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Top 60 Countdown: No. 16, DE Eric Moncur

As we move inside the Sweet 16 of our Top 60 countdown of the best players at the University of Miami, we take a look at the Canes' senior citizen -- defensive end Eric Moncur. Few players have had to endure as much as Moncur has in the past 12 months. But if he can bounce back, he should be a great veteran influence on a UM defense that sorely needs one.

Eric Moncur > What we heard about him on Signing Day '03: Crazy as it is to hear, Moncur was actually part of the Canes 2003 Signing Class. That group included Jon Beason, Devin Hester, Kyle Wright, Greg Olsen, Darnell Jenkins, Tavares Gooden and the late Bryan Pata. What's even crazier is there's only one guy still at UM who came in from the class after him -- defensive tackle Joe Joseph. Back in '03 when Moncur was a senior at Carol City, most believed he was the best defensive end in the state. He made 90 tackles and 14 sacks his final season. That followed up a junior year that featured 92 tackles and 20 sacks. He picked UM over Florida, Ohio State, Florida State and Georgia.

> What he's done as a Cane: Grandpa -- as his teammates now refer to him -- has played in 36 games in his career and has 10 sacks to go with 105 career tackles. But when you look at Moncur's career, it has been full of either highs or lows. It took him an extra semester to get into UM in 2003, and a after redshirt year in 2004, he was named to the Freshman All-ACC team in 2005. In 2006, he made three starts before a knee injury sidelined him for two games. When he came back, he was a backup to Baraka Atkins the rest of the year. In 2007, he started eight games and tied for second on the team with six sacks including a big play on Duke quarterback Thaddeus Lewis in the win over the Blue Devils. Last year, he never recovered from an early season injury and endured the death of his mother, playing in just four games. Now, he's coming back for what is really his seventh year (6th in terms of eligibility) at Miami, hoping to contribute any way he can.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: The 6-2, 250-pound senior talked at CanesFest about how blessed he feels to be given another chance. In a lot of ways, the Hurricanes are blessed to have Moncur back. With so many young talented players on the defensive line, is a better teacher and teammate for guys like Marcus Robinson, Adewale Ojomo, Olivier Vernon, Andrew Smith, Allen Bailey and Marcus Forston. Moncur said this might be the most scary defensive line he has ever played on. If he can stay healthy and be one of the many weapons who creates pressure on opposing quarterbacks, he'll make it even scarier.

As we move inside the Top 15, I figured it would be good to remind you who has already made an appearance and where.

No. 16: DE Eric Moncur
No. 17: WR Travis Benjamin
No. 18: RB Javarris James
No. 19: TE Dedrick Epps
No. 20: CB Brandon Harris
No. 21: C A.J. Trump
No. 22: DE Adewale Ojomo
No. 23: DT Joe Joseph
No. 24: LB Darryl Sharpton
No. 25: RB Mike James
No. 26: CB Demarcus Van Dyke
No. 27: DB Ryan Hill
No. 28: CB Brandon McGee
No. 29: LB Ramon Buchanon
No. 30: CB Sam Shields
No. 31: S Jojo Nicolas
No. 32: OL Joel Figueroa
No. 33: WR Kendall Thompkins
No. 34: LB Jordan Futch
No. 35: WR Tommy Streeter
No. 36: DT Micanor Regis
No. 37: WR Leonard Hankerson
No. 38: CB Chavez Grant
No. 39: LB Arthur Brown
No. 40: S Ray Ray Armstrong
No. 41: WR Davon Johnson
No. 42: DE Steven Wesley
No. 43: OT Matt Pipho
No. 44: RB Lee Chambers
No. 45: DE Olivier Vernon
No. 46: DE Andrew Smith
No. 47: QB Taylor Cook
No. 48: RB Damien Berry
No. 49: OL Harland Gunn
No. 50: OL Brandon Washington
No. 51: FB Patrick Hill
No. 52: DL Jeremy Lewis
No. 53: OL Ben Jones
No. 54: OL Jermaine Johnson
No. 55: TE Richard Gordon
No. 56: DT Josh Holmes
No. 57: DE Gavin Hardin
No. 58: DB Jamal Reid
No. 59: OL Tyler Horn
No. 60: LB C.J. Holton


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'03? Holy Sh*t!

lets just hope grandpa can bring it on every down without using a cane

Grandpa's right, the Canes' D-line looks downright intimidating. The season can't start soon enough!

Chris Ponder is going to be having nightmares on 9/8.


They need to pound Ponder like they pounded Rix, and like they harassed Teblow for 3 quarters last year.

Just finished watching film on AJ Trump who is poised to be our starting center. My God is he horrible. Horrible is an understatement. Youtube him on the Virginia game winning drive last year playing right guard. Im not feeling to good about this being our starting center. He looked lost and soft, just running around confused like a Chinese fire drill.

Loose the skirt we're loaded and we continue to fill the roster. The O line will be fine and I think Randy and his staff have a pretty good idea of what they are doing.


Most of the offensive line looked like that all season. I can't believe we won that game, observe the fierce pass rush everytime Jacory dropped back.

Check us out against UF, the line of scrimmage actually moves back.

DLine looks intimidating? WHat are you smoking? I mean GTECH, FSU, NC State ran and pushed them all over the place. Again, none of them have proven much of anything. Unless they are able to stop the run, FSU could be terrible with the Oline they return.

The Dline will be able to help our young DB's out, but I dont know what will help our Oline out. They have to help themselves. Our talented WR's, RB's and young QB may never get a chance to shine if theat Oline plays the same. Please someone tell me they see the same thing in Trump. I never payed attention until now.

BO$$, I'm not big on Trump anymore (before he had a few surgeries I liked his potential) but I think he'll be "steady" at Center for us this year. I'm thinking Joel Rodriguez steady. Hardly a world beater and definitely limited but someone who hopefully will go unnoticed cause he's just doing good enough that he's not a problem. And plus can't imagine his shotgun snaps will be worse than Shannon's from last year.

R U kidding? FS-who lost a bunch of their playmakers including Smith, Carr and literally have no receivers.

Bobby- ready to vacate one more win- the one on 09/07/2009.

The media hatred of the U continues- to me that's motivation. top the players it should be adding fuel to the fire: BAsically lost to FSU by 2 points, and FSU team that was blasted at home by UF, a UF team that we a much younger team played to 9-3 foor 3 1/2 quarters at the du(swa)mp. An FSu team that has lost 3 years in a row to Wake which we have beaten. Come on, and they still rank them ahead of UM?

That's OK, bubby. Dang nabbit. Wait till 09/07. At that point you just plain ol' will want to give it up, son.

Great logic. FSU beat NC State while NC State beat Miami. Your a genius.

There's no reason to rank us higher; we haven't shown anything other than potential.

Regardless of recruiting prowess, Randy Shannon is still unproven.

We showed up to our rivalry game like we had never played against FSU and had a fight to get back into it.

The GT game.

We looked unimpressive against UCF.

Our offensive line rotation is questionable and can negate all other offensive threats.

If we want to be ranked hire we just have to win. Don't expect to be handed anything.

I just hope all of our skilled position players dont get overlooked because the Oline is on iceskates on every play with RB's being tackled for loss, and Jacory running for his life. Im more concerned about the Oline than i am about the db's. Please I ask the university to swallow its pride and bring back Art Kehoe.

You gotta love these film geeks who think they know more than RS and his staff.

bought my tickets and airfare from NYC for first home game. i'll fly from anywhere in the world to be part of every home game this season. bring it!

Keep bringing the swagger.
It's a few days old but in case you missed it:
from the Sporting News

SN100 DT tells side of being kicked out of Florida's camp
Sunday, July 26, 2009
Posted By Brian McLaughlin 1:39 PM
By Brian McLaughlin Miami football, Tavadis Glenn, Louis Nix, college football recruiting

Tavadis Glenn and friend and fellow Miami commitment Louis Nix wanted to improve their recruiting stock, so late last week they decided to head down to Gainesville, Fla. to compete in Florida's Friday Night Lights camp in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

Glenn and Nix will play for Raines (Jacksonville, Fla.) this fall. Glenn was at another area school last fall--Terry Parker--but said he will switch over to play for the Florida football, college football recruitingVikings.

Little did Glenn know when taking the short trip down to Florida's campus, he'd be kicked out of the camp. Glenn admitted to Sporting News that he threw up Miami's "U" sign during the camp, after beating another camper in one-on-one drills. He told SN that a coach he didn't know told him not to make that sign at Florida.

"We started one-on-ones, and I was at left tackle," Glenn told SN. "I was good. Nobody beat me. I was throwing up Miami signs. So they got mad. I don't know which coach it was. My recruiting coach is (quarterbacks coach) Scott Loeffler, so I didn't know this other coach. But he was a short guy, and he told me they do Fs here, not a Miami sign."

Florida then asked Glenn to leave. In a statement, University of Florida spokesman Steve McClain stated his program's reasoning for asking Glenn to exit the stadium.

"He (Glenn) was asked to leave during the last drill period of the camp, because of potential safety issues to other campers," McClain said in the statement.

Per NCAA rules, Florida's coaching staff cannot comment on prospects before national signing day in February.

Glenn told SN he was told to leave because it might ignite problems between Florida's commitments--who Glenn said were "jawing" back at him--and the two Miami recruits, Glenn and Nix.

"I was in shock; I was thinking how they wanted me to come down here to their camp," Glenn told SN. "They knew I was committed to Miami before I came down. Everybody knows that ... They just told me to leave for safety issues. I wasn't a threat to anyone. I'm a giant (6-5/265). When I buckle up the chinstrap, I'm mean, but off the field when I'm not lined up, I'm a good guy. They're trying to slander my name, and that's not me."

Glenn said he had tried to call Miami's coaching staff about the incident, leaving a message.

"Ever since I was small, I've watched Miami," Glenn told SN. "I feel I'm a 'Cane now, and nobody can take that away from me. I'm going to throw up that 'U' no matter where I go. I don't care who likes it ... This is going to be four years of my life, and this is for me and my family."

I love Glenn's attitude...can't wait for him to hit campus! I agree with him completly, UF is dragging his name through the mud. I wouldn't be upset of RS stood up for this kid. How many times does a kid teach a group of adults a lesson about dignity?

As far as our OL, there are limits to what coaches can do; Art Kehoe wouldn't make this group any better. This is the same coach that presided over the 2002 line that got rocked by OSU.

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