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Top 60 Countdown: No. 24, LB Darryl Sharpton

As the countdown of the Top 60 players at UM continues, we take a look at one of the team's few remaining 2005 recruits and seniors: No. 24, LB Darryl Sharpton. The nephew of the Rev. Al Sharpton is a rarity at UM. He's actually one of the guys who has overachieved the past few years.

Darryl Sharpton vs. UF > What we heard about him on Signing Day '05: Looking back at the 2005 class, there weren't many players who truly developed into big-time play makers outside of Kenny Phillips. Most of the class turned out to be filled with under performers who never lived up to the hype. Sharpton was one of four linebackers in the class, but was considered by Rivals to be the lowest rated of the group (Spencer Adkins, Demetri Stewart and Eric Houston were rated higher). Sharpton obviously turned out to be much better than that and one of the bigger contributors out of a very weak class. At Gables, Sharpton starred on both sides of the ball, making 96 tackles, three interceptions and blocking four punts. He chose UM over Stanford, UMass, Boston College and Brown.

> What he's done as a Cane: You want the only real example in the last four years of a UM overachiever? It's Sharpton. He's the most experienced linebacker on the team right now with 20 career starts. Yes, more than Colin McCarthy (who has 14). Sharpton hasn't been spectacular by any stretch. But, he's been out there, contributing in some fashion, which tells you all you need to know about why UM's linebackers have been subpar for the past few years. He had 66 tackles last season in 10 starts (4th best on the team) and has 160 in his career including 16 for loss, 10 quarterback hurries and 2.5 sacks. He can play inside, he can play outside. RIght now, most expect him to start alongside Sean Spence and McCarthy heading into the fall.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: At 5-11, 235 pounds, Sharpton doesn't have a whole lot of speed. But he can lay the wood. His 535-pound squat is the fourth best on the team and his 301 pound power lift shows you he has the muscle on top to bring guys down. The issue is you want to see guys like Arthur Brown, Ramon Buchanon and Jordan Futch outperforming him by the end of the season. Physically, those three are more talented than Sharpton and much quicker, too. If they are playing more than he is at the end of the season, UM's linebackers have improved. If not, if Sharpton is still out there making all the tackles with Spence, then you know UM's defense probably didn't have a good season.


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ESPNU 150 Watch List defensive end / outside linebacker Javarie Johnson of Dunbar (Washington, D.C.) has given a Class of 2010 commitment to Miami-Florida.

hey manny what u think about this kid?

Per the AllCanesBlog:
"Washington D.C. linebacker Javarie Johnson isn't a homegrown product, but he lists The U as his "dream school", which fits Shannon's criteria of Miami-style players."

Sounds like the kind of player the U needs. Capable athletes with lots of upside and a heart for the U = CHAMPIONSHIPS!

I'd take a 2 or 3 star player like Javarie Johnson, than a 5-star with an OchoCinco attitude.

Go Canes!!

Right on Man. That first paragraph said it best. This summary of the under achieving overhyped classes of 2004, 2005, 2006 hits the nail right on the head. Sharpton has been ok.

On another note. Does anyone know if there is a place in the Clearwater area where Canes fans gather to watch the games?

Great writeup on Sharpton. Arthur Brown needs to start eating at the People's BBQ or something. I'm guessing his lack of size is the only thing holding him back. Otherwise, they should allow him to get reps at MLB this year.

Is McCarthy projecting at inside or strong side this year? I heard Brown was getting reps on the inside.

Sharpton is absolutely awful. It's no coincidence that our run defense looks its worst when Sharpton sees extended minutes.

Hopefully Arthur Brown can pass him at mike once fall camp starts. With the way Shannon plays favorites though, that's not too likely to happen.

Sharpton has definitely overachieved, but if we want to win now and in the future we need to get the young guns in there and let them prove themselves on the field. 2009 will define this team for years to come, if we can step up in 2009 and show improvement in all areas, then in 2010 we should be back on top or it will be Shannon's last year as HC. I think we can either win 9 games or lose 7 games in 2009 - it is a tough schedule and I am hoping our weak game day coaching and the conservative nature of the HC will not repeat itself again in 09. Lack of talent and youth are no longer acceptable excuses at the U. Time to step up and win. GO CANES.

9-3 for sure 2009! 11-1 or 12-0 2010! In Randy We Trust!

Darryl Sharpton
Consistent player, Solid performance and great attitude... need the young guns to step up and match his effort and his game. If so, we'll be fine. If they exceed his play, then we are talking ACC playoff

JMO... but DS deserved a better write up... for past effort and performance, without the negative spin.

We're done if Sharpton starts in the middle, he's slower 3/4 of our starting D-linemen & misses too many tackles. Arthur Brown better come along quickly or it's gonna be another long season. He should take tackling tips from Bosher

KansasCane, Javarie Johnson is 4 Star recruit (not a 2-3) and ESPn Top 250 player for what ti's worth...which isn't much since the staff is now searching for REAL football players (not internet wonders) and some will be 5-star guys, some 4's, some 3's, some 2's...need a combination to build a great team...


Sharpton sounds like a kid with heart that't what needed as a CANE Build heart and the wins will come.A young man that hates to lose is a winner. GO CANES!!!!!!

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