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Sizing up the 2010 class with Charles Fishbein

It's only July, seven months until National Signing Day. But in the world of recruiting -- where things evolve 24/7 -- we've basically reached the halfway point of the 2010 blitz.

Analyst Charles Fishbein said Jacksonville Raines defensive tackle Louis Nix has great potential, but needs to work hard or he'll be the most overrated player in UM's 2010 class Most high school seniors have already taken their unofficial summer visits or are about to sneak a few last ones in before hitting the weight room hard and preparing for their own football seasons. Those that haven't already 'committed' to a school (42 in the Rivals Top 100 have) are narrowing things down considerably. Basically, the 2010 picture has come into focus and now its simply a matter of closing things out.

As I wrote in today's Herald, the Hurricanes have already netted 10 non-binding commitments entering July (UM is looking to sign between 22-23). After calling and speaking with either each recruit or their coach, it looks like the majority (about seven) are not going to pull a Bryce Brown. 

With that said, I called in Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services to give us some perspective on where the Canes stand in July with seven months to go before anything is official. Fishbein works with several colleges to find recruits throughout the state and has a very good grasp on the Southeast. Here is what Fish had to say about how the Canes are doing so far...

"I'm interested in seeing what some of the local kids want to do, but for the most part they're doing a good job," Fishbein said. "They've gone after the positions they have to improve -- offensive and defensive line. Now, its just a matter of them holding onto the guys they have and adding the ones you expect them to land. 

"They've got to win in Dade and Broward because right now every top Palm Beach kid is going to Florida or Florida State. To me, they've got to come up with guys like [Hialeah defensive lineman] Corey Lemonier, [Miramar receiver] Ivan McCartney and [St. Thomas Aquinas center] Brandon Linder. If they get those guys, they'll have another Top 20 class. If those three kids don't sign with Miami, you have to have some concerns with Miami and whether they get from 7, 8, 9 wins to a championship caliber team."

Fishbein gave me his thoughts on several topics regarding the current commitments.

> Best player: Defensive tackle Todd Chandler. "To me he's produced the most on the field and off it. The one thing I've noticed from watching him at camps is what a tremendous leader he is. He pushes the other players around him to be better. He's like Jacory [Harris] and Sean Spence were in high school. He's the leader of the pack and makes his teammates better. Miami needs to make sure they keep him."

> Underrated: Offensive lineman Jonathan Feliciano. "Being from Western, he doesn't play at a school that gets a lot of attention or produces a ton of talent. But when I look at him, I see a lot of similarities between him and Joaquin Gonzalez. He plays with the same mean streak. He's one of the kids who has all the traits you look for. Miami was fortunate to get in on him early and that the kid wants to stick with them."

> Overrated: Defensive tackle Louis Nix. "If you go off his sophomore film, he looks great. But last year I went to see him in person and he was overweight and lazy. That shows you something about the kids character that when he played so well early on, he got lazy and stopped pushing himself. He has the potential to be a great player. But he has to put the work in to be that next level guy. It's a mental battle that whatever coach gets him has to win. That's something the kid has to overcome."

> Potential NFL player: Cornerback Jeremy Davis. "I don't see a definite lock in this group, but that's hard to do before their senior year. I think Davis has the best ingredients, being that his brother Phillip Buchanon is in the league. He's probably the most explosive kid they've got. You can't take that speed for granted. But he's another one that has to have the right mindset and push himself harder than he does."