeler said. "They just haven't seen him with the ball a whole lot. But they like him. Coastal Carolina, Fordham and Rutgers have all talked about him playing both sports at the next level. Miami hasn't yet."

Ray Ray Armstrong > Sanford Seminole coach Mike Cullison said both of his former players -- safety Ray Ray Armstrong (UM's most highly touted recruit) and defensive end Dyron Dye -- have already been in Miami for more than a week and will start classes Tuesday.

Armstrong, whom Cullison has compared to Sean Taylor in the past, will wear No. 26. Armstrong (6-4, 215) broke his finger after the season, but will not miss any time according to Cullison. Cullison said although Armstrong could put on some weight and play linebacker, he expects him to play safety. 

"I've never coached a kid as competitive as Ray Ray," Cullison said. "He's not going to come out of the game with a bump. They'll have to drag him off the field. I spoke to him last week because I didn't get a chance to say good-bye to him. He's read for this. He's ready to let loose and be a leader."

As for Dye (6-5, 230), he thinks he'll end up switching positions -- from defensive end to tight end -- before his career is done. ""He's got so much upside to him that he doesn't know how good he can be," Cullison said "But I think he could end up being a tight end -- if they use a tight end. He blocks very well. His hands are getting better. He's already got that quick first step. I think he could play in the league as a tight end."

> Speaking of tight ends, Stephen Plein said he's finally all ready to go and begin taking classes at UM on Wednesday. Plein tried enrolling in the spring, but was held up by the NCAA Clearinghouse. They finally passed him through two weeks ago. The holdup? "They made me take an online class over," Plein said. "So, I took online journalism at Brigham Young. It was actually kind of fun."

Plein said he's been working hard in the offseason with a speed coach -- former Tennessee assistant Wes Parker, who lives in the Fort Myers area. Plein said he's brought down his 40-time from 4.9 seconds to 4.62 seconds. He's now 6-6, 255 and eager to provide a hand at a position UM sorely needs help at. He played tight end before moving to Fort Myers his senior year, where he spent the season at defensive end. 

"I saw coach Pannunzio about three weeks ago when I went down to UM for my physical," Plein said. "He hadn't seen me since the spring. He was like 'Dang, you could start for me right now.' I just want to help any way that I can."

> Under-Armour All-American defensive back Jamal Reid said he's put on about 10 pounds of muscle in the offseason and now lists himself at 6-1, 178 pounds. Although he could play cornerback, he said UM coaches want him to come in at safety because of his playmaking abilities. He said he will be rooming with defensive end Olivier Vernon.

Reid said he's talked to Randy Shannon about playing baseball in the spring time. Reid was an outfielder at Mayo Lafayette. "Coach Shannon said as long as I keep my grades up, I can play baseball too," Reid said. "I'd love to do both. I'll be meeting with Coach [Jim] Morris when I get there."


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Up the middle

1. Fortson
2. Spence
3. Armstrong

Thanks for all the updates Manny. Stinks about Prince and Malcolm, but I'm happy to hear that everyone else was able to get in.

On a side note, Jacob Wheeler (6-8, 238)!! That guy's a beast. Would love to see some clips on him. He could have some great potential if he bulks up some (or a bust like Ian Symonette). Gotta love that physique though for his age.

Great update Manny. Thanks for keeping us informed.


Seems like everyone has been working hard to get into shape. This is a welcome change after some of the disgracefully overweight linemen of the Coker era.

So many future busts here.

Green should be a DE, can't play LB.
Pleain should be a OL, can't play TE.
Reid should be a WR, a 178 pound safety? WTF?

Wheeler just stinks, Kent stinked, etc...

God Shannon is SO BAD, can't wait till that fool is FIRED.

C'mon Shalala fire your little pet!

man, i was really thinking that bunche would be a great o-lineman. He'll be good when he finally comes. glad to see this though. can't wait for the season.

Reid, ray ray, dye and james ball out , show them south fla recruits on why getting a scholly from miami is like winning the lottery! U must take advantage and commit!


I don't see the furtur bust! I see Ray Ray, Millar, Reid, Dye and others being very good!

Yo Hater we are stack at WR Kid! Ried will bulk up dude, come on! Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells believe in Randy, why don't you? Are you even an UM FAN?? IN RANDY WE TRUST!

Good to have you back Manny. That player countdown thing is very unsatisfying.

Stinks about Kent, but it's not the worst thing in the world. I'm glad Bunche is still coming, and I really don't mind O lineman taking a year at prep school. Seems to help them more than any other position.

Looks like a good, hard working group. That's just what we need, and I can't wait to see them play.

By the way, don't forget to ignore the poster RANDY SHANNON SUCKS, regardless of any other posting names he takes. He knows nothing, and is just trying to ruin the conversation. Last thing I'll say about him/her too.

all you shannon haters get lost when we go 3n1 or 4n0 where will you be, so get lost now i think the guy has done a excellent job of putting the pieces together to make the U very good right now.

Too bad for Prince Kent. But Bunche is sold on being a Cane. I like that.

As for the 6'8'' kid. hope he comes to the U.

And Ray Ray should be great. People say that 6'4 235 is too big for a safety. Umm. Brian Urlacher was a safety at New Mexico remember? And look at Taylor Mays..

lmao @ RSS. too funny man reid can't play safety, but he is an ATH that can play both sides of the ball. anyways its good to see the reports on the kids. i'm with everyone else sucks for Kent hopefully Bunche can be in UM by january. now get the kids with swasey and ready for the fall. 2 more months till we get FSU CAN'T WAIT

Only a father (Jared Wheelers) can say that its good that his son is benching 325 lbs when he weighs 328 lbs. Are youu serious?? Freshmen or not thats pretty horrible. I was 160 lbs benching 305 lbs in high school. (Miami American Patriots) Hope he develops in the weight room, and has a mean streak to go with that.

Manny...you're obsessed with weight lifting stats. I want to see Wheeler come out of his stance and drill someone into the ground while Mike James streaks to the end zone...then I'll be impressed.

So many future busts here.

Green should be a DE, can't play LB.
Pleain should be a OL, can't play TE.
Reid should be a WR, a 178 pound safety? WTF?

Wheeler just stinks, Kent stinked, etc...

God Shannon is SO BAD, can't wait till that fool is FIRED.

C'mon Shalala fire your little pet!

Posted by: Randy Shannon Sucks | June 29, 2009 at 01:38 PM


brandon meriweather laughs at you....oh and by the way reid has no even began his freshman season, im sure he puts on more weight

dear rs sucks, thank you. im not the only one who didnt drink the kool-aid. how long do the real fans of the program that set the standard in college football have to endure this guy. recruiter or not, he is not head coach material at this point. maybe? someday. but losing sucks. FIRE SHANNON

You people hating Shannon have never touched a football huh?

Where did you guys learn to evaluate talent?

You went out to Iowa and Texas to see Plein play? You cant even spell his name right you clown.

Great UM recruiting story, most of us missed it because it ran in the Sentinel last Friday...


Very obvious that the program is in GOOD HANDS !!

Randy: Keep up the great work !!

the u4 ever .its about the u .bring it on as always the u will play any body ang where


Check this site out it.......nice


Here is todays Link

WHO is Michael Carlisa LB from GA.

Great job Manny!! I feel for Prince Kent though. Being able to recruit him out of SEC country was real nice. He had great size for a DB also. I wish him and his family all the best fo the future, no matter where he ends up (unless he ends up playing a game against the 'Canes of course). Seems like thing are on track with the 2010 recruiting class also. I know that we have the toughest early schedule in football, but I am really looking forward to the season getting underway (a little over 2 months away). Keep up the good work Manny, it is appreciated!

As for SHANNON...he still has to PROVE THAT HE CAN COACH....c'mon all you Shannon lovers, you have to admit, he's proven he can RECRUIT...but, recruiting doesn't mean anything if you can't coach the great recruits...so, we'll see...the offensive coach this year will tell a lot because Nix sucked...hopefully, Whipple will turn out to be a great O-Coach...
Again, Shannon is a nice guy, but can he coach - so far, he hasn't prove it to me yet. He STILL LOOKS LOST on the sidelines at times...no emotion, no NOTHING..like a deer caught in the headlights...we'll see when the first four games come along!

wow...so we have no depth in the secondary and were going to take 5 dbs last year. Kayvon pulls the switch at the last minute. Kents grades are so bad (why in the hell were we even recruiting him?) they are not even going to put him in prep school they are going to find him another team. Now reid is going to play safety when we really need him at corner and looks more like a wr prospect to me. So really all the help we got at corner is Mcgee..lets hope he is a stud..1 safety who looks like a wr and a kid who will probably out grow his position in ray ray...nice work!

Our DB recruiting has been disappointing and the DB coaching isnt any better. That unit along with OL scares the hell out of me. Both need to improve drastically or else we are in trouble again.

Yes, Shannon has a ton to prove as HC. No question about it. The last game I saw him coach featured the worst clock management Ive ever seen in all my time watching college football (hell, even high school football) and thats no exaggeration. I was shocked at how bad it was. I could not believe what I was watching, it was downright embarrassing and painful to witness a clueless staff throw away a bowl game like that. I felt so bad for the players after that game because it wasnt their fault, they just werent prepared properly by their coaches and it showed...on national tv for all to see.

Just awful....anyway..

Whipple is here now, so hopefully there will no more of those clock management trainwrecks that cost us games and hopefully we will see the return of a legit offense to CG. All my hopes for the season are pinned on him.

This nutball (rss) is obviosly a Gayturd with
no place else to go. He's scared of what we are about to become.

Canes Forever

Great update Manny. Thanks!

I had my doubts about Kent, he got smoked a couple times in the Under Armor game for TDs. Can't wait for practice to begin. Ray Ray and Telemaque, lock down safeties!!!

Kent was one of our top 3 ranked recruits, and was chosen to play in the under armor game for a reason. Why can't he go to juco for a year? Losing him really will hurt us. I don't think our class without him and bryce brown should crack the top 20. Everyone said"don't worry about bb, next year florida is loaded with stud rb's". The stud rb's don't seem to be in florida this year(according to recruiting services), and the best ones from florida aren't coming to the U! I'm talking about the really special/game changing rb's like bb was supposed to be.

Norm: to be honest kent wasn't one of our top three ranked recruits that title goes to lamar miller, ray ray armstrong, and brandon mcgee. will it hurt UM i don't think it will that badly because we do have young depth at the safety position. the reason why everyone was saying don't worry about bryce brown is because of who we got this previous year lamar miller ranned for about the same amount of yards and TD against tougher competetion than BB. mike james has been the rave of spring so we are damn solid at R/B we just got dorian hall which has good size and speed for us. we got the best r/b out of florida last year so that is not bad at all.i agree with rebirth even though it is still a question mark about or corner backs before 2009 season it would be nice to have at least more than one true C/B.2010 is a must that we sign 3 to 5 c/b

Prince Kent was not one of our best recruits. In fact, he was probably the most unproven of all of our recruits. He was ranked highly because of potential in regards to his measurements. He would not have been a CB here.

And who's talking about RB's not being very good from FL & none committed to us? We have a baller who will be our FB in Maurice Hagens. And I would put Darian Hall right up there with anyone in FL or the rest of the country at RB. Some of you need a clue. And we'll still sign another RB in this class.

Our offensse is going to light some teams up this year under Whipple. Everywhere that man coached the offense was the showcase. Nix isn't qualified to be Whipples secretary.

I'm not worried about our Defense. Just getting back to our old scheme will make them better than last year alone. And we'll finally have the studs on the D-line to make the secondary look much better.

that is why i had to put my point out there south, so norm can know just don't go by recruting websites. they had a piece on how Coker was actually looking at rivals just to see what players were good and not by evaluating talent.

I must admit, I am not a huge fan of Randy Shannon. I have met him and I do not particularly like him. He is arrogant. With that said, I do root for him. I want to see him succeed. I think he was the economical choice since the U would not pony up the bucks to get Mike Leach while still owing a boatload of cash to Coker. Whipple was brought in and made OC AND Asst. HC for a reason. The school does not have as much faith in Shannon as people think or hope. Whipple was given complete autonomy over the offense with no meddling from Shannon. This may be what is needed for Randy to succeed. I truly hope Shannon succeeds. He is a lifelong Cane and I want to see him bring this program back to prominence. Unfortunately, the spotlight of The U is not the best place to cut your HC'ing teeth. The best scenario for him would have been for Leach to come in and Shannon to become the Asst. HC. He is a hell of a defensive coach. He has no clue about the offense. That is not a dig on him, just the facts. I do think that Shannon is on a short leash. If there is not marked improvement this year, he could be out. He will definitely be out if 2010 does not bring at least an ACC title. I am also dissappointed at the way the Marve situation was handled. Robert Marve is an outstanding quarterback. He was also extremely immature and in dire need of guidance. I think Shannon gave up on him too soon. maybe they should have intervened sooner to correct what was undoubtedly more off-field issues that affected his consistency. I think that a lot of UM fans are caught up in the same hysteria that many NFL teams go through where the backup QB is the most popular guy on the team. Harris is completely unproven and he has already been annointed as the savior. I for one am wary of what to expect. he needs to put on about 20 to 30 pounds to be able to stand up to the punishment he is undoubtedly going to take. I was unimpressed with his arm strength and decision making. I think his inexperience may be worth a loss or two. I wish they would recruit a solid QB prospect. I have not seen that yet. I don't think Highsmith will ultimately play QB at UM and Cannon looks like a deer in the headlights.

The bottom line is, The U will be back in a few years, with or without Randy. I truly hope it is with him but at least for me, the jury is still out.

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