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Top 60 Countdown: No. 34, Jordan Futch

New day, new player to focus on in our countdown of the Top 60 Canes. Today, we take a look at No. 34 on our list, sophomore linebacker Jordan Futch. The former Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna standout followed the footsteps of Jon Beason and Glenn Cook to The U. But who will he end up being more like: Beason who is playing for the Carolina Panthers, or Cook who is playing for the Chicago Cubs Rookie League in Arizona?

Jordan Futch > What we heard about him on Signing Day '08: Futch was one of the very first players UM received a commitment from in it's 2008 class, someone who tried and help sell The U most of his senior year. Although his senior season was a bit rocky (he had an altercation with his coach), Futch still came to UM with plenty of praise. He was ranked the 67th best player overall regardless of position by Rivals.com, the nation's 15h best strongside linebacker by Scout.com and the 77th best player overall by ESPN. He picked the Canes over Auburn, West Virginia, Georgia and Louisville.

> What he's done as a Cane: Futch got five games into his freshman season before a head injury forced him out the rest of the season. He finished with three tackles after playing mostly on special teams. This spring, he worked at both outside linebackers positions and ran with the first team during the spring game alongside Darryl Sharpton and Sean Spence.

> What Eye On The U expects from him in '09: The first thing you notice about the 6-2, 215-pound Futch is his size, personality and smarts. Testing-wise, his spring numbers didn't compare well to fellow sophomore linebackers Ramon Buchanon (No. 28 on our list) or Sean Spence. But what Futch lacks physically, he makes up for with instinct and the ability to be in the right places. This season, all Hurricanes coaches are hoping for is for Futch to mature more and put himself in position next year to replace seniors like Sharpton and Colin McCarthy in the starting lineup. If he can rack up 25-30 tackles in spot situations, then his sophomore season should be considered a success.


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1 st

Did u hear the story of Miami committ Tavadis Glenn being booted out of the FNL event for throwing up the U. This hilarious, that's the swagger needed wear a players is proud to be part of U. The ability to initimate even before the game starts.

"initimate"?? um, INTIMIDATE??

The U!!!

Glenn's story only shows the lack of class in Gainesville, despite their on-field success.

Even the biggest of programs still fear the U.

Word is he won a one on one drill and then flashed the "U" to the guy he beat....

That's a great story...


How childish of them
Why didnt they just have him sit in the opposite endzone and put him in timeout for 20 minutes or so
Is that how low your program has sunk G-Ville?
Youre the same program that talked trash about Glenn, then when you met him you then in turned trashed the U(by the way hes one of the players you tried to recruit illegally)
What did you expect from a kid that came to FNL for 1 reason and that was to let you know where his heart was and could care less about you
Learn to live with no respect
Your program has never had respect and never will

hopefully he's notanother glen cook .

Tavadis Glenn was disrespected by a bunch of whiney sore loser gator coaches, who act just like their sore loser fans. Bunch of whiney crackers.

Come on, he's just a kid, one thing is to talk to him, another is to boot him out?

That shows that lack of class over there in traylor ville!

You can buy championships with that athletic budget, but you can't buy class.

That boy is going to make you pay in 2013. Guaranteed! Wait till youcome down here. Unless, we meet sooner... I doubt it.

I have a feeling we will meet UF before 2013. We'd better, because they want out of that game.

haha thats the coolest thing i've ever heard. I bet a few recruits took notice of how dumb it was to kick the guy out, and he's probly not even considering them anymore. Anybody hear Bryce Brown was wearing Tennessee colors at canefest and the fans and players were jumpin on him about it being disrespectful and stuff? gotta love the U!

I thought it would be Chandler or Nix but Glenn really. That is some funny a** S**t right their. Man I would have given anything to see that. I hope he punishes every Florida recruit he plays this year. Florida Fans are some of the worse fans I've come across. I know Cane fans and we cocky but damn these coaches and fans are on a new level of b**cha**ness. This Karma is about to turn on them Gators. To all my true canes believe in Whip. I lived in PA when Big Ben was a rookie and remember they went 15-1 with the Pats videotaping practice to beat them. The guy has a knack for hurting you with backs, receivers, and count on a trick play or two.(think Randle-el) The only game we need to circle is GT. I currently live in D/FW and Cacy Rodgers is the truth.

youngnfoucsed, lets' also kick Hispanics out of the USA for waving foreign flags all over Dade.

What a shame a UF commit couldnt wait to get there before he got on the blotter..... victor hamptin inmate #09-0028 and counting

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