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Top 60 Countdown: No. 25, RB Mike James

Another day, another player on the countdown of the Top 60 players at The U. Today, we take a look at No. 25: Freshman running back Mike James. I got three words when it comes to Smiley: Believe The Hype!

Mike James > What we heard about him on Signing Day '09: James wasn't the headliner in UM's 2009 recruiting class. He wasn't even considered the best running back. Some guy from Kansas, who never signed, was supposed to be the big-time back UM had in it 2009 class. But a lot has changed since Signing Day. At 5-11, 217 pounds, we heard a lot about James' physical prowess. For the record, Scout.com rated him the 18th best running back in the country. Rivals had him No. 21 and ESPN had him No. 33. Something tells me he'll be a little better than that. He finished his senior year at Davenport High with 1,200 yards rushing and 12 TDs, a stellar follow up to a 1,108 yard, 15 touchdowns season as a junior.

> What he's done as a Cane: What he did when he arrived in January was explode on the scene. Right out of the gate, James was turning heads and impressing teammates in practice. He only had 14 yards on six carries in the spring, but he scored a 3-yard touchdown and caught two passes for 13 yards while flashing the toughness not seen by a UM back in years. In testing, he was time a 4.52 40-yard dash. His bench press of 350 pounds was the most of any tailback. He also squated 435 pounds and power cleaned 279.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: For all the hype and hoopla over the running backs UM has signed since Willis McGahee, Frank Gore and Clinton Portis left the program earlier in the decade, no UM running back has eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark since 2002 (McGahee). James won't get there this season with players like Graig Cooper and Javarris James in front of him on the depth chart. But he could down the line. He showed a capacity to not only break tackles consistently, but to keep moving the pile forward throughout the spring. If anything, his biggest contribution could turn out to be how much he pushes Cooper and Javarris to perform consistently. If they don't deliver, I fully expect Mike James to be the ball carrier at the end of the season and in important times late in games. He's was that impressive this spring.


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Can't wait to see this guy in action! Come on September!!!



Echoing the last couple of comments on the Gordon thread. This team will be fun to watch on offense because of youngbloods like James. Face it, the Canes are stacked at running back. The next few years will be like the times Portis, Gore, et al were on the same team.

Go Canes...even though it's a KILLER schedule I can't wait for the season to start and see how those first four games turn out.


Manny - the Top 60 Countdown is a great feature. What a nice way for us to pass the dog days of summer. Did you come up with the idea?

Indeed we seem to be stocked with great RB's - the most depth I can recall in years. Let's hope that the O Line steps up... Please...

Mike James will be very special by the time the NFL calls his name in 3 years.

da canes will go 9-3 this year 2010 12-0

Hey Manny... I posted earlier but don't see it up on the board...

MJ... damn, this man/child was exciting to watch during the Spring Game. Has all of the talent needed to fill in for JJ now and has nothing but up-side to look forward to, as he grows into the position. He coupled with Lamar Miller will be hand full for any school to handle in the future... With JJ, Coop, Berry, Chambers and Hill all healthy, we should be bust'n open the running game open this year.

Last year we did something like 1600 yards rushing with Nix at the helm and Coop leading with maybe 850 yards... Now with Whip as captain... I expect to see a huge offisive explosion with something like 2600 yards rushing (200 over 13 games) and hopfully JJ is in front but if not, then Coop will have company, as MJ and LM should be chomping at hizazz for the lead...

One thing is for sure... we have now got a backfield ready to explode in motion!

It's All About The U!

The countdown is a great idea, but I don't understand the criteria used to rank.

James has been great in the spring, but he hasn't seen live action. How can James be in the top 25 ahead DVD.

Oh by the way... That a great pic of MJ, but it reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cops saying,... "Get the F*&% Outta Here!"

LOL... Cat

I can't wait for september!!! Theres a cat 6 brewing here in the 305!!! Go Canes!!!

I can't wait until MJ and Lamar suit up again FSU. Our stable of backs are deadly.

seeing that kid in person is equally as impressive and watching him play. friggin meast!

Mike James is a power back with great moves evasiveness and surprising quickness, and he has the strength to break tackles and move the pile.

We haven't had an power RB like him in a while. He will push JJ, Cooper and Chambers for playing time.

- CAT5 Cane

Manny, Great countdown format during these summer doldrums. The U recruiting front seems frozen, yet other schools are signing recruits even at this time of year. Is there anything going on that U know of? Is this a "no contact" period for recruiters? Thanks Manny.

Mike James = Stephen McGuire
When the CANES need to run out the clock, or Pound the ball in for a go ahead score, Mike James will get the ball !!! He's already one of my fave and proof Shannon knows what he's doing.

Hey...CAT5 Cane... Did you use to be Category 5 Hurricane? because I didn't know I had a twin brother from a different mother...

Please Contact me at when you have a chance.


love Mike James but I think Lamar Miller will be even better...be nice to see Lamar and Mike carrying the load...

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