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Top 60 Countdown: No. 55, TE Richard Gordon

Time to keep the countdown of the Top 60 players at UM rolling. Today, we take a look at No. 55 on our list: Senior Richard Gordon. For all the players who have switched positions at UM (Devin Hester, Ryan Hill, etc) few have moved as often as Gordon, who has resembled more of a pawn than a football player in his career.

Richard Gordon > What we heard about him on Signing Day '05: Gordon was a two-way standout at Miami Norland, catching passes at tight end and receiver and providing pressure on the quarterback as a defensive end. An athlete who also competed in basketball and track, he was selected to the now-defunct CaliFlorida Bowl in '04 before going to Milford Prep, where he was tabbed as the sixth best prep school in the country by Rivals.com.

> What he's done as a Cane: Gordon might have played more positions than any other player at UM, moving from tight end to defensive end, back to tight end and even returning kicks for the Canes in 2007. None of the experiments have really worked out. In 36 games at UM, he's made four catches for 32 yards and returned five kicks. His biggest contribution to date has been blocking a punt in UM's 20-14 win over UCF last season. Gordon had one catch for four yards in the spring.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: With Dedrick Epps out indefinitely (or rather, we have no idea when he'll be back for sure), Gordon is the only available tight end with any level of college playing experience. He'll basically be the band-aid for UM at the position until Epps returns or someone else emerges. Former basketball player Jimmy Graham (not in our Top 60 because I haven't seen him on a football field) could unseat Gordon if he can run routes better than Gordon, who has struggled to do so his entire career at UM. At best, I see Gordon making a few more catches than he has in the past and being a contributor on special teams.


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Hope he's able to give us some production this year. I don't want to depend on Billy Sanders or Jimmy Graham too heavily this season. If we can get something out of him, maybe the coaches can persuade Epps to wait until next year (or AT LEAST until VT or OU game) to persue the comeback.

Gordon should have stayed on defense and been down the same path as Allen Bailey. DE to DT.

This entire offseason, everyone keeps talking about Epps and how they can't wait until he returns. If my memory serves, there was nothing special about Epps that I saw in any of last years games. Now don't get me wrong, he didn't drop as many easy passes as Greg Olsen did while here nor did he drop important touchdown catches like Kevin Everett, but he definitely didn't stand out either. He is not K2, nor Jeremy Shockey, he isn't even as good as Bubba Franks. I am hoping for one of the other TE's on the team to step up and show us they can be as consistent as a Franks or Shockey or Winslow. Someone that can handle the pressure and not fold under it like Kyle Wright loved to do.


Not sure what you were watching jacobmx, but Epps is a big time talent at TE. In the games they actually threw to him, he caught the ball well and leveled some defenders.

It came out that last year, I believe the first 6 games of the year, Nix did not have any plays designed for the TE. Pathetic. Epps is a big time talent.

I love Da U!! I also was one of the screaming voices that thought RS had earned/deserved the head coaching job. But I have commented a few times on a disturbing sign at da U!! THE PLAYERS SOMEHOW ARE NOT BEING DEVELOPED. This Top 60 ranking is further proof that something is wrong.

If Manny were to stop his commentary on each player after the "What we heard about him on signing day" write-up, we would expect that da U had ALREADY re-loaded. Instead, we read the "What he's done as a 'Cane" section, and it's sobering. These TALENTS are not producing!

I hope (really) that the team is much improved this year and that all RS and his staff needs is time. Otherwise...yet another coaching change.

Epps is a baller.

well a recurring theme on the list is that these players have something to prove. hopefully they can play with a chip on their shoulders and prove everyone wrong. maybe the "nobody believed in us but the guys in the locker room" rule will make them better. I sure hope so.

Richard Gordon has totally confounded me. Ever since arriving at the U he has been hyped as an athletic 'freak' - extremely big, strong, and fast, a guy with all of the proverbial 'tools'. I'll assume from his inability to make his mark that Gordon is lacking the most important tool of all - the one that's supposed to occupy the space between his ears.

Confidence. That's what Gordon was missing.

The guy was a quality qb, rb, wr, and punt and kick returner in HS.

So, tools he has.

Play from the TE's and FB's will be extremely important to the success of this offense. Catching the ball will be every bit as important as blocking from these guy's.

Whipple already knows what he will do if all things stay - as they were at the end of spring practice. And with that . . . he will score big - with just that.

But, these guy's (the whole team) are so
stoked with this new offense and Whipples game planning ability - that they are spending as much time as the "great old teams of yester-year" use to spend in the "off season" perfecting their skills as a team.

So, as is everyone else, Gordon, Sanders, Graham, Byrn and others will be confident and comfortable with their role on each and every down.

Between Whipple and Jacory, Gordon's confidence level is pumped and I'm looking for big things from him. But, Whipple has always
had options and he plans for many different scenarios.

Remember, we were only 4 TD's away from an 11-2 season.

And that's not discounting a lot of boneheaded play calling during the season.

That won't happen with Whipple.

As Jason Fox said when asked what he thought about Whip and his offense and play calling:

"Coach has taught us that;

- the defense is going to line up and do what they're going to do

- and we are going to line up and do what we're going to do . . . and we will win every play every time.

he has taught us to believe this . . . and we do! It's going to be a fun season and the start of many great seasons to come."


Dude (4EVERCANE), I need to hear some more of that stuff you are spittin' cause it gave me chills for the upcoming season. Off season practice on their own and get in the weight/film room. Let's make believers out of this country and take back the recriuting war. GOOOOOOO C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!

Gordon was a Prop 48 casualty out of high school. I have noticed so many of of the blue chip players, but Prop 48 casualties, turn out to be busts. Like Jason Geathers. Devin Hester was a bust as a receiver, the position he was recruited to play at UM.

Not familiar with Prop 48. What is that?

Prop 48 is where the players are placed in a probationary status due to very poor academic standards, they must do a lot of rigorous educational work before they will be allowed to play ball again. The school does not get sanctioned for it but the player pays the price.

Recurring theme.....kid was a stud in HS, has great tools, but not developed....HMMM seems to be a coaching issue. Come on guys if the kid cant run routes...someone needs to show him, coach him.....Wright, Holmes, Big O, Shields, Hill, Leggett, these were gifted players that were not and are not being develped.

Gordon looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane. End of story

All you folks saying these players werent being developed are talking about players that COKER and his boys recruited. The major problems were on offense. Dont credit their lack of development to Shannon, look at the talent he's brought in...he's apparently able to develop SOMETHING if they can come in, start AND WIN GAMES in their freshman, sophomore years...

Ibis ... u stole that from a commenter about joe wylie ... maybe come up with some original material and i'll give u a holla when gordon shows out this year.

That's a quote often used in football talk bud, never claimed that I came up with it. Either way, Joe Wylie looks nothing like Tarzan but did practice like Jane

87 Canes - thanks for the explanation of Prop 48. I'm out of state and out of touch.

I wonder how the U compares to other major programs in terms of its success with developing recruits. It would be interesting to see a correlation between recruiting class rankings and win / loss percentage. Programs with historically strong recruiting classes but sub-par records (like the U towards the end of Coker time) probably suffer from poor coaching, poor recruiting, or both. Manny - how 'bout it, your next project? (after the Top 60)

This guy has an attitude problem, and he's scrub.

Attitude problem?

i have always been afan of the U love most of your comments but lay off shannon. the will come on strong

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