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Top 60 Countdown: No. 15, WR Thearon Collier

Time to get the Top 60 Countdown cranked up again. No. 15 on our list is another talented Canes receiver: Sophomore Thearon Collier, who was one of the team's leading pass catchers a year ago. Collier separated himself from the competition as a slot receiver last year. Will he be able to do it again this year?

Thearon Collier > What we heard about him on Signing Day '08: "Pimp" as he's known to his friends and teammates, was one of three-top notch recruits from Miami Booker T. Washington to pick the Canes. As a senior, he hauled in 33 passes for 711 yards and seven touchdowns and was selected to the All-State team as a return man after returning six punts for scores. He chose UM over Auburn, Florida and South Florida and was tabbed the 92nd best receiver in the country by Rivals, 110th by Scout and 26th by ESPN.

> What he's done as a Cane: He may not have been the most hyped receiver in UM's recruiting class, but statistically, he turned out to be the second best receiver on the team last year. He finished with 26 catches for 324 yards and two touchdowns -- including a 43-yarder against Virginia. As UM's top slot receiver, he became a go-to target on third downs over the middle of the field. He also returned eight punts for 35 yards.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: At 5-8, 185 pounds, Collier proved his first season to be not only fast and talented, but dependable. There are reports he's bulked up this offseason and "lost a step." But I'm not buying it until I see it when practice opens Aug. 8. This spring, he tested and ran a 4.58 -- a bit slower than his biggest competition Kendall Thompkins (4.43). But Collier makes up for it by being the best route runner on the team according to receivers coach Aubrey Hill. With the amount of attention Aldarius Johnson and LaRon Byrd figure to get, Collier, Thompkins and whoever UM's slot receivers end up being figure to get a lot of one-on-one opportunities. I'm expecting a big season from whoever gets the majority of those snaps.


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manny, did you hear harris's interview on 790 the ticket? What do you make of that?

Collier was made for the slot. He's a possession receiver, that can take it all the way!


this guy is the real deal go canes

Collier is a baller, I like this kid a lot! It seems like he's always there when we need a big catch to move the chains.

Reminds me of what Brandon Stokley was on the Colts a number of years ago. They had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne (from the U), but it always seemed like Stokley would make the key third down catches.

Whipple better work on getting this kid into mismatches.

Bosher isn't included in this countdown, right? Please tell me you're not going to put Bosher in our top 14.

I like Bosher, but c'mon...the kicker?

He can flat out play.

I just listened to J12 on 790 the ticket! I really like this kid! NO PRESSURE! He did not want to freestyle because Coach may not approve!!!!!!!!!! Very smart Jacory! The students know what is really happing on campus, Tebow may be banging chicks WHO CARES!!

trannies don't count as chicks....

Collier has bulked up a bit but his work ethics are to tough for him to allow his speed to deminish. Pimp is the man, he will be a star

Special teams are important, kickers count.

Tebow with chicks? Why, when ESPN is constantly on its knees blowing him. Talk about infatuation..

chris H...no doubt. I just don't like teams with star kickers. I hear you though.

Brock Berlin and Kyle Wright had tons stars coming out of HS.

That should be our clearest indication that the system doesn't work.

Collier is my favorite receiver of the entire bunch. The man can make plays and he doesn't take plays off. The guy is hungry to succeed and that makes him a winner in my book. I want the coaches to get out of his way and watch him shine this year and next before he goes on to the league.

Bosher is the man!

He was MVP of the team last year. Don't dismiss him because of his position. We can't win w/o him. He'll probably make the difference in our biggest games.

Wide left, wide right. Never take Special teams for granted.

Go Canes!

what's up "pimpin" i like this guy. From the beginning of the season to the end. he was the best receiver. he did not disappear like the others. not only is he the best route runner but also the best all around receiver. "PIMP" should be the starting slot receiver as well as the main punt returner. he is the type that should get a end around each half. bottom line "PIMP" is a playmaker and we all know U put the ball in playmakers hand.

I'm sure this happens all the time but the differences between rivals, scouts, and espn in their rankings is unbelievable. "tabbed the 92nd best receiver in the country by Rivals, 110th by Scout and 26th by ESPN."

Do these ratings really matter?

It would be nice to see a follow-up analysis of players who had a huge difference in ratings and how they performed in their college careers

Lyron bird, Aldarius Johnson, Leanard Hankerson, Thearon Collier, and or Benjamin/Thompkins.

Streeter gets time to develop, DJ gets lost in rotation

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