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Catching up with James Dews

I know I might get fined by Canes Nation for posting a basketball blog with football season on the horizon. But for the few hoops diehards like OrangeCane and others who are wondering what Frank Haith's basketball team might look like next season without Jack McClinton, Brian Asbury, Lance Hurdle and Jimmy Graham, here's a pretty good interview I had with James Dews last week.

N1434180082_4163 JD, who will be a senior and one of the few familiar faces on this team, talked about just how different this team has looked in the gym during summer workouts without McClinton and with six new players on the roster. Dews also said sophomore point guard Malcolm Grant, who sat out last season per NCAA transfer rules, is the proverbial truth and has added a new dimension to a team that hasn't had a true point guard in two seasons. FYI, be sure to check out my feature on Grant in Saturday's paper.

Q: How is Malcolm Grant different from Jack?

JD: "I think Jack led mostly by example. He spoke a lot. But Malcolm, he leads by example too, but is also more vocal. He demands a lot, which is good. Some players can't take that. But the majority of us can. And Malcolm demands we all work hard. If its an end of a drill, running through the end of the line, Malcolm demands that. If he makes a mistake, he's also the first one to say my bad. He demands a lot from himself. And that's important."

Q: How will having a vocal leader versus an example guy help this team?

JD: "I think its good because Malcolm's energy and leadership is rubbing off on other guys. Not just me. We always talk about being leaders. We'll hear some of the younger guys speaking up. As a senior, we'll be like 'Wow. He's just a sophomore.' And having that in the huddle will help us all next year. We can all be our own leaders to."

Q: How different is it having that passer on the court?

JD: "Not a knock on Jack, he was a scoring point guard first. Lance, he was a scorer. Malcolm is a scorer too, but he can come down and get you nine assists a game. He can come down and just find the guys. Working with him in open gym and even last year playing with him, I find myself personally scoring my buckets a lot easier with Malcolm. He'll do all the work and I'm wide open all of a sudden. Playing with somebody like that, I'm really excited. I know a lot of other guys are really excited. Malcolm is going to bring a lot to the table.

Q: How is he helping the guys in the paint like Dwayne [Collins] who see a lot of doubles?

JD: "Malcolm is definitely helping out. He's not just driving, he's creating for us. When he creates and we hit a big three, that's going to open up the inside. Also with the pick and roll, I know Malcolm is looking for the roll a lot. The post guys are realizing there's a good chance I'm going to get the ball instead of just setting the screen when before they really weren't expecting it. Malcolm is coming off that screen hard and is looking to dump it off for an easy layup."

Q: How different do you guys look without Jack?

JD: "We are a different team. We lost Jack, Hurdle, Graham, Asbury, we're a totally different team. We got six new guys. We're young, but I think that's good. We don't have the expectations. We're all going to play hard and play 'D' and that's what's important. The offense will take care of itself."

Q: How is the offense different? Coach Haith said you'll run a lot more this year.

JD: "It's way different. We're a much more longer, real athletic team. It's something coach has always talked about -- get out and go. And, we're definitely going to be in shape. The training is way different. We're going to be in shape. That was a problem last year. We weren't as good a shape as we are now. Now, we're capable of doing all the running coach wants us to do. Our team is definitely different."

Q: How is this summer's training been different?

JD: "We're doing a lot of long distance running. We could probably be a cross country team. Last year we only ran a couple times a week. This year, we're running three or four times a week. We run on the track. We're hitting it and getting it."

Q: What are your early impressions of the freshmen?

JD: "They're all hard workers and they all want to get better. They're asking us for advice. They just want to fit in. Durand [Scott] is athletic and long. He's really good around the basket. Garrius [Adams] is a great shooter. Donovan [Kirk] is so athletic. He's long. He plays hard. He's going to be one of our energy guys, who takes a charge and dives on the floor. And Antoine [Allen] is really good with the ball. He can get to the hole at will. All of them are really going to help us."

Q: How is Reggie [Johnson] and some of the other guys who didn't play a lot last year coming along?

JD: "Reggie has trimmed down. Me and Malcom were just talking about this. When he sets a screen for you, you're wide open. The other day we probably had about 10 open shots a piece. He just clears it out -- down screens, ball screens. He's a good rebounder and he's real good around the basket. Julian [Gamble] is an energy guy who never stops playing. He has a lot of heart. He's going to hit the glass for us. He loves setting screens, you never have to call for it. Jewels is going to be a lot more vocal too."

Q: What's your reaction to seeing Jimmy Graham in a football uniform?

JD: "It was so weird. We're out running on the track one morning and he's out there catching footballs. Jimmy is still with as much as he was last year. We watched the draft at Hooters. We all still hang out together. I know he's going to be great. Watch out for Jimmy Graham. No. 80. Listening to Jacory [Harris] tell us as well as other guys, he really is doing great out there."


DEVIN HESTER COMMERCIAL: For those of you who would like to see the former Hurricane's new commercial, set to debut Sunday during the ESPY's click on the link.


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Good work on the link, Manny.

Awesome work this summer Manny!

Go 'canes!

Manny I do not care if your writing is about football, basketball, baseball or track, golf or tiddleie-winks just reading about my favorite college teams is all I want. thanks for everything. When you live in NC right in the heart of the state is very hard to wear the orange and green. but I do and very proudly so. the boys up here in red and light blue think they have a lock on the canes. I have told everyone to just watch out. There is a real storm brewing in So. Fla and they better have all their provission well in hand.Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Great interview Manny was looking for you to to some real good basketball work. How about getting interviews with the Freshman see where there heads are at.

Great interview, Manny! What do you think about the 4 freshmen on this squad? Which one do you think will be able to contribute the most right away?
What have you heard about Brandon Knight?

Great work as always, Manny! I know it's tough to get Canes stuff out there with you also working on the Marlins beat, but all of us Canes fans really do appreciate interviews like this.

Oh, and shoutouts are always appreciated, haha -- thanks!

Hey Manny, what's up with Lance Hurdle, is He going the Euro or NBDL route? I figured that with His lightning quickness that some NBA team would take a chance on Him. I saw somewhere that Asbury was in somebody's camp...

great post manny. I'm excited about basketball season too. Should be a fun year for UM students. Good football, good basketball, and baseballs always decent. go canes!

good work manny!

keep it up!!!!

I have told everyone to just watch out. There is a real storm brewing in So. Fla and they better have all their provission well in hand.Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Posted by: Wayne Ritchie | July 17, 2009 at 06:43 PM

Hey Hey Ritchie ... I know Ur not gay , but boy do U sound that way ...

suppose that's a good thing if that's U .

Can U say 6 - 6 ? . 500 % ?

Eeeeeeehhh Hheeeeeeeeeeeee !

Thanks Manny!



Jakhari Gore has his commitment to UM turned down Friday afternoon.
MIAMI, Fla. -- Columbus running back Jakhari Gore was finally ready to pull the trigger. He was finally ready to make the decision and give his commitment. He was finally ready to call Miami recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt and let him know he was ready to become a University of Miami Hurricane and commit to the “U” Friday afternoon.

He was ready for all of these things, and then Hurtt told him something that he knew was a possibility, but really couldn’t have truly expected.

Miami turned him down. Miami rejected the cousin of former Miami running back Frank Gore. Miami said no to a player who has been a Hurricane all his life. Miami said no to a player it offered a scholarship to on September 1st, 2008, the first day it could officially offer scholarships to juniors. Miami said no to a player that has produced to the highest degree on the highest level. Back-to-back 1,100-plus yard seasons at Columbus High School leading his teams to a 20-2 record over the past two seasons, both losses coming to Northwestern. He also earned 1st Team All-Dade honors as a junior.

That rejection ruined his mother’s birthday present as Gore said he wanted to make his commitment on her birthday as a present to her. Now, he has to explore other options even if he doesn’t want to.

“Yeah, it messed up the birthday, sort of,” Gore said.

So why did Miami say no to Gore?

“They want me,” Gore said. “Coach Hurtt told me they want me real bad. They (Hurtt and Randy Shannon) were talking about it yesterday. They were saying they were filled up right now. They want me real bad now. He said they are going to have to talk about things and see what to do, but they want me.”

Gore said he spoke to Frank Gore after he was told Miami was full. He said Frank told him to keep his head up and that he wasn’t totally surprised because Miami had already picked up a couple of commitments in the backfield although one is projected as a fullback. However, with only one of the commitments being projected as a running, it makes it odd that Gore would be rejected.

However, there are other running backs in Booker T.’s Eduardo Clements and St. Thomas’ Giovanni Bernard who the ‘Canes are said to like a lot, and who project as every down backs in college while Gore is projected as a change of pace back and a player who could end up returning kicks and playing slot receiver.

“No he (Frank) wasn’t surprised. He and coach Hurtt were talking about the same things that coach Hurtt told me,” Gore said. “I knew they were filling up. It wasn’t surprising.”

At the same time, there is no doubt that although Gore said he wasn’t surprised, if he really believed that Miami was full, he wouldn’t have called Hurtt to commit Friday afternoon and endure this disappointment.

“I am good. I got other schools to look at. I got to respect their (Miami’s) call. At least they didn’t bull job me. As long as he (Hurtt) was straight with me I respect his call,” Gore said. “He (Hurtt) told me he had spoken to Frank about it and that I should have pulled the trigger earlier. Frank told me I should have been pulled on that, but Frank told me, you are young and you got everything real about you.”

Although Gore has plenty of schools that still have offers on the table for him, the rejection of his childhood dream school has to hurt. Gore sent Shannon a message through an InsideTheU.com interview early in his sophomore year at Columbus that he would be a Hurricane. He always expressed the desire to be a Hurricane from day one. However, he did want to experience the recruiting process which is why he didn’t make a hasty decision and commit on September 1st, 2008, when the ‘Canes offered him a scholarship.

Frank even told him he should go through the recruiting process. It now appears that the decision to do that has hurt Gore’s chances of becoming a Hurricane. It’s the same reason Gore said that he is not going to start looking at other schools officially until Hurtt calls him back in the next few days to let him know if there is any room for him at UM.

“I am just going to wait for coach Hurtt to call me back and go from there,” Gore said. “He said he’d call me in a day or two and let me know the deal. I really didn’t say much.”

Hey Canes ... Got Talent ??? Dig this ...

Coaches Select EIGHT Gators to All-SEC First-Team

By Pat Dooley
Staff writer

Rather than tell you which Florida football starters were named to the Coaches' All-SEC preseason team on Thursday, it would be easier to tell you who wasn't.

A total of 16 Gators were named to the three teams by the coaches. LSU, with 10 players, had the second most. Eight of those 16 Gators were named to the first team.

They included the two senior starters who decided to return for one more season of college football — quarterback Tim Tebow and linebacker Brandon Spikes.

Both of the Pouncey twins — Mike and Maurkice — were named to the first team along with defensive end Carlos Dunlap, the most valuable defensive player in the BCS national title game. Other first-teamers included cornerback Joe Haden, punter Chas Henry and return specialist Brandon James.

There were 10 first-team preseason selections that were on last year’s first-team coaches All-SEC postseason team — Tebow, James, Spikes, LSU's Charles Scott, Alabama's Terrence Cody and Rolando McClain, Georgia's Rennie Curran, South Carolina's Eric Norwood, Tennessee's Eric Berry and Kentucky's Trevard Lindley.

Florida players on the second team were offensive lineman Carl Johnson, running back Jeff Demps, strong safety Ahmad Black and place-kicker Jonathan Phillips.

On the third team from Florida were tight end Aaron Hernandez, linebacker Ryan Stamper and cornerback Janoris Jenkins...

So Ur Kicker is First Team All- ACC Huh ???

U were saying about Jakhari Gore the last 6 months Cane Stooges ???
Yeah, thought so .

Yo GehTurds, How many times in the BCS era has the preseason #1 won the title?

That would be TWICE. Given that there have been 11 BCS champions, that would leave your chances at roughly 18% based upon that statistic alone. That is hardly a sure-thing. Given that Ole Miss owns you, you won't even make it out of the SEC as champion, and will end up playing in the Capital One Bowl against Iowa -- losing by a 20 point margin. Tebow ends his college career as a loser and weeper.

Also, TWICE the BCS champion finished the previous season with 7 wins AND a bowl loss. That would give Miami a historically and statistically equal shot at the title this year (it won't happen) but I'm just saying you GehTurds are displaying an awful lot of hubris.

Good luck in the Cap1 Bowl.

Hopefully an extra scholly can be manuevered for Jakari, especially with his cousin Frank Gore being a legacy. But this just serves as a reminder for all high school recruits, especially those looking to play out the process for the thrills, Randy Shannon and the U are not having it. Shannon and Recruiting Coordinator Clint Hurtt have a recruiting gameplan and thy are sticking to it. And to all that want to bash Shannon and the staff for turning the kid down, Jimmy Johnson, Dennis Erickson, and Butch Davis did the same thing while they were at the U. And it's time to get back to the tradition where getting a scholarship to the U, means more than a bargaining chip to get scholarships to other schools. Da U, Respect The Tradition!

That would be TWICE ...
Make that THREE !!!

It will also tell the recruits of positions like CB, DT, and TE (or any that we need this year) that if you're going to play recruiting games with DI schools, you may lose your spot at UM if you take too long. Also may encourage committed players to not decommitt or look seriously into other schools if there's a replacement recruit waiting in the midst. That really sucks though for Gore. I feel for him, but am sure it'll work out as he's apparently talented enough to get a scholly elsewhere. Looks like we are set at back though with so many freshmen and sophomores. Ha, maybe we can convince him to play tightend???

Hey Gator p--$3$$y-

Why are you even on this blog?

ARe there any seminole fans on this blog? Answer-No. They have more character than any gaturd has in their little v-ulva.

You see, with all your talk, and Um bashing, you fail to admit one thing.

Your still Miami's b-e-ctches.

Less overall wins
Less championships
less trips to the NCs
less players inthe NFL
Less pro bowlers
Less future hall of famers

and U are less of a man, or less of a woman, whatever that may be.

Hey turd fans:

Ole Miss beat U at home
Utah went undefetaed
U have never gone undefeated.
TheU has been undefeated more than once, and during one of those years, they played for S-ee-sssy teams


Go milk a cow

Go milk a cow

Posted by: Why are U on a UM blog? | July 18, 2009 at 12:19 PM

They do a lot more than milk those cows my friend!

Diablo mi pana...basketball season is sooo far away.

"And it's time to get back to the tradition where getting a scholarship to the U, means more than a bargaining chip to get scholarships to other schools".

Well said Carol City Cane...

If gore was slightly rejected that means were are in GR8 shape for clements,bernard, and drake? one of the two will commit? maybe both?

Good interview,
especially liked the part where you asked jd about vocal leadership.
JD answered-

"I think its good because Malcolm's energy and leadership is rubbing off on other guys.

Keep on Playing!
Alex Burciaga

Keep on Playing! Alex Burciaga

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