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Malcolm Grant unplugged, Part 2

Here is the rest of my interview with new Hurricanes point guard Malcolm Grant, aka MG3.

Malcolm Grant at Villanova Q: So was MJ is your idol?
MG: "The only way I'd stop crying when I was little was if they put on a Michael Jordan Come Fly With Me tape. It's funny I finally met Jordan when I played in the Jordan Classic game. I was just in awe. It was just a great experience. He was real polite."

Q: Why are you going to be wearing No. 3?
MG: "Dwayne Wade. He's my favorite player. I love him. Besides, Dews has 23. I knew it was going to be a fight and he wasn't giving that up. Besides, I feel like me and Dwayne Wade have something in common. He couldn't play at first and came back. I feel like I have a lot to prove. People talked about Lebron [James] and Carmello [Anthony] when he came out. When I went to Villanova, people talked about Fish and Stokes and they left me out to dry. So I feel like we got a bond. I met him when I went to the Knicks game with Jack and he introduced us after he had that 50-point night. I was wearing a band-aid like him all week. Dews still messes with me about that today. I was going to practice with the Band-Aid on all week until coach said something."

Q: Tell me about your teammates. You watched these guys closely all last year. What do they have to do to get better?
MG: "Everybody knows Dwayne [Collins] is a beast. The only thing with him is he has to learn to bring it everyday. It starts now. It has to become a habit so when the game comes, he doesn't have to think about it twice. It has to come natural."

"[James] Dews biggest problem was he would get in the gym, but not as much as he is now. He's busting his butt now. He's running some of the one."

"I've worked with [Dequan Jones] a lot. He's like my little brother. I've told him he has to work on the jumper all the time. If he gets it, it will open it up even more. He's working off screens and some off the dribble. I'm expecting big things."

"Cyrus [McGowan] was hurt. But he's getting healthy now. He's been working on his jump shot a lot."

"Durand [Scott] is looking real good. He comes from a school with a great tradition and he's used to winning. He can defend. He has long arms and can score."

"Donnovan [Kirk] is looking really good, too. All those young guys are."

Q: Most people are saying there's no way this team is going to be good with Jack [McClinton] gone. How do you feel about that?
MG: "It's good that people are counting us out. I always love to be the underdog. If people feel like its going to be a down year, let them think that. Once the season starts everybody is going to say 'Wow.'They're going to be surprised. We hear what's going on, what people are saying. 'Oh, Jack is gone.' Who is going to score? Who is going to do this?' Let them think that. Our only goal is to win. We don't care who gets the media. All we care about is winning."

Q: How does this new offense look with you running the point?
MG: "We're looking really good. DJ is running the wing well. Dwayne hasn't been here. He's been in camps and stuff. The times he was here, we were looking really good. Dews is a shooter. You have to get him rhythm shots. When he hits the three, that's what opens up other things."

Q: Where can you get better?
MG: "I think my defense can get better. I'm never satisfied with my game. I don't want to be 'Oh Malcolm Grant was good.' I want to be one of the best, if not the best. That's my mindset. I bring it every day and I want to show the guys I'm working extremely hard and committed to this and I want to bring a championship here."

Q: People look at you as Jack's replacement. Is there pressure?
MG: "I don't look at it as a pressure. This is the game I love. They're big shoes to fill, but I'm not worried about it. I'm not going to let expectations mess my game up and what I'm trying to do. The only thing I'm focusing on is getting better individually and as a team."

Q: What are you planning to study?
MG: "Sports Administration. But I want to be a TV broadcaster. I feel like I'll be really good. I like to make people laugh. I look up people on my phone using google, celebrity look-a-likes. Dews says I look like Cheryl Underwood. That's messed up. He looks like Rodney Stuckey."

Q: Now that Jack is gone, who takes over the title of most tattooed Cane?
MG: "Antoine [Allen] has a lot of tats. He's tatted up. Me, I don't have any tattoos. I don't do that. I have to keep my body clean."

Q: If you had one message for Canes fans what would it be?
MG: "I'm not just playing this game to play. I want to be the best."