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Top 60 Countdown: No. 18, RB Javarris James

As we move back inside the top 20 of our Top 60 countdown (I figured we could take a break from the 30s), we take a look at a player who came to UM with a lot of promise, but simply hasn't lived up to them because of injuries. That would be No. 18 on our list: Running back Javarris James. Baby J, now a senior, has one more shot to prove to the NFL he has star potential. But will he be able to prove it in a crowded backfield?And, more importantly, will he be able to stay healthy?

Javarris James ran for 802 yards as a freshman, but has been plagued by injuries as a sophomore and junior. > What we heard about him on Signing Day '05: When Baby J was a senior at Immokalee there wasn't a newspaper, recruiting website or college football team that didn't have high expectations for him once he got to college. As the cousin of former two-time NFL rushing champion Edgerrin James, Baby J tore up high school opponents to the tune of 1,658 yards and 28 touchdowns as a junior before an injury his senior year caused him to miss five games. Rivals.com had Javarris ranked 13th at his position nationally, Scout.com had him 35th and ESPN had him 21st. When UM nabbed him over USC, Florida, USF, Nebraska and Oklahoma it looked like UM had found its next star in the backfield.

> What he's done as a Cane: As a freshman, it looked like Baby J was headed for greatness. He was named a Rivals.com second-team Freshman All-American after carrying the ball 175 times for 802 yards, the second most ever by a Miami true freshman. His career since has been far less full of sparkle. Injuries and the emergence of Graig Cooper slowed him down as a sophomore. Last season, he missed four games and started just once, finishing with 286 yards on 68 carries to go with four touchdowns. This spring, he was out again with an injured wrist.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: Nov. 3, 2007. Why is that date important? No, it is not because Timbaland and One Republic had the No. 1 song in the country (Apologize). It's the last time (and only time since his freshman year) James has managed to run for more than 100 yards in a game. The likelihood of it happening again before his UM career is over is doubtful at best. With Cooper healthy and freshman Mike James making a push for playing time, Baby J has a long way to go before proving he can be the man again. His speed (4.41) in the 40 (not far off from Cooper's 4.37) has improved. And his 315-pound bench (top among RBs) and 545-pound squat (third overall on the team behind Harland Gunn and Allan Bailey) show that physically he might be ready to break out. But until he proves he's fully healthy -- that he can take a lick and keep on ticking -- he'll just be among the many other highly touted recruits who came to UM and were not able to play up to their full potential.


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4-Headed Monster Cooper, James, James, Miller

Thanks Manny!

This year he will "learn" to play through injuries/pain, because this year he has to. Otherwise he can write off all of his NFL dreams. Prior years he could always say next year. No more next years. Good luck to him, regardless, running back will be one of our strongest positions, couldn't say that last year.

When healthy, the best back on the field. His all around game makes him a every down back. should be the starter, and Cooper backing him up, or both Cooper and J. James should be in the backfield at the same time.

I would bet the house Baby J goes for 100 in a game at least once before his U days are over.

Do not understimate this kid's motivation.

You know, you gotta give Randy a lot of credit. He said he wanted to bring the competitive spirit back to the team, and you can see that he's done it all over the depth chart where you have talented players really battling it out just to get on the field.

Bring on the 'Noles!!

Why are people forgetting about Lee Chambers when saying 4-headed monster and excluding this kid?

Yes I know Cooper isn't slow, but is quicker than he is fast. Jav. James has some good size and tries to run people over but is better suited being a big bodied runner with moves. Mike James is a balanced back, will run very steady, great dependable future. Miller, of course is fast and can hit the sideline, but we'll have to see how that transitions into college; with him i think of Kevin Jones of Virginia Tech a few years back.

However, Lee Chambers has that explossive pop that the other guys dont have. After hitting the right hole, Lee has a burst of speed that will get him in the secondary in no time; and if the WR's are getting half of a decent block; he's taking it to the house!!!

Don't sleep on Lee Chambers!!!

I agree with BO$$ and anybody whose seen him play healthy should agree as well... BY FAR the best back we have WHEN HEALTHY..His vision, cuts and strength are just amazing. nothing against Coop but if James is healthy he should be the starter and get the bulk of the carries, no questions asked!

Agreed, wasn't fully awake when I posted, let's go for a 5 Headed Monster instead

Manny - Your lofty ranking of James seems out of line with your unenthusiastic assessment of his prospects for this season. Why would you rank him #18 overall when you indicate that he'll likely get lost on the running back depth chart?

The O-Line better step up or were doomed. I think that and the secondary are our only areas of concern. If they step up along with the 2ndary we can take anyone. Our glory days will be here soon again and the gayturds will be cryin!!! History has a way of repeating itself. GO CANES!!

I agree sonny. Lee chambers is the 4th head. Somehow, the coaches need tofigure out who is "on" and leave them in, like Chambers waas in the emerald Bowl. If you are on on a certain day, keep givinghim the rock. DOES RANDY NOT REMEMEBER WHEN EJ BEGAN BREAKING LOOSE AGAINST UCLE IN 1998? WHAT DID WE DO WHEN WE REALIZED HE WAS UNSTOPPABLE THAT DAY? WE KEPT HANDINGTO HIM!TO THE TUNE OF 399 YDS!

Baby J has to get his s- on. No more whining, no more excuses. The meoment he is "injured" and his production falls, he has to be relegated down the rotation. I'm sorry, I like the kid, but its reality. We cane fans are itching. 2004-2008 have been t-o-r-t-u-r-e, especially after the LSU debacle and the resurgence of the hicks from traylorville. With all this talent and firepower, the U is missing one key ingredient:


ej ran for sum lik 299 not 399 and its ucla not ucle and yea one bak lik mcgahee is all u need with one good bakup to get 1/5 of the the first strings carries

Cooper is a better back than Baby J, Although its nice to see so much talent on the depth chart...


Competition is the best thing that could happen to this team. Our Wr's, RB's D-Line will be polished because of the numbers & quality we have...

I even think that the O-Line play will also be upgraded because of the competition... J Fox is our only truely "Excellent" player there, but because of the numbers the rest of the group will push themselves to do allot better this year.

Crossing my fingers with the secondary, they still have allot to prove back there... We may only have about 3 stars player back there...

However if the d-line can apply the proper amount of pressure, it'll interrupt the QB's in passing situations...

By the way... my concerns with the secondary is actually based on their run support. Too manty times last year it seemed as if those guy didn't know how to make a tackle. Lets hope that thats cured this season.

Go Canes !!!

You got one more shot to change your legacy at THE U Baby J... make sure you leave it all out on the field, just like your cousin did. No excuses!

Sep. 7th is just around the corner, no better date to start changing people's perception of you than that night, Baby J. When you feel the pain of any injury you might be dealing with, or see a crowd of 80,000 redneck Noles fans jeering you with their wanna-be intimidating tomahawk chops, ask yourself this question... what would Edge do?

We both know the answer to that question, Baby J. Edge would suck it up, use the jeers as motivational fuel and tear FSU up. Step it up, Baby J!

University of Florida linebacker Dustin Doe was arrested on Thursday night for driving with a suspended license -- again

Tebow confirms that he still a virgin on MSNBC sports.com. Geuss he is saving himself for the right guy.

what type of order is this? jumping from 38 to 18

I think Baby J is overrated. You can't brush aside the last season and a half and say this is his year. If anything, Baby J has proven he isn't durable enough for this level.

Baby J's shot at redemption shouldn't come at the expense of Chambers and the freshman RB's.
Give Lee Chambers and the freshman RB's Baby J's carries. James has had his shot, it's time to step aside.

Couldn't Baby J see more field time as an H-back? That would allow Coop & MJ or Chambers or Miller time in the backfield. Not to mention we'd have a guy going one-on-one with LBs with Baby J's speed and size.

Can he catch good or is that way too wishful thinking?

I guess Hankerson want's to ride the short bus.




Which WR do you take off the field? If our receivers are 60% of what we think they are, we've already got mismatches everywhere.

Big Sonny:

Lot's of good points.

I think our secondary has a huge problem supporting the run and we have yet to solve it. I attended both scrimmages and every single RB who bounced his run to the outside got 5+ yards.

Soft corners on both ends...it's Deion Sanders without the shutdown in the bassing game. Brandon Harris get a pass because he was a frosh, but no one else should be excused.

Cooper being more quick than fast....great point.

Enough with the Chambers crap already. The guy had 1 good game. Honestly one good quarter. He hasnt proven anything. The wear and tear that a back needs to take. Can he catch out of the backfield? Can he block. Until he proves all of the above, he will be a reserve. Kill the crap armchair coaches.


True thing, which do we take off the field isn't easy to answer. Just trying to figure out some scheme as an armchair coach.

On a sidenote, see the trash-talking in this article: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports/fb/fbc/6545958.html by some SEC coach about UM being a renegade program in the past.

WT*? Can't they get over the hate - after all these years? I guess the fear's always going to be there.


So who is the no.2 RB?

It's not Baby J and noone else has more experience than Chambers. Would we even be discussing Baby J if he wasn't related to Edge?

2...thanks for the link, hadn't seen that.

If you think people trash talk us as a renegade school now, wait until that ESPN documentary on UM in the 80's comes out.

When healthy, he is the best back period. He has speed and power. I will take a back that can run between the tackles any day of the week. If Baby J can avoid getting injured, he will eclipse the 1,000 yard mark even with this crowded backfield.

Cooper is the #2. He has much more experience than Chambers. 2 yrs worth. he's been playing since his Freshmen year. There is no other back on our roster that has the all around combination needed to carry the load through a full game and season. Not to mention the intangibles that you cant teach. The ability to find that ever so small crease in what looks to be a 1 yrd loss, and get through it falling fwd, turning it into a 2 yrd gain. The speed, size, ability to run inside and out, break tackles, block and catch. There maybe a back that maybe faster or may be able to do one or another category better. but all around back, Baby J gets the nod. again, when HEALTHY he is the best all around back on the roster. If the game is on the line and we need 1 yard, I want a healthy Javarris James to get the ball.

look for Baby J to have the best yr of any player. If he plays well, this will work into the bigger scheme of things. This means Jacory will be protected and relaxed and able to use play action pass to his advantage. and this is what this team needs and what plays into coach Whips game plan. A balanced atack,keeping the defense honest. we dont want Jacory dropping back with a suspect line and a 190 lbs frame and the defense knowing we are passing. James is motivated. He is a senior, and wants to live up to expectations as wells potential. This is a "contract" season as you would say for a NFL player for James.

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