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ACC media picks UM fourth in Coastal

I wasn't there to cast a vote, but the 87 reporters in Greensboro for the ACC Kickoff have spoken. And they expect the Hurricanes to finish right where they did last year -- fourth in the Coastal Division.

Greg Boone Virginia Tech, winner of three ACC championships in its first five seasons of membership, was the overwhelming pick to claim a fourth in voting conducted by media Sunday. 

The Hokies, who have won two of the first four ACC championship games, has been picked to defeat Atlantic Division favorite Florida State. The Hokies received 78 first-place votes and 512 points in divisional balloting. Georgia Tech claimed the other nine first-place votes and 415 points for second. North Carolina (350) and Miami (282) followed the top two and placed ahead of Virginia (148) and Duke (120).

Georgia Tech running back Jonathan Dwyer, who carved up the Canes last season, was chosen as the Preseason Player of the Year with 39 votes. Clemson's C.J. Spiller (28 votes) was second, followed by N.C. State quarterback Russell Wilson (16 votes).

We'll find out soon which Canes end up on the preseason all-ACC team. But my money is on three Canes getting either first or second team honors -- kicker Matt Bosher, left tackle Jason Fox and linebacker Sean Spence.

Anybody miffed the Canes aren't getting any love?


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We will have to prove everyone wrong...

you have to understand that we have yet to prove anyone wrong, so they are right to make that prediction BUT most of us can see that this year will be different, and shocking the ACC and THE WORLD would be appropriate for CANES football to splash back on the scene.
Interesting with all the love these reporters have shown the Hokies that Tyrod only got 1 vote on (preseason) Player of the Year?

I cant understand how these people get their stats. From what I can remember last year we beat VT with a young team and pretty much almost beat FSU and NC. lol So really who are these people. I really hope they dont vote the BCS standings. Miami will finish Great ! If Miami wins the first four games their in the top 5 ! Does anyone else even realize that TOP 5 they can pull it off at any time they are that good. I stick by my team and know what they are capable of doing !

They should of had us 3rd, not 4th. I don't understand how UNC could be ranked ahead of Miami.

I'm not miffed that some idiots in nowhere special North Carolina pick us to finish 4th. We haven't shown anything to make them pick otherwise. Young kids, new coordinators, and an unproven head coach mean we get ranked 4th.

The are entitled to their opinion, but I think we run through everyone in this conference.

not surprised,these reporters are almost always way off when it comes to preseason predictions because they take the easy road and base their rankings on last years outcome instead of actually predicting talent level and offseason player development(that would be too much work)

They should of had us 3rd, not 4th. I don't understand how UNC could be ranked ahead of Miami.

Posted by: ese | July 27, 2009 at 03:54 PM

Butch Davis is better coach than Randy Shannon.

butch davis is an elite recruiter and an average gameday coach,randy is very similar in that fashion

Wins, that is the only way that hating will stop. Bleeding Orange and Green............

F*ck the doubters...Jacory and the gang are going to distroy the acc..duuuuuuuh...who cares what they think or say...their wrong every year.....when miami get back on top watch what the world start to do..hop back on the miami bandwagon....to be honest f*ck you!f*ck you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who cares where we are picked. The game is played on the field. These guys need to use this as motivation to go out and prove the experts wrong.

The reality is we are going to know a lot by the end of September. This team has talent, but are they prepared mentally to go out and forget the mistakes that cost them the FSU game last year, the beating put on by GT in the running game and the thrashing by OU two years ago.

For me, the biggest question mark is where these guys are mentally. In my lifetime, I never saw a team quit like they did 2 years ago against Virgina and then watch them struggle mentally towards the end of the year when the pressure elevated against GT and NC State. That's where strong leadership is needed and let's see if we have that this year.

I'm not at all surprised at the predictions. They predicted us correctly given that most of these voters haven't been around the U much lately and haven't seen how much more talent and swagger we have just waiting to explode. All they have to go on is last year's won-loss record and a roster sheet that reads "mostly relying on freshmen and sophomores." Just wait though, when the Canes do make noise this year all of those 87 voters are gonna write a column saying they predicted the Canes resurgence when nobody else did.

i cant remember a D1 team ever playing as many true freshmen as these guys did and being one road win (GT)away from being conference champions.this preseason ranking is only gonna make things worse for the rest of the coastal.they must have forgot how south florida kids ball when their prepared.i cant wait to see their faces.


underdogs thats fine when we dominate the acc the'll respect miami next year or maybe after the first four games. the playing field is fairly even now. go canes

That's ok. Just like in 1984. Just like in 2000. That's ok.

Let them doubt the cane boys. Let them. F-k the acc media. nothing but liberal rednecks. Whatever. All I know, is I can see it already- These kids are going to shock the world. And those pi$$ ants from Carolina will realize that they never belonged in the same sentence as the U.

V Tech neither. Vtech,althoug I respect them, tick me off year in year out because they always have played Um hard. Recall 2001? But they then fold in bowls etc. So V tech shgould just shut up.

FSU? Well, All I can say, is Lovett should see film from last year: Our LBS s--ked. They let Ponder run ragged. Time to blitz himlike we did Chris Rix. Period. End of story. Ponder did better against Um than teblow last year, so no excuse!

The U will be back. I say, 9-4 this year, a top 15 finish, and 2010- will start the preseason in the top 10, and will run the table including that game against the f--keyes

"Anybody miffed the Canes aren't getting any love?"

Didnt expect much love but I hope the PLAYERS are more than "miffed"

I can't wait until sept. 7. A Cat 5 is brewing and it's going first hit FSU in the mouth. We ballin boyz!!!!!!!!!! Go CANES!!!! It's always been us against the world!!! We just have to always keep proving them wrong!!!!

Why should anyone be miffed? This team has proven nothing over the last 2 years. This team is getting too full of itself. THe HC has been awful. They beat one quality team last year. The defense was manhandled the last 3 games of the year. THe FSU game was a total embarassment in the 1st half. How does a team come out that flat against its biggest rival? A QB who was not very good in the bowl game, backed up by two guys who have never played. A 5th year starter at tackle with one career start on a bad Oline.

Although the canes may not reach the mountain top THIS year, the one thing that's undeniable, is that (thanks to Shannon's recruits) they are building a monster that will have to be reckoned with very soon!

So don't worry UM fans, the time is coming shortly when we'll have Land Shark rocking like our old friend The Orange Bowl!!!

"IT'S ALL ABOUT THE [[_]]!!!"


UM recruit getting kicked out of the swamped for throwing up the U.
At the end of the video.

Thats a good video. I wit ole boi up top. Who knew what the Canes had in 84. I knew they had talent but not like that. We on the way back not doubt about it.

Just do it on the field!

Let's go Canes!!!

Hey, What a better way of bringing back that swagger, and bring back that "US AGAINST THE WORLD". "Respect" is earned on the field, it's not given on a ballot vote, so this is the year they'll need to earn their respect..........

It's All About The "U"!!!!!

The reason we are not getting any respect is that once again our offense is a huge question mark. We lost our starting QB (as much as i dont like to admit it i think Marve would have settled in nicely this year)O-line is weak and our receivers have yet to prove themselves, oh yeah who will be our starting tight end? Alot of things need to get more consistent on the offense this year to improve our record.

Can't get love until you prove you deserve it which comes from results on the field. Come out of the first 4 games 3-1 and there will be plenty of love to go around.


That should be the Canes Motto for this season.

When Randy Philips is asked how he thinks the team will perform this year, all he gotta say is "Show Me".
When fans wanna talk about how nasty these new Canes are and how we gonna crush the ACC, the only words necessary are "Show Me". Preseason picks and trash talking before camp even opens are meaningless, pointless and stupid. You, me, everyone knows these kids got serious talent. I CAN'T WAIT to see what these baby Canes do once they get on the field this season, but all I got to say is SHOW ME.

I wish they'd picked us 6th. F 'em.

SHOW ME the U!!!

Go U!!
I can't wait to see the canes in action this year. Randy Shannon is Whippleing together a monster team with talent, smarts, great values.
This is the first year in while, on the win side of the ledger, but the fooball world better watch out. Not sure how a team that will be in the top 5 in the country (BCS) will come in 4th in the division, but let the experts be wrong again. Sorry Florida State UNIV, you just happen to be first to lose but get ready
-Go Randy and the Canes, the storm winds are blowing again..
CANE 82..

Who gives a FREAK what these A.C.C. college football hacks have to say bout' the Canes. Team Shannon will do it's talking on the field in '09, and lay to rest these relatively BIASED college football scribes "opinions."

Anybody knows that there's always been HATE towards THE U for the past twenty-five odd years. And that includes these here A.C.C. sports writers too!

Chit, most of them probably never put on the uni. Well, maybe Pop Warner ball, or junior high. LOL

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