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Canes land QB recruit Stephen Morris

Stephen Morris was going to visit UCF this weekend and had plans to check out Purdue. But his visit to the University of Miami Wednesday with his parents and high school coach convinced him he didn't need to be recruited anymore.

Stephen Morris Friday morning, the Miami Monsignor Pace quarterback called Hurricanes coaches and told them he wanted to be a part of their 2010 class.

"The more I kept thinking about it, the more I felt like I had found a home," Morris said. "It's just the perfect place for me athletically and academically. I don't need to go anywhere else to figure that out."

Morris (6-3, 186) said he's "good" and will likely not visit any other schools. If he sticks and signs with the Canes, he'll likely be the only quarterback UM signs in its 2010 class.

Recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt said in February UM was targeting just one in a class that would end up with between 22-23 players. Morris is the 14th commitment in the Canes 2010 class.

Morris finished his junior year completing 64 percent of his passes with 2,005 passing yards, 19 touchdowns and nine interceptions. But he didn't receive a UM offer until earlier this month. Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple first checked him out in the spring, when his only offers were from FIU, Purdue and Virginia. He is rated the 27th best dual threat quarterback by Rivals.com. He is not rated by Scout.com.

But Morris feels like he'll fit perfectly into UM's new offensive system.

"The first time coach Whipple saw me he came to one of the spring scrimmages and it turned out to be one of my worst practices," Morris said. "We were out for prom the night before and we all looked like we didn't want to be there. But he said I had a lot of composure when things weren't going well. He said he was looking at all my intangibles and that's what impressed him."

Morris said when he visited UM he got a chance to take a look at the Canes playbook and broke down film with Whipple.

"This was my second time opening up their playbook, but we went a little more in depth into what they do," Morris said.

"The type of offense they run is almost the same as Pace. The combinations is similar to what we do. I talked to Jacory [Harris] a little bit about it. He's going to be a great quarterback with coach Whipple. He was saying how much he loves it. His playbook is just like the NFL. All he did was lessen it down so it's at a college level. We watched how Donovan [McNabb] and Ben [Roethlisberger] ran it and the things they did well and what they did wrong and how it relates to Miami. All I can say is I'm excited. You definitely feel like this offense will get you ready for the NFL."


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Thanks Manny!

1st YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS. Go Canes. Got $100 down at 5-1 to win the ACC at the book in Vegs baby.

3rd! They'll get their's, we'll get ours!

Go 'canes!

Thanks for the update Manny.

Any word on where the Canes stand with Central's Jeffrey Godfrey? IMHO Godfrey is way better than Morris and he's the best QB in the country that the Canes have a legitimate shot at. He also seems like a more plausible replacement for Jacory later on down the road.

Do you know if the Canes are willing to take TWO QB recruits?

Thanks again! GO CANES!!!

That kid is waiting for a Gators offer. He would have committed if he wasnt waiting.

Posted by: SOUP | July 30, 2009 at 02:53 PM


I would bet UM takes two QB recruits! I hope! Canes 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Any word on where the Canes stand with Central's Jeffrey Godfrey? IMHO Godfrey is way better than Morris and he's the best QB in the country that the Canes have a legitimate shot at. He also seems like a more plausible replacement for Jacory later on down the road. Do you know if the Canes are willing to take TWO QB recruits? Thanks again! GO CANES!!! Posted by: CanesFanStuckInCalifornia | July 31, 2009 at 12:44 PM

A: I spoke to a UM staffer this morning and was told the reason Godfrey is no longer being recruited by Miami is because of his academic situation (he has to improve his grades) and because the Hurricanes believe Godfrey's high school coaches are steering him in a different direction.

Will UM take two QB recruits? Anything is possible. But I doubt it. Morris was handpicked by Whipple. That's who he wanted. As much as Godfrey is the better quarterback right now in high school, Morris is a player UM believes will develop strongly and quickly under Whipple. Godfrey is also 5-11. Morris is 6-3. Height didn't play a role in why UM is no longer interested in Godfrey. But it is a reason they like Morris.

We all know Rivals and Scout make mistakes in their evaluations. Just because Morris isn't highly rated shouldn't be taken as a sign he isn't a good quarterback prospect. This is a kid who won MVP honors at the University of Michigan camp last summer and was one of the top two QBs at last week's Friday Night Lights Camp. The Gators like him a lot. He's simply a late bloomer.

Thanks Manolo.

The gators like hima ,ot, but can't have him. just like Tcadis, he's going to be a cane. All of these are signs thatNurban the Turban is slipping.

On another note-

Good article on Frankie Telfort, MH.

But... the question begs, how did that other slimey character, Pete carroll, get his tentacles into Miami? How did Telfort end up wanting USC over the U? Other than some "obvious" answers (that I am sure someone will chime in with), what exactly led to telfort wanting to go across the country to USC? over staying home at the U?

Telfort was a player Miami didn't recruit seriously enough early on because of his size. They felt he was undersized to play linebacker and not fast enough to play safety.

His finalists were Stanford and USC. As I said once before (much to the anger of Canes fans), other schools are making a much stronger effort to recruit in South Florida than before. They are making it very competitive for Miami to get kids who would normally stay home. The three biggest kids to watch if you are Canes fan and to see if UM is still winning the war locally are offensive linemen Brandon Linder (Florida, Notre Dame), receiver Ivan McCartney (West Virginia) and defensive tackle Corey Lemonier (everybody). All three are No. 1 on UM's wish list board at their respective positions.

All three are being recruited harder or just as hard by other schools. It's 50-50 whether those kids pick Miami or skip town.

After Kyle Wright's 5* Mr. All world QB bust, I pay no attention to these star ratings anymore...

If the kid can play bring him in and lets see what happens

Telfort (heart condition) will most likely never play a down in college, so that's neither here or there.
But as a HS recruit, USC is enticing. That's hard to say from a someone who grew up in LA rooting for UCLA. USC has show it can win championship and put players in the pros. Plus, some kids want to go away for college, instead of stay in a city where they have been there whole lives.

Glad to hear we got Morris, he was Whipple's pick and he know a thing or two about great QBs. Plus he's 6'3, 186 lbs. Not bad for a high schooler, who won't start for another two. He'll be in great shape, once our trainers "Pump him up"

Forget the star rating system! Kyle Wright was a 5 star recruit and how did that work out for us?

He's gotta have the smarts more than anything. Wright and Freeman were both had it physically just not mentally. They couldn't adjust to the faster speed of college ball.

Thanks for the info on Godfrey Manny and for all the hard work you put into keeping us informed.


Morris was hand picked by an NFL experienced Off. Cord/QB Coach. Anyone that would doubt this pick is a complete moron!!! We are simply getting back to the way we recruited in the good ole days. The rest will come when we start winning! Bring the W's, baby!


We even have guys flashing []_[]'s at Gayturd camps while shutting down a Gayturd recruit. The Cat 5 is forming, and I cannot wait to watch it blow down all these so called "powerhouses"! It starts Sept 7th on Monday Night Football!!!


Has Bryce Brown taught us nothing?

Kyle Wright couldn't think under presure
Freeman couldn't think at all.
Brock Berlin just wasn't Good
There is the reason the Canes have taken the fall. 7 or 8 yrs. of s#@ty QB play.
Maybe it is our time to get another great QB.
Hope it's Jacory.
Bring on the Crimonoles.

QB Blues

But Did Brock Ever Lose To FSUUUUU Or The G Turds Hell Nooooooo Brock Was Not That Bad


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