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Top 60 Countdown: No. 27, DB Ryan Hill

As we move ahead in our countdown of the Top 60 players at UM, we take a look t No. 27: Defensive back Ryan Hill. The senior has played on both sides of the ball in his career after coming to UM in 2006 with a lot of hype. But has he really ever found a home on the field for his talents?

Ryan Hill > What we heard about him on Signing Day '06: The cousin of former FSU star Corey Fuller, Hill came to UM with plenty of hype and skills similar to that of No. 58 on our countdown Jamal Reid. As a two-way standout at Tallahasse Rickhards High, Hill made three interceptions and 54 tackles on defense and caught 26 pases for 488 yards and six touchdowns on offense. He played in the CaliFlorida Bowl and was rated the fifth-best cornerback in the country by Rivals.com and fourth best by Scout.com. Most considered him the best player in UM's 2006 class.

> What he's done as a Cane: Hill basically took one for the team his freshman year, moving over to receiver where UM had failed to recruit any talent of substance for nearly three years. The problem was, he didn't play much when he was there. Of his 23 games his freshman and sophomore year, he started two games and caught a total of 11 passes for 182 yards and two touchdowns. He also had one huge drop at Maryland as a sophomore. Last season, with the Canes thin on depth in the secondary, he moved back to safety and started the final five games, recording 34 tackles with one pass breakup. Hill played in the spring, but was passed up on the depth chart by redshirt freshman Vaughn Telemaque and fellow senior Randy Phillips. He had five tackles (4 assisted) in the spring game.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: There might not be a player tougher to figure out than Hill, who obviously has the talent to play, but never really seems to have found a home. If he was such a great cornerback coming out of high school, how come not once in his three years has he played there? At 5-11, 203 pounds, Hill will find himself on the field again somewhere for Miami, even if its in a backup role at safety. But I'd love to see him get a shot at cornerback. After all, what is the worst that can happen?

Here's an interview our Mollie Rose conducted with Ryan in the middle of last season during our Getting To Know The U segments.


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your on crack to put him at 27! He won't see the field this year. He's probably the 4th best safety in a questionable secondary. Behind a converted cb (Phillips) and 2 who haven't even played (ray ray and vaughn)

Did you maybe mean no. 57????

Hill's one of the many victims of Coker's botched leadership. He should have stayed on defense at one position, SS or CB, his entire career. Instead, he bounced around and has never really been in a groove anywhere.

Hey Mandingo, do I win a Miami Herald T-shirt? LOL

we ruined him? what a shame :(

why cant some of you admit and see that a lot of these overhyped recruits were just that, and stop blaming Coker and others for what it amounts to a failure of the athlete to meet all of the artificial overblown hype that so-called media outlets like Rivals.com, espn.com and scouts.com place on them?

Did Coker ruin Antrel Rolle? No. Because Rolle was a true baller. Hill, along with Leggett, Moore, T Moss, Freeman, Wright, and and even Eric winston were overblown and overhyped and underachieved. Period.

Charlie Jones, SAm Shields, ...

Now we have the absurd situation at UF where they cut faculty, staff, and all other athletic programs, but give football and men's basketball multimillion dollar budget increases. The UF administration is as screwed-up in their priorities as it gets...about as screwed-up as their so-called fans who constantly hang around this site. And poor Urban Liar doesn't get a raise aganist his $3.5 million paycheck. Poor Baby!

Coker....look some of this or most of this has to start falling on RS who has had him for the last two years and will have him this last year.........

BUILD THE CANES A STADIUM, most of these players you named (Hill, Leggett, Moore, T Moss, Freeman, Wright, Charlie Jones, Sam Shields, J. James, DVD, Chavez Grant, ect.) had one similarity. They had excellent freshmen or sophmore seasons but never truly developed after that.

No recruit possesses every quality the coach is looking for to be successful at this level. That is where the coaches are suppose to take the good qualities of the player that are already there and build off of that foundation to install the qualities that are missing for that player to become successfully. That is the definition of coaching.




Clemson, SC (ClemsonTigers.com) - Former Clemson All-American Lucas Glover won the 2009 United States Open

Hill is a horrible tackler, just horrible. I'm sure he's a nice kid, but he shouldn't see time in big games. The kid doesn't know how to stuff the run. Coaching is partly to blame, but sticking your helmet into someone is mostly instinct.




I wanted to go to the University of Miami, but the offer wasn't as I expected it to go.
-- super bowl MVP Santonio Holmes


there's a cool statistic from thenationalchampionshipissue.blogspot.com. The folks at the site looked at all the first-place votes cast in The Associated Press and coaches' polls since the dawn of the BCS era in 1998, and they found that USC has had the most No. 1 votes in that span (19 percent), followed by Ohio State (16 percent), Oklahoma (15 percent), Miami (15 percent) and Florida State (9 percent).
-- rivals’ mike huguenin




Will those who keep blaming Larry Coker for all the ills of this program PLEASE STOP ! This coming year is the time for "No MORE EXCUSES" .

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