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Top 60 Countdown: No. 33, WR Kendall Thompkins

As we move along further down our list of the Top 60 players at Miami, we take a look at another talented receiver at No. 33: Redshirt freshman Kendall Thompkins. The 5-10, 170-pound speedster made quite an impression this spring and is hoping to be on the Canes "short bus" before the season begins.

Kendal Thompkins > What we heard about him on Signing Day '08: After UM nabbed Aldarius Johnson and Tommy Streeter at Miami Northwestern as two of its top receiving targets, they happened to stumble upon Thompkins (who had just one offer from FIU) mid-season. The Canes are certainly happy they did. Thompkins was every bit as important to Northwestern's run to back-to-back state titles as any player on the team. The slot receiver made 46 catches for 839 yards and a team-leading 14 for scores as a senior. Rivals, Scout and ESPN.com didn't even have him ranked among the nation's top recruits until the end of the season. He ended up choosing the Canes, despite after taking a late trip to Nebraska.

> What he's done as a Cane: Thompkins made two catches for six yards in UM's first two games then missed the rest of the year with a wrist injury and earned a redshirt. This spring, however, he caught the attention of plenty during practice, making a number of big catches from the slot receiver position. He caught two passes for 45 yards -- including a 34-yarder from Taylor Cook in the spring game. Thompkins also shined during testing with strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey. He ran a 4.43 40-yard dash and the second-fastest short shuttle time (4.04) on the team.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: It didn't take long to figure out who impressed receivers coach Aubrey Hill most this past spring. The first two names out of his mouth were Streeter and Thompkins. "Without a doubt he brings versatility because he can play slot and the outside receiver," Hill said in March of Thompkins. "He's become a valuable player already. He's very elusive. He can make the first guy miss. He can catch the passes." The Hurricanes have several talented players they can play in the slot -- Thearon Collier, Davon Johnson, even Graig Cooper if new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple wants to. But what separates Thompkins from most is his natural ability to find open spaces underneath and his tremendous route running. With as much attention as Johnson and LaRon Byrd will get on the outside, I believe its Collier and Thompkins who could ultimately lead the team in catches this season. It's just a matter of who emerges as that primary, No. 1 guy in fall camp. Right now, you'd have to give Collier (26 catches for 324 yards) a slight edge because of experience.


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1st in the name of Ant

firsttttttttttttt. hahaaaaaaaaa

kendall your the man ,this guy and the rest of miami northwestern team is going to bring a championchip to miami. go canes

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i like thompkins, but from my perspective, collier is the real deal and wopuld have had a bigger first year, except for injuries. Collier cathes everything - need to have that. At least we are startign to get depth.
All about the U!!

Your on fire Manny! Collier and Thompkins will be crucial to our resurrection. These are possession receivers that will move the chains. We need them both cause of "nicks and injuries' that can happen. these two are not the biggest guys on the field.

I agree with Atlanta Juice, Collier was very consistant and dependable as a true freshmen. You dont find that dependability very often in a true frosh. I think Kendall Thompkins will play just as well. Odd man out for now is Davon Johnson. Although I think her will star just as well a sthe other receivers when he gets his opportunity.

Thanks for the work Manny. Love going through the countdown...even better I love the WR depth. Even if we have an injury or two (which is bound to happen) we have guys that can plug right in and contribute.

Excellent work Manny... I missed the updated on J. Gore. Is he still in the mix or are we out of the race?

Sup Manny?
Sorry I missed U at the Fest...
Hope all is well with the family.

Thanks Manny!

Collier is a BEAST. Most overlooked reciever in my opinon. That one quick pass they threw to him last year seemed to work every time!Plus the diving catch he made against virginia was amazing. watch out for him.


With the recievers that we have inside and out along with the TE's in the stable. I think this is just going to open up the run offense for us big time. If the offense line can just give the QB a little extra time. we should be ok. I know he is a run and shoot type of guy so I do not see any great #'s in out guy laying on the floor... Or at least I hope so. If Defencse can stop the run.. the middle looks good or safety and DB's look fine Im all prepaired for some real good things out of this class. Manny thanks for all the news keep up the good work...UM fans now is the time to get behind this team... fill those seats... I will be watching on TV because i live in NC. But Im there in heart and soul. Yes I do bleed orange and green..

There is still whiney talk by gaturds about Glenn's throwing up the U at that Fri nt lights camp. Soem bloggers are calling him a punk, others worse.

What about what Brycey baby did coming over tocanes fest in Vol shorts? If that wasnt a slap?

GAtor fans but especially the coaches are the whiniest sorest losers. I mean please. What happened between 1980 and 1996 when you didnt win anything? And between 1996 and 2006? And now, you are the most arrogant whiney petty coaches in the world. Get a life. he is a kid. And to throw him out of the camp was just pathetic. I can see giving him grief or even telling him to stop the smack, but to kick him out?

petty gator coaches

It's been a while since we had so much potential talent to choose from. I like Thompkins, but who do you sit. I say you play the most dependable hands.

I remember watching PIMP (Collier) as a young kid playing for the Overtown Rattlers, he was so special. He was always the most dangerious player on the field. He is a flat out stud. In my opinion his name will go up next to Moss, reed, and Taylor as one of the all time great Canes.

There is no way this team wont be succesful. Actually its the first time in a long time that I believe the Canes will Have a great shot at being ACC champs or even national Contenders. Wehave senior leadership in the secondary with Grant, Phillips,and McCarthy. Uor offenese just seems to be bursting with big play ability with Cooper, Johnson, Jacory, Collier, and dont forget the Blur. I love this team even with there brutal schedule I say ACC champ vs FLA ST 10-2 or 9-3. p,s, as long as DVD doesnt get Beat all the damn time.

all yall people dont know what yall talking about kendall thompkins is the best WR they got man coach shanon trippin he need to put thompkins on the feild.

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