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Top 60 Countdown: No. 56, DT Josh Holmes

As we move forward in the countdown of the Top 60 players at The U we take a look at No. 56: Defensive tackle Josh Holmes. The junior has been slowed by injuries in his career. But its time to put up or shut up...

Josh Holmes > What we heard about him on Signing Day '06: Came to UM in 2006 as a consensus Top 25 defensive tackle in the country, rated 15th at his position by Rivals.com. He also played tight end his senior year at San Diego Point Loma High and chose the Canes over USC and Florida State.

> What he's done as a Cane: He's been plagued by injuries and made 10 tackles in just eight games as a Hurricane including the final six last year. He picked up his only sack against N.C. State. This spring, he came out alongside Joe Joseph on the first team defense at tackle, but didn't make any tackles in the game. He also didn't come out among any of the top scorers in Andreu Swasey's testing this spring.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: It's basically put up or shut up time for Holmes, who at 6-foot, 280 pounds has a talented group of bigger freshmen and sophomores breathing down his neck for playing time. Holmes' gift is supposed to be his speed and ability to get to the quarterback on passing downs. But if doesn't do that well enough early, look for Shannon and new defensive coordinator John Lovett to lose patience quick and give some one else the opportunity.


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Updated: June 23, 2009, 12:59 PM ET

Harris facing two felony charges

Florida State backup linebacker Maurice Harris was arrested Monday night and charged with two felonies and one misdemeanor, according to Major Jim Russell of the Florida State University Police Department.

Harris, who was charged with grand theft, possessing a vehicle with altered numbers and a non-moving traffic violation, has been suspended indefinitely, the university announced Tuesday.

"We're suspending Maurice Harris, indefinitely, beginning today until the matter has been resolved," coach Bobby Bowden said in a statement.

The university said it would have no further comment.

On June 17, university parking services put an immobilization device -- basically a parking boot -- on a motorcycle on the FSU campus. The boots are used when drivers have outstanding parking fees or lingering fines that have to be paid. On June 18, parking services noticed the motorcycle and the boot were gone, according to police.

"Those things are $300 or more apiece," Russell said. "If someone takes them off, that's considered to be a theft."

On Monday, parking services noticed the motorcycle parked near Gate A the stadium and notified the police at 4:34 p.m.

An officer contacted strength and conditioning coach Todd Stroud, who had borrowed the motorcycle from Harris earlier in the day. Stroud brought Harris in to talk to the officer, but Harris refused to talk to him and denied knowing anything about the boot, according to police.

The vehicle identification number had also been scratched off, so Harris was charged with possession of a vehicle with altered numbers. The paper tag on the bike was also not assigned to it, so that was a misdemeanor charge. The theft of the boot and the other charge were both felonies.

The motorcycle has been impounded, but police still aren't sure to whom it belongs.

"Without any other information, we don't know who it belongs to at this point," Russell said. "We haven't gotten to the bottom of that."

Harris, a redshirt sophomore, has only played in six career games, and he's been hindered by injuries. He played in three games in 2007 but injured his knee, and a nagging ankle injury limited him to three games last year.

Harris is the latest in a line of Seminoles to be suspended this offseason. Receiver Richard Goodman is also facing a felony charge after an on-campus fight in November 2008 between members of the football team and members of a fraternity. Receiver Rod Owens has been suspended indefinitely after he was charged with a DUI.

Florida State is also facing an uphill battle against the NCAA in its appeal of the sanction it must vacate as many as 14 wins for a highly publicized cheating scandal in an online music course.

Heather Dinich covers college sports for ESPN.com.

I'm hoping Holmes is in shape now that he's been healthy long enough to get in good shape. Couple years ago before the injuries he looked like a potential force. He came back looking a lot heavier and pudgy. If he can get that first step back he can find a role.

Yeah. Josh Holmes time is ticking alright. But whats up with FSU. I mean. Damn...get it together..when Shannon took office. All that went out the door. Now they get in trouble every other day. I dont like the old term "Criminoles" but they need some drill Sergents over their to shape those boys up..

Honestly, being a Miami grad I am no fan of the Noles, but like a lot of Miami players respect the program because so many times they are playing against their former HS teammates, rivals, and all-star game friends. But Bobby Bowden seemed to have sold his soul in order to finally win that first national title, as that cheating scandal is at least as big in scope as the Pell Grant scandal under Twan Russell's pops. Gotta give Twan props for still coming to Miami as a true frosh when he knew all of that was gonna hit the fan and his dad was gonna be the main scape goat, and yet he still managed to have a great UM career as a typical Cane undersized but speedy linebacker. At this point up in Tallahassee, not unlike the last few seasons of the Erickson regime, Coach Bowden - like Erickson - is practically intimidated by his own players and the inmates truly are running the asylum;.
Myron Rolle the obvious exception [and God bless players like him whether at The U or at FSU or anywhere else (and damn he sure has a lot of firxt and second cousins who olayed D1 football in Florida and elsewhere as both Antriel and Omar are part of his extended family)], that Seminole team of current day really could compete on paper for the number of arrests with the Erickson era Canes (a;though I think with The Miami Rules being instituted after the Miami blowout of Texas is the Cotton Bowl The Canes still take the prize for abberant behavior). In a Brawl, though, assuming we have the Ericskon-era Canes at their peak age in college and not their late 30s and a few 41 and 42 year olds, it would have to be like the Madden game across eras and I would put my money on the Canes in s pregame brawl, which was first brought onto the scene late in the JJ era but was perfected by guys like Tiger Clark under Erickson. In the hypothetical video game brwal, Miami strkes first and hard with Jesse Armstead using a cast that he wore for a while on his forearm the season after his ACL injury, to bring the plaster into play and to knock Christan Ponder into oblivion, get his 500 dollar bounty fronm Luke, and for a hella party to take place long into the night in the now rubble that was once Apartment 36, and hopefully Kevin Pstrick learned from past brawls to keep his helmet on when haymakers are flying in every direction... but ultimately Mark Caesar gets the knockout blow similiar to that helmetless photo of him sacking Casey Weldon in the first wide right game as we dig up some sod and Randall Hill fires his imaginary six-shooters (the real ones are under lock and key at honm) as we celebrate an on the field stomping on both the scoreboard and in the brwal.

BBA- LMAO. That was a classic. i am savingthis.

But no metion ya'll of UF's 24 arrests!!!!!

Former FSU WR Peter Warrick discusses playing in the IFL and his college days with Evan Cohen on ESPN 760.


I have always been impressed and optimistic with Josh Holmes. He has heart, and talent.Good motor.
I am hoping he will be a key contributor to this team. I have a feeling he might have a good to above average year. He has been hurt. I hope he stays healthy and with all the extra DT's, possibly will actually allow him to prosper this year. I have had my eye on him for years, and the coaches can tell you he battles in the trenches.
- Vlady

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