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Top 60 Countdown: No. 58, DB Jamal Reid

As we continue to count down the Top 60 players at The U, we take a look at No. 58: Incoming freshman Jamal Reid, a highly-touted prospect who will likely be among the few new additions to see playing time right away if he lives up to the hype.

Jamal Reid makes a catch and turns on the burners. > What we heard about him on Signing Day '09: Reid comes to UM from a small school in the middle of the state -- Mayo Lafayette High -- but as one of the best athletes in the country. He starred at Mayo on both sides of the ball, catching 49 passes for 1,224 yards and 17 touchdowns and recording 68 tackles and six interceptions as a defensive back. He was selected to the Under-Armour All-American game and had four catches for 65 yards and a score.

> What he's done as a Cane: Nothing yet. He's expected to arrive at UM in a few weeks -- in time for fall practices.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: There aren't many recruits in the Canes last signing class who will come to UM with a much buzz around him. The question is where does Randy Shannon put him on the field -- offense or defense? Reid said he's been told he'll come in as a safety. But with how deep the Canes are at the position right now with veterans and a young talent in Telemaque, it might not be long before Reid is asked to play a bigger need position like cornerback. At 6-1, 195-pounds and with special playmaking abilities, Eye On The U doesn't expect Reid to be standing on the sidelines very long. Somehow, some way, he'll have to get into the game. He's just too good. 

Here is his highlight tape from high school...


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This kid looks larger than 6'1 195?? Wish he could play DB because the debth at WR and S is already there. We need CB help!

He looks good to me. Does not go down with the fitst hit either. He is big, fast & elusive. Maybe he can play a both ways like Hester.
This kid can be really good if he stays healthy & keeps out of any trouble.
I am glad he is a CANE. Hopefully we can coach him up!

I know Randy and Co. were very happy when this kid signed. He flew under the radar during the recruiting process but has a chance to be one of the true bright spots of this class. He has that IT factor and i would love to see him at corner this upcoming season.

He is only 175 lbs.

Posted by: cubancane | June 19, 2009 at 01:20 PM

My bad cubancane. Its just sometimes on here you just never know.
There was no reason for me saying man up
I also go to alot of the games during the year both at home and on the road
I hope to see you at a few. I owe you a cold one, and we`ll sit back and cheer for our beloved Canes.
See you around the sites

Put this kid at corner and get him on the field. Why put him at safety and bury him on the depth chart. The fact that this kid can play both says something about his athletic ability.

Put the kid at whatever position he is best at. The safeties have been terrible the past couple of years. Which safety has proven anything at the U? Randy Phillips, Please. VT has played like 3 games. JOJO not a top line player. There are no proven players there. There are no locked positions when your team is 12-13 over the last 2 years.

You people know nuthin about the U. Maybe Miami should have switched Kenny Phillips position a couple of years ago because we had an All ACC safety in Greg Threat. Maybe the U should have made Sean Taylor a LB because they had Ed Reed. Maybe Willis McGahee should have been made a LB because they had Jackson, Gore and so on.

Miami will only return the top when it dont matter how loaded your at position. The best player plays and the other pushes so the best plays.

i can agree with the fact that we have not have a decent safety since 03, but we are talking about this season. we know randy phillips is holding down the strong safety side and VT may start at FS. i say throw him in the rotation at saftey or C/B and see were he can blossom. to be honest how can willis beat out jackson and portis not to mention the greatest r/b to come out of S.FLA Gore.U make a solid point on the best player plays but he is just a fresh he will be on the field no matter what.i say throw him at C/B he can play that position 6'1 kid that can run and jump with a taller w/r would be a must.

I'd like to know who Jamal's QB was...that kid has a pretty good arm whether he's in the pocket and rolling out.

Posted by: cubancane | June 19, 2009 at 01:20 PM

My bad cubancane. Its just sometimes on here you just never know.
There was no reason for me saying man up
I also go to alot of the games during the year both at home and on the road
I hope to see you at a few. I owe you a cold one, and we`ll sit back and cheer for our beloved Canes.
See you around the sites

Posted by: 2001 Miami Hurricanes Best Or The Decade...SDI

ahhhh , U 2 are too cute

Hey Manny... Nice to see you back writing about the U again.

Jamal Reid at #58. If he is as good as they say he is... let him loose and see where he lands, but if he is 175 and not 195, could be a problem for some.


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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Fall practices begin in seven weeks, which means a number of new faces will join the team.

Some are already on campus.

There are currently 10 freshmen on campus including six that enrolled in January.

Quarterback A.J. Highsmith, running back Lamar Miller, defensive end Dyron Dye, and safety Ray Ray Armstrong joined the six this summer and are participating in off-season summer workouts.

Highsmith was given number 19, Miller will wear 27, Dye got number 49, and Armstrong will done the 26 as comparisons to Sean Taylor are sure to follow him throughout his career.

Of the four Miller and Armstrong have the best chance of playing in 2009 while Highsmith and Dye, who has gained at least 20 pounds in the past year, are likely to redshirt.

Miller, our top-ranked 2009 player in Miami-Dade who rushed for 1,719 yards and 22 touchdowns as a senior at Killian, has excellent speed and is already built for the college game at 5-foot-11 and 205 pounds. Despite a logjam at tailback, Miller should excel in fall practices and be given a serious look this fall.

Armstrong has a very strong opportunity to crack the starting lineup this season as a safety. Vaughn Telemaque and Randy Phillips are the team’s top two safeties right now, but don’t be surprised to see Armstrong in there, likely surpassing Phillips. Armstrong is likely the gem of the 2009 signing class and has a bright future ahead of himself as a talented and aggressive 6-foot-4, 215-pound athlete.

The six signees that enrolled in January and participated in spring practices are: RB Mike James, OLs Brandon Washington and Jermaine Johnson, DE Olivier Vernon, DT Curtis Porter, and CB Brandon McGee.

In the spring, James made a quite a splash as he made a number of big runs and displayed a work ethic that impressed the upperclassmen. He is expected to be given a serious look at reps this fall although junior Graig Cooper and Javarris James will be given the first crack.

On the defensive side of the ball, Vernon proved he is deserving to be in the rotation at the defensive end. Vernon did an excellent job throughout the spring and was a bit of a surprise to some with how well he adjusted to the college game.

McGee is going to be a very important piece in this freshmen class as he’s the only true cornerback the team signed. McGee showed flashes in the spring, but a broken finger kept him out for the second half of the spring, which hampered his development. However, all signs point towards McGee being a very good player in the future.

Another freshman who had a sold spring was Washington, who has the potential to be a great guard at Miami. Washington is a physically impressive young player with good strength. Assuming he works hard in the offseason and throughout fall practices, he’ll be in the mix this season.

Johnson and Porter are likely to redshirt this season as they are still at least a year off from being serious contributors.

Nine Others Waiting to Enroll

There are nine other freshmen in the 2009 class that are waiting to arrive at UM.

On offense TEs Billy Sanders and Stephen Plein and OLs Malcolm Bunche, Jared Wheeler, and Cory White are still yet to arrive.

The defense is looking to be bolstered with the additions of DT Luther Robinson, LB Shayon Green, DB Prince Kent, and S Jamal Reid.

Here's the Resume of A Future Cane Head Coach U should consider ...

Consider also, though, how many times Bernie was on the wrong side of history. He was on the losing sideline when Frank Reich led Maryland to the greatest comeback in NCAA history, bringing the Terps back from a 31-0 hole at the half for a 42-40 stunner over Miami in 1984, and when Doug Flutie launched his famous, Heisman-clinching Hail Mary to push Boston College past the 'Canes in the Orange Bowl later that year. Kosar was on the losing sideline when John Elway took the Broncos 98 yards on "The Drive" to win the '86 AFC Championship, and handed Ernest Byner the ball he would infamously lose three yards shy of the tying touchdown at the end of the '87 AFC Championship. The Browns trailed Denver by a field goal at the start of the fourth quarter before falling short again in '89. The man has known his share of disappointment.

20 mil. in the hole ... Divorced ... A Drunk ... And a BROKEN loser ...


Perfect fit for Ur Loser program after Shannon gets the boot next year.

Pretty sure he'll be available, but can U get him up before the crack of noon ?

Sorry if came off as bitter in my previous post.
As a gay student attending the UM during the early 1980s, I had a MAD crush on Bernie, but was always rebuffed by him.
Sad times!

"Cocaine is a hell of a drug"
~John Reaves

He will end up playing reciever

Posted by: How's That 3 Year Economic U Degree Working Out For U Bernie ? | June 20, 2009 at 09:48 AM

You're a hell of a classy guy. WOW. Idiot.

jamal reid qtrback name is nick bracewell. he is a senior this upcoming year. jamal is a very nice kid that answers yes maam and no maam to all. he is a very reserved person.he isn't the the type to follow a crowd.he socialize but comes from a really good upbring christian home.

jamal reid is a very energetic and outstanding person...his life is nothing but football....he is awesome! but the kid does look bigger than what they say he is...you go jamal reid...15!

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