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A Rolle model for pro athletes

The first time I interviewed Antrel Rolle, I was just getting my feet wet in reporting and he was just starting to get everyone's attention for his football talents at South Dade.

Antrel Rolle Ten years after I wrote my first high school football story on him -- one his father Al, Homestead's police chief, still keeps in his office -- I caught up Antrel for another on Tuesday. This time, it was about the South Dade kid who made good at The U and is doing even better now in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals. And by doing better, I mean by his contributions to his community. Tuesday, South Dade High renamed its weight room in Rolle's honor after he gave the school $30,000 this past Christmas. It bought new football uniforms, the $10,000 weight room floor, $5,000 in weights and a bunch of other stuff.

If you've ever been in a Miami-Dade or Broward High School weight room or athletic facility, you know just how poor the facilities run down they are. Most of the time, the equipment is out of date or just flat out dangerous. Rolle's money is going a long way toward helping his alma mater build a new image with its new campus.

But today's act of kindness isn't the only thing Rolle should be applauded for. He's been giving back for years. You just haven't heard much about it. He's not only given $4,000 to Southridge for their school to buy new uniforms, he's provided nine academic scholarships of $2,500 at South Dade and Homestead and helped back 140 kids in Florida City as part of the Marlins RBI program. His dad couldn't be prouder of his son, who planned to with former Canes teammate and the late Sean Taylor to do these quiet acts of kindness. Now, its just Antrel.

Anyway, I caught up with Mr. Rolle and found out he's also been busy working out at UM and helping several Canes cornerbacks get their acts together. Here's what he had to say.

Q: Why do you feel its so important to give back to your community? Some guys don't like coming back to their neighborhood because it wasn't safe or a place they enjoyed too much. Yet, you live right down the street from here. You run by here everyday.
AR: "For me, not a lot of people can say they made it from South Dade. I am one of the very fortunate and blessed who have made it and I want to come back and show them you don't have to move to Hollywood when you make it. You can be the same young and humble young man who just has a little more money in their pocket and a little more success and a public eye watching you. You don't have to leave from your hood. You can keep your foundation, your place of residence. I've always chosen to live down here because of my family."

Q: You played and won a national title. What was it like to play in the Super Bowl?
AR: "It was a life changing experience. I was 26 playing in the Super Bowl. Not a lot of people can even say they played in a Super Bowl, period. It was something you can't describe into words and something you definitely yearn for again."

Q: What was it like to be that close to winning and having Santonio Holmes snatch it from you?
AR: "I was on the opposite side [during the game-winning catch]. There are so many times I think and wish I could turn back the hands of time. I was wishing just for that one play. We switched all the time during the game. I just happened to choose the wrong side. It was a great play, a fantastic catch. But I think we gave the audience a fantastic show nobody predicted. Eight of 10 teams don't even make it to the playoffs after the Super Bowl. We just want to make sure we're not one of those eight teams."

Q: How is this year's Cardinals team going to look?
AR: "I think we're going to be pretty dynamic. Everyone is pretty much in place. We have a few guys that have endured a few bumps and bruises, contract situations. But I think we will get past it and once we do everyone will be looking forward to a fantastic year."

Q: You made a comment during Super Bowl week about the Canes that opened a few eyes. What were you really trying to say about your old program?
AR: "Just that I thought they were missing the swagger that made me attend the University of Miami when I went there. That same swagger that will help you come back from any deficit and help you stay on top. I just feel like we have to get better mentally, not physically. Those guys are a great physical group. I think they may have the fastest group that's ever been at UM. But I think they need to understand the pride and history that goes at the University of Miami. I feel like that will take them miles away from they are now."

Q: Have you tried working with some of those young guys while you've been working out at UM this summer?
AR: "I've had a few conversations with Chavez Grant. And I ran with [Demarcus] VanDyke and watched some film with him, just showed him how to breakdown the film and gave him pointers. All of those guys have my number. I talk to Randy Phillips all the time. I tell him if there is anything you need, give me a call."

Q: Four interceptions for the Canes secondary last year. You used to get four interceptions in your sleep. What was your reaction to that ugly stat?
AR: "Not good. From my end in the backfield, we were going to get that ball. We were fighting to get the ball. If it wasn't myself, it was Sean. It was Ed [Reed]. It was Phil [Buchanon]. We were hungry and we wanted to get that ball. I just feel like they have to get that same mentality. They need to learn how to play the ball once its in the air and become that defense that intimidates you before the game even starts."

Q: I was talking to Devin Hester last week about the new wave of Canes in the NFL and who might be able to carry the flag for The U moving forward now that guys like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Edgerrin James are getting older. You know the first round streak ended. But guys like you, Jon Beason, Kenny Phillips can keep the U visible. Why is it important?
AR: "I think it's important for us to keep it going. It shows the guys here it doesn't matter where you started or where you get drafted, its what you do when you get there. That's the one thing I've been trying to talk to the guys down at Miami about -- it doesn't matter what's happened up until now. It's where you finish."


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GOOD ARTICLE. LOVE TO SEE THE CANES IN THE NFL COME BACK TO HELP OUT! I just wanna say this about our new te commitment, we have an opening at te at one of college football's premier schools for developing te's into the nfl, and all we can get is a guy espn has ranked #40/unranked?? Come on! Epps is a senior and after that...nothing. Some top te in the country can come right in and start at the school that produced Olson,Shockey,Franks and Winslow.


To the guy that asked about Marve and if it was true or not about him tearing his ACL
Yes that is true
Just another adventure in the life of Bobby Drama

When did Marve tear his ACL?

Great article Manny. The national media would NEVER do an article or blog on a University of Miami player who is doing so well and giving back to his community. Remember when Antrell was arrested , but later was exonarated. Many said that he was guilty, "a UM guy, yeah he did it"!! How wrong they were then and how proud we UM fans are now of him.

Ten years?!? You still carry the flavah of a newbie but the sqills of a young Cronkite...well done, Navarro...

Mr. Rolle, respect. Well friggin done on the donations...unbelievable whatta leader you've become.
Help dem baby Canes, please...Call'm -- tell'm -- just leaving them your number won't be enough...

Coach Shannon needs all the help he can get this year...from champs like U!

Link dem kids to the FIVE rings and your success...and we'll all be better...


great job manny

even with all the drama you gotta feel for the kid. that sucks.


can you get us info on whip? dont need him to gve away his whole bag of tricks, but would like to know about his o philosophy, how he likes being back in college level, what he misses from nfl, etc. feel like we hardly know the guy other than his stats on resume.

Columbus High senior-to-be running back Jakhari Gore (Frank Gore's cousin) said he orally accepted UM's scholarship offer and denied a report it was pulled. Recruiting coordinator ``Clint Hurtt said they would make room for me.'' UM also got oral commitments from Belle Glade tight end Clive Walford and defensive backs Raheam Buxton (Pahokee) and Kacy Rodgers (from Texas and the son of the Dolphins defensive line coach), giving UM 14 oral commitments for the 2010 class.

Whoever started that rumor is hatin on the canes. How come da canes got so many haters?

If there is any one reason I have been a die hard Huricane fan since 1963 it is for the above article. The players that leave the college and have the chance to shine in the NFL always come back to hellp out. Either in the summer like the article talked about or by being on the field in the background pushing the players to be all that they can be. It started with George Mira and those guys and has never stopped. Can any other college in the NCAA boast about the amount of players that have left their school and gone pro. NO... I do not need the National Championship ring to tell everyone that Miami is #1 it is written in the history of the school....Since Coach Lou H. and Howard S. they have made this the modern era NCAA team of choice.No other school can match that...Win or lose this is my team...I'm behind the coaches and players 100% play the game...except the win learn from the loss, If you are lucky enough to be #1 at the end of the season hurrah. If not except your place and work from there to get better. When you leave REMEMBER you are always welcomed back... we'll keep the lights on for you... Thanks

Wayne ritche im a 100 percent with you. Forget all that other stuff about firing shannon. He is the best choice for that school. gotta support your team through thick and thim

Hey Wayne richie, U dumb cane honk.
U don't "except your place."

U "accept your place."

It's impossible to make poignant comments when U use such bad grammar.

Good questions... great answers!

Thanks AR... For keeping it real. It's what people do with their time that is important. Your contributions of giving back to the players and the time spent at the high schools speaks volumes about the person you are. It's hard to tell now, but every person you touch today, will somehow benefit tomorrow and that's what giving is all about!

Will the spelling monitor please stand up and be recognized for you contribution to the article.

Please give your real name, so we may bow to your perspicacious awareness.

Your only flaw is lacking good judgement!

Purdue's Marve out until October with ACL injury

July 21, 2009 3:15 PM

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

Quarterback transfer Robert Marve won't be on the field with his new Purdue teammates when they open preseason practice next month.

Marve tells ESPN The Magazine's Bruce Feldman that he tore his ACL doing on-field drills just three days after announcing he would transfer to Purdue from Miami. Marve hopes to return to practice in October, though that seems a little optimistic given the severity of his injury.

The good news for Marve is he can't play this season anyway, according to NCAA transfer rules. He could have used the extra practice time with offensive coordinator Gary Nord and his new teammates, but he'll still have part of the fall as well as spring and summer of 2010.

Marve likely will enter 2010 as the frontrunner for Purdue's starting quarterback spot. He appeared in 11 games for Miami last fall and led the team with 1,293 pass yards. Marve threw nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions for the 'Canes.

It wasn't perspacious awareness.

It's basic grammar U dumb f'in clod.

Posted by: Do U know the differnce between except &accept??? | July 22, 2009 at 09:22 AM

Yo momma is a wwhoree b!tch

Yo emilio, where did you get that information that Gore did commit and his scholarship was not taken back?

To: Do U know the differnce between except &accept???

What size jorts do you wear? I'd like to buy you a new pair for your contributions to this article. Thanks again d-bag...

It wasn't perspacious awareness.

It's basic grammar U dumb f'in clod.

Posted by: Do U know the differnce between except &accept???

Let's all take a moment to revere our dear friend who has to capitalize certain letters of the alphabet (the "U" for example) in order to emphasize his/her use of irony, as well as show us that "difference" is spelled "differnce" in order to emphasize their redneck background.

Listen, you hillbilly hick who has two front teeth left trying to fight for supremacy of his mouth... Fade away. Go back to your shanty in the middle of the swamp and F&#* your mother in the manner that an inbred would.

I won't elaborate any further since I was taught to not engage in a battle of wits with a half wit.

Tebow is a FB who will be exposed in the NFL, Meyer is Nick Saban Jr., and the Gators will go back to being a 9-3 or 8-4 team in no time.

To: Do U know the differnce between except &accept???

What size jorts do you wear? I'd like to buy you a new pair for your contributions to this article. Thanks again d-bag...

Dear LA Cane,

Yes I would like a new pair of jorts. Size 50 waist, and please leave plenty of room for my muffin top. Also, if you're in a generous mood, how about buying me a couple of lawn chairs for inside my single-wide. The ones I have now are all shredded.

Well, gotta go now, Ma & Pa are callin'...we gotta back out and do some more dumpster diving. Come over to the trailer sometime for some possum stew...thanks again

I remember 2000, 2001, 2003, when UM played UF in the sugar (neutral field), at the OB (home field), and in the Peach (neutral field-yeah right, and we beat up on the turds, humiliated them, ran circles around them, evenif we were down by 23 points in the 3rd quarter. After every win, myself and most of the UM fans that I know and have seen or heard, accepted the win, hooted and hoollered for a few days, maybe talked a little smack, but that was it, it was over. Our bigger goal was bigger things-not the danged gaturds. They were a mosquito on our windshield. A no-sse um, biting our leg. I recall no nasty blogs by UM fans towrds gaturds 3 mos, 6 mos, let alone a year after they won, let alone when we won or played in the NC. Th eturds to UM were a non-entity (unlike say FSU). They were inconsequential.

How is it then, that UF fans continue to talk smack to cane fans? How is it thatthere is a peon gator fan coming onto this blog writingsuch offensive spew?

Jealousy, envy, an Oedipus-like complex is the reason. they are the little brother who wants to beat the big bro and when they do, they jump up and them like a little b-ch.

That, my friends are today's Gturd fans. It's not even just confined to the swamp, such as with the OB, where Um fans built their rep for nastiness. No class, no honor, no sportsmanship. A bunch of redneck fools.

The real irony is that the one thing this article focuses on, 'Class', is the one thing that the Gators and their fans don't have.

At last count, 20+ Gator players arrested in recent years. UM has 1 (the aforementioned Marve), and he is no longer a Cane. So, nice work Mr. Rolle - you are a pillar of the community. Most importantly, you didn't seek recognition, you just did the right thing. That speaks volumes about you personally, and the U Family.

It's a shame that jealous Gator fans don't have similar 'Rolle models' to brag about. What's the over/under on who gets arrested next on the UF roster?

big_daddy_cane (not farquahson) : straight from da herald http://www.miamiherald.com/598/story/1151624.html?storylink=omni_popular

“The only thing the SEC can brag about is having the most loud-mouthed fans.”

. . . and the last three BCS Championships, and five of eleven overall. That might qualify as a second thing to brag about.

Please refresh my memory dumb cane honk, how many total BCS Championships has the ACC won?


That was easy, true Canes fans are back on this blog. As for the article, I am elated to hear that former canes, as well as former Miamian's are giving back to the community in this current period of budget cuts and recession.
Thank you Mr. Rolle for being an example of how to engage in community outreach.

Go Canes!!!

Hey, Buh Bye melon head

You hit the nail on the head. It's little brother, or maybe little penis, syndrome. I mean seriously, except for last year we own the Gaturds, they just can't see it.

So now instead of enjoying their salad days (or for those 26 arrested and in the pokey it would be their "tossed salad" days) they have to come on here and act like a bunch of inbred sub-humans who've never been there before. I mean you'd think they were a bunch of yahoos from a a toxic trailer dump of a town and affiliated with one of the largest and most well funded universities that has totally and epically underachieved, with the exception of the last couple of years or so, for the last hundred years - especially with all the talent in the world and the means to recruit them. You'd think that.

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