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Has UM found its next QB recruit?

If there is one position that usually ends up being resolved early in the world of recruiting, it's quarterback. For the past few years, every top school in the country has usually settled on who its future QB is going to be long before they've even thrown a pass as a high school senior. 

Stephen Morris The Hurricanes appear close to pulling that off again this year with Monsignor Pace quarterback Stephen Morris. The 6-3, 184-pounder drove down to UM Wednesday with his parents and was genuinely surprised by what he encountered. He said he had a 40-minute meeting with coach Randy Shannon and checked out the Canes playbook with new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, who finally mailed him his scholarship offer this week. 

"They are in the lead right now," said Morris, who completed 64 percent of his passes for 2,005 yards and 19 touchdowns and led Pace to the state semifinals last year as a junior.

"It's a great school. I didn't think it was like that. Everyone is so family oriented. Coach Shannon was talking to my mom about how he went to Norland and she went to [Hialeah-Miami Lakes] and how their schools were rivals. I talked to Jacory [Harris] for awhile and Demarcus Van Dyke -- who is a real funny dude. It's such a small school. I thought it would be a bigger school. I didn't think it would be like that. There's such great academic support too. It opened my eyes."

Morris would like to choose a school before high school football practice opens Monday, Aug. 10 and plans on deciding in "a week or two." He said he will visit UCF this Friday and still has plans to visit Purdue during the season even after he commits. He started the spring with three offers (FIU, Purdue and Central Michigan) and now has 11 total. Virginia is his other finalist.

Originally, Michigan was Morris' dream school. His father, a high school wrestler and football player, grew up in Ann Arbor. But the Wolverines, who had been courting him since he was a junior, spurned their relationship with Morris.

Now, it could be just the Gators who stand in UM's way. This past weekend, Morris participated in the Friday Night Lights camps in Gainesville and impressed Gators coaches. He said quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler told him there's a chance UF could send him an offer come Sept. 1.

"I like the Gators," Morris said. "I know coach [Loeffler] from his days up at Michigan when I went up there in my eighth grade year."

When asked if the Gators would trump Miami if they offered, Morris said: "I don't know. The way Miami welcomed me today, it was a good feeling. Florida is a great school too. But I'd have to take a visit and feel the same way I felt about Miami."

WHO EARNS ALL-ACC HONORS AT THE END OF THE YEAR? The Miami Hurricanes accomplished something Wednesday they weren't able to do last year. They put somebody on the All-ACC First Team. Two players, actually. Kicker Matt Bosher and left tackle Jason Fox earned the honors.

But my question is this: Which Canes will be representing The U when the season is over? Last year, nobody did. Bosher, who earned second team honors, was the only Hurricane to find his name among the season-ending honors.

Of course, being worthy and being selected are two totally different concepts. Just a little history for you -- making all-ACC isn't easy, at least for the Canes. Only eight players have ever earned first team honors: safety Kenny Phillips (2007), tight end Greg Olsen ('06), defensive end Calais Campbell ('06), cornerback Kelly Jennings ('05), running back Tyrone Moss ('05), offensive tackle Eric Winston ('05), defensive back Antrel Rolle ('04) and Devin Hester ('05, '04).

I think the Canes end up with four this year: Bosher, Fox, receiver LaRon Byrd and linebacker Sean Spence.

UF CAMP BOOT HELPED CANES Unless you've been hiding under a rock since Saturday, you know all about what happened to 2010 Hurricanes recruit Tavadis Glenn at the aforementioned Friday Night Lights Camp this past weekend. 

The 6-6, 280-pound future Canes offensive lineman got booted for flashing The []_[] during the camp. I caught up with his high school coach, Jacksonville Raines' Deran Wiley tonight and he told me Glenn is ready to move on. 

"What really happened was one of the kids he was going up against that was a UF recruit started talking a little trash. Tavadis just fired back like any other kid having fun and competing would," Wiley said. "If anything, I think it cleared up however he felt about Florida. Louis [Nix] too."

Wiley said Florida coaches called an apologized about the incident earlier this week. 


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Stephen Morris from Pace Really?

I like the []_[] Manny

D@mn you Boss, I thought I had first!!!

Bosher and Fox??? I barely want to know our punter's name and Fox doesn't impress me too much.

Our best players are...Sean Spence, Jacory Harris, Aldarius Johnson, and Marcus Forston.

How in the hell did HS teams even survive against MNW?


Personally, I think our main questions are at O line and secondary. But if the D line is as good as we think it is, that will take alot of heat off the DBs and make them look better. So more importantly, if the O line can overachieve I don't see why we can't be in the ACC championship game or better.

thanks for post Manny! It will be interesting to hear more about this kid. I hope he commits because he seems pretty solid and comes from a winning high school team. I hope the gators offer him and he still sees the light and comes to the U.

Manny I was going to ask about redshirts. I know there are always a few from injuries but who do you see redshirting? I think at least one WR has to.

Canesjunkie one answer they didnt against THE WEST!!!!!!!

After a confusing few days, Atlantic's James Louis said he's finished with Florida and verbally committed to Ohio State.

Nearly two weeks ago, the wide receiver called the Gators to give them his commitment. The coaching staff asked him not to go public with it, but didn't leave him with the impression that his scholarship offer was in jeopardy.

A family situation kept Louis from attending Florida's Friday Night Lights Camp this weekend, which began speculation that Florida did not accept his commitment. Louis became worried when reading those stories and began to call and e-mail Florida coaches. After five days of silence he decided to turn his attention elsewhere.

"It was really frustrating," Louis said. "I wasn't just going to sit around and wait for [Florida]."

Louis then informed Ohio State that he had changed his mind and wanted to commit to the Buckeyes. Upon hearing that news, Florida coaches have continued to call and e-mail Louis, but he said "it's too late for that."

looks like florida doesnt know how to treat players they want on their team. UM does though...U can tell that there is carnalismo (brotherhood) at the U. Just look at the arrest record under shannon ... and more importantly thats what its about.

Posted by: sidcane | July 26, 2009 at 09:02 PM

He's just a kid that was doing what he's been allowed to do his whole life. Just a kid huh? Well, adults tend to never break their adolescent habits unless through early and constant corrections. Is this a bad kid? I've no idea. But personally, I feel what he did, when asked to stop, for the second and third time was over the line. And I'm sure that's something that Coach Shannon will address have in complete control once this and all young men gets their collective butts put in line by *Senior Leaders* while they get a real taste of big-time college football as end of the line, bottom rung of the ladder, wide-eyed, wrong-way going Freshman in due time.

I just wonder if the lessons Tavadis Glenn and others learn will stick. No doubt we shall see sooner rather than later .

So, let's not confuse confidant Swagger with pure self promotional ignorance .

It's a fine line, but the best of the best had it. And they never worked at it. They just were.

They hated to lose more than they loved to win.

It was Always about the TEAM having never drawn undo attention to oneself for personal satisfaction or glory.

Where have these men gone ??? Sad huh ?

The U === Silly

The Chop === Nauseating

The Chomp === Ubsurd

But like most fans, Canes, Noles and Gators alike, at times, aren't we all these things ?

*You Win with Class and Lose with Class*

8 days til 2 a - days ... August is here boys

Hey Manny!

Keep up the great work -- you're the best in the business!

Any chance we land Jeffrey Godfrey from Miami Central? What are your thoughts?

Reason I ask is because I believe he is our best QB prospect. Morris is impressive, but I really have my heart set on Godfrey as Miami's future QB.

Thanks in advance! GO CANES!!!

Cool list of forgotten Canes....


soup- where are you ya loser?


"Wiley said Florida coaches called an apologized about the incident earlier this week."

if this is true then good for them. They were wrong, they admitted it, now we all move on.

Hmm, well looks like Meyer really showed us again what class he has. Its gonna come back to bite them.

I think Shannon has this program moving in the right direction, he really had to change the whole "corporate culture" or attitude that the players had. I like his preaching of team over the individual. I hope he is allowed the proper time to continue and get us back to our winning ways.

Here is the video of Tavadis Glenn at Florida's FNL throwing up the U


Doesn't really look like that big of a deal. I mean what would Miami do if say someone showed up with Vol shorts on..... oh wait that did happen and the coaches didn't make a big deal about it.

manny's on FIRE! you're the best manny!

Great work Manny!

Looked at scout.com this guy is a 1 star prospect that is an unranked qb. When did the U start recruiting 1 star players??

That kid is waiting for a Gators offer. He would have committed if he wasnt waiting.

Instead of (BEING FIRST) and having nothing to say other than FIRST?

Why not be first with something of substance that just might be useful. Do some of you really just wait for a new article to come out so you can log on to say FIRST? Please get back on your meds. Seems there is a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder going on here.
I beg you get off the sugar and Mountain Dews and go out and do something other than sit around and wait for the chance to say(FIRST) then have NOTHING TO SAY AFTER!!!!

Who gives ah D*mn..its a free country you can do what you please to do....when will this world be drama free????i guess never...everybody worrying about what the next person doin!!!!worry bout yaself!!!and what you do!!!if anybody wanna say first go rite ahead i know i AM!!!!!STAMP THAT!!!!!


Ok, Miami MIke. I didnt have much commentary on a lightly recruited Pace prospect whom problably wouldnt be getting any looks at all had he not been at a Miami high school. I'll comment when its worth my time. Soryy if the Firrrrrrrrrrst offended you. Chow!

Good story on Hankerson; check out the size of his hands.


Heart condition cuts Telfort's USC career short

Rivals: Canes could have a late addition to the 2009 class.

Any news on who this is?

Who knows if that 4-star corner will come to UM?

If he didn't make the grade a Penn State, he probably won't cut it for the U. Plus, he doesn't want to go to prep school for a semester.

He'll probably end up going to UF, where someone else can make his grades.

MTX-cane i didnt pay for dat bullshyt rivals but i found out who thd kid is . his name is darrell givens. IF he comes to da u ,den whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we ballin boi. dat secondary be lookin good 4 da u

Tavadis Glenn's []_[] WASNT THAT BAD. Either he followed it up with some smack talk, did it more than once or the coaches were just being typical whiney gators. That boy has a frame that can take on another 30 lbs.

Did yall see Jeff Luc shut that receiver down and get the int?

As far as Morris is concerned- UM has had 3 recruited QB busts in a row: KW, KF and RM. Now this kid Morris is being hyped. Son, realize, you are going to have to compete with AJ highsmith and Taylor Cook. If he is lal that, he'll come andcompete. If he isnt and has doubts about his own ability, he'll be a gturd.

Darrell Givens is the CB that may join late. Who knows what will happen.

Givens update
By Phil Kornblut
A new development tonight in the Darrell Givens story. According to a knowledgeable source, Penn State coach Joe Paterno has taken action to try to salvage Givens for his program. The source said Paterno has gone to the university president for relief. The source said if Paterno is able to get Givens into school, Givens may just decide to stick with the Nittany Lions.

If he couldn't make the grades at PS then he dam* sure won't get into the U.

Probably end up at Florida, their GPA standards are lower than most of the country and you get two get out of jail free passes.

Here is a highlight of Darrell Givens on youtube, if Coach shannon can get this kid in as part of our 2009 class it would be a major move in helping to improve our secondary. The kid is very physical (especially in run support), has a long wingspan and vertical leap, good recovery speed, ideal height to cover taller recievers, and shuts down whatever side he is on. Make it happen Coach.


If I were a QB recruit, I'd think twice about becoming a Gator. Measuring up to the standards of Tebow of Nazareth will be a tall order for any kid who comes along after he leaves Gainesville. The fans won't be tolerant of mistakes, believe me.

there is now a report on canesport.com stating that Stephen Morris has committed to the University Of Miami. Without playing a down I'm saying that he is better than Cannon Smith.

Stephen Morris just committed.

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