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Penn State corner could transfer to UM

Darrell Givens, one the nation's top high school cornerbacks last year, is looking for a new school. And the University of Miami is one of his finalists.

Darrell Givens Givens, rated the fourth best corner in the nation last year by ESPN, was denied admission into Penn State this week. Blue and White Illustrated, the Rivals website for Penn State, reported Thursday Givens had been attending summer school at home in order to qualify at University Park but after receiving his grades for the course learned that he did not meet the university's qualification requirements.

He was asked to attend prep school this fall, but has decided against it. In an email, his high school coach Doug Lamb confirmed UM is among the many schools being considered, but declined further comment until the 6-0, 180-pound Under Armour All-American decides on a school. Givens is expected to choose between UM, Florida, Rutgers, North Carolina, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Nebraska and South Carolina on Saturday.

Givens, however, still needs to be formally released from his scholarship from Penn State.

The Hurricanes have at least two open scholarships they could use -- one that was going to go to defensive back Prince Kent (who did not qualify academically and could end up at Marshall) and one that was going to go to offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche, who is headed to prep school.

UM opens camp Saturday, Aug. 8. The Gators open on Thursday, Aug. 6.

Givens told Rivals he wants to find a school in time to start camp. A UM staffer said Givens has plenty of time to get into Miami. His transcripts, however, have yet to arrive.

Last season, Givens made 57 tackles and two interceptions and was an integral part in leading Indian Head Lackey High, Maryland to an 8-4 record. He also caught 18 passes for 268 yards and a touchdown.

FISHBEIN: MORRIS CAN BE A STARTER I caught up with Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services about an hour ago to get his take on Canes quarterback recruit Stephen Morris, who committed to UM earlier this morning. Even though Morris isn't highly rated at the moment by Rivals or Scout, Fishbein said Morris is a good pickup for Miami and believes offensive coordinator Mark Whipple can help him improve his mechanics and flourish.

"He's really improved since last year and if you watched the spring game he had against Booker T. Washington, he made all the throws he needed to make," Fishbein said. "He's a kid that can sit behind Jacory Harris and learn because there is no rush. Miami just needed a quarterback to come in and compete and be a backup and worst case scenario take some snaps. If they weren't going to take [Jeffrey] Godfrey, this is a good kid to get. He's a kid that in two years, with some good coaching, could start. He's not going to be a superstar. But you don't need that with the type of receivers they have there. He can get the ball and put it where it needs to be."


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Manny---if Givens does choose UM, what do you think his chances of contributing this season are?? since he'll be waaaay behind with the playbook...

Also what's your personal opinion of Morris? Have you seen him play at all?

How different are UM's criteria from PSU? Did we recruit this kid at all?

Givens is a natural corner. UM coaches have usually signed guys who play a lot of safety in high school -- because they're the best athletes on the their teams -- and have to be taught corner. In this case, Givens played in a loaded secondary and spent nearly all of his time at corner. Check out his film.

As for Morris, I watched him twice last year -- against Miramar (wasn't overly impressed) and in the state semifinal game (he did OK). But I did see film of his spring game against Booker T. and saw that he's made tremendous strides. He's making decisions much quicker and has a lot of moxy in the pocket. He's tall, strong and looks like he has the goods to be a good college quarterback. Great? Maybe not. But good. Realistically, I'd rate him a three-star recruit.

Jeffrey Godfrey is more talented and has proven himself a lot more than Morris. But talent only takes you so far in high school. You need the grades, the character and the ability to learn and take orders in college. Morris has those last few down for sure.

How different are UM's criteria from PSU? Did we recruit this kid at all?
Posted by: Canesjunkie | July 31, 2009 at 03:19 PM

A: UM did recruit this kid. He was one of about 15 corners UM offered scholarships to last year. He never took an official visit, though.

As for the academic standards, I'm pretty sure UM's standards are higher than PSU's. But you never know what can happen in a closed meeting. This is college football.

Manny---Thanks for your insight man, great job as always being on top of the breaking new concerning the 'Canes

Manny: Great job, staying on top of things.

I see Morris, being a Ken Dorsey type of QB in college.

I love what the coaching staff is doing and the direction they are taking the program in. Hopefully, it will translate into an Orange Bowl win!

"As for the academic standards, I'm pretty sure UM's standards are higher than PSU's."

Really?! I take no pleasure in saying this, but most folks north of Broward County would disagree.

Did anyone here the Jacory interview with Dan LeBatard? I don't know much about Dan LeBatard but he is a jerk.

Just googled Dan LeBatard and I see that he is the guy that guest host PTI on occasion. Way to go buddy, way to be a condescending jerk to a 18 year old kid. If you noticed in the interview he is mocking Jacory for how he talks, this guys a ass. You can hear the interview on 7th Floor Crew Blog.

Didn't hear the interview but I've always considered LeBatard to be a condescending jerk.

LeBatard has longstanding hate for the traditional sports show format (who knows why he does it) and usually asks personal/offensively leading questions to his guests. He doesn't care about offending guests and actually finds it pretty funny. If it's as bad as it sounds, I'm surprised he would do this to Jacory.

His sidekick, Stugotz, sounds like a functioning retard. How these guys have any audience is beyond me. Give the spot to Uncle Luke...by far the best radio personality I've heard down here.

I gotta tell ya...

I loooove da Canes, it seems like we're taking kids that are humble, and have allot of heart...

I like that idea, becuase it builds team unity etc... But, with that being said, I'm still waiting for the big namers.

Yes we've had maybe four solid 4-star players to commit (2 All Americans)...

But it seems like the names being tossed around are guys with 3 star patches on their helment, consistently??

Offers go out everywhere, just hope we dont reserve them all for the lesser quality guys...

Still looking out for more lands in the Louis Nix type caliber!

Maybe thats the game though, anything can still happen, as there's still allot of time left.

And please...

Enough with the 6'0 190lb linebackers...

#1. They take too long to put on weight, by the time they do its their senior season, and they're outta here.

#2. Everyone can't be Sean Spence clone...

We need some 6'2 235 lb guys, like Oliver Vernon's size, that we'll keep at Linebacker!!!

I like this Morris kid, but I really wanted Miami to pick up godfrey from central. Oh well.

Let's be real, we got Morris cause we couldn't pull Godfrey!! Gotta get 3 stars,cause the 5 stars are going to Florida and the rest of the SEC. I believe Miami will be good again, but it will never be like the good ol days!!

Lebatard has a great show that is fun, unlike the same boring sports talk shows. Just cause he had some fun with a UM player doesn't mean he's an a-hole. Jacory was having fun and it isn't a big deal......every time someone does anything or says anything about a UM guy everyone has to have their panties in a bunch....chill.

Godfrey may be great in high school but he is way tiny for a QB in college. I guess until we have 1-2 years of a real offense, the top Qbs will not even sniff UM.

Can't wait to go to Tallahassee and watch us kick their butts....hopefully.

I went back and listened to the LeBatard interview, I didn't think there was anything wrong with it. Not a big deal at all.

Jacory sounds like a great kid.

Stugotz is still a little slow...he's not completly brain dead like Joe Rose though.

Nice update Manny.

If you go by stars Miami has no 5 star recruits this year and none in the Rivals top 100, while Florida has 6 in the top 100, Texas 5, Geogia 5 USC 3, Tennessee 3, FSU 2, LSU 2, Cal 2, Oklahoma 3, ....other schools like Texas A & M 2, Notre Dame 1, with a sprinkling of other schools with 1, but you get the picture? Miami needs to step up their recruiting and winning will help, but with this years schedule it looks like another tough year for Shannon and his crew... but I don't want to hear any more excuses.

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